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Pennington: 'Now it's time to roll ...'

Chad Pennington just got done talking to the media at Dolphins camp. That's what the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback does every Wednesday around this time, so yes, you should know by now that Pennington is the starter.

He got a text from coach Tony Sparano Tuesday, asking when he was coming to work. Pennington texted back, saying he expected to be in by 10 a.m. Then he asked if Sparano needed him earlier. The coach said, "sure, a little sooner."

"I'm on my way," Pennington texted back.

After meeting with the coach for 45 minutes, he was returned to the job as the Dolphins starter. Pennington left the facility and took his dog to the groomer, which also conveniently gave Sparano an opportunity to speak with Chad Henne about being benched.

Then Pennington returned around 11 a.m.

"Chad and I talked for about an hour, got teary-eyed because we have a good relationship and we're good friends," Pennington said. "And it's a situation that's not fair. I've been there before. I've been benched when it wasn't really my fault. I understand every emotion he has and I understand everything he feels. He has every right to feel everything he has. We talked about it.

"I told him he needs to be ready to play. I made sure in the practice and the scripts we have, he gets some reps, because you're never sure what's going to happen. Just like he had to get ready to play three games in last year. It was a tough day for both of us, probably one of the hardest days for me as a professional."

All that behind them, Pennington can now get down to business.

"But now, it's time to roll," Pennington said. "It's time to focus on winning a football game."

Pennington replaces a player who threw for 1,900 yards the first eight games of the season. But the Miami offense lacked something -- aside from touchdowns, wiseguys. Pennington hopes to bring part of what has been missing.

"I just think as an offense, we've got to make sure we create a spark," he said. "Offensive football is about energy, it's about momentum. It's about synergy. It's about a feeling you have. And none of that happens with stats, it's not a statistic you can throw at it. So we have to find a way to create sparks during games. And when there's a chance to stick a dagger in a team and take their heart out, we got to do it. And when there's a chance to make a big play and get our crowd involved, we've got to do that. It's really important our crowd comes and supports us and so our we. So we have to create sparks and create energy and feed off that."

The Dolphins haven't done that. It's hard and wrong to blame Henne for the offense failing to do that. That would mean this change was easy. It was not.

But it is a fact and so Pennington is hoping to avoid the kind of offensive offense we've seen part of the past eight games.

"Sometimes we get in our own way ... We miss a block, we miss a throw, we fall down on a route, we've gotten in our own way," he said. "I think that's a fair assessment and we need to clean those things up. Just play better team football and that takes championship individual performances."


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You don't talk goof around bash, Martin, just plain shi-.


Sorry to be harsh. I guess when you dump on someone you pick on something easy like age, race, size, some trait, etc. This staff has more knowledge in 1 pinky finger than I will ever have. Henning sets himself up for this with his cavalier attitude. He would do much better with a veteran offense and Qb like a Favre, Marino, Elway. Someone who could push back a little. He intimidates and has the youngster playing scared?

LAPhinFan.....lol at rex trio

i believe bobbyd12 is making things up.

I had a girl that used to eat a lot of shi-. Sha was smelly.



Sadder days are ahead im afraid, not we dont have the QB of the future on this team, were back to square one looking for one in the draft..........With this regimes track record...UGH!!!!

Dont worry dolphin77, i will be playing golf, like a bunch of other fans while old noodle arm is out there losing to the Titans. I got my money selling my Club Seats to a couple Tenn fans so i can give a shyt less.

are they good seats?

Well - now we know why they didn't go after Moss. He's a DEEP THREAT and there's no way we could use him with Noodle Arm under center.

darryl, sweet bread

open your facet very little on the sweet bread under
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3-treat the sweet bread in milk
4-cover the sweat bread w flour and japense bread crumbs
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i love your recipe darryl ,i will try tomorrow

We dont need any more ANVILS coming here to sink this Broken ship..thank you, we can do that all on our own!!!!

Martin---no worries at all.

I'm fairly certain Henning is a goner after this year no matter what. In fact, he may just beat 'em to the punch and self-retire anyway. Didn't he sort of have to be talked into doing it by Parcells, anyway?

I'm sure they'll go in a different direction. And by all means keep the funny stuff coming!

Martin, Martin, you said you have been watching football for 30 yrs. I for 50, dr. roberts probably for 60+. Martin, Martin, respect your elders.

