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Live blog today of Ravens vs. Dolphins

We know the Dolphins have issues scoring touchdowns this season.

The QB play of Chad Henne has played a role in that.

The TE play of Anthony Fasano has played a role in that.

The lack of a consistent running game -- by everyone involved and assigned to that part of the offense -- has played a role in that.

But do the Dolphins have a problem with scoring touchdowns?

There is a difference between an issue and a problem, folks. An issue can show itself for a few weeks and basically resolve itself with improved play or improved play-calling or improved, well, everything. A problem is defined as something that cannot be addressed until you have better players or different coaches.

If the Dolphins can get past the issue they've had scoring TDs the past few weeks, we can move on. If the issues show themselves to be a problem that lead, in part at least, to a defeat here in Baltimore, then we're headed for trouble.

Of, course, there will be a live blog today as the Dolphins take on the Ravens. Donte' Stallworth is expected to be active today as the Ravens try to overcome their recent problems (lack of speed) with the Cover 2.

[UPDATE: Today's inactives are Marlon Moore, Reshad Jones, Nate Ness, Clifton Geathers, Patrick Brown, Lydon Murtha and Mikey Shuler. Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.

[The lineup change of note is Sean Smith starting for Jason Allen.]


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We win 24-17 today...bleeeed dat

No crying today girls let the game play itself out.

Also the new interior line, Incognito, Berger and Jerry/McQuistan. Carey has had a breakdown or three as well.


Today Fins Win. thats it. bottom line.Done deal. Period.

37 running ok on the toe ??


Sometimes I think we have an issue and sometimes a problem. The jury is still out. Is our playcalling and coaching limiting Henne, or is it the other way around? Hmmm.

Is Bell playing today or not? Some say yes some say no. Need him in there. Also, will the staff finally decide to get their money out of B marshall today or not? Opinions?

This is one of those games that is pretty simple to predict how it goes: the team that scores TD's instead of FG's will win. Given the 10 FG's we have kicked the last 2 weeks, one would think that scoring TD's rather than FG's would be an obvious answer. However, when thinking of Baltimore, we all immediately think about their legendary D. This is not the case. They can be ran on. And their secondary is abysmal. We will move the ball. Our defense stands no chance today at stopping the Ravens, they have too many weapons offensively. The difference will be which D makes plays to stop drives from getting 7 points. Whoever does this will be the winner today.

we lose big...

can't hit 8 fgs to win, only will hit 5...

will lose by 2 tds.

The playcalling is too conservative and very basic and thats why we're struggling to get TD's.

Bring in Scott Linehan at Offensive coordinator if we have too...

FINS WIN 31-10

I thought of this a few weeks ago. Their are very few things I really get on the Trifecta about when they make mistakes. One of them that I did not get on them about the past two years that I do now is Dan Henning. Is it bad of me to think that we made a mistake not keeping Cam Cameron on as the offensive coordinator. Absent the debut of the Wildcat, a move that Parcells was going to do regardless of whom the OC was, Henning has done nothing at all. Cameron had a great deal of success with Ronnie for the 7 games he had him in 2007, and has had great offenses both in San Diego with Brees and Rivers, and now in Baltimore with Joe Flacco. I generally like what I see from the Ravens on offense, and Cameron does not lack in creativity either. I only wonder what our offense would look like if we had Cam Cameron calling the plays rather than Dan Henning. Most will probably call me a moron, I just ask for you to ponder that point.

i think its about time ronnie brown steps up and takes advantage of a run defense that is no longer the strong unit it used to be

Dear Mr. Salguero

Good morning :)

Do you think everytime I make a joke about religion Jesus gives me the evil eye ?

Todays the day Dan Henning remembers more about football then Cam Cammeron, Dolphins 24 Ravens 17

Soiled :)


I hope your comment proves to be true. It would be awesome to see our offense start to string together big drives and plays for more than a series or so. We have seen what seem to be 30 glances at explosive plays or playcalls, but haven't capitalized as well as we could. A day like today, against a team like the Ravens, would be a great day to start that kind of thing.


I think everyone of us would have anyone running this offense rather than Henning at this present time.

