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Marshall doing well carrying passing game

So now it falls to Brandon Marshall again. Now that the Randy Moss dream came and went, now that the Dolphins kicked the tires on Randy Moss and decided not to rent the enigmatic wide receiver, Marshall is once again the only legit downfield threat the Dolphins can turn to.

Problem is there are whispers that Marshall isn't having a great season. He does, after all, have only one touchdown compared to 23 TDs his past three seasons in Denver -- a 7.6 TDs per year average.

Fine, I'll give you that he's not being as productive with the crooked number. But you must give me that the offensive approach in Miami in the red zone is lacking. The Dolphins cannot figure out how to get Marshall open and free of double-coverage in that area. (Suggestion: Put him in motion every once in a while, people!)

Anyway, aside for the scoring catches, Marshall is actually on pace to have a better season than he's ever had. Check out the graph below.

Marshall is on pace for 107 catches this season. That would be a career high.

Marshall is also on pace for 1,344 yards this season. That would be a career high.

His current 12.5 yards per catch average is higher than he had the past two seasons in Denver -- when he made the Pro Bowl.

Marshall is doing just fine, thank you.

Could he have used the help of having Randy Moss on the other side of the field? Absolutely!

Is the situation hopeless with only Marshall on the team?



























































































































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DB, 3rd place, really? I'm not surrendering anything to the Jets. We've won in their house the last 2 years. Get ready to make it 3.

If you work out at your house,then you cannot shower with other men.

TS might not be smart in other areas but he is at handling a Team.Besides saving the players, who knows what's in store for the last half of the Season? By the way, NO Team is unbeatable(We never lose, we just run out of time, V. Lombardi + players).

November 4, 2010 at 1:37 pm
GIGI , got it !!! , why don’t you tell some of the fellas on here including eddie how small i’am and weigh about 2 ounces and lift pud weights LOL !!!

FOLKS here is what our beloved NJ PHIN FAN has been up to. He talks to a so called female online so he can validate his claim because he says he sent her a picture? WHAT an idiot.

Did anyone else see Peter King's Midseason All Pro team. On it he has Long, Wake, and Devon Bess. I think I would have included Vontae Davis and Dan Carpenter (and I think you could make a case for Fields too). Little surprised by the Bess selection. He's decent but not sure about All Pro.

They Call Me... Tim says:
November 4, 2010 at 1:18 pm
NJ, Chris T. said I've been overloaded with your man juice. Overloaded? Really? WTF? LOL

November 4, 2010 at 1:32 pm
BS !!!!!

Interestingly he also has Earl Thomas and his offensive rookie of the year so far is Maurkice Pouncey, a couple of guys we could have had this year.

I think a case could also be made for Dansby, who to me, is a very close second to Carpenter as our first half MVP. Not only has Dansby played well, he has taken control of our play calling and changed the defence's attitude, obviously with a big assist from Nolan. It should only get better if Crowder can stay healthy.

FIST PUMP NATION! from Mark in Toronto

someone should start making T-shirts and hats - great new Fins marketuing play!!

We just shut down Ocho-Owen and now the Titans are going to demolish us because they got the Randy "Factor"? ROTF!

But wait, don't we have to forfeit or be destroyed by Baltimore first?

I knew we shouldn't have signed Dansby, he's just not living up to his billing. We could have saved a lot of money stcking with Torbor and Ayodele instead of letting Buffalo get them nothing.

Marshall is about to quit on us, I can just feel it. He's arguably off to his best statistical start EVER, but he's about to quit on us.

PS: That Ray Lewis is one scary dude man. I'll be hiding under my bed until Monday. I wonder if there will be any survivors?

Oh, the HUMANITY!!!!

SeaFinFan, I've been calling for someone to make up the t shirts and hats. I already put in my order too.

Craig M, I wouldn't put too much into Peter King's all pro. I'm sure a lot of it is him showing people that he can think outside the box and to create discussion points which increases SI hits,which increases his pay. I love Bess but he hasn't even been the best receiver on his team, let alone an All Pro. Wake has been great but so have a lot of other OLBs - like Shaun Phillips (who got merriman fired) and Clay Matthews.

For sure, Odin. Some of these people are just delusional.

Craig M,

Weren't you listening to Marc-ia?

Dansby hasn't lived up to his billing.

I'm trying not to misinterpret you're doom and gloom BS Marc, so this is as close to verbatim as it gets.

