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Pennington: 'Now it's time to roll ...'

Chad Pennington just got done talking to the media at Dolphins camp. That's what the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback does every Wednesday around this time, so yes, you should know by now that Pennington is the starter.

He got a text from coach Tony Sparano Tuesday, asking when he was coming to work. Pennington texted back, saying he expected to be in by 10 a.m. Then he asked if Sparano needed him earlier. The coach said, "sure, a little sooner."

"I'm on my way," Pennington texted back.

After meeting with the coach for 45 minutes, he was returned to the job as the Dolphins starter. Pennington left the facility and took his dog to the groomer, which also conveniently gave Sparano an opportunity to speak with Chad Henne about being benched.

Then Pennington returned around 11 a.m.

"Chad and I talked for about an hour, got teary-eyed because we have a good relationship and we're good friends," Pennington said. "And it's a situation that's not fair. I've been there before. I've been benched when it wasn't really my fault. I understand every emotion he has and I understand everything he feels. He has every right to feel everything he has. We talked about it.

"I told him he needs to be ready to play. I made sure in the practice and the scripts we have, he gets some reps, because you're never sure what's going to happen. Just like he had to get ready to play three games in last year. It was a tough day for both of us, probably one of the hardest days for me as a professional."

All that behind them, Pennington can now get down to business.

"But now, it's time to roll," Pennington said. "It's time to focus on winning a football game."

Pennington replaces a player who threw for 1,900 yards the first eight games of the season. But the Miami offense lacked something -- aside from touchdowns, wiseguys. Pennington hopes to bring part of what has been missing.

"I just think as an offense, we've got to make sure we create a spark," he said. "Offensive football is about energy, it's about momentum. It's about synergy. It's about a feeling you have. And none of that happens with stats, it's not a statistic you can throw at it. So we have to find a way to create sparks during games. And when there's a chance to stick a dagger in a team and take their heart out, we got to do it. And when there's a chance to make a big play and get our crowd involved, we've got to do that. It's really important our crowd comes and supports us and so our we. So we have to create sparks and create energy and feed off that."

The Dolphins haven't done that. It's hard and wrong to blame Henne for the offense failing to do that. That would mean this change was easy. It was not.

But it is a fact and so Pennington is hoping to avoid the kind of offensive offense we've seen part of the past eight games.

"Sometimes we get in our own way ... We miss a block, we miss a throw, we fall down on a route, we've gotten in our own way," he said. "I think that's a fair assessment and we need to clean those things up. Just play better team football and that takes championship individual performances."


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You are spot on! Keep up the great posts!

I agree Chad P should start for now , and I think Henne could be good in the future but we need wins now we are still in it this season if the season gets lost then I think we should take a look at tyler he looks like a good player he was never given a long enough chance , and Something needed to wake up Henne he needs to be more firey he looks to laid back you have to play this game with some emotion and also I don't care what the play call is sometimes you just have to go for it, we all know the great qbs change plays at the line and actually throw deep which Chad Henne seemed to be scared to do, with the game on the line on 3rd and 10 he threw a 1 yard pass to the fullback, this was in the Pitt game I would rather see a 35 yard incomplete pass then a 1 yard completion, it was the right move for now hopefully chad P will play well he hasn't practiced much we will see Go Fins!

Dear Mr. Aloco

Do you pleasure yourself while watching the food network ?

Soiled :)



Que the music... I love FG's blah,blah blah..Fist pump!


That's not funny.

- Coach



Dear moderator or Armando. I just put up an excellent post that wasn't posted because I forgot to block out the word A**es. It wasn't meant to be harmful and I wasn't calling anyone names. Can you retrieve the post, remove the word for me, and put it up? I can't remember what I typed in my frenzy!! Please help.

Aloco, I know you didn't ask me but NEVER cover up the taste of fresh seafood with spices. A ittle salt and down the hatch!

Look folks. I've been a Dolfan since I was 8 yrs old and was watching my uncle root for the dolphins on tv. That was 30 yrs. ago. I've been through hell with this team. Gone through the entire Marino era with such high hopes only to see one season after another end with disappointment. It's tough being a Dolfan, let me tell you. Well, I don't have to tell you all, you know already. This team is on the right track. This team has not had any consistent offensive rythym all season. When they should run, they pass. When they should leave Ronnie in to establish his RB rythym, they switch it to Ricky. These coaches are outthinking themselves. I don't know why but common sense is eluding them. Maybe it's the pressure that being an NFL coach does to you? I don't know but it's clear this is the issue. Watch this game closely this week folks because if we can get rythym established and kept throughout the game on offense then it's not all the OC's fault. Personally, I do think Henne will be fine in the long run. However, the OC(Henning) is not calling a game that suits Henne. He will bounce back when given another chance. I would love to see Chad Pennington be the offensive coordinator of this team. I would have an accident in my pants if that happenened. Go dolphins!! A win against Tenn. is going to happen. Watch.

