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Namath has 'love' for Pennington move

Joe Namath knows about playing quarterback from his days with the New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams (yes, many years ago). He knows Chad Pennington from the current Miami quarterback's days with the Jets.

And Namath apparently has "love" for the move coach Tony Sparano made earlier this week when he benched Chad Henne and promoted Pennington to the starting quarterback job. At least that's what Namath said today on the Broadway Blitz, his show on Sirius NFL Radio.

“I gave that a lot of thought and I love the move," Joe Willie said. "Not just love it because I’ve got so much respect for Chad Pennington. Hey, man, he’s owned up every time he’s given a chance. The only problems he’s had is that Lady Luck biting his right shoulder now and then, his injuries. 

"But as far as this change, I can see coach Sparano to a degree, and I don’t know if he thought about this, but at this point the team, to me, has to be questioning Henne. You know, when they look at the replays of the games and the snaps and the things that aren’t done that you’d think your quarterback might be able to get done more consistently, that might be catching more eyes with the players than in the past."

Hadn't thought of that and it is a good point. And Namath believes the timing is right for the change.

"Now they have a tough opponent coming in this week.  Now is the time to change because they can go back to Henne some other time. I believe Pennington, dealing with any NFL defense, is as good as it gets when it comes to the mind analyzing, knowing what to do, where to go. So he’s giving that offense a better chance … That season is not lost for the Dolphins just because they are changing quarterbacks at this point.  That defense is still good and they are still in the hunt.”

Follow me on, as Jets fans pronounce it, twittah.


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By the way, if Derek is here, and didn't read my response to his post on the last blog, please go read it. I think you might find it "positive" and it could smooth out some of the rough feelings you showed in your post. And also give you insight into why I post what I post. Thanks.

"Bill Parcells is very disappointed in [Chad Henne],” Carucci said

Well really now? So Carucci says the guy who drafted Henne is disappointed in Henne?

I'm disappointed IN PARCELLS! How many draft picks did he blow because of his ridiculous search to find the next LT?

I'm WAY more disappointed in Parcells then I will EVER be in Chad Henne. The kid just started his nfl career, how long has Parcells been around? And who has made more mistakes since they've been with Miami.

Yeah, exactly Carucci. Now go get your shine box!

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Man, this season has been exciting but very tough on everybody. And the pinnacle of this will be on Sunday.

Guys, you have to look at this and tell me I'm not the only one that notices the resemblence


I hear you Kris but that's just a rumor and unless Parcells comes out and tells us that directly I can't believe it to be true.

Parcells doesn't talk to anyone but we're supposed to believe that he told Carucci he made a mistake? Because saying he's disappointed in a QB that he picked himself is admitting he made a mistake.

Now tell me how many times Parcells has admitted to making mistakes in his career.


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DC Dolf basically wanted to say, in 9 paragraphs, that the change may have some merit, and he is willing to see if it pans out.

DC right on man! 100% correct and it has nothing to do with opinion. You're stating the facts and it's a slippery slope we're heading down now.

DC Dolphin,

Ireland must go when Henning is dumped too. HC's dont draft.

In 3 seasons we have one sure thing(Jake Long), A strong possible(Vontae Davis), and a possible(Chad Henne). This is even a poor card hand and Ireland has to be held to task too.

Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby are no-brainers. We also werent the only pursuers of Cameron Wake so I dont give Ireland any credit for genius on that move either.

Marc, I'm only 39 and to some that may seem older but not to me!

How old is everyone in here? Am I seriously the old guy of this blog?!


Did you get the memo?


DC Marc has trouble with paragraphs.

Please write like this so his head doesn't explode. ;)

Counting the audibles and checkdowns on Sunday might illuminate us.

See ya people, good points everyone.

The Editor, very funny. But I don't "basically" say anything. I extrapolate. That's what I do. One or 2 sentences won't do. I'd rather piss you (and Marc) off and write a book, makes me feel better. But thanks for reading and synthesizing!

based on Tenn Average points per game we gotta score 31 points or more to beat them... They are gonna score there points its a mathmatical certainty.... CP get ready to score!!!! GO PHINS!!!!!


I coudn't agree more with you about wishing they would cut mistakes regardless off the postion. but in reality we both know that the OC will not be fired at any pont during the season...I would like to see him get his walking papers the day after our season ends....whenever that might be

Sujiko Tatomiya,

Mujo koto tanaki suneka!

KRIS, we're in AGREEMENT! With that said, I don't want to go another step forward, else we might disagree about something else. Anyway, time for me to go home. So with that, I bid you and everyone else adieu. Catch you on the next go around. This was a good discussion today. I'll have more paragraphs to write later tonight or tomorrow for anyone that has a few hours to kill and is interested, lol.

Don't ever compare Broadway Joe with a football player. Especially not Marino. Namath had a quick release, that's it. That's the ONLY fair comparrison that can be made.

Namath and Marino? PLEASE!

As far as Henne goes, it's ALL Hennings fault in my opinion. The guy has only been marginally sucessful and never with an up and coming Quarterback. In his entire career, he has not developed one good young Quarterback, period.