I don't buy the Dolphins explanation on Moss. Obviously, he wasn't a long term investment, but that's not the point.

There are going to be new guys on your team every year. There are guys on the Dolphins right now that won't be here next year for one reason or another. Moss could have just joined that group.

Look at the money they paid to Gibril Wilson and Chris Crocker. Neither of them was here for more than year (Crocker didn't even last pre-season). Moss for just over $3 Million for a half of a season is a good deal. So what if he's not there next year. Hartline hasn't been very good this and could benefit from standing on the sideline watching Moss.



We beat Ocho-Owens only because we were able to put up 22pts against one of the most pathetic defenses in the nfl. Unless we get st's and or turnover td by our defense. I really dont see how we score 22pts against the Raven D when thats all the points we were able to muster against one of the nfl's lousiest defense.

I say we score 13pts max relying on our limited and overly conservative Henning led offense. Im only erroring on the side of good common sense if I error at all.

I'm through crying over lost opportunities! It's with a runny nose and an aching in my heat, I bid you adios Mr. Moss, goodbye to dreams I'll never see.

Now more importantly, God I hope Detroit wins this week.

Not because they're playing the Jets. No, no no! It's because without Randy Moss, I'm positive we can out-lose them for the first pick in the Draft!

Still dont truly trust our st's neither. We're pretty much due for a long kickoff or punt return resulting in at least a short td/fieldgoal drive for our opponent.

Maybe Steven Ross finally puts all Dolfans out of our miseries by moving the team to LA. Works for me because I would never root for the LA Dolphins.

Does anyone know if the nba or nfl would allow Pat Riley to become GM in 2 different sports at the same time?

If Pat Riley were GM maybe he talks Lebron James in becoming a 2 sport superstar playing wr for us.

Wade would probably make a very good rb the way he seems to effortlessly navigate his way thru nba defenses. Chris Bosh would be a great lanky TE target.

Yeah, yeah we only beat Cinci cause of their stankin D.

We only beat Minny cause of Farve's ankle.

We only beat Green Bay because of the injuries.


We only lost to the wets because Jason Allen likes to fall down.

We only lost to New England because of Bobby Carpenter.

We only lost to Pittsville because of the refs.

I ain't conceding nothing to no one. If we can only score 13 points against Baltimore, then our D needs to hold them to 12.

I have lost all confidence in Henning but he's the offensive commander in cheif(for now). With that being said, I'll happily take a 3-0 victory this week end.

I'd rather we blow people out as much as the next guy, but a win is a win. I'll take 3 point wins for the next 8 games and be happier than a pig in shyt!!!!

Unfortunately the answers to our offensive problem with the Dolphins may already play for the Miami Heat.

lol Odin. Still think we're the physically toughest team in the NFL right now. It's not really possible to fire the OC in the middle of a winning season, but I do expect Sparano to play Frankenstein with the Mr. Moldy and try to bring the Dolphins deep ball game to life. We've got a better offense than the Ravens and our defense is very good when Jason Allen is on the bench.

You mean DANSBY

0 FF
0 FR
1 SACK (Unblocked)

Yeah..."Best LB in the league" my tail
"All-Pro" my tail

He needs a new Jesus

Marc, i agree w/you on dansby .

Maybe the answer to our offensive problems are already on the Miami Dolphins DEFENSE.

What if we go put a defensive smackdown on the ravens and win the game 3-0?

We hit midseason on a two game win streak. 5-3 with a defense ranked in the top 5.

Ugly? SURE!

Randy? Randy who?

i wholeheartedly agree with greg cote's column in the miami herald today. passing up moss for 3.4 mil for the rest of this season was stupid. even if he never caught a pass for us, the opposing team would still have to cover him. opening up BM and the running game. what a wasted opportunity, the titans will be that much harder to beat.

Yeah Marcia, I mean Carlos Danby.

The guy that took this new system to no.8 in the league. DANSBY, the guy that's quarterbacking the f_ck out of this new system.

It's all a matter of perspective in your case Marcia. You see your transvestite fetish as a negative thing.

You should be proud of the Red Mini and the F_ck me punps you "hide in your closet"!

Is this the same Dansby that made Chad 85 cry like a little bizatch?

Is this the same Dansby that when coupled with an NFL ILB is only allowing 65 yards on the ground?

Ya, he's no good???

Miami Herald headlines monday

Dolphins Win!

