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Namath has 'love' for Pennington move

Joe Namath knows about playing quarterback from his days with the New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams (yes, many years ago). He knows Chad Pennington from the current Miami quarterback's days with the Jets.

And Namath apparently has "love" for the move coach Tony Sparano made earlier this week when he benched Chad Henne and promoted Pennington to the starting quarterback job. At least that's what Namath said today on the Broadway Blitz, his show on Sirius NFL Radio.

“I gave that a lot of thought and I love the move," Joe Willie said. "Not just love it because I’ve got so much respect for Chad Pennington. Hey, man, he’s owned up every time he’s given a chance. The only problems he’s had is that Lady Luck biting his right shoulder now and then, his injuries. 

"But as far as this change, I can see coach Sparano to a degree, and I don’t know if he thought about this, but at this point the team, to me, has to be questioning Henne. You know, when they look at the replays of the games and the snaps and the things that aren’t done that you’d think your quarterback might be able to get done more consistently, that might be catching more eyes with the players than in the past."

Hadn't thought of that and it is a good point. And Namath believes the timing is right for the change.

"Now they have a tough opponent coming in this week.  Now is the time to change because they can go back to Henne some other time. I believe Pennington, dealing with any NFL defense, is as good as it gets when it comes to the mind analyzing, knowing what to do, where to go. So he’s giving that offense a better chance … That season is not lost for the Dolphins just because they are changing quarterbacks at this point.  That defense is still good and they are still in the hunt.”

Follow me on, as Jets fans pronounce it, twittah.


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OscarC- What are you talking about? Maybe that the perception that they are dumb hicks. But the comparisons should end there. Bradshaw is a Hall Of Fame Qb. Super Bowl Winner. If you were to ask Bradshaw he wouldn't think this is fair. Also Bradshaw was a great scrambler when he was younger, he was running for his life. Unlike Henne who stands back there with no pocket presence.

Very fair theory, ALoca.

You might be right, DD, but, we do have to wait for the end of Henne's career, don't we?

ALoco For Breakfast.... Huevos Rancheros W/ Poached Eggs, Queso Fresco. Fresh Squeezed OJ. Triple Espresso, On my way to see the Griz

ALoco, I'd gladly take that dose of pain (loss Sunday) for redemption in the firing of Dan Henning.

DD, from your response yesterday, follow my "Inception" thought-process:

Penne gets team to Playoffs, OBVIOUSLY gets bounced 1st game (you cannot truly believe we're good enough to get further. I know we all love our team, but let's be realistic for a second).

NO WAY Penne gets the team to the Playoffs, AGAIN, and doesn't get a chance to keep his starting position next year. For the last decade, Penne gets hurt almost like clockwork every 2 years. So sometime in the next year, Penne goes down, again.

Where does that leave us? Deja-vu all over again. We've wasted another 1/2 season, season on Penne getting us further but NOT where we wanna be. It's like Marino's last years. We all had love for him so didn't want to show him the door sooner. But look what happened when you don't have a Plan B. Two decades in the NFL Wilderness.

Combine that with the possible elevation of the coaching staff (hey, they turned around the season, being .500 at 1/2 point then making Playoffs), and then next year we're STILL talking about vanilla offenses, taking timeouts at inopportune times, etc.

I can't stand for that. I don't want to keep going in circles. I want to MOVE FORWARD.

So, that's my thinking on the matter. But that's not what I'm predicting.

I'm predicting Penne doesn't have the success he did in '08. We realize we wasted 1/2 season, and Henning and/or Sparano, Ireland get canned. Next coach either decides to put Henne back in or draft a new QB (who doubtfully will be ready to start Day 1 so Henne might be the only choice for awhile, unless the new coach sees what Greg Z saw at training camp and installs Thigpen). And then we move forward in a new direction (with new hopes and fears).

Either way, I'm not looking forward to the future. Very doubtful any of this ends well. Not hoping for the worst Darryl, just bracing myself (I don't like crying myself to sleep at night because I always get the short end of the stick, NFL-speaking).

One more thing, we NEED a leader in the form of a coach that will be here for the long-run. Look at the Titans. Bunch of crappy players year after year (sure, they got some gems too), but somehow Jeff Fisher gets them into a position to compete every season. Even last year, they lose their first 6 games, even the embarrassing NE loss (in the snow) and they STILL finish the season 7-9, 8-8. You gotta respect that.

