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Merriman to the Bills, Moss still in play.

The San Diego Union Tribune, Fox Sports and ESPN are all reporting the Buffalo Bills have put in a claim for linebacker Shawne Merriman.

So much for that possibility with the Dolphins.

The Bills, with the worst record in the NFL, have first dibs on claiming a player that has been cut by his team as Merriman was yesterday. The Dolphins were rumored to be interested in possibly claiming Merriman but I had not been able to confirm that interest.

I did, as you might know, confirm yesterday Miami's interest in Randy Moss and he remains in play. Frankly, I think the Dolphin could use the Moss rental much more than the Merriman rental, anyway.

It is not certain the Dolphins will claim Moss. It is not certain if they do claim Moss, they will be the first in line to take him home. It is certain their is strong interest so you much stay tuned to see what happens. Coach Tony Sparano will speak to the media at 3:30 p.m. so I will update you after he spills his guts about Miami's plans for Moss. (Please do not hold your breath.)

[UPDATE: Sparano was asked to comment and here is his answer: "I'm not going to make comments on what we're going to do before waivers. It's not good for us."]


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More FGs = No Moss

One problem child down, One more to go!!!!

Moss = more touchdowns

Moss = More problems

Moss > Hartline .... hopefully he falls to us.

what what you boys rather have. hartlines drops along with 1 td or moss' drops along with 5 td's.?

I want Moss. I like Hartline and the potential he has with our squad.


If we could teach Henne to take snaps in the shotgun we could have Moss, Marshall, Bess and Hartline on the field with Ricky or Ronnie in the backfield. That sure seems imposing to me even with Henning calling our plays.

mark,i see you still a believer in the market ,i hope you do well.
nano is my favorite for today .

Happy w/Hartline

Brian Rip This Team a New @SS!

U Got The Speed & Talent!

Screw Moss!

Home 4 Hartline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Shawne merriman. Form coastal California to Buffalo. ick.

Now it looks like it will stall. Have to see what happens in this last half hour

You guys are kidding yourselves if you think everything in this offense is about to suddenly explode in pts production if we get moss...aint gonna happen becuase we already have one nutjob in dan henning calling plays and another coach who's satisfied with throwin down on FG'S. Spells gloom and doom for miami when moss enters the picture, or more likely fights and screaming at the dinner table, right randy!!! Hopefully miami is unattractive to you as you would be to us and you'll just sit out the whole year!!!!

Good 4 Buffalo

They need some help

why would we need moss when we have carpenter. Henning probably will have moss run the wildcat.

Brian Hartline 70+ YDs 1 TD against Baltimore

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Hartline !!!

Hartline !!!

Hartline !!!

i like the possibilty of Moss to Miami for tge simple fact that A our offense isnt complete and B hes "a rental" for the 2nd part of the season.

Moss isnt like a TO who breaks apart a QB and his team, he just wines and people dont listen to him and adjust.

Hartline dropped pass when ronnie had the throwback to henne is enough to justify getting moss. That was a touchdown or at least a 30 yard gain. Hartline is not the answer


One thing that I haven't heard mentioned anywhere is the 3rd round pick traded by who else Rick Spielman for a 4 week rental Randy Moss. Spielman is the master of the dumb desperation move. Can any Dolphins fan forget trading a 3rd round pick for Lamar Gordon? Gordon was in all likelihood going to be released by the Rams but Spielman couldn't wait it out. Gordon played 3 games for the Dolphins before being injured and lost for the season. In those 3 games Gordon averaged 1.8 yards per carry. Rick Spielman working his magic as usual.

Prima Donna Moss refused to catch a ball 4 a TD against the Pats on Sunday

Easy catch, just did not feel like getting it

check out replay on NFL.com

Hartline is AWESOME

Give Hartline A Shot
Will Not Disappoint

Home 4 Hartline

Talk to me After Baltimore

Hartline Is AWESOME !!!

I was at that game where Gordon got injured. What a hit by Farrior. Almost killed him.

Some of you people are absolutely clueless when it comes to football. Are you really comparing Brian Hartline to Randy Moss? Seriously? Brian Hartline sucks.. Teams triple team B Marsh because of that scrub... he has 1 good end around in 8 games... how about getting open against a 3rd string corner back...NOPE. Be objective for once people please. Randy Moss is a huge upgrade to Hartline... as a matter of fact there are about 50 WR in this league that would be a huge upgrade.

JasonQ, what are your thoughts on brian hartline?

Read the Titans put a claim on him, not that it affects the Phins if they plan on trying.

Titans are #22 on the waiver list.


The M & M Show will be in the passing game, which will open up the R & R show as well.

Let's do this people!

Go Phins!

I think he sucks Mark... not only cannot get open but the rare chance Henne has to put one on the numbers it bounces off his friggin chest. Granted with the archaic play calling we got going on not sure how much it will help.

Fist pump time

Coming up at 4 pm
Moss in
Cobbs cut


I wonder why Hartline doesn't think Moss should be on the team? Oh that's right he will be on the BENCH if we get him! What another worthless OSU wide receiver.

greedy teams..jim kelly couln't take the fins getting merriman ..and mosss looks to be going to the titans..who we play in 2 weeks ..they did lose kenny britt for a couple of weeks greedy teams ..greedy owners..oh well..DOLPHINS4LIFE!

i have got to admit... Phin fans keep me laughing with "fist pump" talk lol

Clueless, ... Hmmm
who from NJ is the only one to always uses this adjective

Hmmm, ... who just Impostered Home twice on this blog after a week of civil non Impostering behavior

and who from NJ was just banned again from the SS for his arrogant Republican FOX news parroting of his government views.

non other than Dumbell NJ ?

Duh, GEE Tennessee?

my balls are tingling, who got moss?

Titans #22 on the list... means Mia passed if he goes to Tenn.

Hartline would be 4th on the depth chart on any decent team


the update mando provided above sounds to me like miami put in a claim

Does repeating yourself over and over get you brownie points or something?

Is the Pleasure Dome still in Buffalo?

He will have better luck going to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls to find decent nightlife.

Mossy and Rossy
Fist pump time baby

litterally.... Lights Out on his night life LOL

NJ PHIN FAN suspended again at the SS. WHat a fking loser!

Mando, you sure on Moss...reports coming in that Tennessee has won the Moss Sweepstakes.

Woooooo hoooooo
Wooooo hoooooo
Go sunglass man with the Fist pump

If we get Moss, will we throw the ball down field? Play calling is the worse.

Homey the clown has been banned from every blog at one time or another. HAHAHAHA !!

CBS Reports Tenn got Moss, which means we did not put a claim in

It is certain their is strong interest


Oh noooooo
Miami u suck if ten got him

Miami put a waiver on merriman


CBS is reporting Ten PUT IN A CLAIM... thats all

1972170 is correct....TN has a claim in. No official word on any other teams having put in a claim. Should be soon though.

Ted u suck

@ #16..."Pete Carroll stated that the Seahawks did not put a claim in for Moss"

Forgive me, CBSSportline with poor headlines again, title, Titans Claim Moss, but read on, and it says they put in a claim. Moss still in PLay

confirmed Moss to Tenn. on Espn

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