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Miami Dolphins defeat Raiders, 33-17

OAKLAND -- The haters will have to wait another day.

The Dolphins season, on the brink, survives today because the Miami got great efforts all around in this 33-17 victory over Oakland.

They got a great effort from Chad Henne, who threw for over 307 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

They got a great effort from the wide receiver corps that didn't seem to notice Brandon Marshall was missing. Davone Bess had 111 yards receiving on six receptions. Rookie Marlon Moore caught a 57-yard touchdown pass.

They definitely got good work from the defense. Miami had three turnovers. And the Raiders running game was absent today because Miami erased it.

It was a solid victory. The Dolphins are 6-5.



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Hell Yeah!

Tortured you suck!

Good win for the LOSERS you all are

Bess came up big, the rookie wr's played big, and Henning finally gets it right with the rb substitution pattern. Big props to Henne and that big final TD fist pump by Sparano!!!

Offense game ball to lucky number 15 Devone Bess.

Hell yeah! We needed that win. That was a team we SHOULD'VE beat.

Marlon Moore - welcome to the team!
Yo - holla at Brandon Marshall for me.


Had to stop blogging to witness the surreal..... We closed a team out.
A round of claps and fist thrusts for everyone!! I'll be back to celebrate in a little......

Maybe Henne still has a chance to become the quarterback Tony Sparano & Co. thought he could be. Good job Dolphins, keep it up!

TS with his fist pumps.
He looked psyched.

Great win...I love em when they're comfortable. Henne looked excellent. Davone looked like a pro-bowler. marlon showed potential. Great game
If the Dolphins can stop the run next week like they did today, we should be fine against hillis

Great win...I love em when they're comfortable. Henne looked excellent. Davone looked like a pro-bowler. marlon showed potential. Great game
If the Dolphins can stop the run next week like they did today, we should be fine against hillis

anybody that thought it'd be good thing losing to the raiders is on serious crack. How would we look going into next season losing to gradkowski and co. plz stop hollering for this team to underachieve ur starting to sound like yets fans

Defense game ball to Yeremiah Bell.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Playing on the west coast Dan Henning feels the effects of time travel thus a young and youthful Dan Henning calls the game of his life.

Dolphins 27 Raiders 13

Posted by: SoiledBottom | November 28, 2010 at 02:48 PM

I'm no Edgar Casey but this will do

Soiled :)

Henne 17-30, 302yds, 2tds 1 pick. No Marshall. D Best 6 for 11yds, Hartline 4 for 75yds, Moore 1 for 57yd, and Wallace 1 for 19yds.

BRANDON WHO??????????????????????????

What a game.

how bout those fist pumps! hell yea! Also the phins WR core was looking very good without Marshall... Why did a hamstring injury prevent him from traveling and rooting for his team? Wallace looks every bit the target that Marshall does he should be feeling pretty unsecure at this time

Blow it out your @ss tortured, Nice WIN for henne, still hate Henning, and man three TDs offensively, just surprised alone by that, Unfortunately no ground gained by victory so hopes are still all but shot for wildcard!!!!

We finally win a playoff game!

Tony Sporano's fist pump looked especially awesome today.

Mr. Henning, wake up, we won, it's time to get to the plane!

Special teams game ball to Davone Bess.

We have to take it one game at a time and see what happens.
Great statement win today though. We have an o- line and Henne is health.y
Oh and we still have a running game!

Guys who want to remind us we're not that good,,,,,,,,,,,WE KNOW.

But could you possibly let us be happy for 5 seconds? Jeepers H jehosaphats WTF is wrong with people? You seriously can,t be happy about a big win that your team needed because they're not elite? Seriously, seek professional help, quickly.

SuperPhin - wuzzup?
What was your prediction yesterday?

So far no fire Henning comments....it always seems to work out that way after a win.....


See ya tommrow
congrats on season saving win....now we get to do it again next week

sorry denny, just didnt want to OVERDUE it with the big Victory dance and all....Fist Pump for you sir*lol*

Hillis will be a tough challenge for us next week and it's a totally different team if McCoy plays. Need all the Miami fans to get out and show full support next week. If the team can win on the road then why not at home?

Brandons diva attitude is exactly why I didn't want him here in the first place. The guy isn't and never has been about the team. He whines and carries on on the sideline when he's not getting the ball which in turn makes the whole team play tight.

This is why the phins were 11-5 2 years ago, no divas on that team. Everyone wanted to win and didn't give a s**t about their stats. Marshall could stop being this way and had a perfect opportunity to change his ways starting fresh in Miami. He did not.

Henning has a temporary stay of EXECUTION!

Who was calling the Offensive game for the mighty air-breathers????????

There ya go superphin, I'll take that fist pump and raise you a Henne leap! (That would be a 2 inch jump off of the ground!)

R and R, I know, i know, I said raiders
would win FG battle 19-15, but c'mon who couldve predicted any better after thursdays blanking and factoring going against Brad Gradikoski?? i learned a valuable lesson in the raiders as i did with the bills today, I aint ever picking them to win again!!!

So I'll be the FIRST to start this rumour now. Arizona needs to do something with Fitzgerlad before the end of next season or he will walk for nothing and i'm pretty sure he will walk. How would you guys feel about a Marshall for Fitzgerald trade. I know....'you're smoking crack!!' but they have to do something and Marshall isn't going to be the guy we want him to be here. just throwing it out as a thought....now go ahead and dump on me for the idea.

henne rocks!!

