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Pennington: 'Now it's time to roll ...'

Chad Pennington just got done talking to the media at Dolphins camp. That's what the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback does every Wednesday around this time, so yes, you should know by now that Pennington is the starter.

He got a text from coach Tony Sparano Tuesday, asking when he was coming to work. Pennington texted back, saying he expected to be in by 10 a.m. Then he asked if Sparano needed him earlier. The coach said, "sure, a little sooner."

"I'm on my way," Pennington texted back.

After meeting with the coach for 45 minutes, he was returned to the job as the Dolphins starter. Pennington left the facility and took his dog to the groomer, which also conveniently gave Sparano an opportunity to speak with Chad Henne about being benched.

Then Pennington returned around 11 a.m.

"Chad and I talked for about an hour, got teary-eyed because we have a good relationship and we're good friends," Pennington said. "And it's a situation that's not fair. I've been there before. I've been benched when it wasn't really my fault. I understand every emotion he has and I understand everything he feels. He has every right to feel everything he has. We talked about it.

"I told him he needs to be ready to play. I made sure in the practice and the scripts we have, he gets some reps, because you're never sure what's going to happen. Just like he had to get ready to play three games in last year. It was a tough day for both of us, probably one of the hardest days for me as a professional."

All that behind them, Pennington can now get down to business.

"But now, it's time to roll," Pennington said. "It's time to focus on winning a football game."

Pennington replaces a player who threw for 1,900 yards the first eight games of the season. But the Miami offense lacked something -- aside from touchdowns, wiseguys. Pennington hopes to bring part of what has been missing.

"I just think as an offense, we've got to make sure we create a spark," he said. "Offensive football is about energy, it's about momentum. It's about synergy. It's about a feeling you have. And none of that happens with stats, it's not a statistic you can throw at it. So we have to find a way to create sparks during games. And when there's a chance to stick a dagger in a team and take their heart out, we got to do it. And when there's a chance to make a big play and get our crowd involved, we've got to do that. It's really important our crowd comes and supports us and so our we. So we have to create sparks and create energy and feed off that."

The Dolphins haven't done that. It's hard and wrong to blame Henne for the offense failing to do that. That would mean this change was easy. It was not.

But it is a fact and so Pennington is hoping to avoid the kind of offensive offense we've seen part of the past eight games.

"Sometimes we get in our own way ... We miss a block, we miss a throw, we fall down on a route, we've gotten in our own way," he said. "I think that's a fair assessment and we need to clean those things up. Just play better team football and that takes championship individual performances."


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42 pass attempts 11 runs . There was a plan in place before the raven game started. 4-3 Quaterback play full of inconcistancies. TO many opportunties left on the field. So put your QB to the test, Can he win one for the team on his arm. Why else would you quit running the ball when your avg 7 yrds per run and controlling the line of srimmage and score. I believe they felt it was time to see what Henne could do and if he passed they win if they lose they know it was time to look in a different direction. Coaches don't have 2 to 3 years to develope QBs in this league anymore.Thus we are 4-4 all is not loss with all the weapons we have and the schedule we have left they feel they can salvage the season and still make the playoffs and have learned what the needed to learn. Heene is a decent QB, but in this league you have to be able to produce week in and week out with consistancy or be a Brett Farve who gives you a chance every minute he is on the field. I will be the first to say he has done some good things but in the end it just is'nt enough. Especially when you have a Chad Pennington grooming you ala Don Strock to Dan Marino. If you don't believe ask Dan how instramental Don was to him getting off to the start he did.
Time to move forward and hope Thigpen can develope into the future of this team. Henne will be redused to backup for the rest of his career with the Dolphins. QBs opportunies to be a starter run out just like any other position. Ask Jason Allen. 1st rd pick. Henne 2nd rd pk.

Problems def. HennING not henne as you said two or three blogs back henne's lack of success has been based upon Dropped passes not all bad passes a line that has flashed signs of greatness but failed to step up when thte pressure was on at times and well poor play calling. Hell look at how " great " people think Sanchez is doing this season.... His throws are more irratic and has thrown many int's that were dropped but in the hands of the opposing defense.... He has a solid line and his coaches make sure to establish the run game while sticking with the hot rb that's how teams without manning to Wayne establish a passing game hell look at drew brees and the saints did without establishing any type of run game

anyone noticed how this move has taken away the questioning of Sparano platooning the Runningbacks, just wondering

The moves today are just another indication of the poor drafting of this team.

Does anybody else thing its odd when our starting QB knows more about calling plays than our offensive coordinator? Penny, do yourself a favor, tear out the speakers in your helmet and call your own plays.

Why is everyone writing off Henne because of this move? I think it's a temporary move and I expect him to be back in there before the end of the season, maybe even next game.