I'm fully expecting 3-4 different instances in this game that all of us will be scratching our heads when Henning calls boneheaded plays...

Heap has career game with Bell limping and SEAN SMITH gets burned for a long TD...

With that said...Good luck

Test icle less of course is the first to bash the team with not even one snap played

what a puss

Fins win 17-14


I don't have a problem with Tony's fist pumps at all.

I just wish he'd use it on Dan Hennings forehead.

Followed up with a deep Italian accent: Stoopid, stoopid, STOOPID!

Go Fins

Odin, would it be a better fist pump if he told him to get his f*ckin' shine box?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Accoding to Darwins theory of evolution the Fistpump should in time evolve into a Touchdown dance.


Soiled :)

any links?

Yeremiah Bell is moving around OK in warmups. Not saying it's not a problem, but from this vantage point he seems fine.

Hey, Happy Sunday fellas. I am excited for today's game. It's going to play a huge part in whether we have a chance at the playoffs IMO. The game is definitely win-able. Miami is going to have to come up with a turnover or 2 to take it. I also would like to see Ricky get the Lion's share of the carries.

on to fooseball... Miami wins today, ill say it again..24-17, we will make news today guys! And maybe...just maybe, we will start getting some respect from this league finally! And some respect from all the analysts that only talk about our team for two seconds on all the shows...we will get our props today gentlemen! Go Fin's, believe and get behind our boys today, it wont be easy but we can do it! Lets go! Miami! Miami! Miami!


Wonder if Vick would have been better at the wildcat than Pat White?

LOL Odinseye!

Hey Marc, my dog is better than White was with the wildpussycat

Tiger Woods Would Have Been Better Than Pat W.!!

Hey Armando...what is the overall look and feel of our team today...are they fired up?

i for one enjoy laughing at the fist pump hopefully we score some tds and time for smith to step up to vontaes level

if we use the wildcat today we need to fire sparano and henning right after the game. the ravens were always the best team to defend our wildcat, so please forget it for today and the rest of the season.
i have got great expectation for today's game. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

Go Dolphins

HAHA...Tiger Woods in SoBe?

Not a good idea

Cowkilla, actually, the Ravens seem more fired up during warmups. But does that really mean anything?

Going to be a big day for our safeties. Should be interesting to see how Henne and Flacco match up. Who will make better decisions? Fasano and Hartline need to have some impact. Very winable game.

Today is the day we step up to the next level or implode.....

"the Ravens seem more fired up during warmups"

Dan Henning heard saying...tell them dam kids to keep the noise down

Miami - 23
Baltimore - 17

Ravens are very overrated...expectations fueled by their past identity, their former glory. Week in and week out, Miami shoots itself in the foot. That stops today

Miami 19
Balt 17

We're on the road, we got this one.



Mando i would be scared if a murderer looked at me and he wasnt behind bars. what a joke RAY LEWIS IS A KILLER AND HE IS PLAYING FOOTBALL. SO SAD


Lost in all this fist pump thing is that every single time we kick a FG, the camera is set on the coach to capture the coaches reaction. When an explosive or unexpected TD occurs, most oftentimes there is no camera on the coach. We see his reaction every time we kick a FG. He is much more animated when we score a TD, we just do not see it that much.

Who plans the Ravens defense ?....Ray lewis's lawyer

FINS16 - Ravens10
Go Fins!!!!!

GOD why do we always get stuck with DINKLEDORF

Armando, well being fired up has to do with having their heads right and ready to go...we need all of our guys to have their heads in this one if we want to win!

any feeds yet?

Can someone please post a link don't have the game in my area. Thx

Game time baby... Bootang25 good to see your still around!! Enjoy the game everyone, should be a good one!! Go Phins..

Odin. how was the country set?

Mike W...i agree, i hate listening to Dan "The Walruss" Dinkledorff

hey guys. Im ready for us to finally beat a good--healthy team. I think roberto wallace may make some plays today if they use the 4 wide set.

Key matchup I'll be watching is Henne vs Reed.

Henne can take a big step towards establishing himself as a bonafide NFL Quarterback,

Let's GO MIAMI!!!!

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