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Marshall doing well carrying passing game

So now it falls to Brandon Marshall again. Now that the Randy Moss dream came and went, now that the Dolphins kicked the tires on Randy Moss and decided not to rent the enigmatic wide receiver, Marshall is once again the only legit downfield threat the Dolphins can turn to.

Problem is there are whispers that Marshall isn't having a great season. He does, after all, have only one touchdown compared to 23 TDs his past three seasons in Denver -- a 7.6 TDs per year average.

Fine, I'll give you that he's not being as productive with the crooked number. But you must give me that the offensive approach in Miami in the red zone is lacking. The Dolphins cannot figure out how to get Marshall open and free of double-coverage in that area. (Suggestion: Put him in motion every once in a while, people!)

Anyway, aside for the scoring catches, Marshall is actually on pace to have a better season than he's ever had. Check out the graph below.

Marshall is on pace for 107 catches this season. That would be a career high.

Marshall is also on pace for 1,344 yards this season. That would be a career high.

His current 12.5 yards per catch average is higher than he had the past two seasons in Denver -- when he made the Pro Bowl.

Marshall is doing just fine, thank you.

Could he have used the help of having Randy Moss on the other side of the field? Absolutely!

Is the situation hopeless with only Marshall on the team?



























































































































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When you read Darlington's column on the passing of the Randy Moss' rights (age, upside, long term fit), sounds to me that the sole reason for not claiming is him isnot wanting to stunt Hartline's growth. After all, he would be the one most affected by Moss' acquisition.

I find it encouraging that they haven't soured on the young guy yet.

Then again, it could also be that they don;t want to expose Henne to that maniac. Maybe even an either or - but it was obvious that they didn't think he was a fit for the long term growth of the offense and I have to accept that. After all, we have a good thing growing here - no need to eff it up.

fist pump & lol @ ss.

soiled, what did you get armando for his bd.?.. i said bd not vd.lol

Our Starting 3 Receivers are Tough


Simply The Bess


All Tough & Fight 4 YAC!

Dolphins Beat Baltimore!

Well I am not upset we didn't get him but getting him sure would not have hurt us.

Yes I know he takes plays off, puts himself before the team and is a bit of a circus sideshow these days.
But I doubt very highly he could disrupt or be a distraction in the lockeroom. And if he could I would say we still have a serious problem even if he is not here!

Cause if he could do damage in the three months left, we have much bigger problems than one odd and unmotivated WR!
That would mean the lockeroom already has some issues and crack that Moss would get into to divide us.

I personally don't think those cracks exist but I am not there to say for certain.
I do know though that unless he is planning to tell the defenses we play that he is "taking this play off" They still will have to think about him in their scheme and coverages and that would mean less attention on Marshall! And that can only be a good thing!

But you can't blame Ireland for not claiming him either.
I just don't think most of the negatives in doing so outweighed the positives.

But they passed on him for whatever reasons. I just hope they didn't pass because they feel they already have the complementary WR to Marshall on the roster already!

Cause I sure haven't seen that guy yet!

mark. rumor has it that the other maniac is about to explode because henne is not throwing him the ball. rightfully so too. " marshall that is "

wow, just think what it could have been. Moss,marshall, bess. trade hartine for a future pick. he cannot catch with consistancy and really is in worse physical conditon than the others. hartine is a liability. Hands of stone

2 watt - see above - Marshall on pace for 107 catches and 1,300 yards. He will get more tds against the softer 2nd half schedule too. I think you're wrong here.

Man, 2watt, don't even mention that for then we are sunk.

i cant wait until we see dan carpenter trot onto the field for yet another field goal this sunday in baltimore after we run a 3rd and goal from the 5 yd line with ronnie brown up the middle for a yard. guaranteed your going to hear how randy moss would have ended our woes down in that area of the field.

btw. i failed to see hartline's name in the top 100 players in NFL history on the NFL network. Pretty sure hes not in the top 10, which we havnt seen yet. Hartline's a nice story as a 4th round pick, but hes no randy moss.

teams are always saying we look for talent to make our roster better. if we can find it we will do it. i guess Ireland and company just dont share that sentiment.