Henne has a lot to learn. He needs game time experience. So were in a jam at Pittsburg and need our two minute offense. Henning uses a play and formation using the FULLBACK. REPEATEDLY!!!!

Forget the fact that were trying to win the game, that's bad enough. How about the fact you have a young Quarterback who needs to learn and you won't even let him run the two minute drill in a game?!?!

How about the no huddle? Tell me how many times Henning let Henne run the no huddle in the past two years. You don't have to tell me. I already know.

Henning has become obsolete as an offensive coordinator. He never will and he NEVER knew how to develop any young talent, quarterback or not.

You guys can Think Penny will be our savior, but it's a pipe dream. Thanks to the unbending ignorance of Henning, Penny is also being put into the worst possible position for sucess.



I'm 32...

I don't mind reading a few sentences, but, GEEZ

The 4 C's:

The Editor is just trying to save a few trees with less print here.

I would pay a HUGE admission price to see DAN HENNING'S face after the last game when he wlaks up to office and finds the locks have been change and his office emptied. Then Mr. Ross walks up and tells HENNING all of his personal belonging have been moved to the janitor's closet right down the hall.


We coined the phrase "Multi-tasking"

It really just means we can't focus on a single task for more than a few minutes at a time.


Folks... Henning is what, 73? He is financially well set and his buddy Billy has already left the stage.

1. What makes anyone here think he even wants to come back for another season?

2. The guy has to have a seriously nice retirement nest saved up, he won't sweat a tear if he is asked to leave.

Like I have said before. Parcells loathes the QB position. Henning is from the same school. They want to win ever game 9 to 6. Remember the only SB Parcells won was on a Fist Pump or missed Fist Pump I can't remember? Kinda like when JJ wanted to put the handcuffs on Danny the candy store Marino. Member? You Member?

watching practices in davie in 2008 parcells used to walk all over the field watching and visiting with coaches etc. the last 2 years he drove a golf cart to different areas and stayed in it. i think its a health issue. my son and i actually met parcells,henning and david lee coming back from lunch at the facility in davie. got a nice pic of all three with my son. all were very friendly and accomodating.

Ronnie Brown says the team needs more "Swagger"

Jets = Cam'ron vs Jay-Z = "Swagger Jacker"

You old guys might not get that one

I member Martin. I remember JJ flat out saying that the team would run the ball...PERIOD

I remember he told Dan he couldn't audible, and him handing it off to ....


Not the basketball one

This season is toast.

Oops, gotta go. My Hottie just pulled up!!!!!



What's his name Odin?

"whats him name"....lol...

i was shocked when we signed penne as a free agent over the winter. i really think the main purpose was to make sure henne had all kinds of help so he could develop. there were 2 problems with that.#1 we run a dink and dunk with emphasis on ball security. #2 that skillset isnt in henne's toolbox; penne is cerebral;the consumate game manager. it wasnt natural for henne and it showed.

Must be dinner time. Everyone split

Watching last night Baltimore-Atlanta game put me to think about the 2008 draft. The Miami Dolphins drafted a franchise left tackle, Jake Long, without having a franchise quaterback to protect. Matt Ryan was the best player and the trifecta blew it. Thanks Parcells.

DC you always have good stuff to say. But how would Pennington taking this team to the playoffs be an example of a worse case scenario? That is some out of the box thinking. Are you rooting for the Phins to suffer just so you can be right about your opinions? It would be great, a miracle if Penne could get this team into the playoffs. I understand that you think this may be a case of the Wade Phillips syndrome if this were to happen.(coach gets a playoff win fo won't pull the trigger even though it's the right move) But Henning's days are numbered here(Fire Henning) This is different. Henning is just part of the problem, and as much as I cannot stand him. If Pennington can run this offense efficiently, and we begin to put points up and win games. We would have to take a real look at Henne, and his future here. Maybe this could be a blessing in disguise that we figure out Henne isn't going to be our guy. This is all hypothetic I remind you.

Despite what some people think when you have shoulder surgery its never as good as it was before. And believe me if you don't think a 270 pound hunk of muscle won't expose this existing problem, talk to Chad Pennington when his arm is in a sling again. Chad Henne can't throw and catch the ball, you have to have playmaking. Was Joe Montana's throw to Dwight Clark on the money? no he had to leap and make a heck of a catch. Was Tom Brady's pass to Randy Moss in the end zone against Revis island
on the money? no he had to make a spectackular one handed grab. So we need our receivers to step up and help our young quaterback. To me what is killing our offense is our playcalling,
It's to predictable. With our offensive line we should be running the ball a lot better, I don't think its the lines fault we need some new blood running the rock. Ronnie is running like a back coming off knee surgery and it shows. We can win games in December and Junuary if we can run the ball its a proven fact. Regardless of our current situation I will always be a Dolphin fan and support my team. GO DOLPHINS

Here's Some Of What Mark Duper Had To Say About Passing On Moss That Also Seems To Be An Indictment On HENNING Too:

Here’s the rest of what Super Duper said when I asked him about Moss:
“When I knew they had a chance of getting him, I’m sure they [raised] some eyebrows,” he said, speaking before the quarterback change from Chad Henne to Chad Pennington.
Would Moss have been the greatest downfield threat in club history since Duper?
“That can catch the ball,” he corrected. “Because you remember Ted Ginn.”

