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Miami Dolphins defeat Raiders, 33-17

OAKLAND -- The haters will have to wait another day.

The Dolphins season, on the brink, survives today because the Miami got great efforts all around in this 33-17 victory over Oakland.

They got a great effort from Chad Henne, who threw for over 307 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

They got a great effort from the wide receiver corps that didn't seem to notice Brandon Marshall was missing. Davone Bess had 111 yards receiving on six receptions. Rookie Marlon Moore caught a 57-yard touchdown pass.

They definitely got good work from the defense. Miami had three turnovers. And the Raiders running game was absent today because Miami erased it.

It was a solid victory. The Dolphins are 6-5.



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So the defense held the Raiders to 10 points?
Mike Nolan rocks.

Express, Missed most of the game, was at a party where there was limited TV viewing, Glad that the air breathers won,..

I'm enjoying this win, XTACY!!!! i am soooo starved for a Dolphin win, i dont care if it's against a mediocre team!!!! we looked good today!!! as a TEAM!!!!

Is that now 5 Wins in the last 6 games vs. Raiders?????

As I said before this was a make or break game for Sparano and congrats my friend you might have saved your job for next year and I'm ok with that. You and Ireland should be given at least one more year. However, Henning continues to screw up the play calling and still needs to retire or get fired at the end of the year. After watching this game I have somewhat changed my mind on the 2011 draft. I still say we trade down in the draft to try and get that 2nd back. In the first RD I say we get Von Miller to solidify the D. Or maybe a CB. Then get OLine for the next few rounds. Next year is looking promising. By the way sign the R and R express to 1 year extensions. Maybe 2 yrs for Ricky he deserves to retire a fin

Home was so right, on Simply The Bess!

am I the only one that things Thigpen should take at least 1/2 of the ronnie brown wildcat snaps? why aren't we doing this? the one qb keeper play had the raiders confused.

am I the only one that things Thigpen should take at least 1/2 of the ronnie brown wildcat snaps? why aren't we doing this? the one qb keeper play had the raiders confused.

What a solid win today. Very nice to finally see a commitment to the running game with ROnnie Brown. I really liked D. Bess/Hartline/Moore combo - they played with heart.

Congrats Dolphins - there are a lot of winnable games coming up and if we win, it can certainly mean some meaningful football games in late December...


Were Alcoholics included as part of the Empresses slumber party????

Posted by: superPHIN | November 28, 2010 at 07:43 PM

Super, There were a lot of Alchees there, Incredable...

Cleveland Browns---
Be afraid!
Be very afraid!!

I don't know how good this team is.

I do know that when we get anything at all out of the run game, this team looks very tough.

I'm no Einstein, BUT, if you're consistantly facing 8 or 9 in the box, should you try a screen pass once in a awhile?

A running back screen, even once maybe?

The Empress will not tolerate insolence,Mr. Super fin, when your time of reckoning comes you will ask for mercy,and I will offer none.The Empress has spoken.

I am gonna try to tap the empress of pineapples in the pooper. Wish me luck.

13th day I shart myself

the 13th day on the 13 month of the 13th century... I farted and shart my pants

Enough with the Marshall may be gone nonsense. He isn't my favorite player, nor do I really care for his antics(throwing the ball at Cutler was funny) But he is to good of a player to think we are just going to let him go. This is an inditment of our offensive philosophy that we haven't taken full advantage of Marshall. We don't just throw this type of player away. It is up to the coaches and playcallers to figure out a way to use this guy. He is still one of the top recievers in the game, and a matchup problem. He is not free from blame, he has dropped a ton of balls going all the way back to preseason, has looked aloof, and has been admitidley mediocre. But come on, we need to aquire talent, not get rid of it. Just as Henne may get a pass because of Henning, Marshall should as well.

The problem with this team is they can't raise their game to match or beat the really tough opponents. They games they need to win, the 'must win' games against the tough teams they fold up like a cheap suitcase. I still blame a lot of it on the coaching and the play calling but hopefully the guys are learning something along the way.


I guess you won't have to file that FOIA claim on Henne's MRI.

Unless of course you think they're using a body double like they did with them Kennedys.



BM19 has about 50 catches for about 600 yards or so.
Wish we could do more with him.

OK Guys, The Cuban's gonna take one for the team, Gonna give the Empress a necklace.., A Pearl necklace that is... Have a phintastic nite....


