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Miami Dolphins defeat Raiders, 33-17

OAKLAND -- The haters will have to wait another day.

The Dolphins season, on the brink, survives today because the Miami got great efforts all around in this 33-17 victory over Oakland.

They got a great effort from Chad Henne, who threw for over 307 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

They got a great effort from the wide receiver corps that didn't seem to notice Brandon Marshall was missing. Davone Bess had 111 yards receiving on six receptions. Rookie Marlon Moore caught a 57-yard touchdown pass.

They definitely got good work from the defense. Miami had three turnovers. And the Raiders running game was absent today because Miami erased it.

It was a solid victory. The Dolphins are 6-5.



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Fins-Pats game Jan 2 on the road. You guys know what that means dont you?

SNOW_BOWL!!! It'll ge good for rb's and recievers, but a nightmare for both defenses. Bad for both qb's if it's a snowstorm, as visibility will be nightmarish too.




PS: I almost did a backflip(seriously) cheering for the "old guy" on that 45 yarder.

Yeah, first time a very long time we close a win, put the other team behind, both offense and defense showed up, usually is grinding and griding, 18 to 17, 14 to 11, I hope we can beat 5 more teams now.

However, the good thing for us about the Jan 2 Pats game is that Henne's from the upper north and is used to snowy conditions too. Hope our db's are wearing the right kind of cleats because there will be lots of slipping by db's on both teams. The correct cleats will help to minimize that.

Recievers always have the advantage in those kind of conditions because they already know exactly where theyre going. Defenders be ware.

OMG, Aloco, that was the smartest thing you have ever posted.... You go Lil man...

Will be good to have a qb like Henne Jan 2 @ Pats. He's from or at least played 4 season in Michigan. So he's used to frigid and snowy conditions. We do have an "icelander" at qb.

For the 1st time this year we Dominate

And no new Post?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

When we do bad (Pats/Bears games come to mind) there are more negtaive post than I can read.

Comon Mando. No radio show in the afternoon!

hell no, that will make no difference at all if you are inaccurate as hell. all those passes that sailed out of bounds. im not sold on henne and never will be until he wins the division and takes the dolphins to the playoffs, championship game and the superbowl, until then they still need a solid qb.

Roman, Did'nt you hear, Mando has been abducted by North Korean/Aliens, Home is investagating as we speak....


We play the Jets Dec 12 at NY. This could also perhaps lead to the southern cal boy, Sanchez melting down in the cold. Game time forcast should be around the low 40's to high 30's. Wind chill could place it lower.

Either way it's definitely not sunny southern California. Henne just might have a slight edge over Sanchez that day because of weather conditions.


This is my third try at posting back at you, damn.

I think Marshall is having some slight growing pains of his own.

This is his third offensive system in a young career and this one is not anything like the previous two.

sanchez rating.......81.9


Until Moore made the 57yd td grab the Raiders were blitzing 7-8 guys every pass play. Henne was 17-30 for a 57% completion rate. I dont know about you but I'll take those number considering the huge amount of pass pressure he was under especially the first half of the game.

Dude were you even watching the game or did you only see exactly what your skeptical vision would allow? I also saw some upper-echelon qb throws from Henne too. Are you going to deny that also?


I think Marshall is going through some slight growing pains.

I believe this is his third different offense in a young career and this one is NOTHING like the previous two!

That reminds me, Fire Dan Henning NOW!!!!


Lets also ignore Henne's 100 qb rating for the game. That tremendous considering what was thrown at him earlier by the Raiders DC. Lesser qb's would have became rattled and given in under that type of early pressure.

no, he made some nice throws, but his accuracy needs to get better in a hurry. i have never seen as many balls sail out of bounds in one game from any other qb. the onlyy thing is henne does it every game.


dolphin77, did you ever play football before in your life ?

Man, if that offensive line was hurt nobody will want to play them when they are "healthy". Absolute domination of their defensive front four and we got another guy out of there(Kerry, #93, I believe).

yeah, 3 state championships ,mass.

u mass .?

or high school ?

Win or lose Henne consistently throws in the early to mid 60 percentile range. If you'll notice, his accuracy usually drops contingent to the amount of 3rd and long situations he faces.

That occurs with all nfl qb's, even though he does need some improvement there. Most of Henne's problems are centered around being a young qb not an awful qb. Growth and maturity will automatically correct most of this.

Nothing corrects awful.

Bess was undrafted as well

It is different to Play than to Watch, right ALoca?

Heres to all us Dolphins fans. As much as I hate to admit it yesterday might be the best day of the season for us. Until we beat the Jets in 3 weeks that is!!

GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks roman...


high school.

Oh yeah. For the Soliai haters:

Paul Soliai absolutely owned former Fins center Samson Satele! Raiders had 16 net yards rushing but 15 of those yards cam on 1 end around reverse by thier wr Jacoby Ford.


This almost went completely unnoticed with all the other superlatives of our team play Sunday.

high school.


Man, I think this schedule turned out tougher than last year's.



Some of those out of bounds throws were misses. Some were simply being thrown away.

That's always better than forcing the int. God forbid he does that with fans around like you.

