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Namath has 'love' for Pennington move

Joe Namath knows about playing quarterback from his days with the New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams (yes, many years ago). He knows Chad Pennington from the current Miami quarterback's days with the Jets.

And Namath apparently has "love" for the move coach Tony Sparano made earlier this week when he benched Chad Henne and promoted Pennington to the starting quarterback job. At least that's what Namath said today on the Broadway Blitz, his show on Sirius NFL Radio.

“I gave that a lot of thought and I love the move," Joe Willie said. "Not just love it because I’ve got so much respect for Chad Pennington. Hey, man, he’s owned up every time he’s given a chance. The only problems he’s had is that Lady Luck biting his right shoulder now and then, his injuries. 

"But as far as this change, I can see coach Sparano to a degree, and I don’t know if he thought about this, but at this point the team, to me, has to be questioning Henne. You know, when they look at the replays of the games and the snaps and the things that aren’t done that you’d think your quarterback might be able to get done more consistently, that might be catching more eyes with the players than in the past."

Hadn't thought of that and it is a good point. And Namath believes the timing is right for the change.

"Now they have a tough opponent coming in this week.  Now is the time to change because they can go back to Henne some other time. I believe Pennington, dealing with any NFL defense, is as good as it gets when it comes to the mind analyzing, knowing what to do, where to go. So he’s giving that offense a better chance … That season is not lost for the Dolphins just because they are changing quarterbacks at this point.  That defense is still good and they are still in the hunt.”

Follow me on, as Jets fans pronounce it, twittah.


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penny should do ok if his arm strength is there. That's the issue. I can see some pick sixes this game. Do people think his shoulder gonna hold up the whole game?


Season has been lost


Well if Broadway Joe like it...I'm sold!

Make no mistake about it...THIS IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!

Namath is as big an idiot today as he ever was.

No offense to you Armando, but anything a Pro Football player that wears nylons on national TV has to say is COMPLETELY F_cking lame.

Hey Joe, hows the butt implants doing ya sweet cheeks?

Stop crying about Pennington' shoulder...it's been surgically repaired and most likely stronger than before...Brees had the same surgery and look what he did last year.

CP10 is stronger than ever and will suprise everyone on Sunday!

Dear Mr. Salguero

We the people will not tolerate the Tax Dan Henning has placed on our Dolphin nation.

In a personal protest I have....

Taken down my posters of Dan Henning and burned them.

I have givin away my Dan Henning throw back Jersey.

I tossed in the trash my autographed copy of Dan Hennings favorite drive killing plays.

Broken my copy of Dan Henning does duets with David Allen Coe...very offensive....more offensive then his play calling.

Given away my Dan Henning autographed book "How I Killed Carolina"

We the people will not be lead blindly by this or any tyrant.

One simple man

Soiled :)

Oh, I almost forgot:


PS: Penningtons going to save the season? Yeah, sure and Joe Namath doesn't have a perpetually sexual identity "crisis" either!

PSS: Did I mention:


Did he say this before or after happy hour????

“I gave that a lot of thought and I love the move," Joe Willie said.

Who the crap is Joe Willie?



What has Henne done to earn the BLIND ALLEGIANCE of DC Dolfan and other....you would think he won the AFC EAST CROWN a few years ago or something.

DC...I like what you have to say but you are falling on the wrong side of a lot of important issues as of late....the Moss issue, and now this.

Henne has a strong arm...SO WHAT??? so do a lot of QBs in the NFL, some starters and some back-ups.

He has done n othing with his strong because he is not only handcuffed by henning.....but more to the point he is handcuffed by HIS OWN INABILITY TO READ A DEFENSE. That it plain and simple.

I watched the MNF with Pitt/Cincy.....you know what I saw when I was watching....I saw 2 QBs that could read defenses....They knew were they were going with the ball before it was snapped because the could READ DEFENSE'S.

We praise our O-LINE for keeping Henne upright for upwards of 6-7 seconds...Good QB....Good Offenses get the ball out in 3 seconds....Henne takes 5 Seconds to wait for his #1 option to come open....good quarterbacks ar on to option # 3 by the 4th second.

