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Pennington: 'Now it's time to roll ...'

Chad Pennington just got done talking to the media at Dolphins camp. That's what the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback does every Wednesday around this time, so yes, you should know by now that Pennington is the starter.

He got a text from coach Tony Sparano Tuesday, asking when he was coming to work. Pennington texted back, saying he expected to be in by 10 a.m. Then he asked if Sparano needed him earlier. The coach said, "sure, a little sooner."

"I'm on my way," Pennington texted back.

After meeting with the coach for 45 minutes, he was returned to the job as the Dolphins starter. Pennington left the facility and took his dog to the groomer, which also conveniently gave Sparano an opportunity to speak with Chad Henne about being benched.

Then Pennington returned around 11 a.m.

"Chad and I talked for about an hour, got teary-eyed because we have a good relationship and we're good friends," Pennington said. "And it's a situation that's not fair. I've been there before. I've been benched when it wasn't really my fault. I understand every emotion he has and I understand everything he feels. He has every right to feel everything he has. We talked about it.

"I told him he needs to be ready to play. I made sure in the practice and the scripts we have, he gets some reps, because you're never sure what's going to happen. Just like he had to get ready to play three games in last year. It was a tough day for both of us, probably one of the hardest days for me as a professional."

All that behind them, Pennington can now get down to business.

"But now, it's time to roll," Pennington said. "It's time to focus on winning a football game."

Pennington replaces a player who threw for 1,900 yards the first eight games of the season. But the Miami offense lacked something -- aside from touchdowns, wiseguys. Pennington hopes to bring part of what has been missing.

"I just think as an offense, we've got to make sure we create a spark," he said. "Offensive football is about energy, it's about momentum. It's about synergy. It's about a feeling you have. And none of that happens with stats, it's not a statistic you can throw at it. So we have to find a way to create sparks during games. And when there's a chance to stick a dagger in a team and take their heart out, we got to do it. And when there's a chance to make a big play and get our crowd involved, we've got to do that. It's really important our crowd comes and supports us and so our we. So we have to create sparks and create energy and feed off that."

The Dolphins haven't done that. It's hard and wrong to blame Henne for the offense failing to do that. That would mean this change was easy. It was not.

But it is a fact and so Pennington is hoping to avoid the kind of offensive offense we've seen part of the past eight games.

"Sometimes we get in our own way ... We miss a block, we miss a throw, we fall down on a route, we've gotten in our own way," he said. "I think that's a fair assessment and we need to clean those things up. Just play better team football and that takes championship individual performances."


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this game and this move will make or break or season...it all comes down to this sunday

This game is going to be everything...already starting to fake the flu so i can call in sick to work for sunday. I am so nervous and excited and anxious

Can the Dolphins promote him to offensive coordinator, too?

As much as I criticized Henne..........

How can HennING look at himself in the mirror?

He should go..............and Penny should be being groomed as an OC.

Henning has ruined this team, not Henne.

enormous mistake...................1st overall pick here we come

anyone remember what our record was 1st 3 games last year?

Ian you are so right man I would much rather have CP as coordinator and Henne as QB but i'm fine with this as well, Im sure henne can become a great QB but he lacks the leadership that Pennington has so much off. I was worried when he wasnt voted a captain and the performance Ive seen just add to that he isnt a true leader! Now I am pretty sure the meeting Pennington and Sparano had was about how much leash they will let CP have under center, dont be surprised if he calls some plays... Btw something no one is taking into account is that in 2008 Miami's wildcat was working.. we'll have to see if CP can do without it... GO PHINS!!!

With Noodle Arm at QB, the Dolphins will be crawling a lot more than rolling.

0-4 in his last 4 starts including a nightmare performance against....Baltimore....where he threw 4 INTs.

This is the correct move, you could see it last week with Coach Sporano on the sidelines... You could just tell that a move was in the works.

Yes, the team was 0-3 last year, but the Colts game was lost because of poor coverage in Safety, that was addressed. Not to mention Ginn not jumping for the ball in the end zone. As for the San Diego game I was there, you loose two-three starters in one game, how can you recover. Your heart is ripped out. Pennington ran the offense "efficiently" with the 2nd and 3rd team players in pre-season. I think we should be fairly satisfied on Sunday and the "I told you so's" will come out on the blog too.

