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Merriman to the Bills, Moss still in play.

The San Diego Union Tribune, Fox Sports and ESPN are all reporting the Buffalo Bills have put in a claim for linebacker Shawne Merriman.

So much for that possibility with the Dolphins.

The Bills, with the worst record in the NFL, have first dibs on claiming a player that has been cut by his team as Merriman was yesterday. The Dolphins were rumored to be interested in possibly claiming Merriman but I had not been able to confirm that interest.

I did, as you might know, confirm yesterday Miami's interest in Randy Moss and he remains in play. Frankly, I think the Dolphin could use the Moss rental much more than the Merriman rental, anyway.

It is not certain the Dolphins will claim Moss. It is not certain if they do claim Moss, they will be the first in line to take him home. It is certain their is strong interest so you much stay tuned to see what happens. Coach Tony Sparano will speak to the media at 3:30 p.m. so I will update you after he spills his guts about Miami's plans for Moss. (Please do not hold your breath.)

[UPDATE: Sparano was asked to comment and here is his answer: "I'm not going to make comments on what we're going to do before waivers. It's not good for us."]


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dolphins passed it up. moss is a titan

Titans claim Moss

Please dear Lord---Make It So!!

Forgive me, I came here after I read it looking for more news, we will know soon.

morono and ireland are just awful


a good WR and they pass...

effing idiots.

im done with this trifecta BS


our next home game is the titans...

we are done. season is over.

fire these idiots.

Moss to Tenn confirmed

Fins suck the long one

Moss will burn fins in 2 wks

Fist pump man needs to make the playoffs or he needs to go

Ireland knows good wr talent = turner, wilfred, bahahahahahahha

@FYI @4:06--

for his dumbazz insistence on preaching for the TeaParty (I could care less---just keep it off Fin sites), his cyber-bullying, his personal attacks, or all of the above??

Yep, TENN Got him, still CBS was not done with the report, but had the headline first. Why did we not put in a claim? Headband, you smell like shhhht

im glad in a way because...

after much thought I am not sure i would like Randy to join the Dolphins.

there have been many great players through sports history that were the best at their respective positions but could never reach the ultimate goal of a championship.

Randy Moss may be one of those players.

He has had an excellent career and really took off with Brady but how many SB did he help them win? Zero.

He could really help us stretch the field yes but is he really a good fit, honestly?

Randy will go down as one of the best at his position but a champion he may never be.

yup i see it now.. Ten is rumored to have claimed Moss

new entry above bad newzz

he is going to SCORCH us in two weeks...


screw this team.

Thank you lord for not claiming moss and his personality, let the titans have him sink their ship now. Now if only miami became even smarter and sink dan henning from football existance, this would be a glorious day!!!!

Oh well, the only thing I can think of is he didn't want to play for the Dolphins. Just as well if that's the case.

At least he didn't go to a divisional team.

He did go to a conference team but I don't see how he will excel with the Titans and their 24th ranked pass offense. Moss is a frontrunner and seems to only perform when he's comfortable with the situation. Don't see that working too well.

Believe me, me claming Moss is a no win situation. He wont be happy until he gets a huge contract and the Fins aint giving him one.

Hartline better have a monster game

Titans get moss on waiver claim.

Heh, heh, wonder how Moss will like possum and cornbread? LMAO

Let me throw it to you like this...

Moss is like one of your friends super hot girlfriend...she puts out and always looks HOT... but your friend always calls you all stressed out and crying because she is a PSYCHO!

They break up and you think you can rehabilitate that PSYCHO! Besides she is the real deal and you can score at will. The problem is she is a PSYCHO! You will lose all of your friends, family and self respect in the process. Not to mention your buddy that gives you free food a at his restaurant.