What would the impact have been?

“First of all it would have opened things up,” said Duper, whose 511 catches rank second only to Mark Clayton (550) in club history. “It all depends on the plays that you call. If you want [Brandon] Marshall to come underneath, you would have Moss run the deep middle of the field, to pull the two safeties over. That would have helped them tremendously.

… Still, no matter what receivers you have, you have to call the right plays in order to use the talent of the receivers. That goes with coaching.”

As for why the Dolphins have struggled so much to get the ball downfield as presently constituted, Duper said that blame is shared.

”That’s on the receivers,” he said. “That’s on team effort. I think if you got speed, if you throw the ball at least four or five times down the field, you will be successful over 50 percent of the time. Are they working for that? I’m not sure.

All I do is watch the game. I don’ t watch the practices. But evidently they’re mostly concentrating on running the football [rather] than passing the football.”

I mentioned to him Tony Sparano’s recent stat about seeing a single high safety just 105 times in 413 total snaps through the first six games (25.4 percent of the time), and Duper suggested that was just an excuse.

“We saw single and when we saw single high safety we took advantage of it,” he said of those great Dan Marino-led offenses. “And we saw double [safeties], and we learned how to run routes on double safeties and get open too. It’s about getting it done.”

henne,brown williams, will all be gone next year. miami will be looking at ingram to draft at 17th if he doesn't go sooner.





LMAO! Next year? This time next year Armando will be writing his Heat Blog. There wont be any football next year. Sorry to disappoint.




If henning still has a job next year, Dolphins dont deserve to play football until 2030, Hennings gotta be REALLY dead by then!!!!!


this was a calculated move all the way.... why do you sing a "done " vet like penny if you have a "pro bowler" in henny, and a very decent back up in tyler???... here we have the answer... you guys just have a wrong idea about what henne can be in nfl world.... he´s not gonna be a d bress or river or pmanning, not even his brother... he´s a journey man with some good moments... so, i think finally "sparassno" have a pretty good idea about it...i dont know why do you think dolphins are bulding for future, when they gave that "large" and fat contracts to marsh and dansby... the future is now and they know it at the very begining of the season... you just didnt realized it.

that´s why they kept penny in the team.. cause that "done " vet is BETTER right now than "pro bowler " henny , although they expected by the middle of the season it wasn´t this way...
but it is, so they have this hidden "ace" and they will use it... and i´m as happy as ross is right now whit this decision.... me ´cause FINALLY we have our best QB playing, and Ross ´cause you don´t invest so much money in a team that is in a "re-built" mode... we need points... we ´re 5 spots away from last place in ppg, and dispite henne is 12 th with 1900 yards like cole wrote, in this game you win with points not yards.

I listened to Joe's show on the NFL network today and he made sense. He was certainly reasonable.

Henne horribly missed an easy, sure touchdown pass to a wide open reciever in the end zone last week on play action. It was a momentum killer. Pennington makes that throw every time.

Arm strength is way overrated. Henne is the man of the future, but Pennington is rested and ready for a playoff run, right now.

Getting back to pounding the ball should priority one.

Go Dolphins!

My 2011 Wish List

1. Ireland's Gone

2. Henning's Gone

3. Sparano is oline coach

4. Better GM, OC, and HC

5. A #2wr to make us forget Hartline ever existed.

6. Ronnie is change of pace back to quicker faster more explosive back.

7. Ricky Williams joins Tibetan Monastery

8. Fasano began new career as Italian food team caterer.

9. Sean Smith's hanging out at the local mall where he belongs.

10. We draft Boise St qb Kellen Moore

Dolfans I know this is all too good to be true. But right now dreaming is much better than reality.

Young Or Collins, it dont matter cuz they wont Gel with Moss!
Moss misses Brady.
I think with Moss being there, This is a great chance for us to win. everyone sees it backwards.
Moss will cry for the ball fast creating fear and confusion within the QBs.


I havent even seen a hof qb that hasnt missed a wide open reciever in the endzone yet. Hope youre not basing the majority of your Henne assessment on that because it doesnt even hold water.

SKY IS FALLING...3 more years to rebuild

sagneul, what u wrote makes no sense whatsoever. If they signed Dansby or Marshall to one year deals then u might have a point, but they got long term deals. As far as Henne goes no good coaching staff is going to make that determination on a rokkie QB after only 21 starts. If thats how long u give a rookie then guys like Montana, Manning, Brees and Elway woulda never played in the NFL, because none of them were to good after 21 games. You really need to know what ur talking about before you come on a football blog.

The only thing the bothers me most about Henne in this stage of his development is that either he can't throw the endzone fade pass or HENNING wont let him. We have never even had a chance too see which is which.

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