Someone needs to make that sign and bring to game Sunday and Armando, tell the front office to put together an edited clip of the fist pumps, Carpenters FG's, to the tune of G6 song. FG's we're flyin now.

Go do that.

Hence the reason I always COPY my posts before hitting "POST" Denny...

This move just made DAN HENNING the happiest MORON of the YEAR!!!


We'll bring the sign on Sunday.

- The situation, Fisher, Moss, Parcells, Snookie, Marino and the guy in the Dolphin outfit.

I'm guessing J. Lo wishes she invested in the slap chop instead?

thank you COCAJOE FOR THAT .

This team is a joke...


BOOBY, didn't Andy Kent, the occupant Dolphins.com SPIN DOCTOR just write a story Monday entititled "Henne is on the right track".

I need to look and see how he's going to spin this one and backpedal 3 days later...

PENNY LOOKS LIKE the guy from the cover of MAD magazine...if only my photoshop skills were better...

This team may look like a team of desperation, but this team is pretty much in its own LAND OF THE LOST situation.

I think Penny will execute better because he will not be afraid to audible a bad play call if e sees something, that said Henne got hung out to dry by a desperate coaching staff. I meen it`s not just the play callng it`s also the fact that they never really worked with Henne on his fundamentals and mechanics which is were I believe his problems lie. I see a young player with all the skills who just needs to be coached up, I meen what are his problems really, the fade pass in the redzone (coachable), selling play action (very coachable), looking of defenders and using the pump fake, aside from coachable gets to be second nature with time, David Lee is just as responsible here folks he hasn`t properly coached this kid in 3 years, you add a player not properly polished by his position coach to the play calling we have seen it will spell disaster everytime. The writing is on the wall for the season and the coaching (mediocre and I am being kind) staff, top to bottom what a mess so sad.

cocoajoe, watched alot of practices. henne never looked comfortable and never led the team down the field. penne was the ultimate leader who commanded respect and is very smart. but penne's arm was really weak in davie in august. thigpen really is the guy who's waiting his turn. he has that special something you can see and feel. he makes all the throws,is receiver friendly and can RUN. he moves well in the pocket and senses pressure. he's the future;penne's the bridge. thig reminds me of sanchez;only better.

Doesn't matter. We won't win the Division, we won't get a Wildcard berth. At this point, it's all about a winning record (Maybe)

Coward bailout...

Dear Mr. Aloco


Yes...say your sitting there watching tv and you start to channel surf and all of a sudden you find yourself watching Iron chef on the food network, do you ?

A - get pen and paper to write down recipes


B- self apply cooking oil to your nether region

Soiled :)

Chad P is just a band-aid on a wounded Dolphin team that needs help in all areas from players to coaches.
Fins are not a playoff team; they may win games with pennington and somehow get into the playoffs but it's 1 and done. And then where are we? Right back where we started after Marino started: searching for a starting QB.


These are desperate moves, signing of Harris and starting Pennington, by a desperate coaching staff. They have failed us and lied to us continually this season. Sprano needs to go, if for no other reason, he can't see that the issue is the O.C. I think Mando was right on in the article about Henne and finding out if he is the future or not. This season is over. We need to think about the future and Pennington isn't it. We need someone who can evaluate talent because we obviously are lacking in that department. To many wholes on this team after three years.

" Pennington said. "And it's a situation that's not fair. I've been there before. I've been benched when it wasn't really my fault.

Got it guys?

Read between the lines...

Pennington is inferring that C3P0 hasn't gotten a fair chance? Perhaps due to Zombie and his ineptitude?

Go Phins!

the dolphins finally got it right. pennington will absolutely run this offense much better than suck boy henne could ever even try to. those who said miami would win 10 games, might be right. (NOW, with this qb change)!

How glad are you if your the titans DC right now, whoa, they just pulled the young gun out of their and now their going with a guy that cant throw father than 25 yrd and no running game to speak of. THANKS A LOT MIAMI!!! All we is two TDS and the games in the bag!!!


Pennington 8-0 clinch division in New England, Sporano Coach of the year, Fins win superbowl, Pennington MVP and then.....FIST PUMP!

Soiled LMAO!

You speak from experience? That came a little too easy?

Go Phins!