I'm not saying give him away. I'm saying move him for someone else....someone of equal value. The pattern with this guy, as he showed in Denver, is when he gets his nose out of joint he can't recover. Mark my words, even with a new OC this guy is going to become a distraction on this team. Get rid of him now while we can still get equal value for him.

Jimmy Jam....Your right .....we are not one of the better teams at this point....the question is this...is this FO capable of getting us there...ELITE.???......Hard decisions need to be made...can they make them??????

Are some of you for real? Getting rid of Marshall is going to make this team better? Come on, If Henne gets a pass because of Hennning, certainly Marshall should as well. Look Marshall is not my favorite player, and his antics suck(when he hit Cutler in the face that was kind of funny)But this team needs to keep its talent not get rid of it. We all knew what we were getting when we signed this guy, so don't act shocked when he acts out. Should he catch more balls? Yes. Has he played poorly, and below expectation? Yes. But this is more of an inditement on our playcalling, and coaching staff, that he has only 1 td, that we do not get him in space. 8-10 passes he catches are of the sideline variety, where he has nowherere to go after the catch.

Are you really drinking the Dolphins Kool-Aid again? Been there, done that for over 30 years. One surprising win does NOT take away the enormous problems we have on our team and on our coaching staff. Yes, enjoy beating the hated Raiders. However, knowing that this team doesn't stand a chance of getting into the playoffs I would rather have the higher draft pick. Even in a win Henne throws an INT in the red zone. I have absolutely no confidence in him. One more thing: Fire Henning!!!

Darryl Dunphy,

Agree on its far too early to even consider getting rid of Marshall. But if Moore and Wallace really develop over the next few remaining games it does present us with very interesting options next season.

One being offering Marshall up for 2nd and 3rd rounder during the offseason. But we'll see what happens with Wallace and Moore these remaining games first.

Should they come on like gangbusters the remaining games having a 2011 2nd rd pick and also maybe adding an at least extra 3rd rd pick. You gotta admit would be intriguing if Wallace and Moore not make us miss Marshall.

If you think Chad Henne sucks try a taste of Gradkowsky.

If you think Chad Henne sucks you should try a taste of Gradkowsky.

Henne lit it up today.

He made one bonehead move and tried to force it in the red zone. He paid, and hopefully he learned from it.

When you throw for over 300 and a couple of TD's, I'll tolerate an INT once in awhile.

All the knee jerkers will have to "get off" on the cut Vick bandwagon, did he ever stink it up today! Ah, Ha Ha!!!!

Nice win, but we're still a very average team.
We have a 9 point lead in the middle of the 3rd qtr and our offense goes ultra conservative like we trying to run out the clock. We could have easily left this one hang out there only to be snatched away. One big play and they are right in it. Go for the kill!!

Can we repeat this type of performance against the Jets/Pats?


The team played better without Marshall today. Say what you want but the facts don't lie. Bess had a great game, Hartline played well, Moore stepped up and we even got Cobbs involved. I agree that we havn't done a god job using Marshall but that doesn't excuse the drops and the mindless penalties. That stuff is on him!! If you can get another weapon for him you do it in a heartbeat!

Guys, a win is a win. However this was nothing special. We came out unfocused as usual and played stiff the 1st half. we beat a team we should have beat despite Henning. I think Sporono gets the benefit of the doubt and Henning needs to go. We are not a playoff caliber team. Close but not yet. Unless we finish 2nd or 1st in the division We WILL NOT make the playoffs!!!!!

Go Phins... Enjoy the win.

cuban, you WU$$Y! the Empress had a Bday party and you were not allowed to watch? you are not a true cuban!!!!!!! whimpus maximus!!!!! but i love you guys anyways! HB Empress!!!!

Darryl Dunphy,

Im not cornering myself with Craig, no one will give us a straight up superstar for superstar heads up trade for Marshall. Too many beghavioral risks.

My position is only if Moore and Wallace come on like gangbusters over our last games do we consider moving Marshall for a 2011 2nd and 3rd pick. We present have no 2nd rd pick and it also gives us an extra 3rd 2011 pick too.

My position is Moore and Wallace first have too come on like late season gangbusters to even consider this. What do you say?

Ah, the configuration in sintaxis is very important. Which one do you like best?

By the way, them lowly Bears, they made the Mighty Eagles look pretty pedestrian today.


You cant say dump Marshall base on this one game performance by the offense. Far more decisive evidence is needed. Yeah Im for see whats out there for Marshall, but only if the 2 rookie wr's come on like gangbusters our final 5 games.

Its far too early to overreact right now. CONSISTENCY is the KEY!

super fist bump baby hahahahaha!!!