I know short term this is gonna produce a better offense and possibly more wins. However, I feel we are taking a step back. Dont get me wrong, I like Penne, but what does that say about taking 3 QBs in the past 4 years in the 2nd round and not 1 of them is playing. Does that mean we draft another QB? Because I dont see Penne really lasting that long; either ending it with another injury or him finally calling it quits w/ a promising coaching career. I also believe w/ alls these moves I believe Sparano & company are feeling pressure to produce wins. Maybe they are on the hot seat, if they are not they sure are doing things that a head coach would do before he gets the axe.

we really cant blame the owner!! ross has spent money!! bill parcells was never committed to win here!! sure he has gotten us a few decent players and 2 superstars( marshall and dansby) but they have missed more than they have hit! i dont feel good at all with ireland and sparano run the team!! we let players go that are better than players we pick up!! we pass over players who we could use!how many yards plays and minutes have been left on the field b/c the coaching is not up to par!! for the life of me i dont understand how you gather info from sparano b/c i've never been able to understand him!! i dont understand this 2 back system we employ!! i dont understand how after 3 years we only have a starting LT & RT on the o-line!! i dont understand how you jerk a guy around for 3 years and cut him for a guy 10 years older and coming off of injury!! i guess that was a special team move!! ROSS if you are reading this please let these morons go!!! i lu v nolan! keep him via head coach or DC!! BILL C OR GRUDEN!!!!!

Why do people confuse roles?

SPARANO is the COACH...Not a GM or coordinator, he's also the guy who made this decision, which makes him a moron

HENNING is a COORDINATOR, not a GM, his responsibilty is the LACK of offense, then end

IRELAND/PARCELL pulled the biggest heist of the decade and they are not the COACH nor COORDINATOR, they've consistantely blown decisions left and right, IRELAND is to blame for the roster churning, IERLAND is to blame for drafts/trades, not trading, not drafting, or basically eveyone on the field not named CAREY, BROWN, or CROWDER

Why would anyone want Penny as the O-coordinator? I'm sure the offense would be as boring as Hennings.

This team, from top to bottom is a FAILURE

Mark, agree totally in your statement:

f*ck this sh*t! My feelings exactly buddy.

CraigM, that could be the ONLY good thing to come from this. Henne screws his head on, realizes he needs to take the reins and put the team on his shoulders. Hopefully, he sees Penny take a Henning play, let it go in one ear and out the other, audible to a REAL play that might WORK, and ask himself why he didn't do that more. Because as you see, Henning HAS his backers in the organization. No one's shining a light on him. It's Henne that gets the blame. So if I'm Henne, and I get in again, I say, "F*CK U HENNING!" Give me a play, and then I'll call what I want.

Even still Craig, with the Al Harris move, taken together, aren't you disappointed. Dansby, Davis, Crowder coming back, we were on such a high a few weeks ago. Don't you feel like the Dolphins are stretching more than even the Cowboys? A 36-year old corner? Did you SEE GB's defense when we played them, they were sorry? And Harris couldn't make THAT team! I mean, I respect Harris, he was a hell of a player for a long time, but 36? Imagine him running with Mike Wallace, you think he wouldn't have gotten toasted even WORSE than Allen? I love your optimism brotha, but honestly, I don't know how you do it. All I see are dark rain clouds.

Not an smart move... Henning playcalling is better suited for CP, that doesn´t mean that you should change QB's, i would rather change OC and let Henne play. CP manages the game pretty well but losing by 8+ points trying to get back in the game... CP can´t do it, Henne maybe.

So we're basically back to square one at the QB position. 11 years after the great Dan Marino called it a career, the Dolphins will once again try to find a starting QB. Unbelievable.

Hey Armando, do you beileve these moves are made because maybe Sparano and company are feeling that they could be on the hot seat if they didnt do something?

This is the most dysfunctional coaching staff in all of football.
Yeah, it's Hennes fault.
We will never win anything with Henning calling plays.
We have now returned to 2008.
Nice job Sparano. This is clearly about saving his own job, not what is best for this team.

Marc,go kill your mom

finsfan4ever, first off, AMEN! Second, think about changing your name, because pretty soon I'll be calling you a sucker for continuing to be a fan of such a dysfunctional team.

Lastly, and this is a change (from yesterday). So kris, you can let me have it if you want (schizo). But this has solidified it for me, SPARANO NEEDS TO GO!! He's obviously a line coach, NOT a head coach. We need Gruden or Cowher or ANYONE besides what we have. Hell, I'd even take Nolan as the coach at this point. To go back and forth and find you're in the exact same spot is too much. .500 record last year, .500 record this year, plenty of talent all around, it's ridiculous. I've gone from denial to depression to anger (my stages of grief in one day). I don't care HOW we finish the year, I won't be happy unless I see a new coach on the sidelines next year.