Go Phins!

just ridicious. Miami's offense cant use a guy like moss opposite to Brandon Marshall. How can they keep passing on talent like this. I guess Sparano and Henning are happy with Carpenter kicking field goals. Here is a thought, lets trade all the running backs and wide recievers and line up 11 kickers on offense. Tony can then do alot of fist pumping when we see a 25 yd field goal. Miami missed a chance to turn the talent scales in their favour today. I thought the idea was to win a championship. Cant wait to hear Tony and company say we like our offense scoring 5 fg's every week, but we know we have to do better at getting in the end zone. Dark day for us Dolfans. Oh btw, we get to face Moss first.

Brian Hartline over Randy Moss, cant believe Miami passed on Moss, cheap and we could spread the field.

I'm just writing down screen names all you fair weather fans who have us lopsing a game to TN 2 weeks before its played....lol...you FIN fans never cease to amaze me with your self-pity.

Wish I had come up with the screen name OVERLY DRAMATIC FIN FAN.....were are you now man.....this blog needs you

lmao Martin sounds like experience speaking there!!

We already shut Moss out once this year
and will do it again

All you Moss lovers should go hug each other
and take it from there

Moss is going to burn us, really? He got shut out against us already and that was with Tom Brady throwing to him. Good luck with Vince Young and that 24th rated pass offense. How long until that blows up.

Really think he could have found a home here - but the braintrust obviously did their homework and didn;t think it would work. Have to trust them - they have info we are not privy too.

moss to tennesee.

Is test short for testicles
on your chin ?

Martin, have you John Deere'd your buddy's gf before? That's low man. No excuse.

I wonder how B.Marshall is going to feel about this. Im pretty sure he feels he is a big part of this org going forward. I guess he knows what his opinion means to them.

ya moss was on pats with wes welker who is the 2 guy there?

How's that roast beef sounding now Randy? ROFLMAO.

Fillet of possum, yum, yum


I call you FLATLINE on Sundays!

Stick that Fn Mohawk in your Ridell...AND GET OPEN! MAKE A F*CKIN PLAY!

You ain't Marshall or Ricky! You don't get to comment!

Learn like "My Little Pony Bess"! Catch the ball and fight for the end-zone! Did you see him in Pitt, Flatline?

Go Phins!

For the record.....ONLY THE TITANS put in a claim for Moss....ONLY THE TITANS.

I will side with 30 Owners, 30 GM, and 30 Coaches who pay and get payed to make NFL decisions rather than a bunch of guys playing Fantasy Football.

Thank YOU Ireland and Sporano for not caving.

D stands for Dumb...not Dolphins, way to go front office!!!


They just said that miami past on randy moss.. Well Mr Ross im selling the remainder of my tickets and i will no longer support your orginazation..You have over the last 30 yrs continued to make stuppid and rash decisions.. I think i will now be a detriot lions fan. At least they were smart enough to fire the dumm ass that made there decisions.. I have stuff signed for sale. MIami helemnts signed by 72 dolphns and 35 mini helements,, So please let me no if you are interested..Signed Ex miami fan.

let's get real for a moment, shall we. #1) the dolphins are not making the playoffs so why rent a selfish, quitter like moss just so marshall may make a few more catches.

2) henne probably couldn't hit moss or marshall downfield with any kind of consistency.

3) imagine game 16 being of significance to miami (which it won't) and us going into new england and moss, after his love in with the patriots last week, and having to depend on him to help us beat them.

any way you'd cut it, moss aint taking the dolphins anywhere.



Go Phins!

The fins could have gotten ..mark duper ..roy green..they won't take chances deep ..with dan hennING as oc..he always says we don't throw deep cause the line doesn't protect..well if you see the line has been pass blocking great..he'S just a old boring fart!

Typical; no claim on Moss. Just like the coaching and play calling the Dolphins are too conservative. They play not to lose instead of playing to win. Keep it close and try to win it with a field goal in the 4th quarter. Brian Hartline makes 1 play in 7 games and somehow he's the guy who will stretch the field. Check the coverages. No team is doubling on Hartline.