RE: Your prior post. That's a tall order you put out there for Henne, Marino never ever accomplished what you require as qualification for being solid.

I guess you were never sold on Marino either huh?

By the way, talking about missing recievers and throwing the ball away, did you see Vick yesterday? They should bench him too, huh?

The Dolphins played well against another mediocre team like themselves. What they need is a real head coach and a real offensive coordinator. Also, fire Crowder and Marshall and get two REAL football players to play their positions. Otherwise, everything will continue to be the same as long as the management of the team continues to be satisfied with mediocrity and we the fans continue to support a mediocre team.


Were you secretly wishing Henne harm so that Thigpen would come in and give his virtuoso of last week's debacle?

Jacoby Ford is very talented.

I am sick of paying good money for mediocrity. The Dolphins won a game against another mediocre team like them, and everybody is so happy with the win. PATHETIC.

springfield, and all of you think just because they beat oakland that henne is some kind of savior. come on now. marino was the best they ever had. no he did not win, but he got them there, i will guarantee henne will never get them there!

Dan Henning or no Dan Henning, this offense needs to work on two things right away.

As often as we face 8 and 9 guys in the box, we need to come up with some adjustments. Henne handled it and Ricky and Ronnie came through, but that isn't always the norm with this team.

1. A simple well designed RUNNING BACK SCREEN! The raiders were pinning their ears back so hard, my insides were screaming SCREEN PASS! Make the sons a beetches PAY!

2. I know we were/are working with a young group of WR's. This is the reason I think it's so important. Our WR's need to work on breaking off routes and making hot reads.

Number one is an indictment of Henning. Number 2 is just my honest opinion of what our receivers need to do to take that next step with Henne.

does mass has a state wide playoff system and state football championship ?


I am not suggesting we put the game on Henne's shoulders, but I believe that game would have been the perfect opportunity to attempt to let your qb grow.

You are right, we were pretty much in control of the game. To my thinking, instead of basically shutting the guy down, why not try to keep the offense clicking? Mix it up a little, keep it going. There will be times we will need it. What better chance to build on it?

dan henning rules,leave the guy alone

WOW! What a solid butt whipping!Now take that kick-butt attitude home and do likewise to the Brownies!On a side note(and we Finsfans already know this)those Wets-loving morons at ESPN and NFL Network still give the Fins no love at all.Watching the highlights show today and on both networks,you'd think the Rump- Raiders had won the game based on the love they were giving Jacoby Ford.

i will guarantee henne will never get them there!

Posted by: dolphin77 | November 29, 2010 at
06:54 PM

Way to support your team.

Henne is the best we got, PERIOD. I mean it could be worse. Wecould be walking on egg shells with Penny or still thinking Thiggy is Jesus Christ in shoulder pads!

Henne's more hot than cold and developmentally he's right there with the good ones.

Simple fact: When he has any type of support(run game/defense)he's done nothing but win games.

What do you want from a second year quarterback, damn?

a winning season!

what was sanchez last year? where did he take the wets? say no more. all that second year qb sh#T has to go!


Say no more? Why because you don't want me to mention his supporting cast?

Is it the way they backed into the playoffs that you don't want me to mention?

Maybe you don't want me too compare Shottenheimer with Henning? Is that it?

Fine then, I guess all I'll say is stick an oscar mayer weiner in yo pie ho and spare us that Sanchez sheet!

With Dansby being limited to 3rd downs and Crowder being, Crowder, it was nice to see Tim Dobbins step in and play a solid game.

6 solos, 2 for losses and a forced fumble!

a winning season!

Posted by: dolphin77 | November 29, 2010 at 07:16 PM

A winning season you say? Well if you subtract Pennington's "contribution", last season Henne went 7-6 COUNTING Thigpens loss to Pittsburg!

I know, I know, it still wasn't a winning season?!?! But you know what? I don't think it was Henne's decision to start Pennington those first three games.

A winning season eh, well lets see, Henne is 6-4 THIS SEASON! But don't root for him, don't support your team, just keep on talking that sancheeto shyt.

Where did everybody go?

What, are you rookies making last second beer runs?

Hello? HELLO?

Man, you guys sure know how to make a guy feel wanted.............................

Still around Odin,

Can't debate this with you though, my thinking is pretty much the same as yours.

I think they should try to keep Henne rolling into the 4th quarter of games like this. Not get stupid with the play calling, just keep him going a little.

They want to groom the guy into a qb that can win it in the clutch, but are too damn scared to even let the guy throw the ball when they get a lead late 3rd, early 4th.


When I coached little leagues and my kids would get a big lead, I ALWAYS opened up the passing game.

I usually got accused of running up the score, but that wasn't it AT ALL. Nothing beats live game action for experience.

Sparano still needs to get fired - there is no way this team is making the payoffs - out of the Jets-Pats-Ravens-Steelers - two are winning their divisions and the other two are getting the AFC wildcards - all four have beaten the Dolphins already. We are not making the playoffs so we should be playing for draft position - the Dolphins suck at sucking!!

Was cooking my food, odin. Paella with chorizo and chicken(I don't like seafood).

Lots of OC's here.

that paello and chorizo sounds good as hell right now

How about the head Coach of The texans for our OC if he gets let go?

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