Let Henne sit...for now. Bring him back next year and lets see what he has learned....maybe this will be the SPARK he needs to step up...learn defenses...and be a leader on this team....if he learns nothing or decides to crawl in his shell and do nothing to get better...well then i am sure he is worth a 4th rounder during traing camp

me likee joe willie 'n chad penny

and in other news, "Rex Ryan is rubbing off on Woody Johnson"

can't leave that Rex alone for even a second

In pennigton is what you see and is what you have, he is what he is a limited thrower of intermediate balls , accurate and effecient, no movablity in the pocket, a PLAYACTION master of the art only when your running game is effective. And you have a dangerous TE to throw the ball to(which again we dont).It wont change in this game and it wont change for the rest of his career.


YAC increases this week because Penne put the ball in spots that recievers can catch and run....look for Brandon Marshall's receptions to go up and Davone Bess's to go down

I want to kiss you. I couldn't care less about the team strugg-a-ling.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Joe Namath also went on to say...hey your cute...gimme a kiss...

Soiled :)

Oh im sure Namath and willie moe fool are ecstatic about the move, if it were up to them miami would be run by one man, AND THAT MAN IS...........Dead HENNING!!!! Im sure fat rexy is exstatic too, whew !!!!now we dont have to face henne who torched our secondary the first go round and get limited band aids of Hanging chad to blitz and confuse, who in NY wouldnt be happy about this move!!!!

Chad Henne's hald A S S attempts at play action did nothing to make the LB and Safties Bite

Chad Pennes attention to detail and ability to do the little things well will improve the teams ability to do the big thing better

and in other news, "Rex Ryan is rubbing off on Woody Johnson"

can't leave that Rex alone for even a second

Posted by: REDSHIRT COMMIE | November 12, 2010 at 05:16 PM

LOL At Commie, these are two things I call my "Wiilie"......You go Joe(Willie) Namath..

hope the titans didnt watch any tape of the ravens/phins game this bye weekend, from last weeks game or 2007 playoff and regular seasons game for that matter otherwise...UH OH!!!!!

Dear Mr. Bottoms,

If that ain't country, well it's a damn good joke :)

Glad to see Henne go!


How is that relevant? Which players from this team are still on those teams.....How many tackles did Chad P. miss in that Debacle. How many rushing TDs did Chad P. have. How many blocks did he miss.....again...how is it relevant?

emperor su yat chinny chin chin, you sound like the empress of pineapples, how are they hanging?

Pennington goes deep down the sideline.

BESS makes the caych and it's a NINE YARD GAIN!!!!

Oh the joy in mudville!



((( it's my move ,you can't use my move.did you tell her about my move ))) ?

from sienfield

Bad situation. Penne is efficient but not taking the team anywhere.

More painful is Henne. He's S L O W... in terms of reading defenses and pocket movement.

Perhaps would have been better to pick Matt Ice. He looks good for ATL.

Here's the point... football is a team game, sure. But one member of the team, the QB, is more critical than others.

Have a good QB and you'll win. Have a stiff, and, well... see where we're at.

That's not saying much, man was that guy overrated probably more so than favre. he has fifty more int's than td's and he is in the hall of fame? What a bum.

I don't call mine Willy...I call him Rollo

Can't feed the wolf cause the wolf done died!

PHINS 31-13 W!

Sparano is making a big bet here. If penne comes in and wins then he's the hero and probably stays a couple of more years. If he stinks up the joint then it might be he last year as our coach. Betting big on noodle arm. The good thing is penny is always good at coming back.

If your "deep" ball only travels 25 yards in just under 5 seconds, ah that kinda negates all the "little" things like a great play action fake.

I wonder how many yards the average NFL DB can cover in 5 seconds, Dooh!!!!

Velocity, it's a betch.


Sky, The "Empress of Pinapples" Is with me down here in Miami on Vacation, She just left with my sister to A Martini bar in downtown, not sure were it is but I hope there not serving "Jager-tinti's"........

Joe Namath likes the fact that the Dolphins are sitting their young QB to go with a former Jets QB who Namath used to gush over every week.

What a f***ing surprise. Hey Joe, go back to your bottle and don't worry about what the Dolphins are doing. The Jets won ONE super bowl because you played the game of your life but otherwise you were a mediocre QB your whole career. Don't really care what your take is on QB situations.

Joe Namath?

WTF! Burt Reynolds from the Mean Machine wasn't available?

Kiano Reeves or Jamie Fox?

Good Lord!

No Subject is Taboo, No Deadlines and No Space Crunch!