That's what we need. We need a coach that commands the respect of his players and others. We may or may not have that now, but Sparano is on the brink (of failure). He needs to stiffen his spine if he's gonna come out of this thing and do the RIGHT things to help his team. Penne was only one change (we'll soon find out if that was a good move or not). But there's changes in scheme, changes to taking more chances, changes to who to dress during game days and who to sit that Sparano HAS CONTROL OVER and can influence how he wants to end the season. All these will be judged after the season. We'll see how Sparano fares.


p.s...darryl, nice breakfast

What kind of quote is this?

"Rex Ryan is rubbing off on Woody's Johnson"

DC- I recognized that you were talking about a scenario. I agree the playoffs are a pipe dream
no matter who is at Qb. I just disagreed that in that scenario having Penne lead us to the playoffs would be far from worst case. Here is my reasoning. If that happened, we would have to play well, prove that we could beat playoff caliber teams. Recent playoff history suggests that once you get to the dance, the hot hand has a punchers chance. Because we would be coming in on a hot streak we would have to be playing as well as any other team in the league. This would mean our team as far as a longshot as it seems now, would have a shot to make some noise. We wouldn't be stumbling in. THat was my thinking as far as why I didn't think making the playoffs with Penne was worst case.
I do get your point. It happened in Dallas, and San Francisco(they Didnt make the playoffs, but were fooled by Singeltaries early conquests) But consider this, even if things get turned around, and lets say we go 10-6 miss the playoffs(this is amore likely scenario) Maybe it wasn't totally Hennings fault, perhaps Henne just isn't going to be very good. At least the orginization will have a better view. Plus who knows if there will even be a season next year. This would make Henning 106 years old when we play again

this is a real state and counts;;;;;;





Sorry, my last post is hard to read, I'm typing on my phone. On the way to Missoula..Go Griz.

One note about tommorows game. We are going to have to contain Marc Mariani. Laugh now, but he as as dangerous of a return guy that we have faced all year. Teams have been kicking away from him, or just booting it through the end zone. This could be a problem for us because a lot of Carpenters kicks are returnable.

is the miami dolphins and DAN HENNING is a career killer ?
look at ;
..............some people say yes b/c of the QB FAILURE TO CONNECT W/THESE PLAYERS

Dolphin Fans you are indeed a wild bunch....

In the past I have seen Henne compared to Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Dan Marino.

Today we throw in John Elway and Terry Bradshaw.

Have we left any other past or future greats out of the conversation.

Lets be a little more realistic...During the MNF Dallas/Giants i stated that he (henne) might be the most like Eli Manning...and if he turned out to be like Eli thats not a shot at Henne....Eli has a ring and plays extremely well when the running game is working (this year and SB year) Henne plays well when the running game is working (last year) and tends to get hot/streaky when thing are going well.

Calm down all you Henne Supporters....I doubt he is going anywhere....he is just being sat to learn what he just hasn't grasped yet...HOW TO READ A DEFENSE....and NO...you don't need to play a single down to be able to read a defense....many coaches have never played in thier life and can tell you what every player is doing/gonna do just by the formation they see. Thats the level we need Henne to get to..thats the level Chad P is at.

So Henne will be back....but we must get the ball into the endzone now...Henne can't not from the 1 yard line, and not from the 25 yard line.....Yes the OC calls some perplexing plays, but Henne doesn't have either the B a l l s or the competence to audible out of them...Chad P. does.

We will be a better team for the rest of the season...and our future is still safe.

So basically what Joe said is that Henne was "struggahhling". Anyway, I think it's interesting to see how Vegas responds to QB changes. Those guys aren't exactly idiots. The line has gone slightly in favor of Tennessee since the announcement. From Tenn -1 to -1.5. So they don't think it's going to help. We'll see.

Darryl, you're right that if the Dolphins get in the Playoffs it will speak (mostly) about Henne's effectiveness (or lack thereof) and would at least give us a clear indication of what to do in the Draft. And you're probably right, it was hyperbole on my part to say it would be "worst-case" scenario, so, we're in agreement.

