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Miami Dolphins defeat Raiders, 33-17

OAKLAND -- The haters will have to wait another day.

The Dolphins season, on the brink, survives today because the Miami got great efforts all around in this 33-17 victory over Oakland.

They got a great effort from Chad Henne, who threw for over 307 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

They got a great effort from the wide receiver corps that didn't seem to notice Brandon Marshall was missing. Davone Bess had 111 yards receiving on six receptions. Rookie Marlon Moore caught a 57-yard touchdown pass.

They definitely got good work from the defense. Miami had three turnovers. And the Raiders running game was absent today because Miami erased it.

It was a solid victory. The Dolphins are 6-5.



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the Dolphins suck at sucking!!

Posted by: jayhall222 | November 29, 2010 at 08:33 PM

That reminds of this girl I used to know. Much like her, the Dolphins just need a little "Coaching Up".

It works if you work it!!!!

here goes stone hands.

I will test it in about 30'. I'll let youknow.

Who is Cleveland's QB?

Paella is just seasoned yellow rice with some seafood, beef, pork or chicken in it.(or a combination).

Well, sometimes, odin, they Coach you. Yes?

If we do replace Hennings, I think we should hire his old friend and drinking buddy Gen. Douglas McArhtur!

Now he is a mans MAN! A truly offensive coordinator.

Can you believe the guy was actually "retired" because of his "Atomic Plan" for N. Korea back in 1951?

If we would have listened to him back then, we wouldn't be listening to Kim Jong Jang running his yap today!

Nuke me please!


I'm a team playa.

They can coach me up or coach me down.

I'll do play by play to the replay afterwards!

Whatever it takes to keep getting better!

My Wiener is not as big as my son's but better than nothing. Right?

You crazy, Odin, if they would have listened to him we wouldn't be chatting now. No?

Right on on the Coaching, odin.

See, when they invented the Atomic Bomb, by default, any Global conflict was precluded. Not so with "defined" wars.

oscar, how old is your son?

odin's on a roll, leave him be!

36, redsky.

You know, this economic depression is possibly due that the "Armamentist" race will probably happen in Virtual Space. Takes Time.

Publish it, Armando.

You give me a space in Virtual World, I am going to express my opinion.


The Paella was good.

well oscar, at 36, i guess he's done growing. but does he know how to use it yet? that's where age and treachery overcomes youth and skill every time!

Fins played very well.

armando, good coverage by the herald today! including your column!

Im a Dolphins fan and have been for 25 years and that game is how we should have playing all year I still think the OC needs to go and the sad part is now even if we run the table the playoffs are unlikely hope theres a season next year with a real OC goooo fins love ya

Are you not going to question me about how I know about my 36 year old's you know what?

If I would have been President in 1951 things would be alot different today.

Considering the political lay of the land at the time and the fact that we had just fought our way around the world, I would have whole heartedly agreed with McArthur!

I would have launched all out pre emptive strikes against Beijing, Pyonyang and Moscow too.

My following presser would have been short and sweet:

Any dumb questions? I didn't think so!

mando, no post today refering us to you miami herald column. all the herald coverage was good!

no oscar, dont care! no offense....

odin, mc arthur was right about asia and patton was right about europe....but we didnt listen, now, no one respects us.. or, U.S.!

I never stayed at a Holliday Inn Express, but I have played Risk and Axis and Allies.

Had I been President in 1951 there would be no such thing as the Viet Nam War!

These so called Key Stone Illuminati Cops! They fumbled the ball. These freaking idiots couldn't even handle Momar Khadafi and Libya. Control the weather my arse! They couldn't even control the Ayatolla Khomeni!

Punk a s s rookies!!!!

Just got off the horn with Armando.

He said shortly after the game, he's having a "night cap" and posting a new blog!

I suggested he let everyone know the real reason "Smith and Davis" were temporarly benched Sunday.

He said that would be Tuesdays blog as filler to get us to Wenesday and Thursdays pressers.

C'mon MAN!!!!

We must submit to our Pancake Masters.

Do as they tell us. Do not disobey their commands.

Pancakes will be benevolent to us and not destroy our homes and cities if we follow their orders.

The problem with Pancake Masters is always the same, it never fails.

First they promise not to destroy our homes and cities, then they start to WAFFLE!

WHAA - WHaa - whaaaaaa........................


Dude you got this celebrity shyt down!

Immediately following the Raiders game you give us 4 measley paragraphs.

Us, your loyal faithfuls, we give you back 11 PAGES.

Always leave em wanting more, Kid...........

