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Miami Dolphins defeat Raiders, 33-17

OAKLAND -- The haters will have to wait another day.

The Dolphins season, on the brink, survives today because the Miami got great efforts all around in this 33-17 victory over Oakland.

They got a great effort from Chad Henne, who threw for over 307 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

They got a great effort from the wide receiver corps that didn't seem to notice Brandon Marshall was missing. Davone Bess had 111 yards receiving on six receptions. Rookie Marlon Moore caught a 57-yard touchdown pass.

They definitely got good work from the defense. Miami had three turnovers. And the Raiders running game was absent today because Miami erased it.

It was a solid victory. The Dolphins are 6-5.



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Do u really think gimpy stoic Chad Henne is going to stand in the pocket on one leg and pick apart opposing NFL defenses for the next 5 consecutive games while the Pats & Jets lose all the last 5 of their games?

Roll another one, Cheech

I have no problem in the way we went conservative in the 3rd quarter. Like it or not it was the right thing to do. Why push the envelope? the Raiders had shown nothing on offense. Take away 2 big plays to Ford. They could not sustain a drive, and looked similar to the way we did offensivley against the Bears. The consatnt pounding paid off in the 4th quarter as we broke that huge run, and controlled the clock. There was no reason to put Henne in a spot to make a mistake just to prove we could put up points.

Simply The Bess
Surely Did Impress

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No my bowels are good thank u
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CraigM - OC next year....I'd be down with Kubiak. I think he's going to be out in Houston and he knows how to put an offensive game plan together.

1313 for the wolfman, hmm ...

Did u know how long it took Da Raidaz to score on opening KO?

13 seconds

... Just Saying

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Kris, again point sell taken, my last point to this is:

Did we see Sparano go after Marshall after all the drops and penalties? Nope, he kept his cool.

How about Sean smitha and his 2007 Braylon Edwards hands, or Fasano's brain lapse drops?

No, he haad let them be, that is where I look at his reaction at Henne inapproriate.

That being said, either way we son the game and that was the most complete game all year. So good for the Phins.

Aloco, No problem, I may have overreated a tad. :) The rookie call is a huge one. Why werent these guys in the plan earlier. Wallace and Moore? And why can we not draft great players, we do better after the draft picking up scrubs lol.

Im still holding on to hope we wing another 3-4 in a row if not run the table.

Simply The Bess Punt Return of 47 YDs to go with 111 YDs receiving

Can remember debating Simply The Bess many times with other bloggers(these guys from NJ & not to football smart)

Cement heads that have never been to a Dolphin game, practice or training camp and do not understand the slot receiver position would tell me Bess is no good

They never understood his primary job is to work in traffic and get 1st downs

Never trust folks from NJ with opinions, that have never been to football stadium and still think Ted Ginnis going to have a breakout year as WR LMAO!

So Poizen your goal is not to run the table and hope for a miracle play off birth, but to win 3 or 4 games and work on getting the worst draft pick possible while missing the play offs?

Gotcha! lol

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Let’s not make a mistake in assessing this game. It was a road win against a mediocre team. The Sparano way can beat mid level and bad teams. However, the Sparano way will not beat good teams.
Take yesterday, the Dolphins were dominating line of scrimage yet the Raiders were one play away from being right back in the game until the Ricky break out run in the 4th.
The Dolphins got a small lead then shut it down and became very conservative. Against a terrible team unable to move the ball this approach can work and did Sunday. Against the rest of the league it is a recipe for getting beat.
The team still plays for FG’s and will only be mediocre with Sparano/Henning.

omars got sugar in his blood. no doubt.lol.

Nope home, you read into my comment wrong. I would like to win 3-4 in a row to allow there to be a chance for the playoffs, but Running the table is unlikly. however if we win 3-4 in a row, then take a loss, I think the team will believe they can actually win, and play like it. We take take one more loss and get in. But we need to win a few in a row to get confidence.

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Hate to burst your bubble, but
We have to Win All The Rest Of Our Games
yeah 3 or 4 in a row, followed by 1 or 2 in a row lol

If we win all 5 games left
Miami 11-5

Remember mathematically speaking this still guarantees nothing in the post season

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I see the burning jealously behind their phony smiles, oh yes I do.

Sparano shouldn't have called out Henne the way he did. He doesn't with Marshall. How about Fasano & his drops? Ronnie's dancing behind the line? Or Incognito wiffing on blocks? Maybe Sean Smith for refusing to tackle RB's in the open field? No. Sparano is a joke.

It's all for show. The RIDICULOUS beating of the chest on the TD run. Give us ALL a break. Take Ricky's TD away & they averaged 2.93 YPC. Only 3.8 with it. That's NOT impressive. You beat your chest on a long TD run after the game is in hand & the other team basically quit? You aren't fooling anyone with a brain coach. This team has won games in SPITE of coaching & lost allot of them as a result of it.