As a much wiser man than me said: F*CK THIS SH*T!!!

CP10 is a quality guy no doubt. I also have no doubt that Henne will never be the answer at QB for Miami.

Having said that CP10 is going to fail. No Wildcat. No ground game. No soft schedule from '08. Defense isn't playing as well either.

This fantasy will turn into a nightmare and 0-4 at home come sunday.

Then what?


To all you IDIOT Henne fans, the coaches did not throw 10 int's. this year!!!!

At this point, i dont think our offesse could be worse, so les give it a shot, i hope the Chad pennington that starts next sunday its the one of 2008

For those who think Tyler Thigpen is our QB of the future, you guys are smoking some good stuff. If he's so promising, why did Pennington get picked to start? These are probably the same fans who were dissing Crowder, claiming Dobbins would be an upgrade over the veteran ILB. Yeah right!

fist pump

Craig M.- YOU were the one demanding a "plan". Screaming, "All you guys do is b!tch and moan!!! WHERE is the plan??? WHERE IS THE PLAN I SAY??? Come on idiots! Where's your plan???"

I said start Penni THIS week. Once eliminated from the playoffs, or he gets hurt, we go with Thigpen. We know what we have in Henne, and that he clearly was not and is not going to get it done this year. So, see if we can make a playoff run, and/or see what we have in Thigpen.

YOU sir called me an idiot and a jackwad. Now, you are backing off, saying it's not such a bad thing, and blah, blah, blah. I never said Henne was done. But he IS and WAS done for THIS year. He NEEDED to be sit down. Even if only for a game to see if "gets" the danged message! Lost confidence/scared to make deep throws, Henning ruined him, or whatever it was, he should have been sat immediately after missing that TD to Fasano, with no looking back. Let's hope it wasn't too late and we can make a run still...

So whom was right, and whom is the jackwad now?


send me text of your steroid pimply, hairy arse, all this Pennington tawk makes me horny!

I am the HAPPIEST man in all of New England!

I've been very vocal about benching Henne in favor of Pennington and feel as though my prayers have been answered!



Hang on teabag, cumming your way!

If the Dolphins don't make the playoffs, Ross is going to clean house. I've been saying it since training camp and I'm sticking to it. Highest payroll in the NFL and you don't make the playoffs? Ross is not an NFL GM, but he's not an idiot either. You guys can bank on that.


I still think Henne has what it takes to be a NFL QB,but I will still be the biggest Dolphin fan this week,even with Pennington as the starter.
I get frustrated at times with the Dolphins,but I'll still support them while keeping my fingers crossed.

I think the decision to not pull the trigger on moss was because Tony knew that Pennington would take over the starting duties. He was just waiting for Henne to have a game like he did against the ravens to make the switch. I believe Henne is better suited for an OC that will actually open up the offense and stretch the field while this dink and dunk ish is better suited for Pennington.



Posted by: DyingBreed

Thanks DyingBreed for the major buzz kill.

LOL, your name isn't much better,but I'm considering it!
We have WAY TOO MUCH TALENT to be this bad. I didn't know Henne played defense. Is that the reason were getting torched for 500+ yards a game? It must be all those audibles they let Henne call at the line when he sees that whatever that MORON OC of ours has called isn't going to work?
Henning calling plays was great back in 1975, but it doesn't fly in todays game.

For all of those with short memory spans....Pennington-to-Marshall worked great during the pre season and there is no reason to think it won't continue this weekend.

I expect Pennington to have a HUGE day on Sunday with a Fins win!

Spark em' if you got em'

PA Phins fan,

Keep trying to tell everyone even Peyton Manning wouldnt be Peyton Manning in DAN HENNING'S system.

Now these fools think Chad Pennington is!


That Hartline play, where he fell (White Men Can't Jump, hell, can they even run a route staying upright?), was that on Henne? So that's 9 INTs. What about the Marshall tip, was THAT on Henne? At most it was both their faults (Henne for not putting it in a better place, Marshall for not helping out his QB and catching the pass), so now we're at 8.5 INTs. That last one against Steelers, even Stevie Wonder saw that hit the ground (I don't care what the idiot refs said), so now we're at 7.5 INTs.

Then, that OTHER Hartline play against Steelers, where he caught it and fumbled. No, not an INT, but a play I put SQUARELY on the OC Henning. You call a FRIGGIN' screen (AGAIN) to a player NOT known for speed, with TWO guys in his face, yeah, that's a stupid call by the OC.

Don't get me started with the lack of TDs, which is ALL ON HENNING, no one else! Not Henne, Ricky, Ronnie, Fasano, Bess, Marshall. HENNING! That's who's idiot scheme doesn't surprise a POP WARNER team.

