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Miami Dolphins defeat Raiders, 33-17

OAKLAND -- The haters will have to wait another day.

The Dolphins season, on the brink, survives today because the Miami got great efforts all around in this 33-17 victory over Oakland.

They got a great effort from Chad Henne, who threw for over 307 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

They got a great effort from the wide receiver corps that didn't seem to notice Brandon Marshall was missing. Davone Bess had 111 yards receiving on six receptions. Rookie Marlon Moore caught a 57-yard touchdown pass.

They definitely got good work from the defense. Miami had three turnovers. And the Raiders running game was absent today because Miami erased it.

It was a solid victory. The Dolphins are 6-5.



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Did I actually see Sean Smith make a hard tackle on someone yesterday?

NH, took too many sacks? He didn't even have a chance to get to his 2nd read on most of them. I don't think not having a chance to even throw a pass constitutes as taking a sack. Sometimes the other team should get credit for doing a good job too instead of blaming your own teams QB. 75% of those sacks were NOT Henne's fault.

Also, even if they do win out, which they won't, they STILL won't make the playoffs. Barring a complete collapse by NE/NYJ, Balt/Pitt or SD they're playing for pride at this point.

Joe...guess I got spoiled with Marino and his quick release that led to him being the least sacked QB in the league year after year.
5 step drop back...one second to make a read, then a 300lb lineman is in your face and ready to crush you...I get it.
I too am in the camp that the probability of Miami making the playoffs is slim to none.
Beating NYJ & NE on the road in Dec. is hard enough, but they are tied for the lead in the AFC and the top 2 team in the NFL outside ATL.
9-7 is a more likely outcome.

9-7 is about right. I'd rather see NE win the division than the Jets personally. I don't think the Jets are that good. Being lucky doesn't make you good.

I just think this season for Miami is wasted. Next year, the holes on this roster are even greater. RB's, NONE ARE SIGNED past this season! We still need a LG, C & RT. We still need an impact FS & ILB. When will we finally start having good drafts to fill this teams needs? As a long time fan, I'm losing more n more patience every season.

Got to stick with Henne. He's been nails since he came back from that assinine benching. You've got to give him that 3rd year to see if he makes the leap from just "being the best qb on our roster" to "being a top 10 or so qb".

Gruden to the UM .

Mando, Someone needs to call Sporano to the carpet here. Henne played a great game. the 1st quarter was great, then the dredded stupid int... After the int the camera shows Sporano throwing a tantrum and chastising Henne in front of everyone. Not coaching, but parenting terribly. Maybe he should have put Henne over his knee and spanked him? NO COACH IN THE NFL SHOWS UP A PLAYER LIKE TS DID ON HENNE!!! Henne was a mess for 2 drives after that, looked scared to make a mistake. That is terrible coaching. He then did it again when the 2 min warning hit. Henne always looking over his shoulder anyway, needs better encouragement. Just stupid coaching. Thank god the team played well after those 2 crappy series. Nice win for the phins over all.

Poizen, i agree - i hate Sparano. I have no faith in him wahtsoever. What about that prevent offense up by 9 in the 3rd qtr. oakland blocks that punt and it's a whole different ball game.

Beautiful win; still got no love for Henning as many of his play calls were questionable, especially the use of the Wildcat, save that for inside the 10.

I must say if felt good to watch my Phins win against the Raiders, Im from the Bay and I had all of my closest friends over (8 people) who are all Raiders fans and I didnt have to say a word, just smiled and there was nothing they could do about it.

GO PHINS, #FireDanHenning, TS stop with the fist pumps... you look gay



Thats called coaching...not trying to be sarcastic, but c'mon. These are PAID PROFESSIONALS. They get paid to do a job. When your not doing it you get your butt chewed. When you are you get FIST PUMPS. Thats how the game is played/coached.

No one can win with you fans....If the coach does nothing then he should have done something.....if he does something then he should have done something else......if he does something else and that doesn't eork then he should have done nothing.....

Must be nice to have all the answers


Devone Bess is a GAMER!!

Benching Henne may have been the coaching move of the year....