Marshall will finally be in Beast mode with Pennington at QB. His best play was in the preseason with Pennington as the passer.

I'm expecting a 20 catch game from him.

As long as this coaching staff stays with their current offensive philosophy nothing will change. They need to be on the attack mode. They need to play not to loose. They need to play with much more courage. Take chances, open it more. Their running backs don't have that outside, speed. Please no more wildcat in the middle of a succesful drive.

Pennington will not help us win unless he is calling an audible every other play. Henning is killing our team. We were 0-3 with Chad Pennington last year. They just should have let Chad Henne call audibles.

1 WORD MEN...LEADERSHIP....THE GREAT ONES ARE BORN WITH IT...The good ones can learn it. So there is still hope for Henne. Pennington will show him how...he must pay attention and learn

Yeah... Henne needs to be ready to play once Penny's arm gets torn out of its socket again...what a ridiculous move.

Please, please, please...let Penny call his own plays.

I imagine the wildcat will be back in full force now....yay

I'm amazed by the Dolphin fans, they were calling for Chad Pennington's head after the playoff loss... were dying to give the new kid a try. All of a sudden they are not the Superball team they expected, and they turn on their savior of a year ago.

This is a bad move in many levels, the problem is not Chad Henne. He has his limitation, and has made his mistakes, which is normal for young quarterbacks. I believe this move was made out of desperation by Sparano, because I don't believe he will be back after the season if he doesn't get to the playoffs. Plus Dan Henning's play calling has been more then confusing to say the least. I don't believe they lack much talent in any position, this is the deepest team in a while for this team. Sure there are areas of improvement, as there are for any team, but this move has a very good chance of crippling a young quarterbacks development.

Sparano is deaf in his ear. Dude henning is the problem not henne you moron

This guy should be our offense coordinator and now de old guy has to show yuz boring babies how to git it in and score! Show em Penny!

the titans must be giddy with satisfaction. they play a franchize in disarray with a desparate coach. They must love it.

This is going to be a f***ing joke. Penningotn is going to jump start the pass offense, ahahahahahahahahahahaqhahahah

The guy can't throw half the passes an NFL qb needs to throw. This is going to be a massacre on Sunday and this braintrust deserves it - they're morons.
How is Pennington going to get the ball to marshall? I want to see this.

Marshall was on pace for a 1300, 104 catch season with Henne.

Has Penningotn EVER had a 1,000 yard receiver? I cna only think of one - Keyshawn.

Chad Henne has been "developing" for 3 years, while other rookie QBs are playing far better. Get a grip. He's a guy with a strong arm. And that's it.

Team is going nowhere this year, and won't next year without better coaching and a real QB.

The offense needs to be overhauled and Henning should be the next to go into the sunset with his budy Bill Parcells. Not every player needs to be big. That is the prototype mistake that is being made. Quick athletic receivers who can get deep would work. An athletic tight end. Big only does not always work at the offensive skill positions.

Here we go Cower Here we go...Next Season...And bring Andy luck from Stanford. Henne who?

Pennington had two bad games all of 2008 i think he deserves his chance in the sunshine more so than Henne does now. Henne can learn while watching Pennington he should look at it as a saving grace and bow his head and be humble. Learn something....maybe looking off your receivers staying cool in the pocket and keeping a straight head enuff to pass it to the half back when the check down is needed and exploit the defenses when there's man coverage against Marshall.
Doesn't make sense they didn't go after Moss he would be great to have this week against the Titans. Really disappointed we have to play him again.

last time I checked Ross was a Huge Henne fan, if Sparano doesn't succeed with this he's out, plain and simple and they'll bring in a coach who can get the best out of Henne, oh and Dan Henning, time to retire!!!!
All you Pennington fans got your wish, you dont realise how shortsighted you are!!!

Thigpen plays against the Bears

Pat white comes back against the Raiders

Dan Marino makes his return against the Browns!

Can't wait till they figure out Henning is the problem.