Last think I'll say about Moss. He's a guy who's been the center of attention his whole life. Now he's getting older and less relevant and starts to see the end in sight. He's not exactly a mental giant and not likely to transition well to life after football. I believe a mid-life crisis and more, even crazier antics are in store for him in the near future.

please stop....if you're glad Moss ain't coming here, fine..............but stop touting Hartline's & Wallace's development. Neither is anything but just another guy, certainly no Hall of Famer.

I'd be happy if Wallace just stayed in-bounds, and Hartline shut his mouth & held onto passes.

But hey, you Moss-haters will be glad to be assured that our outside caterers will never feel insulted.

Seer, I was in the camp that hoped that Randy would be brought here if he was in the right frame of mind. I didn't want the Oakland or 2nd Minnesota Randy - that player did more harm than good.

I also said that Miami should've put a claim in for him to just prevent any other AFC team from getting him even if he blew up and couldn't be around the team. But realisitically, I don't think you can do that - hold a player hostage like that.

We will see the rest of the way what good it will do for Tennessee.

I still find it very odd that only one team put in a claim.

But after reading Darlington's article - it seems that the administration didn't want to stunt the growth of the young players - presumably Hartline. Because honestly, everyone else on the offense could have benefitted.

Come on Brian - show the reason for the faith. A 500 yd pace is not going to cut it.


11/7 @ Bal L
11/14 vs. Ten L
11/18 vs. Chi W
11/28 @ Oak W
12/5 vs. Cle W
12/12 @ NYJ L
12/19 vs. Buf W
12/26 vs. Det W
1/2 @ NE L

People are crazy...Moss is the best deep treat the game has ever seen. He is still faser than any one on our damn roster. Holding out for Hartline...Bess...or Wallace to suddenly become downfield wr's is funny. Not going to happen..Bess and Wallace are quick but don't have to vertical speed...Hartline is a long strider who is slow period and lacks burst.

After we lose to Balty and Tennessee we will be on the road to a top 8 pick in the draft. Better target a wr with some speed who will actually scare some defenses and lift the top off or coverage.

Disappointed the Fins didnt take the chance BUT they know better then me what was involved so time to move on. To me this is the toughest game on schedule. Gonna take a tremendous effort on both sises of the ball to get a win.

I know that Cinci's defense is not the Ravens but that chunk yardage drive was good. Let's see what happens on Sunday.

Disagree, Randy's "problems" are not intellectual.

mark look.
Honestly, to tell you the truth, I’m disgusted that so many people in our organization and our team really harped on that as much as we did,” Marshall said. “After the game I didn’t talk to the media just because of that, because that was gonna come up. And for me to spend 10-15 minutes after the game talking about that fumble, like it was the reason why we lost, is something I couldn’t do and I just took myself out of that position. And I was disappointed that most guys wasted their time talking about that one play, like that was the reason we lost.”

“We had so many opportunities to put this team away,” he said. “We got gifts. It was Christmas for us. We got two turnovers in their Green Zone. All we had to do is punch it in, and we failed to do that. The game came down to many more plays than just that one play.”" this was 2 weeks ago"

" the last 2 weeks he has 10 catches..he is pixxed that they don't go to him more. if they don't feed him the ball this week. he will lose it.watch. senior~ 2 watt only posts fax jax.. right aloco?

bobby, didn't you hear? we didn't get randy moss so now we absolutely sstink and will be a team picking in the top 10 in the draft. Man, the Miami Dolphin fan base needs some cleansing. Most of you people are weak.

I agree with you Bobby, I wanted to see it too but there is information in the NFL circles fans are not privy too and would never be aired on tv or on the NFL network.

The fact that only one team in 32 put a claim in should tell you something. There are teams out there with playoff aspirations that have way bigger problems than us in the reciving corps and still didn't want to touch him.