And we both see the point. Win, lose (hope we win) or tie, HENNING needs to go. No ifs, ands or buts. Put in Betty White to call plays, I would accept ANYONE but Henning (so people who say, "so then who do you hire to call plays") I would hire one of a million offensive coaches who will be available. Look, we've hired a bunch of "known" coaches in the past: Mularky, Norv, Linehan, Henning, etc. and where has that gotten us. We hired a coach who was supposed to be an offensive GENIUS, and then went 1-15. Hey, let's try a "2nd-tier" guy, a bright guy that hasn't had a shot yet. Tampa isn't hurting under just such a coach. Neither is Balt. Denver is, but let's not go there. An empty chair would call better plays than Henning, so my point is that's not a problem.

Hey all I know is that I remember last time they questioned Pennington's arm strength, he was still throwing the long ball to Ginn. That didn't mean Ginn could catch. Does he have a really strong arm? No. But is it strong enough? Yes. I foresee a couple of jump balls for Marshall to show us what we paid him for. I honestly think this could be a breakout game for him. I don't want to go crazy comparing Pennington to Peyton, but he does analyze the looks that the defense gives him very well sort of like Peyton.

Lets get Vick for next season and be done with all this.


That IS a fair comparison....as far as football IQ goes Pennington is the smartest QB this side of P. Manning.

Thats why its so surprising Chad Henne hasn't progressed futher in reading Defenses


Yea, lets take the opinion of a QB with one of the worst QB ratings in history... Thats credible.

kris, I'mcalmdon'tilookcalm....

jokes. But to show I'm no Henne supporter, my NEW worst case scenario is Penne tries but fails to get us above .500 or around there (over the next few games). So coaches get scared again and re-insert Henne. THEN, Henne plays ok or pretty good, enough to earn another shot next year, and we find out halfway through next season Henne really ISN'T the answer.

Here's the point about all this Henne stuff that I would like to get your opinion on: Is Henne the guy that can take this team (or manage this team) to a SuperBowl or not?

Either that is the question you'd like answered above all others or it is not?

And it's not all about a QB. But c'mon. More than defense, RBs, WRs, TE, kickers, the QB touches the ball pretty much EVERY time they are on the field. Therefore, a complete ignoramus can't do that job successfully. So you need someone at least somewhat capable. And that is the ONE position on the team, that if you get the right guy, it can make a HUGE difference to how far they can go.

All this tension and stress and second-guessing stems from that question, about Henne. Those like me want to know this year. We don't want to waste another year on this issue. We want to know either Henne CAN do it, or he CANNOT.

But, maybe Penne stabilizes the team, then Henne gets re-inserted and leads them to victory. We can predict every possible outcome, but only time will tell.

We've all had those moments men...at least I know I have....the difference is we don't have cameras in our face when we have hit the bottle a but to much.....

Was he drunk again?

Ronnie right for 2 yards. Ricky left for 2 yards. Penne pass for 4 yards and punt is not a change. Just more of the same old, don't lose the game but don't go for the win. At 4-4 in the AFC there is no choice. Go gunnin at the defense and the best guy for that right now is Thigpen. The Phins are in the middle of the pack. If you want to reach the top, they have to do something different or forever be in the top of the middle with no playoffs and a crappy draft choice at 15-18.

what bobbyd12 doesn't know is that they are closer than people think to reaching an agreement to continue playing and having a 2011 season. he needs to stick with playing golf!

Clarification, I'm still excited to see what unfolds rest of season, so don't take my pessimism the wrong way. 4 of our remaining games are against opponents currently ranked ahead of us in the Power Rankings. That's a good test (I'll give Penne his props if we wins a majority of games. The 1st half was harder, but this half isn't a walk in the park). Might not seem like it this week, but there are other questions to know:

- Can our defense tackle?
- What's up with Ronnie? Will he come back to form, or is he washed up?
- How good can Marshall and Bess be? (at least up to the ceiling Henning creates for them).
- Does Wake continue his ProBowl year?
- Can Carpenter kick for more FGs than anyone ever in the NFL?


I think 21 games and a regression at the QB postion answers that question.

I think the change to Pennington at the half-way mark answers that question.

I think being in the bottom 5 of the league when it comes to scorind TDs answers that question.

At least for the FO and coaching staff.

They have seen Henne during mini-camp, camp, pre-season and regular season....Armando and others have reported how stagnat our offense has been since day one of training camp. So I ask you....is the question answered?