So now we start over in the never ending search for a QB of the future??? We all have been through this before. We do bad, bench the QB of the future, miss the playoffs, the coach and GM get fired and we are right back to where we were 3, 5 or 10 years ago. This is a desperate act by Sparano and can only mean that he thinks that his job is in jeopardy if he does not win, either that or Henne is a bust. At the end of the year Ross will fire Sparano and Ireland and hire Peterson (who was fired by KC for the same problems the Dolphins are having) and then we start the QB seach yet again. When are we going to develop a QB and stick with him??? Sparano and Ireland might not be perfect but they are good football people. Changing regimes every 3 years sets the entire organization back.

Ya? Is sanchez better? is favre better? Is Flacco better? Is Cassel better? Is Bradford better? is Cutler better? Is Young better? IS Freeman better? henne has thrown for more yards than all of them. Even Tom Brady. Yet he gets benched. So obvious this isn't his fault.


all you guys looking to the draft, forget it we wont draft a QB in 1st round, Andy Luck has Buffalo all over him.

Henne and Allen were both gambles that didn't work out. Cleaning house is exactly what was needed otherwise it'd be him and his crew that'd be gone at the end of the season. look at Wade Phillips in Dallas, LOL. Look at the bright side not all of Tony's gambles have hurt. Clemons is playing well and Marshall and Dansby & Wake look amazing so I'm overall happy with Tony but not so much with Henning. Also like to see more blitzing from defense

henning is a real POS. he sacrificed henne to save himself. the offensive scheme and play calling of this team is so weak. he couldnt create a mismatch if he tried. the play callign is awful! henne has not been perfect by a long shot but i havent seen so many consistently poorly called games by an OC maybe ever. henning need to be fired, regardless of the QB.

What are u Rollin Armando?

U said now it`s time to roll

Have Fun, Stoner Amigo




Look, I'm the guy that said Penny is done. I'm the guy that said he can't throw 30 yards down the field. I'm that guy!

With that said, I LOVE PENNINGTON! I do. You guys (who were hollering for him) are right, he's a great player (or was). He's a true professional. He's a MUCH better leader than Henne. He WILL complete that TD over the middle to Fasano, no doubt!

So, why am I crying? Because it's the same damned thing. He's a stopgap. He's no long-term answer. He's not even the answer to go anywhere this season because the season is already over. We lost to the 4 teams who we'd have to compete against for a Wildcard spot if we don't win the AFC East (and it don't look like we will). We're FIFTH on the list for a Wildcard. Sorry folks, but we don't make that up in 1/2 season, just plain facts.

So, Penny will win us a game here and there, he'll overrule Henning if need be (which is great). But next year, what happens? Another QB starter? Draft a young guy and develop him for another 2 years? Put Henne BACK?

There's nothing good about anything that happened today. It's all sh*t! It's all survival. Sparano is totally freaking out and making rash decisions.

So, Penny wins this week, look, I'm thrilled. I'll even do a back flip or two. But I'll still be crying on the inside. Because I know what happens in Jan. We become the Buffalo Bills (a team in search of a leader). It's like Groundhog Day, I just want tomorrow to come!!!

beerphin, how is Pennington going to get the ball to marshall, and how would he ever get it to Moss who can only run fly patterns these days? Purolator or Fedex? He stinks, whoever made this decision stinks, I'm out. f**k this sh*t

Actually Marshall is a possession Receiver and Simply The Bess in the slot

Awesome 4 Pennington

Go Dolphins!

I wonder if Sparano "consulted" with BP before making this move.

Time to roll!!!

Mark in Canada
Home will teach u more bout American Football

u see
Marshall does not run the same plays as Randy Moss

Pennington Will Be AWESOME !!!!!!!!

November 10, 2010 at 3:36 pm
LMFAO !! i’ve been saying the same thing about Tim/Knight my boyfriend who like to shove those round hair brushes up my bung and then he makes me squeal like those pigs on the farm down in Tennessee when i have my way with them.

Kinda makes you wonder what they're NOT telling us, huh? Was this the plan all along? Wait for CP10's arm to heal then lead us to the playoffs? Maybe Henne's banged up some. He has looked a little stiff lately, even for him! All you haters may have to eat crow if Pennington takes us the rest of the way! Hope the new guy, Harris, still has something left in the tank! Watching this team is like watching some weird NFL/reality/soap opera lately. Hey, it could be entertaining to watch if nothing else. Lol!