San Diego for example has an excellent experienced QB and despite their record has an excellent chance to do some real damage because of the division they play in - have guys from the practice squad playing extensively and still wanted nothing to do with him.


if there's one thing this regime has proven time and again, it's that it does NOT know better than you or many other observers.

I mean---and this is a sidelight but inetersting nonetheless - - they put in a claim for washed-up, steroid-crazed Merriman, but not for a hof receiver who provides precisely what we need (deep threat) in our passing game.

It's time for me & you & many others to wake up to the fact that this regime is conservative to the point of coma-inducing, and plays not to win but to avoid losing/set up Carpenter's favored hashmark.

Marshal (& his acquisition), as the axiom goes, is the exception that PROVES the rule.

Scared, boring offensive football reigns in MIA.

2 watt - that doesn;t sound like a malcontent - it sounds like someone who won't stand for excuses. Sorry, not buying your conspiracy theory.

107 catches, 1300 yds. blow your smoke somewhere else.

Okay Okay... I will be more positive

Fist Pumpers 15
Ravens 14

Dan Carpenter goes 5 for 6

Sparano pulls a tendon on the last fist pump

I love how Jeff Fisher is an idiot, and Tenny a meaningless franchise, in the eyes of you Ireland defenders.

Fisher coaches cirlces around our coaches, and Tenny is in a better position than we are to snatch a wildcard, esp. w/ Moss as a weapon for VY or even KC.

Jeff Fisher is a great coach. I actually think Miami has more talent and better players but Tennessee's coaching staff gets more out of their roster than our's do.

Tennessee simply went for Moss because Fisher is the longest tenured coach in the NFL. He's firmly entrenched and has no problem claiming and then releasing Moss if that's what he needs to do. It won't affect his job status at all. Unfortuantely Miami's administration doesn't have that luxury. They can't afford any missteps.

So Mark,

Would you consider Fist Pump Man and Ireland on the hot seat if they fail to make the playoffs?

This is what happens when you have grandpa as your offensive coordinator. Dan Henning is probably nodding in the booth in between calling plays.

Tenneesse Titans lead the afc with 224pts scored and a 28ppg scoring average. We just gift wrapped Randy Moss to one of our top afc wildcard competitors.

Thanks Jeff Ireland!

ross said that henne is the next marino and the phins would win the sb this season. what do you think is gonna happen if this regime does not *win* a p/o game.?..lol

@Mark in T.

Very fair point, and a drag cause it's the truth about our guys........but what if the misstep is NOT giving Moss a whirl? That's part of what concerns me.

We just beat the Bengals, who have two big name receivers on either side of Carson and it did not matter one bit.
Screw Moss and all those who wanted him on the Fins.
He would have been a cancer in the locker room and in the huddle.

Mark in T- Very good point and so very true.

LBH - I don't think the team has to make the playoffs or win a game in the playoffs for the braintrust to be entrenched. Personally, I see it like this: (again, just my opinion)

Miami must win 10 games for Sparano, Ireland to be fully entrenched and off the hotseat for certain and be given carte blanche to do whatever they want next year without worry.

However, I do think Miami has to make the playoffs and look good in them for Henning to retain his posiiton if he indeed wants to come back. If Miami improves but fails to make the playoffs - Henning becomes the easy fall guy like Pasqualoni was last year.

Again, just my own 2 cents. And you're lucky if you could et 2 cents for that info.

The decision to take or not take Moss is debatable, but the notion that not stunting the "growth" of Brian Hartline was a deciding factor is laughable. Henne maybe, Hartline, please.

AFC East = Patriots
AFC South = Colts
AFC North = Steelers
Afc West = Chiefs (Barring collapse)

Top Wildcards:

1. Jets 5-2
2. Titans 5-3
3. Ravens 5-2

We have 3 games against the top 3 wildcard contenders beginning Sunday @ Ravens. I believe we must win all 3 to get in.