Armando and others who have been to the games have stated on the live blogs how "this reciever or that reciever was wide open deep and for some reason Henne checked it down"...is the question answered?

If you have the NFL package I beg you to turn to a game you have zero intrest in and watch the other QBs (not superstars) play the postion....see how fast the ball comes out...it a timing thing, not just a playcalling issue) then you will see if the question is answered

Look DC..look with unbiased eyes

I have had the football package for years and agree with kris. Henne always looks a quarter second slow in everything he does. It's always nagged at me that he makes no effort to play fake. That seems to be a lost art but to me it just seems lazy. I hope the game slows down for the kid and he goes on to lead us to many championships down the road.

Off topic, how good is Matt Ryan? Damn I love the way he plays. Not sold on Flacco yet. Think the coaching staff does a great job of putting him in positions to succeed.

kris, got the package, and since I'm a fantasy-player, I watch almost all games (or parts of 'em) and know most of the QBs in the league. And Henne is probably around the middle of that group. Maybe in lower 1/3, but he's far from the worst QB in the league.

I pretty much agree with your assessment of Henne. His deficiencies are glaring.

But you said it, 21 games!!! He's 11-10. 13 of those games had Brian Hartline #1 WR. It's pretty hard to determine for certain who Henne is with that information.

I ask you to go back to NFL films and watch other QBs in their early days. It's eye-opening. Not many have been stars since Day 1. Experience DOES fix some problems.

You're ready to kick Henne overboard after a season and a half, and I think that's nuts. People were willing to give Pat White all the shots in this world. There were many on here CRYING when he was axed. They were saying NE would grab him and make him a star, it was hilarious. Henne isn't Pat White. Henne CAN throw. He makes mistakes, is slower than molasses and misses open looks, agreed. But he's a kid, a baby in the position. And most importantly, HAS SHOWN GROWTH from last year (not regression). Just not growing as fast as some would like (who's job is on the line --ahem--Coach Sparano).

Anyway, that's the division here. Some think like you, the answer is known that Henne isn't the man, and some think like me, Henne MIGHT not be the man, but we don't have enough info yet to make that determination. It's cool, this is America. Groupthink isn't a good thing. People can choose their sides. Someone will be wrong, someone will be right.

My favorite posts are the ones that don't agree with my opinion but make strong enough arguements that it makes me consider the other side. If everyone agreed on the same thing it would just be a big d*** stroking festival.

Chris in the 623,

Here's some advice:

DON'T EVER eat the yogurt at a d*** stroking festival.

Truer words never said.

One way to make sure Pennington's shoulder won't get hurt is to hand the ball off. Ronnie had 45 yards in the first drive last week and only got three more carries the rest of the game. Ricky had two carries. This is not acceptable, Henning.
The only way to make the play-action pass work is to have a credible running threat. Another fan mentioned that Pennington is a master of the play-action pass. I second that opinion, but you must threaten the linebackers with the run. Nobody wants to tackle big running backs in today's NFL. TAKE ADVANTAGE!!! Run the football.

Henne has the physical tools but right now does not have the knowledge or mental speed to read defenses and place the pass with the right receiver. He may in the future but does not now. The people who blame Dan Henning for this are foolish. Look at it this way - if Henne is not mentally fast enough and accurate enough to make a dink and dunk well-controlled offense work then what makes you think he could handle an aggressive, long passing offense? At this point playing Pennington does a couple of important things. First, Pennington has a better chance to make the offense work. People howl about his shoulder but he has had a long time to let it heal. Second, IF Pennington can make this offense work and make the execution issues disappear THEN Sparano knows that the problem is not the personnel but is that he needs to work to bring Henne up to speed. IF Pennington cannot make this offense work THEN nobody can make this offense work and he needs to re-orient the draft to solve the weaknesses (young fast RB, pass-catching TE, strengthen interior line) and consider a different offense.

"Pennington goes deep down the sideline.

BESS makes the caych and it's a NINE YARD GAIN!!!!

Oh the joy in mudville!


Posted by: odinseye | November 12, 2010 at 05:35 PM

Still, he would have hit Fasano between the #'s last week.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/11/namath-likes-pennington-move-for-reasons-beyond-logic.html#ixzz15DXehkm5

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