Man, some of these responses are insane. I never turned on "my team".

My point was pretty clear... I do not hate Sporano.

If it is called "coaching" why doesnt every coach in the NFL throw those tantrums after a mistake?

Talk crap about me being on a Sofa, this is a BLOG AssClown, it is meant for fans to give their opinions. Not for coaches to be absolutly right. I gave my opinion and i STILL think it is a valid one.

Henne played totally different after those two drives, he did not look confident. So my opinion is Sporano's tirade on him effected his play the next 2 series after.

I do not know why there are fans here trying to prove they are "superfan" or something. Kris got news for you your no bigger a fan of this team than I am. Man some of you are just insane with your attacking of other people.

Mark, was the 3rd qtr prevent offense on Sparano, or Henning? Cause we've seen that many times before. I think that's Henning's style. I was watching the close-up shots of Sparano, and would see him wince when a play was called (I'm assuming that's what it was). I don't think he's totally on-board with Henning's play calling (my opinion). And I don't think he feels like he wants to (or should) overrule the OC. That's just my analysis from afar. Might be the wrong decision, maybe a HC should change the play if he doesn't like it. But knowing what I know about Sparano, I don't think he's that type of coach (he's a position coach after all). Plus he probably respects Henning and doesn't want to overrule him.

I'd be interested to see if next year, under a new OC, Sparano will be more likely to change a play or leave the OC to his business.

Remember years ago when someone asked Parcells, "what are you looking for in a quarterback?"

The answer went something like this - after he has his lowest moment - and everything looks dark, how does he respond? Does he turtle or does he come back and play his best?

Henne answered the call - he's our qb for 2011 - but he has to improve - no doubt.

GOOD post kris ,fans are never happy.

DC, fair question and I don't know the asnwer. I guess we will see what the right answer is in who will call plays in 2011. Given how we saw Sparano handle the defense from last year to this year - Henning will be gone. One thing is for sure, Sparano asks a lot from his players and coaches - even though I think his own performance has been subpar and I don't see a high ceiling with him as a HC.

As far as the wincing - that might have been farting, who knows?


I have a lot of respect for you and your opinions. When I said I wasn't trying to be sarcastic I meant it.

I have no issues or problems with you or any of your post.

I liked that Sporano is taking COMPLETE contro of his team. If he doesn't like something then people need to hear about it.

For example...when Henne threw those drive killing INT aginst NE he did nothing but clap his hands and pat him on the butt..AND HOW DID hENNE REPAY HIM....WITH ANOTHER DRIVE KILLING INT.

After the chewing he may have been shell-shocked for a drive or 2 but he kept it out of the hands of the Raiders....I like seeing our coach grow up...and I like our QB in line.

Kris, agreed. I think Sparano now is in "this is my team" mode. He's the top guy, not Ireland, no one else. And I like that too (he might not be right on everything or anything, but at least when it's time to pay the piper, everyone knows who's in control).

Also, anyone notice Henne smiling at the end of the game yesterday? Finally, some emotion huh? Everyone was criticizing him for being so stoic, well, there you go, he's loosening up. I think he's coming into his own and getting comfortable in the NFL. Doesn't mean I think he's a ProBowler, just that we all wanted progress from him, and that's exactly what I think we've gotten, progress.

Guys I'd like to know who we want as an OC for next year? I'm on record as saying I think Josh McDaniels would be great. I think he's going to get fired at the end of the year in Denver and I think he's in over his head right now as a head coach. Now I know everyone is going to say it won't happen because him and Marshall couldn't get along. But then, isn't the problem really Marshall, if he can't let the past be the past? I think Jason Garrett would have been ideal too but I think he's going to get the HC in Dallas, unless the Cowboys go into the tank down the stretch. How about Brad Childress? Again, we're not judging these guys on what they did as HC. Very often these guys are good co-ordinators just not good coaches (see Wade Phillips). what do you guys think? Who would you like to see as OC next year?

Fair on that Kris, Aloco gets under my skin at times, and you have took aim at me here or there, and I am passionate like anyone about this team. I remember the New England game also. And that is where i say, I am not a Henne fan club guy at all. but I think he really has the tools to be a really good QB.