"Need all the Miami fans to get out and show full support next week".

Don't hold your breath Craig. Even if they're there they won't be making any noise.


Despite the losing effort Oaklands MVP award goes to:

You guessed it, DAN HENNING!!!!

Actually I'm starting to feel sorry for Henning. The guy is completely embarrassing himself and nobody will do anything about it.

Craig I LOVE the idea. But will Arizona? Doubt it highly

Menace - wuzzup?
What was your prediction yesterday?

Bullshyte....Marshall has been EXCELLENT this year except for the last game...and the playcalling hasnt helped him...neither has the inept quaterbacking all year...

He has shown great team sense and says all the right things....

BM is the ONE superstar we have....we aint going nowhere till we utilise him properly



Wouldnt go as far to be overly critical of Brandon Marshall just yet. Our losses isnt exactly on him. But Marlon Moore did show the advantage of having real speed on both sides of the field.

Moore only had 1 reception for 57yds but it was huge not only because of the td. It also made the defense have to back down the safety. Raiders were sending safty blitzes every passing down. Just as I expected without having a "Marshall" to double team.

Thats why a now highly immobile Henne had so little time to pass earlier. Raiders were able to send more than can be block without a threat of having Marshall to double. That's why the Moore 57yd grab was so crucial. That safety now had to back down in coverage instead of becoming an extra blitzer.

Sparano almost dislocated his elbow on one fiftpump after Rickys touchdown....man can that dude do the ATOMIC pump...!!!!!


How do you figure he's been 'EXCELLENT' this year? He's dropped passes he should have cut, he's shown alligator arms and he's taken dumb penalties when he shouldn't have. I would take Fitzgerald in a heartbeat over Marshall. I'm also saying I think Jish McDaniels gets canned at the end of this year and I'd be happy with him as our OC next year but he ain't coming here if Marshall is here.

i was at the game and hartline looked goid as did AMAYA!!

Good game by the phins....but this team is mediocre and has been easily passed by the JETS this year....oh and the JETS are just as young.....my worry is this...Can this FO make us ELITE..????.......Jury is out.!

But for today we enjoy the victory.....great game by BESS, and Henne...

I want me some tlyer thigpen please*lol*

While you fools were watching some stupid game the Empress was celebrating her Birthday in the greatest city in the world, Every A-List celeb was there, they showered the empress with lavage gifts and gold necklaces, You "Serfs" enjoy your little team win, For the empress was showered with love and gold.Thank you all you "A-Lister's", There's just to many to thank.The Empress has spoken.

we won inspite of henning. he's clueless. Sparano should fire him now. the sooner the better

i said last week that moore was a sleeper one catch but for a td..the bobble made him get free..also said henne would play better without marshall yapping in his ear...and if you stick with the running game sooner or later it will break free,.yeah bubby1


Hartline did some good things today.
He looks fearless as well.

where the henne haters?but dan henning still stinks!

No on Fitz for the Beast, and just in case you forgot trade deadline was week 6...

Ridiculous on all accounts

This game, the Tennessee game are 2 examples of what can happen when you utilize your offensive personel. In both victories every skill player had a chance to make a play, or at least be on the field for snaps, or plays that weren't just special teams related. Who knows if Marlon Moore makes that play today if BM is in the lineup. He probably is inactive. My point is that we have guys on this team that can make plays, they just need their shot. don't rely on the same 6 offensive players to do everthing for you. By the way, winning is awesome, losing makes the week go by slow. Heres to a great week!


I am WELL aware the trade dealine was week 6. I am talking about the off-season. So remember where you heard the rumour first. Not saying it will ever happen but it's food for thought.

bigalfy ... I'm calling it now, I think this mediocre Dolphins team BEATS the Jets ... I still the Jets are all smoke and mirrors, they could just as easily be 2-9 as 9-2.


Marshall has a good behaviorial clause in the first year of his contract. An emerge of Moore and Wallace could technically allow Miami to dump him based on attitude in those 2 games we all know about.

Seeing as in how I seriously dont expect to see anymore of Marshall this season and if both Wallace and Moore emerge here late in the season. I wouldnt be surprised if we found way too part with Marshall because of the behavioral high risk he does present.

WIth an emerge of both Wallace and Moore it also takes us out of the free agent market for wr's too. VJax et..all!


Were Alcoholics included as part of the Empresses slumber party????

Zaphod - you're right, to an extent. But top ten picks are much more sure, statistically, than second ten.

Denny - I apologized to you but now you go deeper into a personal attack. So eff you too. You are nothing but a GD cheerleader who is blinded by your love for this team. I've been a fan of this team since 1981. Not as long as some here, for sure, but it is plenty long enough to know that this team is going nowhere with this coaching staff and this QB (unless, as stated, he lights it up with a new OC). So, yes, I am very happy they won today. BUT they really are not a good team. With a goodly amount of talent that this staff cannot seem to utilize well, they are below average. If they get to 8-8 this year I would be surprised. That would be an abject failure.

So excuse me for not jizzing all over Tortured's Snatchez doll and thinking they'll run the table just because they beat one of the worst team in the NFL.

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