Armandos Friday Blog

Dr. Roberts, you can be certian OF nothing when it comes to miamis personal decisions only at how upset and sick it makes you feel when Nothing changes!!!!

henne wasnt ready to lead the team;he may never be ready. leaders are born,not made. henne was a project who required all the coaches attention. it eventually gets old when you realize it ain't working. alot of effort;no development. i still remember a drill where coaches had henne trying to get his throws to clear the crossbar on the goalpost to a receiver 25 yds away. he couldnt do it. thigpen did it every time. no loft,no touch!

My correction, Nothing GOOD changes!!!!!

All you morons that think Pennington is going to light up the offense are obviously still riding the short buss to work/school every day. Henne just bit the bullet for a jacka** OC and management that pulls the trigger to waive any player at a moments notice but not accept any real responsibility for the crap they hired to run this offense and fire Henning. Henne sat his first year behind Pennington and learned then so you morons that think Henne needs to sit another year can suck it. QB's learn by playing, not by sitting on their a**'s. Pennington even said at the end of last year that Henne was ready to lead the team. Yes he has a lot of interceptions this year, but half were do to receiver error. Why don't all you nay sayer fans walk into the ocean and drowned ,I'm sick of all of you. It's no wonder we can't win at home you're all a bunch of panzy a**, thumb sucking mammas boys. Be a man and support your team or move to NJ and support the never has been and never will be Yets cause you already sound like their cry baby fans anyway. For the 1% of you that support your team and have a logical point of view when writing on these blogs. Thanks for being real men and sports fans. Kill all poser fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an awfully huge mistake. Henne is in his FIRST YEAR AS A STARTER!!! The team is 4-4 and you absolutely cannot blame henne for the New England loss. Playcalling and execution has been much more of a problem than QB play. Defense dropping MANY int's, so arewe going to bench S. Smith and C. Clemons also? Cannot lay all of this at Henne's feet. Sparano in full desparation mode. Top five draft pick and ANOTHER rebuilding year next year. Been a fan for 30 years and almost ready to jump ship. Don Shula must be ashamed of what has become of this team.

I think the problem is this-

Most Dolphin fans, especially those of us that have been so since the 70s are tired.

We became fans of a team that always competed and competed with CLASS. The Robbie Family, Shula etc. I think we have had only 2 losing seasons in the last 40 years?

It is frustrating to always be somewhat in the mix with a missing piece here or there. Only to fill one hole and spring a leak somewhere else.

Meanwhile you see other teams come from nothing, make their run, Steelers, 49ers, Bills, Cowgirls, Pats etc. You even get nobodies come up for a year, Falcons, Saints, Charges, Cards etc.

I think this is the most loyal fan base anywhere and this team owes its fans a superior product at some point.

Listen People, big and unexpected changes provoke fear and therefore rash reactions. Settle down and let's wait until Sunday. Meanwhile, let's keep talking shi-.

i can't see any THing but shame you elders brought on to my dolphins .

(( your old ways OF DOING BUSINESS are finished and you know it ))

fans in the range of 25-40 are the best ,they go out and buy tickets .

Big changes provoke fearful reactions. Let's wait until Sunday to vent our frustrations.

Martin, That was beautiful, gave me a tear in the eye..


Not sure what you are getting at? I am a 44 year old grandfather. 3 kids 2 homes and a 25 year marriage. I'm not sure what your trip is but this is a friggen blog. I don't see anyone's age, color, race, sexuality or religion on here. I don't care to either. I am not out to hurt anyone personally. Don't put me on blast dude!
The dr. took care of his business. I'm getting tired of people who play blog monitor. Don't read it if you don't like it Sir. Is that respectful enough?

There's always gonna be a hard core of true Fans, Martin. The rest just go along for the Ride.


You are becomming one of the funnier posters on this blog.....

hated the "why not ass" stuff....but after you put that to bed you have had me cracking up.....makes the day go faster and its always good to laugh after a loss

martin, are your houses nice or just houses ?

ALoco, bullshyt, ive been buying season tix for 15 straight years. We finally get going in the right direction and they bench our QB instead of getting to the real problem, Dan Henning. Henne leads a 97 yard drive then what does Henning do? He puts the leash back on. Im sick of hearing this is Henne's fault, a guy who has started 21 games. This is the COACHES FAULT. And im going to show my displeasure at this organization the way i know how, by NOT attending their games. Empty seats or seats filled with other teams fans makes a point. You got big nutz talking about buying tix when you live in Delaware too

"Pennington: 'Now it's time to roll ..."Those words were spoken by a passenger on one of the Ill Fated flights on 9/11 that crashed in pennsylvania, I hope this is not a omen of things to come, we know how that turned out for the last guy that uttered those words...