It is not really only me who says this. You see it every weekwhen Owens or Ocho stinko lose it on the QB. Or a defensive player ragging on another O player when things go wrong. Not just me, but even the "experts" say you do not do any of that crap during the game in the middle of battle. It can demoralize the strongest players.

It is worse when a coach does it. It looks like our QB coach was trying to calm Sporano down. This is the NFL, and they are professionals. However, being embarrassed by a coach is demoralizing. He did not turn the ball over after that. but he also missed every pass it seemed for the next 2 drives. Henne is not as mentally strong as he could be. so that kind of coaching can really possibly make him far worse. And it seemed to do it again this game.

Sporano has kept this team fighting through a rough year and I like what he has done there. But this is one area, and it only seems to be with Henne, that he needs to find a better way to work with him.

Craig M....I'm sticking with Henne until he is either relieved of his duties or retires.

However....their was a time when when I wanted to see Garret here...now...NO WAY...he would just sabatoge the orginization for his own personal gain....

DC Dolfan,

I don't understand this knock on Henne all the time that he shows now emotion. When the team scores I see him constantly running down the field to celebrate with his teammates. Are people looking for him to celebrate the way Brett Favr choreographs his celebrations? I don't want that from my second year QB. He's still learning the position and at this point it's good he shows some humility. Don't people criticize Sparano all the time because he shows too much emotion? Quite honestly I don't know what fans expect from these guys. I think they would even criticize the way these guys tie their shoes if they could. It's unbelievable!

Coach TS looked psyched yesterday.

Heard that the Raiders got sick while in Pittsburgh and that DMAC was puking on the sidelines.

Oh well - they were destined to lose that game either way.

Great Game Miami !!! IMO The best of the year! Can't wait to see the next one. GO PHINS!!!!


I don't agree. I think Garrett would be great as an OC in Miami. However, I don't think he will be available. I think he's the HC in Dallas next year barring a collapse. I think the offensive struggles of that team this year are strictly on the players and Phillips not getting these guys ready to play each and every week. Too much of a laissez-faire attitude as far as Phillips is concerned.

poizn, sorry if i came too strong but sparano looked very nervous b/c he worked hard and the players in fact screwing him by their dumb mistakes like marshall's vs CHI .notice every time HE INSERT A ROCKIE HE PLAYS WELL LIKE MOORE .

Simply The Bess could achieve 1000 YD season
Will have to be targeted often as
Simply the Bess has bout 600 YDs receiving now




I don't doubt Garrets ability as an OC, I question his loyalty....IMO he sold out Phillips then Undercut him..... just my thinking....He knew his stock was way down from 2 years ago when he should have gotten his HC job, and now he realized that was never gonna happen unless he took action...just saying

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I'm going to throw Jim Fassel's name into the hat too for OC next year. Not sure if he has any ties to these guys but he's been head coach of the team that has on the UFL championship the last two years and he's still a strong offensive mind in the game today. And I'm also suggesting Marc Trestman, who has done a great job leading the Montreal Alouettes to two straight CFL championships as their head coach. These guys are sharp offensive minds.

Mother, Do U Think They`ll Drop The Bomb?

Craig M - the west coast offense guys might be good because of the type of receivers we have. Other than Hartline - who gets more grief than a 3rd WR who's on pace for 900 yards receiving should get, are all possession receivers. That type of system may work well with our personnel.

After all, todays' WCO is a lot different than te Walsh model. The running game and longer passes are more prevelant than they used to be.

And didn't Bess love the home cooking? He had a bit more juice in the legs than he usually has. If this team could get marshall to actually care - we may have one of the better receiving corps in the league.

Forget about jason garret or mcdaniels. Mcdouche didn't get along with Nolan either.
What about brad childress for OC? He was pretty good in philly before he got the HC job in minnesota?