Where was this tough approach when the season was on the line 4 weeks ago? Why bother now? For show? At best, his motivational tactics are questionable. His coaching style is vanilla & his schtick is old.

It's time for a fresh start in S. Florida.

Oregon Dolphin Fan- You could argue that 90% of the games in the NFL come down to 1-2 plays that decide a game. For the winning teams those plays fall in their favor. I have no problem with how the Dolphins played the second half on offense. All of those runs in the third quarter led to what happened in the 4th. We kept with the run even when it meant having to punt. We were manhandling them on defense, so even though the score was close, I felt, and I'm sure the coaches felt we were dominating the game. A turnover in that situation turns the tide of the game. This is the way we need to play to win games.I say job well done.

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Joe Schmoe, That is what I was saying earlier in this string, just not as aggressivly.

Not sure if we should dump fist pump yet, but the Henne thing this week was really weak in my opinion.

I have never seen a coach so discontent with a player that obvious in the last 10 years, maybe longer.

Poizen, it's clearly to obvious to me whats going on. They are making Henne the sacrificial lamb to fall on the sword for them. That way, they save their own hide & mask their own deficiencies & bad coaching style/philosophy.

Since they declared they are in win now mode, he has to act tougher. He should have acted tougher 4 weeks ago when the season hung in the balance. Sparano is a joke of a HC. The sooner he & Henning join Tuna in exile, the better off this team will be.


You could also argue Sparano's strategy will ALMOST always keep the Dolphins opponent within one or two plays of a win...Even an opponent we are dominating.

With the way our special teams plays, td return and a punt that somehow wasn't blocked in this game alone, this "going conservative" with a lead act often gets scary.

I'll agree with you, it worked Sunday.

Running game = Win!!!

Darryl Dunphy-

It sounds as if you are satisfied with the Sparano/Henning approach. I am not. The conservative approach can beat mid level or bad teams sometimes.

Against good teams that score points the conservative approach fails most of the time. The evidence is clear from last few years of Dolphin football.

The Dolphins consistently lose to good teams. The modern NFL is a scoring league. The rules have been adjusted to favor the passing game.

Playing for FG's and handcuffing your QB is not a recipe for success. Sparano and company have had their time to try their failed approach. It's time to get a winning philosophy into this organization.

If your satisfied with mediocrity then that up to you. I am not.

Here's what I don't understand about about fans.

Last week topics were....

draft picks (who we shoulda got)

Everything is Henning's fault (isn't it always)

Predictions of a dolphins loss (DB and others)

Jon Gruden/Bill Cowher(which one we should take)

F/A bust (as usual)

We should lose the rest of our games


Draft Locker or the other QB

Today.....None of that.....weird


Wutever Peace Out TwatFace

LMAO! "It was a solid win." Uhhhh, no, it wasn't!!! It was the friggin Raiders, you imbicile! "Oh, Henne is finally the man." LOL, uhhh, no, he isn't! See, everytime Henne has a putrid game it always has a common theme behind it: Because it was the Jets, Ravens, Steelers, etc.....REAL TEAMS! Teams that we need to beat, and can't! You know why?? CAUSE THEY AREN'T THE RAIDERS!!!
So, yesterday's win, is a joke.
More crack reporting by a clown wearing aqua shades........

dolfandan13, without the run late, we averaged 2.9 ypc. With that run, only 3.8. What running game? It was an inferior opponent(ranked 28th vs the run) and we averaged 3.8 ypc. On the season, Oakland gives up an average of 4.4.

We had a few good runs, everything else was 2 yards. That's not a good running game. Henne & the passing game was FAR more productive yesterday & along with the defense is the reason Miami won. This o-line can't run block...period.

@ Utdolphan,

Good point about the almost punt block. Our punter thought the ball was blocked. That it wasn't was a small miracle.

The Sparano way requires perfection. No margin for error. The D played a perfect game and one play could have put a bad Raider team in position to win. It's frustrating. No killer instinct for Sparano. Sparano coaches scared.

@ Kris,

You haven't been reading anything I have been writing then.

and your right hindsight is 20/20.

My point exactly Beerphin....

You front-runners and band wagon fans don't like the truth...

No rumors here...those are all truth.

but i guess I will be a how do you say..."TwatFace"....what ever that is..and you will continue to jump off and then on...and then off...and then on the wagon again.


Ref gave a nice "block" on the touchdown run.

i will eat crow now. I have been hard on the young man, but he made some excellent throws out there, and if you think anyone can throw those out patterns, think again.