Home Leads Us To Victory!




I agree with everything you said except the season is over part. There is 8 games left. A lot can happen in 8 games. Brady could break his knee :-) or something.

Home to Marshall







***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Henne will be given his shot I don't see this being the end of Chad Henne but he needs to get better. He isn't ready it isn't his fault that the OC was a momentum killer but with the kind of protection he has been getting from the line and the weapons he has with Marshall he just wasn't being clutch he lost ball games and I know maybe 5 of his INTs weren't all his fault but to say he couldn't have done it better is stupid. Let Pennington try and salvage a season that was spiraling downwards with Henne at the helm. Things weren't looking brighter having him as a starter against Tennessee they are a good team that plays Hard defense I watch them alot being in TN. Efficiency in the red zone should be better and everything else won't be hurt. It's not like we were being spoiled with scoring up to this point those 4 W's came off of stout defense not great QB play

FIRE HENNING SPARANO OR ROSS THE BOSS WILL FIRE YOU!!!!I hate when it gets like this a coach trying to save his job so instead of looking at what they are doing they go after the man trying to run a pos of a offence scheme dan henning is running..the only difference with cp is he will change the call to a play that will work and make henning on sparano look sooo smart..WRONG PERSON SPARANO


Just one last point, Henne has been inconsistant yes, at times hes been solid, hes been let down with drops, bad OC play calling. no running game and one of the league's toughest schedule yet hes still got us at 4-4, Pennington comes in now with a soft schedule in comparison, no wonder he's ready to roll, he hasn't got to face Baltimore again.
When is Henning gonna be made accountable in all this???

HOme, you've rode my balls long enough today, go suck your own c0ck already.

Pennington can Win 6or 7 games

Go Dolphins!

Pennington went to the Meadowlands without
Brandon Marshall

AND WON!!!!!!!!

Go Phins !

This year is over, draft time baby.




DC Dolfan, I totally agree. It's not a good day for the franchise. However, I'm a 'glass is half-full' kind of guy and I think having Henne sit down, whether it's for a game or a few games, may not be a bad thing. Takes the pressure off him, he can see things from a different perspective and he can get his mind around what he might do differently. Let's face it, I think he was pressing.

pennington said it, offense needs energy and there is no way we can get energy with henning and he conservative play calling!


Keep in mind, everyone was saying the 2nd half was the "easy" part of our season. Tenn (not so easy), Oakland, IN Oakland, the same Oakland that beat the division-leading Chiefs, yeah, NOT a walk in the park. Cleveland (who just DESTROYED the division-leading Pats), AT HOME where we haven't won, yeah, NOT a pushover, NY and NE up north IN DEC, almost guaranteed losses (especially if our run game is as pathetic as it is now).

So, you were joking, but even IF Brady breaks his leg, what about Sanchez? Big Ben? Flacco? Hell, we haven't even mentioned Philip Rivers (who's getting his team in gear).

Seriously dude, I'm usually an optimistic guy, but I'd bet my house that the season is over today!

this is a season killer. plain and simple. any real dolphin fan knows now that third and long conversions are a thing of the past and now our rbs will be our leading receivers on play action checkdowns primarily. we r done.

I guess Henne is not our QB of the future anymore. And if that's the case, that's another wasted high draft pick to go along with Pat White, Patrick Turner, Philip Merling, Sean Smith, etc etc...And the jury is still out on Davis, Hartline and Misi. Maybe this regime is not as good as advertised. I remember saying something about that a few months ago and people here ripped me to death. Oh, but yeah, we're better than when they took over. After all, we're better than 1-15. LOL! And wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Sparano got upset and said something like " Jason Allen has turned the corner, for chr%/**sakes! How long have I been hearing that? Well now he has". And today, he gets waived. LOL!

Henne needs to go to a team and oc that works with his talent.. This is a team that plays not to lose team and henne is a winner.. another team will pay the bucks for him and Miami will suck on that for a long time! Penny is not the answer as Henne was not the problem.... It is the coaching Philosophy and Henne paid a price!

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