Now we are full of receivers, that is important.

Hee, hee, nobody believes in the Dolphins. Good for us, good.

Henning smuggly sitting on the plane sipping Prune Juice:

Hey Ricky, nice call on that off tackle to ice the game huh?

Ricky: Sure thing Gramps........ah........coach..............

I'm glad we won. But I'm more glad that we finally played like we wanted to win. The problems have not vanished by a long shot. But it shows you what happens every Sunday by some team. That team wins in spite of what the experts say. They win because they want it more than the other team.

Congrats Dolphins!


I'm not basing it on this game. I'm basing it on the season to date and what his pattern has been in the past. He's shown when things go back and let's his feelings take over, he can't get past it. I'm not syaing give him away. I'm simply saying Arizona is going to be in a situation where they NEED to do something on Fitzgerald. I'd be open to moving Marshall in that scenario.


D holds Raiders to 16yds net rushing!

wow get rid of marshall?? the dude has had 2-3 defenders on him all year hes one of the best wr in the league lets see if he gets 1 on 1 and then watch but i kno these rookies couldnt handle bm attention like double, triple coverages... its the thigpen thing all over again


How many total yards did we give up?

Good solid team win!

So why couldn't we have put an effort like today's game in against the Bears last week. The Bears may be a better team than the Raiders....no one if debating that but where was the effort last week when we REALLY needed it. It's the fact we came up 'small' against some of these teams that is going to do us in this season. To be elite you have to do it when it COUNTS and we didn't against the Jets, Pats, Bears, Steelers or Ravens. We're just good enough yet!


If you had Larry Fitzgerald would you trade him straight up for Brandon Marshalll?

Even better if you had any superstar wr who also wasnt a major diva would you trade him straight up for Brandon Marshall?

Unless youre totally brain dead Im sure your answers to both questions was no. Next question: So why do you think anyone else would wanna do that deal?

There was some good protection and some nice play calling today.

I have to agree with Odinseye I too feel bad for chad,he made some good plays but what scares me is how long it takes him to read defenses and secondly how he continues to stare down receivers it doesn't matter much against mediocre teams but good teams know better and if you look at our record the only good team we've beaten this year is Green Bay and in that game they were as beat up as we were against Chicago I love my team win or lose but I sure would love for us to be able to find a QB who really understands the game

Despite the mistakes Miami had made in this game there was a lot to like. You have to love the way Henne handled the pressure Raiders were bringing. Whether you like Henne or not he did a great job despite the one bad INT. I have been knocking the secondary for their play for awhile now and today they did a good job. Bell, who I felt has been a let down this season played in beast mode. Hows about that DL? They dominated, Soliai showed why we sent Satele packing. The running game did enough to make thing unpredictable and the WRs made cluthc catches.

The only place this team failed was the STs. No surprise here. Almost had a punt blocked and gave up a KR for a TD.

The play calling was better but still had bone head plays like the three plays Thigpen ran. I though I was seeing Pat White.

at game today and j amaya impressed me


We allowed 247yds passing and 16 net yds rushing for a total 263 net yards allowed total.

I know Gradowski isn't Ken Stabler but our D GAVE HIM a 58.8 passer rating.

Did we get 190 in rushing yards?


I've listened to this crap about Marshall being double-teamed all year. So if that's the case how come our other receivers aren't open and how come we don't hit them more often. The other guys should then have some of the best stats in the league and they don't. I'm tired of people making excuses for Marshall. If he's elite, he should be showing it week in and week out and he doesn't. I recognize that some of it is play-calling but at what point does some of this fall on Marshall? If you're going to pay this guy $50 million he needs to be a difference maker and do something special and he's done VERY little of that this season. Name something special he did in one of the games against the Jets or Pats or Bears or Ravens or Steelers. You can't. And it's not ALL on the play-calling.

Guys say what you want about Henne. He's still by far the best qb on this roster. For those who think Thigpen is still better I wont challenge your football literacy. You're doing a great enough job of that on your own.


You lazy @ss go on nfl.com yourself and get the stats. LOL!


The reason I'm bringing up Fitzgerald is because he is a free agent after next season and he's going to walk. He's not happy in Arizona (granted he doesn't show it like mr Marshall does). Arizona's going to have to do something rather than lose him for nothing. I'm saying the 'Phins should be involved in those talks and Marshalls the guy we should be moving. Not sure what is wrong with that thinking.

Again, Miami has one of the best defences in the NFL.

Sonia behaved allright today.

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