Dolphins could win the next 2 ... Browns & Jets
and then lose the next 3 ... Bills, Lions & Pats

8-8 aint that great


I hear Marc Trestman may be the next coach of the Hurricanes and Gruden getting a serious push for the 9er job. God knows Singletary isn't up to it. There's only so many times you can pull down your pants and show your team your johnson to get them to play. Any competent coach would have had that 9er team winning that division by 3 games. Worst division in the history of the NFL.

For an injured Pro Bowl WR there is nothing to care about

8-8 at best
If not
Another losing record for the Dolphins

and of course Korean Nuclear Attack before the old guy dies

Going Down
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They still playing?

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I could see Gruden getting the job in Denver. I think McDaniels will be done there at the end of the season and this taping incident is the final straw. I read this morning that the Broncos are 5-16 under McDaniels in their last 21 games. Not good! I think he's in over his head. I think Bowlen will stop the bleeding with a 'name' coach with some experience and I think Chucky could work well with Tebow, as I KNOW he's enamored with him.

reports out McDaniels also taping Erin Andrews naked eating a salad through keyhole at media hotel

McDaniels embarrassed over alleged illegal recording said he, "only wanted to find out what kind of salad dressing Erin enjoyed" ?

Exactly Aloco

Joe Hayden nother player Home was hoping Miami would sign had nice INT last week
Matt Roth is gonna knock the Dolphins RBs into next week and kick them around like yesterdays garbage

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Craig, with all the venom spewed on this site about Sparano and Henning - could you imagine what the Denver fans are thinking? No Marshall, Cutler, or the defensive co-ordinator that had you being respectable last year. All gone because of Mcdaniel??

Not that I think the first two losses were that big for them. Orton is better than Cutler and Marshall is an overpaid POS.

McDaniel must have learned those secret taping tricks when with the Cheatriots

Wonder if Dolphin coaches would essentially also get a free pass for blatantly breaking all the rules with at least 2 Times Convicted of Illegal Secret Tapings of Opponents?

How come Ptriot coaches & former coaches get free pass?

Is the NFL corrupt?

Wonder if Illuminati Goodell & Robert Kraft know the date of the start of the Korean Nuclear War?


If you feel I have taken shots at you I can promise you I haven't. I am just kinda direct, but I always have an open mind and I try my best to never call names. I just call people out when they are dead wrong and I fully expect to be called out when (not if) i am wrong. I like diversity and different opinions. Heck, I may Hate Henning as much as the rest of you, but without debate their is no discussion.

Like I said Yesterday.

If everybody is thinking the same thing then NOBODY is thinking.

Actually like Josh McDaniels as OC
McDaniels is just going through a rough patch as a head coach

He did terrific with the Pats
Many times embarrassing the Dolphins

Would love to have Josh as our OC next season
Esp if he can bring in my boy, Tim Tebow for real Spread Offense & Wildcat

Fins could use some new flavor

and Poizen,

I agree, NO WR should ever be able to call-out their QB, and unless your D-Fence is playing like the 2000 RAVENS, then no D-Fense should do it either.

However, I believe it all starts and ends with the HC. "The buck stops here".

He should have the right to call out anybody...from the ball boy to the highest ranking OC in the game.

We say players play...and coaches coach. For me thats what that was....our little coach growing up.

Remember...Sporano's job is directly tied to how his QB performs....he can't wait until Henne takes him under to make those corrections...if he does, somebody else will make them, and he will be on the blog with us

Wonder how China & Russia will react to Korean Nuclear War next month?

Just learned that Sporano SAT DOWN BOTH STARTING CB'S FOR THE 1ST SERIES (640 AM sports-troy stradford show)

Sporano is taking NO CRAP FROM NOBODY..and I love it!

The head coaches name is Sparano
Tony Sparano

He has been head coach for 3 years now

is a double negative

so that would mean that Tony Sparano takes crap from everybody

again Miami Dolphin`s HC in his 3rd year
name is Sparano

and if u google "double negative" soon you will learn how to speak English properly

... Just Saying

Henne will not be able to stand in the pocket like a stoic gimp and be successful for too much longer

Expect Henne to go out on a stretcher soon

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Thanks for the English lesson....

No problem Kris

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