The thing is Penny's ball is SO slow it fakes the DB's out. It's like a slider, or a knuckleball.

They can't time it right.

Knuckle Ball LMAO! Billy Kilmer!

Namath has LOVE for Penningtons moves?

No surprise there. He must have seen him shaking his money maker to that Eminem tune today!


So if Pennington throwd an INT or two,and the Dolphins lose this week,who are you guys gonba blame next?

Kris, its relevent becuase it shows the limitattions of chad penningtons abilty to strecth the field, its relevent becuase it shows that chad pennington is a journeyman QB, its relevent becuase the same OC is still here calling the same plays and stating that NOTHING is changing in terms of plays being called. Its relevent becuase miami is desperate and attepting to try and quick Fix The QB situation which is obvious that it isnt.RELEVENT ENOUGH FOR YOU???!!!!

cuban, many good martini bars down here. soykas is one, news cafe is another, but there are many....populated by good mixologists preparing excellent libations! youve lost her for the evening....

We'll dodge a bullet if Vince Young isn't playing.


This is "THIRD" time Penne's shoulder has been supposedly fixed. No more comment neccessary.


Isnt Joe Namathe a "diehard Jetfan?" If I were a diehard jetfan I would fully support any move by us that seemingly gives them an even better chance of winning our 2nd matchup too.

Has it become this much of a crime to just stop and fully think a thing through before posting posting or creating a blog topic now?

throws,not throwd.You know what I mean.

That Famous and lovely Piano based song...

No One is to Blame.

We will blame Howard Jones!

Go Phins!

Serious question. I'm thinking of buying a new LED TV

Does anyone have, or has anyone seen these 3D tvs?

Is it worth it?

Seems kinda g@y

All I wanted to see on this team was some LEADERSHIP!!!! Thats all I have asked for for the past few weeks.....Thats why we can't bring in a Moss, thats why we can't draft a person with suspect character like a Dez Bryant.....Finally the Leader of the Preseason will have an oppertunity to lead during the regular season...I only hope its not to late.

empress, err i mean emperor, have fun tonight!

Gheyyy! Will give you seizures!

marc, still not sold on 3d, sorry, dont want to watch tv with glasses on....

Serious question. I'm thinking of buying a new LED TV

Does anyone have, or has anyone seen these 3D tvs?

Is it worth it?

Seems kinda g@y

Posted by: Marc | November 12, 2010 at 05:51 PM

Marc, If your into wearing 3-D Glasses while you watch...... Enjoy..

Well, that's my hold up too, but, have you guys watched them?

kris, you asked a questioon I would like to answer.

It's not that we have a blind allegiance to Henne. It's that half of us see that the Dolphins aren't going to the super bowl this season. We also know that Penningtons best days are behind him and he is not the future of this team.

Maybe Henne isn't the future either but now we won't know until NEXT SEASON.

You see, if they actually gave the kid his rightful chance to prove himself for an entire season, like this season, then we could either be happy with what we have or we could start searching for a new QB. But now we will be waiting through another entire season to see if he continues to grow. It's a waste of time and resources and the coaches are doing it to save their own butts.

And if you don't think that's true you're lying to yourself. Henne has made mistakes, we are not denying that. But can someone else please name me a player on the team that hasn't had just as many mistakes? Maybe hmmmm Jake Long and 2 other people? And now it's ALL Hennes fault that the team isn't winning? WTF IS THAT BS?! I could write all night on the numerous dropped passes, failed routes, wrs failing to get separation, coaching mistakes, defensive screw ups. Why aren't all those people being held accountable for their mistakes?

Why isn't Fasano being called out? The whole defense single handedly cost this team two games this season. Why aren't they being benched? The play calling is atrocious and at times downright laughable. Why does Henning still have a job? Sparano has made many mistakes, can we bench him?

No, we blame one player. A player who is young and should be learning on the job. He can learn NOTHING,,,,,I REPEAT NOTHING MORE,,, from sitting on the bench. He did that for a year and 3 games already. He needs to be in the games winning some and making mistakes to learn by in order to grow as a QB.

Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland just set this team back another three years.

God...Enough with the multiple paragraphs...We can't digest that much info at a time.

Break it up into mutiple bulleted sentences like this

:) Thanks

Is it time for a commercial yet?

Good one empress...

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