Big sea scallops or little bay scallops, Aloco? I like sea scallops. If they're sea scallops, pan in butter or fried in a little butter w/oil (keeps butter from burning). Resist urge to keep turning. Leave them alone and turn once.


How silly must he feel writing this article TWO DAYS later?

Anyone have Jim Plunkett or Steve Deberg;s phone number?

Anyone have Jim Plunkett or Steve De berg's phone number?

Go Phins!


Posted by: ALoco

My recomendation to that ppl watch the series LOST, fits this team perfectly for 2010!!!!

Hey Sparano!

Don't forget to defer the Kickoff again!

We want to prove to everyone how tough we are by stopping Moss and CJ on a 4 and out!

Go Phins!

Pennington 8-0 clinch division in New England, Sporano Coach of the year, Fins win superbowl, Pennington MVP and then.....FIST PUMP!

Posted by: TED | November 10, 2010 at 05:45 PM

NOT EVEN if it were Madden 2010 the game would that be realistic!!!!

I hear Al Harris is a guy that will leave it all out on the field for you. He's that kind of player!

He will leave his ACL, MCL, Meniscus, Knee Cap, Cadaver ligament, thigh tissue.....

Go Phins!

A spark, fire Henning, instead the coaching staff took the easy way out

Hey, i wonder what ROSS is thinkin right now after the whole benching henne___air apperant to marino*lol* Well, kinda DROPPED the ball on that one!!!

Yeah, greg z, I've read your comments about Henne but I couldn't remember what you said about Penne. Well, let's hope his arm is healed now.

And for what's it worth, my choice would have been Thigpen. Penne might be able to at least give us some respectability the rest of the season. But what then? What happens when Penne re-injures (and it will happen sooner or later) his shoulder?

Ed Reed just Tweeted-

Damn I would have had 3 pics if they had stared that dude last week. I owned him in that playoff game!

i really think the big mistake was made in training camp. we had 3 qb's in camp who should have been in competition for the starting job. someone would have to seize the job thru their play. instead henne was annointed the"starter" without earning the position. he proceeded to lay an egg daily while the coaches gave him most of the snaps. he really stunk it up but was the starter. he was truly a project who never looked comfortable. he seldom thru the ball downfield;checkdowns were the order of the day. i left camp sick about the qb not winning the job. penne isnt the answer but he's a real qb who understands the game. penne's arm is weak however but his promotion over henne says alot about henne's future with this team.

yes, miami definitely needs to get a qb, maybe a trade or draft however they get one, doesn't really matter, but henne's time there is over. it's safe to say he's garbage. send him packing now. that was fat man parcells' boy. where is fat man at now?

Dear Mr. Martin

I suspect our friend Mr. Aloco may have a food fetish, don't use the words Pan seared or Flam bay in any of your posts, they trigger primal urges with in him

Soiled :)


A spark, fire?

Henning invented both of those in the caveman days along with the wheel.


Or meatball sandwich, he has to change his drawers!

COCOJOE, ALL GREAT TIPS .one thing about cooking in the grill or a pan you don't need to turn your steak or filet or sea scallops more than once .
cooking scallops in the pan w/butter and finish it w/lemon is my favorite .

cocoajoe, how you cook your SWEET BREAD ?

Wonder what Ross is gonna think when he sees all those empty seats this Sunday. Lot of season ticket holders will be finding other things to do this Sunday. I sold my tix to a couple of Tenn fans. Hope Ross enjoys those empty seats and a bunch of Tenn fans cheering on their team in the other seats.

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher just tweeted

Thank You, our gameplan just got simplier!!!!

Tennesse 1st drive huddle:

Ok guys all we need is one TD and we win, let's get it here then go relax for the rest of the game. Moss go deep for 80 yd td....and TD MOSS 80 yds.

We respond with....Run on 1st play and 1 yard later.....FIST PUMP! Sporano cheers..we are establishing the run! and....FIST PUMP for that.

Halftime comes and......FIST PUMP for being only down 21-3. Everyone's all smiles heading to locker room.

I haven't been saying-

"Sleeve of Wizard" or "Vagine" enough lately...


Actually Harris will leave after visiting with the front office personell and staff.

Hey Guys!

The days not over?

I'm sure they are about to announce the signing of an ex Cowboy player to the squad?


Trading Chad Henne? Haha! It's obvious that most people in this Blog might not be trolls bue certainly have a lot to learn about football. Right, Martin?

It isn't over for Henne, just remember the Brees situation in San Diego. He wasn't any good until his 3rd or 4th year, and now he's won a SB and one of the top QBs in the league by anyone's standard.

come on now, everyone knows this is the best move they could have made. the seats will be filled. you are one of the few henne supporters that just has to face the truth.

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