Brian Hartline Comes Alive!

I never said he wasn't GOOD

I said he hasn't lived up to the hype...

He's been GOOD

Not great, not ALL-Pro, not the BEST


November 4, 2010 at 3:05 pm
Walker says:
November 4, 2010 at 2:52 pm
Just busting your chops, either that or it’s my inflammatory jealousy!! Remember that?!! Anyway, some of us enjoy your comments regardless of what you bench.
WALKER , i know and i don’t mind , you sound like a good guy and very funny. As far as the bench and bodybuiding stuff , i have some doubters on here or some who refuse to believe me. i don’t lie and gigi is my witness, if i have to , i’ll post links just to shut some cyber tough guys up , they know who they are
and they know I am a bad mfer to all and hot for all women.

Does this imbeclie NJ PHIN ever stop???? NJ you are better than that

Fear The Fin

NJ bozo go ahead and post your links bwahahahahahahahahah

GRRRRRRRR! I just want to take that Ray Lewis and his stupid pre-game thing he does and GRRRRR! Kick his stupid sideways walking outta the tunnel Azzzzz!

Go Phins!


Good you say?

Oh, I gotcha.

PS: I still think you should come out of the closet, you're going to break the daam hinges off the door the way you swing in and out.

PSS: Yes Marc, you can consider this my apology :)

Odin...I'm sure I've had more women in the last year that you've had in your LONG life...LOL

For that, I'm truly sorry (that's my apology)

headlines Miami Herald.....ODINSEYE APOLOGIZES TO SOMEONE! or did he really?

"I don't buy the Dolphins explanation on Moss. Obviously, he wasn't a long term investment, but that's not the point."

That is exactly the point. Why bring in a malcontent for a short time, when he can do more damage then good? Do you honestly believe he'd have been happy in this offense?

The Fins made the tough, but correct decision.

Come on marc, i think you are being a harsh critic of karlos. Did we pay a premium, yes? So did the NYJ when they signed bart Scott. I'd rather have Karlos. Which ILB would you take over Dansby, just curious?

i, and most miami herald sportswriters dissagree with you mike, see my earlier post. we'll see how we fare against the titans. plus whether moss caught a pass for us or not, our opponent would still have to cover him, opening up the running game and Brandon Marshall. it was an opportunity for us to win most of our remaining games and make the playoffs....for a small investment, if our coach can't control moss, what does that say about sparano?


Come on now, you're better than THAT!

You asked me to "get over" the roids stick, so I go back to the pumps and mini and that's all you got-LOL!

I played in my first paying/traveling band when I was 15 years old. The way I traveled the country and nailed all the groupies, I'm probably your Daddy.

Now, go ask your Momma!!!!

I'm not saying there was anything else out there (AT THAT TIME) We could have gotten VILMA, but, that's besides the point

All I'm saying is that he hasn't played as advertised

We did more than pay a premium we made him the highest paid LB...

Now, go ahead and tell me how Vilma was a 4-3 LB blah, blah

Just saying, he needs a few more big plays to justify the salary and praise

Ok let me get this straight,high priced o-line = the R N R show was gonna put the fear in all teams defense.Ok did not happen,enter Brandon M,OHHH now we are really going to open up that kickazz running game and be unstoppable superbowl here we come.So far has not happend,but,if we would have got moss everyone would be hitting on all cylinders.RIGHT?There is something wrong and don't think Moss was the answer.


I LIKED Vilma.

Now, he's the kind of player that needs guys on both sides of him balling!

Don't get over-excited marc, we're still talking about football.

Still, don't even mention Vilma with Dansby. It's Danby hands down. I have to admit I would've been happy either way considering we were going with an oft injured Crowder, Ayodelle and Torbor.

But yeah, instead of being happy we've improved at LB across the board, I rather whine about Dansby only having one unblocked sack-He-She-eesh!!!!


The voice of reason has a funny sounding echo in here......here......here..................

Well Said.

Defense has been very impressive overall. Why? Great players, great defensive coaching. Offense has been mediocre at best. Why? Great players, sub-par offensive coaching. Solution? Long-term: Fire Henning; bring in a talented, not-stubborn O.C. Short term: Light a fire under Hennings rear-end. Maybe he'll take it seriously and reallize that if he doesn't start getting creative, he'll be out the door before they can even bring him his morning senoir oatmeal.

The DC guaranteed method of not getting picked to sit on a jury during jury duty strikes again.