I hope he *continues* to prove me a flaming idiot.

Twatface says what?

Twatface has the breath of a twat.

Boy am I a flamer!!

konandy, yesterdays win wasn't a joke. It was a game they should have won & did. They have played the big boys tough. We aren't all there yet so we wind up losing those games.

I give Henne a lot of credit for yesterdays game. He came to play with 1 healthy knee, an offensive line that is average in protection, without it's #1 WR & was throwing to 3 undrafted FA's + Hartline. Aside from 1 bad mistake, he was money.

You can diss his performance based on the team he beat but Henne showed me allot yesterday. Touch passes to Cobbs & late to Bess were pretty & those were an area he's needed work on. Yes, it was the Raiders but Henne showed us all allot of the potential he has. He deserves a shot with a good GC & a creative OC.

wow beerphin...i always had more respect for you...didn't think you would stoop to impostering me....@2:39

guess you live and learn.

ummmm that was beerfan @ 2:41. Ignorant moron!!!

The Safety took a bad angle on that bonus TD Ricky run. The Raiders were beaten by then. That was a garbage time score.

But I'm sure Sparano will be citing the yards per carry from the Raiders game to promote his approach.

Henning will probably want credit for that play call too.

Look it's good to run the football. This team has to take some shots down field too yet that is never a part of the game plan.

Joe Schmoe,

While I disagree with your assesment of the Head Coach, I have to agree with your post on Henne.

When the HC sat him, NOBODY was happier on this blog then me...and in a way it was still the right move. He played impressive against TEN....and looked as good against OAK. He has heart, and as long as you have that the rest can be learned. I think his teammates will be more willing to get behind Henne now and see follow his lead. He is earning it.

@ Joe Schmoe,

Yeah, Henne played very well yesterday. And you are right on about Henne needing a chance to play for a good HC and a creative OC. Henne has been stunted by the Sparano approach and the terrible playcalling of Dan Henning.

I have been pointing this out for some time now. I hope that the henne bashes will tone it down.

Henne may not be the next Dan Marino but he could be a very good QB for this team. I hope Ross has the balls to fire Sparano/Henning/Ireland.

lol at beerphin....another ignoramus has shown his true colors....thanks for making yourself irrelevant in this blog.

You have lowered yourself to Troll status...how sad for you


Miami Dolphin Super Fan Home here

Can U please do blog on my Fav Miami Dolphin player

Simply The Bess

Did u know
After 3 years now
# 15 Simply The Bess is better than Wes Welker!

Simply The Bess has 600 YDs receiving
Better than Welker & on less receptions

Simply The Bess is av 10.9 YDs per reception
Wes Welker only 9.2

Simply The Bess is better on 3rd down conversion

Simply the Bess had 48 YD Punt return Sunday

Time to Give "Simply the Bess" the credit he is due!

After suffering through the Welker give away to the Pats

Simply The Bess this year has emerged as the better slot receiver ... just like Home posted here on the Miami Herald, earlier in the season

So How Bout A Blog for my FAV and undrafted superstar Miami Dolphin slot receiver

Thanks Armando,



Not really that intrested in carrying on a coversation with a immature poster who has neither offered a valid opinion or made a valid point.

guess now you are creating an e-mail address just so you can sigh in blue....that is true stalker stuff man.

I'm out for a while

i've never impostered anyone i was upset that my comments on here were censored hence the twatface

Kris i never even read your comments but if the shoes fit I won't argue

Kris, people talk about his robotic nature & staring WR's down. To me, the biggest thing with Henne is accuracy on deep balls. Aside from a couple of occasions(Oakland/NE) he is throwing the ball to the right guy. He isn't throwing into ridiculous coverage. At least 3 of his int's were guys falling down, a couple off tips. Eli & Palmer are established QB's in this league with MORE int's and don't get pulled.

Staring down or not, very few of his passes were intercepted because the DB read him. He is picking out the man to man coverage pre-snap and knows where he's going with the ball. I don't think this is a bad thing. What's lacking in his game are touch passes. Deep sideline passes mostly. If he can work on those, he can be a VERY good NFL qb.

IMHO, if I were him, I'd spend the entire offseason throwing those deep balls down the sideline to get a better feel. He seems to throw it out of bounds too much not giving his guys a chance to go after it.

Realistically Think Most Dolfans
At this Point
Would Be More Proud
Wearing a # 15 Simply The Bess jersey

than a # 19 Marshall jersey

Glad Simply The Bess
Never Gave Up His Number!

Go Dolphins!

So true Home I got a Marshall Jersey but was torn between Bess and him I just wasn't sure if Bess would still be on the team. They got rid of Camarillo instead. They need to get Fasano and Bess signed immediately

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