So, your comment was pretty off-base. And let it be known you are the ONLY person I've read on here in 8 weeks of football that are siding with the coaches. Nice job, you're the canary in the mines.

It's pretty clear that Henne isn't the QB of the future (and, obviously, neither is Pennington), so what gives? Simple. We are witnessing desperation on the part of Ireland and Sparano. Parcells jumped before he could be pushed and now these two see the handwriting on the wall and are trotting out a way-past-his-prime Pennington in a futile attempt to recapture some of the magic of 2008. It ain't gonna work.

Can you believe and Ireland and Parcells burned two second-rounders on QBs (White & Henne) and we still have nothing on the field to show for it?

Gee T'anks, Bill!

Whew....Home has given his stamp of approval...I feel better now!


Chad Pennington also choked every time we faced a tough defense in 2008 too.

The Ravens playoff game perfectly summed up what we had in Pennington that year.

It's pretty clear that Henne isn't the QB of the future (and, obviously, neither is Pennington), so what gives? Simple. We are witnessing desperation on the part of Ireland and Sparano. Parcells jumped before he could be pushed and now these two see the handwriting on the wall and are trotting out a way-past-his-prime Pennington in a futile attempt to recapture some of the magic of 2008. It ain't gonna work.

Can you believe Ireland and Parcells burned two second-rounders on QBs (White & Henne) and we still have nothing on the field to show for it?

Gee T'anks, Bill!

Trade Henne for a bag of rocks and Ryan Leaf.


we have to tell Sperano he shouldn't fist-pump when Al Harris is in the vicinity, cause only the draft could be enough to blow Al off his feet....

Forget the longterm future...we need to focus on the remaining 8 games in 2010 and win as many as possible with the players on the roster.
Pennington will provide the SPARK that gets the other 10 players on offense to play 110% on every down.

DyingBreed, I agree 100% with your analysis.

However, Penny has the football knowledge and the standing with the players to scrap the horse crap coming in from Henning and call something else. At least I hope he does.

OK.....prediction time.
The Dolphins will win a "Nail Biter" this week, but it won't be because of the QB change.
It will be a result of the whole team fighting for the victory.If we lose this game,you people will have to designate the next person to get benched ot waived and you can't bench Henne or waive Jason Allen.
Process of elimination time......here we go!


Also from the meeting:

Q: Hey do you think we can get back Jon Beck? or what about Pat White?

A: No let's stick with Henne and Pennington who love the pick 6 and can't throw over 5 yards accurately.

Best advise vs. Tenn - Have Carpenter play QB, he's the only guy that can score.

What is it that you are expecting? Do you think we win 8 straight? And if by some miracle we could, do we catch the jests or patsies? NO WAY!(Not to mention other AFC wildcard teams).
Then what does this accomplish? We go into NEXT YEAR with Penny as our starter?
Thats what you want? EFFING stupidest move by Sparano yet, and I say yet because this season isn't over yet.

1) only 8 games left for Sparano & Henning
2) the start of a backup career for Henne

DB, we can't seem to beat good defenses (Ravens, Steelers, Jets) with a strong armed QB.


Realizing Penny is no spring chick..he only has to play 1/2 a season.
He body is fresh, he has a newly repaired shoulder that is 100% healed.
He has players that BELIEVE in his leadership

This is the single best coaching decision that Sparano has made since being here (besides cutting Pat White).

Joe Momma, don't count your chickens until they hatch. If Penny is a disaster, you, NH, 2watt and all the other Henne-haters will have to eat your own words the way I had to (about putting Penny in).

And I KNOW NH didn't just say Penny-to-Marshall will work in the regular season because it worked in PRESEASON, when they were playing against 2nd-stringers who probably didn't even make the final cuts of their teams. Figures, NH is a state most Americans would gladly give over to Canada (too bad Canada doesn't even want 'em).

And then Joe Momma you have the nerve to talk about Thigpen. You mean the THIRD-STRINGER who throws more INTs than a blind Brett Favre? In the SAME column that you're ranting about Henne's INTs?

Tell me. Do any of you actually WATCH football games? Or do you get your wives or girlfriends to tell you what happened while you're baking cookies on Sundays?

White flag will be waving any time now. This is fccking bull shtt. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Hahaha, so many of these posters watched the Replacements too many times. Penne is not going to call his own offense.

Sparano is not Gene hackman and Pennington is not Falco!!!

This will give Henne the chance to learn the rest of the little details he's been missing. It will also give him a chance to grow his leadership skills while having Pennington's back.

Why is everyone panicking about this week!

Right now Henning is in his office with his box of crayons drawing up sweet plays.

1st down: Run
2nd down: Run
3rd down: Fake pass, run

And a big thank you to Nick Satan for gifting us with BUST Jason Allen.

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