You can't compare Hartline to Moss Blackerote....That is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen written on here.

Here are some facts for you....IN CAPS NO LESS



I like Brian Hartline and his attitude, but when you have the drops he has had and cant stretch the field at all, how can Management stand there and say we dont need an upgrade at WR. Get used to seeing Carpenter trot onto the field for more field goal glory. I have defended this regime from day 1, but a non move like this is just downright foolish. I hope Randy doesnt come back to haunt us, but i fear he will. This regime will do no better than get miami to records of 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 year after year.

Mark i agree that we dont have all the facts, but when the head coach tells us week in and week out we have to find ways of getting in the end zone and then they dont remedy that problem with a moss, they are treating us all like fools and bafoons. Moss has 150 career scores in the NFL, issues aside thats proving he knows where the endzone is. Im just checking but i believe Ray Finkle has been placed on waivers and Miami is very interested. Tony was quoted as saying "we can never have enough good kickers in our arsenal"

i dunno how u guys say that moss wouldnt have helped this offence defintley bad move passing on him i hop to god im wrong but the phins will regreat lol its very funny to me im not suprised they did this if miami doesnt put up more then 22 points this week i want to see if all u guyz still say this was a good move

Rob 121,

I could only agree with your last paragraph, because other trhan that I think we are a good team and playoff bound.

Nobody on here want to acknowledge the weird man-crush that Moss has on brady and belicheat....but it is most definetly relevant.

krissy who's comparing hartline to moss...dummy!

Miami has the dubious distinctioon of passing on Drew Brees and Randy Moss twice. What a ptheritc organization.

*******NEW BLOG UP********

Moss is with the Titans

Blackcerote.....i love the krissy coments...there so imaginitive.

are you at all competent....or are you some anomoly that can write but not read or comprehend your own writing....i am no gonna explain to you what you said in your own post.

and i thought your last post was idiotic.....congrats on topping it



I get it. Front office & offensive coordinator trying to break record for most field goals in a season. LOL!!

Miami would have reached out to Moss if he cleared waivers I think. Regardless, I wouldn't be too worried about him burning us. Vontae has held his own pretty well vs. Moss.

I don't get some of the people here who hate the trifecta for passing. So did everyone else but 1 team. Doesn't that say anything? IF he reports to Tenn, will he play like he did in Minn? Giving up on a sure TD? He didn't score because he obviously didn't wanna burn NE. Who wants that? Costing a team wins? Miami needs run blocking WR's, not slackers.

Get a grip folks. Miami isn't going anywhere until they get a speedy RB, a LEGIT TE threat & a safety who can cover TE's to replace Bell. What good is scoring more points if you continue to lose? No wonder why most other teams fans think Miami fans are the worst. You see the best of the worst on this blog. Get a grip.

IF, and it's a BIG if, Moss shows up and plays hard...Tenn could be the top team in the AFC. Clearly more dangerous than the Jets & the Pats. But....the odds of Moss showing up to play is slim. I still think he has skills. You don't take a vertical threat to a West Coast offense. He was not used properly and this is Childress' doing. WR's like him need attention & be kept happy. He had 1 big play vs the Jets as a Vike, thats it. He wanted out & got his wish. Thank Bad Brad.


i appreciate you being an optimist. the dolphins although showing some improvement do not look like a playoff bound team. they will lose in baltimore and will be in real tough against the titans after their bye week. 1 game aginst the jets in n.y. and another against new england in their barn. doesn't bode well, me thinks.

as far as henne is concerned, yes he's made some strides but with all the time our o line gives him, he has to have a better touch on his throws and has to put balls into places our receivers can make catches. i just don't think moss would've changed that.

kris .and are you a geek that can't get laid..and you're worrying about what people write..or the mistakes you think they made.p@@#Y!

All non idiots please leave the blog. We're spraying the place.

Is BLACKCEROTE even human?


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