I'm 4-4 people. Totally legit, totally legal.

it's funny how so many fans accept mediocracy!

dolphin77, u have to understand, Miami fans are like young girls searching for a father figure. Anytime someone gives them some attention, they do anything to please. So Chad Pennington comes to the team, and people jump over each other to show him love. Here's a guy who can't throw 5 yards, and folks are still clamoring for him to play. Then, we draft Pat White, and you would have thought it was the 2nd coming of Michael Vick. I mean, I knew from the DRAFT this kid was soft and a HORRIBLE choice and NOT an NFL-caliber player, but I fought day in and out with posters on here, who all said he was the next thing. How'd that turn out? I think he's playing baseball in Mexico with Kenny Powers!

We've sucked for so long, any glimmer of hope is like crack to most of these people. There are idiots on here now saying things like, "we still have a chance to make the Playoffs!" Or, "we're gonna win 10-11 games!" LOLOL!!! What suckers! If we win 8 games we'll be lucky!

Hate to admit it but for once I think Cote nailed it.

A BIG difference in the decisons was that Fisher has the command and the "gravitas" to deal with Moss, Sparano & Ireland don't.

Chicken scratch, take-a-knee football prevails here.

Set up the hashmark, boys. Dan's getting loose on the sideline

The Seer, exactly. 77, don't get me wrong, I love this team. But I'm realistic. And I see their approach. Here you have the 1st, 2nd or 3rd best WR in the league, and you don't even throw to him in the ENDZONE? What type of crap is that? Sparano acts like the team is like a tiny piece of thin glass. So fragile. Oh, don't let Henne throw too much, he might make a mistake. OC has 2 mins to get in field goal range, NO, don't throw to the best (or 2nd best) slot receiver in the league (Bess), let's pitch it to Polite and see if he can bang it for 1 or 2 yards. If this wasn't my team, I'd have a field day with all the gay references, seriously.

And what a joke when people say, "hey, we were right there with the Saints last year. Indy too. And if the refs didn't jerk us we would have beaten Pittsburgh."

Yeah, keep wishing suckers. Close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades. The record doesn't say, "it was a loss, but they were in it 'til the end." WE LOST! All those games. We haven't beaten an elite team outside our division since when? I can't even remember! Not this year. Not last. '08? Can't think of one. I don't EVER remember beating an elite team under the Trifecta. So face it Miami, we're junior varsity. We play at 6pm, then we go to the sidelines to watch the VARSITY teams battle in Prime Time!

And Tony Sparano acts like we're a tough-as-nails force. Like he's doing anything but massaging nut sacks. Am I offending you Anthony Fasano? Sean Smith? Brian Hartline? I hope so. I wish you guys had it in you to make me eat my words. Unfortunately, uh-oh, we're 40 yards from the big bad endzone. Scary. Nervous. Run Ronnie left. Run Ricky right. Let's get to the 30 so the Dan Man can do his thing. Is anyone else embarrassed that the biggest stud on your team is the kicker? Cause I am.

i cant listen to a sparano conference anymore. he just plays cat and mouse with the media;says nothing. i could listen to mike nolan all day. the man is sharp and to the point. wish he was the head man. he's done wonders with the D in a short time. who's gonna fix the offense??????

some great football minds are actually coaching in the college ranks. most aren't afraid of anything;they pull out all the stops and most overachieve. they don't play small ball on offense.they go all-out 60 minutes. why cant we get one of those guys to show henne/sparano/henning how its done. fg's are the booby prize;a consolation prize for a failure to get a td.

Fist pump time

Randy Moss is a piece of crap as a human being. He is a very good player and was a once great but he is declining and again a piece of crap. I personally am glad Miami didn't get him. Miami has too many young guys that would have seen and heard all the nonsense he brings to a locker room.

Marshall is a great WR and his struggles in the red zone are clearly not his fault he can't throw to himself or call the play to himself.

greg, there are teams that "get it" and teams that don't. Here's the list that do:
- New England
- Atlanta
- NY Giants
- Pittsburgh

Here are the teams that don't:
- Washington
- Buffalo
- Carolina

The teams that don't get it choose the wrong leadership, choose the wrong players, choose the wrong time to take timeouts, choose the wrong style football to play.

Things must change!

I See Marc/Marcia is still making friends, Odin, Excuse Marc/Marcia, He/She is now "Post Op",.........

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