To make matters worse we gift wrapped Randy Moss to one of our top competitors for a wildcard berth. They only already lead the entire nfl in scoring averaging 28ppg. That's without Moss.

Even if this move spurs the Titans on to unseat Indy as division champs. Our chances of beating out the Colts for a wildcard berth are somewhere between slim and nil.

ross said that henne is the next marino and the phins would win the sb this season. what do you think is gonna happen if this regime does not *win* a p/o game.?..lol

Posted by: 2 watt | November 04, 2010 at 11:20 AM


The real question may be what do we think will happen when the Dolphins fail to even qualify for the platoffs period?

To even have a chance at a wildcard shot beating the Ravens is a must win for us Sunday. They are one of the top 3 qualifiers for a wildcard berth thus far.

A loss against the Ravens Sunday and our chances of a wildcard berth instantly drop by a third.

DB....you failed to mention the Texans in your playoff picture.
Oh yea, don't rule out the Raiders who we play in week 12.

Can I get some

Fist Pumps???

from the bloggers

Seer - I guess it's easier to just say Moss may not have had much of an impact instead of having him come here and amplify the shortcomings?


nah ganna do it

there is a reason this team hasn't won a super bowl since 1973.

This regime has become one of the most narrow minded visioned regimes in all of pro football. You couldnt get them to acurately see the entire overall picture of thier decision making process if you banged them over top thier numbskull heads with the busted picture frame.

You can't be third in your division with a 9-7 record, at best, and get into the playoffs.


Texans sit in the muddied playoff waters with us. I mentioned the top 3 and most likely wildcard teams.

Y Bell maybe out for the Ravens with a Toe Injury.

Come on Down, snapless at SS Reshand Jones.


We can beat anyone anywhere. I don't fear anyone! We have the 8th best defense in the NFL by avg yards allowed - despite notable injuries and a decent offense. On paper we don't look all that different than the Ravens - bring it on.

Jimmy Jam, Dolphins finish 10-6 minimum ...

I bet we beat the titans in 2 weeks. I'm not sure about the ravens but I like our chances against the titans

As it now stands, our best chances of making the playoffs would be if we were in the AFC West. Chiefs have a chance to unseat Chargers but Chargers are famous for slow starts and blazing finishes in that division.

Still anything's possible in the AFC West this year.

Boulder, like you, i'm not counting Sunday as a win, but i am counting the home game to Tennessee as a win. They have the 24th rated offense and 20th ranked defense by avg yards/game. BRING IT!

I see the game going against the Ravens like this:

Option 1:

Fins Offense marches down the field like a well oiled Machine and Scores 3 Tds in the First Half.

Then Wildact Time and we hold on in the last 2 minutes while heartburn builds up and win in a squeaker

Option 2

Fins Offense Goes for Fist Pump Time. Fins D has 2 scores and we win

Option 3

Fins get blown out 30-3

Which Option do you like?

Follow me on twitter.com/fistpumptime

Mark - please see my post above showing the remaining games. Which do you disagree with and why?

I'd like to think you are right - except that would mean more time for this lackluster regime. I'm willing to take a losing season to get rid of these meatballs and bring some people in who know how to use the talent on the team (there is a good bit of talent) and bring in players who will improve it when they are available. Oh, and who might be able to evaluate QB talent better.

I will take one or two and pass the tums.

Hartline Is Much Better, Than U Think

Soon U Will See with Your Own Eyes

...randy who ?

LOL L.H.B It's 1,It's 1!!!!!!!

JJ,so tired of wait till next year,but,sadly you may be right.

JJ, the difference between your forecast and mine is that we beat Tennesse. I mean Tenn is basically the same team we played last year and almost beat and lost to in overtime in some say controversial fashion. That game was in their yard too.

This year we play them at home with a much better defense and with Marshall and an improved Bess on offense.

I also think the game in NY is very winnable but to be consrvative I'm not counting it as a win.

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