BobbyD 12,

Arn't the stands always half filled with the other teams fans? Thats one of the most dissapointing things about being a FIN FAN.....or worse yet, the stands are empty like a baseball game.....No teams ever talk about Miami's home field advantage.....

Miami WTF's....that was funny

I also have two houses inhabited by my wives.

I've heard my father talk about Dick Lebeau. He was a wrestler back in the 30s, right?

Kris, Miami has had a "Home" field advantage since they left the Orange Bowl... IMHO..

bobbyd12, i don't live in delaware .

i AGREE W/YOU ON HENNE but we have look at the season and try to salvage it if we can,also we have business to run ,also we need to sell these ticket other wise ross losses .now henne;s attuide didn't help last game by smiling on the sideline .

plus MARSHALL wants chad.p on the helm and went to THE HC AND ASKED FOR IT .THIS IS A FACT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT .

caphin fan,LOSER!!!!

In the evening...In the evening..baybeewhen the sun goes downnn...

heard my father talk about Dick Lebeau. He was a wrestler back in the 30s, right?

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 10, 2010 at 07:35 PM

Wasn't he a Character on "Hogans Heroes"????

Henne apologists never die . . . they just drink more beer.


Are u saying they haven't had one since the Orange bowl, or the "HOME: advantage is better since they left the Orange bowl...i didn't understand

All you whiners complaining about benching Henne are funny. Even Pro Football Focus, which tracks stats and evaluates players based on metrics, is suggesting a switch to Pennington because of how ineffective Henne is.

They Havent had a home field advantage since they left The OB

Greg z, excellent insights my brotha.

This move is a desperation move. It's two guys (Ireland and Sparano) trying to save their jobs. This does nothing but set the franchise back. In the end, it won't work and both will be fired for two reasons.
#1. Pennington is not going to give the offense what it needs. This offense has no vertical threat to stretch the field, Pennington will not help in that regard. That has never been his game. Expect the same dink and dunk offense,kicking a lot of field goals.
#2. Pennington simply can't stay healthy.If and when he gets hurt, what is Sparano going to do? Go back to Henne? Try Tyler Thigpen?
See you later, Tony and Jeff maybe Parcels,the fat quitter, will give you another job at his next rehabilitation project. You are done in Miami.

No ALoco, Sparano is sacraficing Henne and the future to win a couple games this year AND cover up the miserable failings of his OC Henning. And you live up north, ur not a season tix holder

Cuban, think your right....he was the little French guy. Very versatile guy. Wrestler, actor, coach.

No ALoco, Sparano is sacraficing Henne and the future to win a couple games this year AND cover up the miserable failings of his OC Henning. And you live up north, ur not a season tix holder

Posted by: bobbyd12 | November 10, 2010 at 07:45 PM

But Aloco is a frequnt flyer on the "Air plane Glue express"...... LOL

so the coach can't do any to spark his team bobbyd ?

the coach should stay still doing no thing ?

look at reed in PHI he switches between 2 QB'S .

no thing said to me by this move that henne will not be back as a starter ,may be he needs a wake up call /

to be or not to be

hey! Mr caphin fan with all do respect to you and all other phinatics, the owner the GM and the coaching staff has more knowledge how to run a football organization a coaching staff that any persons on this app put together for two life times, so if know so much and have such a high IQ no disrepect to you, send in your resume to the dolphin organization to see if they give a job interview, hey what do i know as you say, i am a MORON!!! go find out if you qualify for that job, LMAO

Yeah, martin, you had me lmao till the dr put you in check and you got serious

ray, that was a great post

Angry Elf is in the same moron boat who would have benched Peyton Manning or Drew Brees or other star QBs who were HORRENDOUS after 21 starts. No clue whatsoever on the time it takes to become a solid QB in this game, Big Hint: it aint 21 games you ass. Hopefully you live in S. Fla so when the blackouts start you can whine n cry about how people arenr supporting a limp noodle QB. Enjoy

Lol @ cuban ' let's roll'

I for one applaud this move. Watching Henne look uncomfortable in the pocket and hold on to the ball forever only to dump it off to the running back... time and time again.

Henne benched is the worst thing that could
of happened to this franchise. Even if by some miraculous reason we win every game from here on out. where does that lrave us for the coming years.

Tony Sparano needs to get fired along with his living fossil dan henning...

it is fustrating to see this team go down again when it almost looked like it was getting somewhere.

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