One of the Pancake Masters is standing outside my house right now---just staring at it. The lights are out and I dare not make a move. I have seen the carnage that enraged Pancakes can create.

This is terrifying.

Honor and Obey,

Don't freeze up on me now. The revolution is counting on you.

Quickly now, there's no time to waste! Arm yourself with a big ole bottle of Aunt Jemima's Thick and Rich Pancake syrup and DESTROY THE INFIDEL!!!!


You are the salt of this blog.
Keep it coming brother.

Ricky Williams rushed 20 times for 95 yards.
Run Ricky Run.
Ronnie Brown rushed 24 times for 85 yards.
Much better Ronnie - much better.
Chad Henne threw for 307 yards and two scores.
Here's to many many more.
The Dolphins gained 471 total yards, to just 263 by Oakland.
Davone Bess (lucky number 15) is money!
Darren McFadden had two rushing yards on eight carries.

Wow, this is just too crazy for even ME!

It's midnight. I think I'll get out my acoustic guitar and do my best Willie Nelson impressions until my girlfriend punches me in the face.

PS: Heineken is just fine Ice Cold!!!!

Dolphins time of possession?
Glad you asked.
Over 41 minutes!!

I called out to Aunt Jemima for help but just as she was racing to the door, Mrs. Butterworth emerged from the shadows and shot her down in cold blood (actually syrup).

It's obvious now that Butterworth is in league with the Pancake Masters. As for me, I am barricaded in the bedroom---trying to ignore the demands of the evil bottle of syrup as she pounds her brown, plastic hands on the door.

Avenge me!

Bacon and eggs for me.
But thanks anyway there you pancake thing you.

Honor and Obey,


Seriously, this reminds me of a "bad acid" trip I had way back in the day. I still don't understand why they call them "BAD", I loved em!

Anyways, I was tripping balls and feeding gold fish to my Piranha's. Oh man, if you've never done it, you got to try it.

Yeah, so this one piranha takes a bite right out of another piranha's forehead, I mean he totally lobotomized his a s s. I thought the guy was going belly up. Not a chance, he went berserk and started attacking goldfish and piranhas alike. He was like the new rock boss. It was freaking awesome!

Anyways, this is where it started to get crazy. I laughed myself into a blackout and the next thing you know, I'm naked in my bathtub. Both of my hands turned into Lobster Claws and I could feel antennas sticking out of my forehead.

I think we might have been mixing a little X-tasy with the Purple Dragons, but yeah man, those were the good times!

Nothing like laying sheets in a hotel room, then eating the mop-up and celebrating some Grateful Dead music. Yes indeed the good old days... Wow I feel rejuvinated. Thanks Odin.

Purple Haze all in your brain!


You're welcome, but no need for a thanks. It's Karma brother, you get what you give.

I couldn't help chuckling a little when I thought about some of the younger people getting up tomorrow and reading:

Nothing like laying sheets in a hotel room, then eating the mop up-LOL!

PS: The Dead was awesome trippin music!

Never was a "Dead Head."
Always needed something a little more esoteric.
Something ala Monterrey Pop Music Festival.


What was your favorite "Monterrey Moment"?

Seeing Grace Slick.
That's one woman I've always wanted but knew I could never have.

Mando...no new blog topics or news??? maybe ill come back tomorrow..again...to see if there is anything new...maybe not though...where's the content...

Grace Slick-NICE!

She fueled more than one of my sick adolescent fantasies!

Well, quite a few of my adult fantacies too.

That reminds me, I think my girlfriend needs me all of the sudden!


It was Psychedelic Furs, Brian Eno, and Buzzcocks for me.

I once tripped on the campus of Barry University (wasn't a student but lived near there). I remember telling a concrete pelican statue to have a nice Easter.

I think it answered back.

3 people who i've been impressed w/ on Defense Tony McDaniel, Paul Soliai, Cameron Wake

LOL war stories

What is all this stuff about Odin....????....whats wrong with just drinkin beer?....why the trippn stuff?.....

When I come to the US specifically Miami, how bout a trunk BBq at a game....????...Il wear my Collingwood jumper....go pies...!!!!!!

Aloco..do you like tortilla with chorizo..????

No, you're wrong you have two stars on offense and one future potential star qb, marshall, bess and henne, defense- Wake, Dansby, Bell, who showed why he is all Pro safety. GO FINS!!

mando y didnt jones play any word?

A W is a W, but this game was in dought untill the last 2 min of the game when Ricky broke off that great run. The Raiders have a worse record then the Dolphins, its like one bad team beats another bad team so dont think we've won the division.

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