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Pennington: 'Now it's time to roll ...'

Chad Pennington just got done talking to the media at Dolphins camp. That's what the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback does every Wednesday around this time, so yes, you should know by now that Pennington is the starter.

He got a text from coach Tony Sparano Tuesday, asking when he was coming to work. Pennington texted back, saying he expected to be in by 10 a.m. Then he asked if Sparano needed him earlier. The coach said, "sure, a little sooner."

"I'm on my way," Pennington texted back.

After meeting with the coach for 45 minutes, he was returned to the job as the Dolphins starter. Pennington left the facility and took his dog to the groomer, which also conveniently gave Sparano an opportunity to speak with Chad Henne about being benched.

Then Pennington returned around 11 a.m.

"Chad and I talked for about an hour, got teary-eyed because we have a good relationship and we're good friends," Pennington said. "And it's a situation that's not fair. I've been there before. I've been benched when it wasn't really my fault. I understand every emotion he has and I understand everything he feels. He has every right to feel everything he has. We talked about it.

"I told him he needs to be ready to play. I made sure in the practice and the scripts we have, he gets some reps, because you're never sure what's going to happen. Just like he had to get ready to play three games in last year. It was a tough day for both of us, probably one of the hardest days for me as a professional."

All that behind them, Pennington can now get down to business.

"But now, it's time to roll," Pennington said. "It's time to focus on winning a football game."

Pennington replaces a player who threw for 1,900 yards the first eight games of the season. But the Miami offense lacked something -- aside from touchdowns, wiseguys. Pennington hopes to bring part of what has been missing.

"I just think as an offense, we've got to make sure we create a spark," he said. "Offensive football is about energy, it's about momentum. It's about synergy. It's about a feeling you have. And none of that happens with stats, it's not a statistic you can throw at it. So we have to find a way to create sparks during games. And when there's a chance to stick a dagger in a team and take their heart out, we got to do it. And when there's a chance to make a big play and get our crowd involved, we've got to do that. It's really important our crowd comes and supports us and so our we. So we have to create sparks and create energy and feed off that."

The Dolphins haven't done that. It's hard and wrong to blame Henne for the offense failing to do that. That would mean this change was easy. It was not.

But it is a fact and so Pennington is hoping to avoid the kind of offensive offense we've seen part of the past eight games.

"Sometimes we get in our own way ... We miss a block, we miss a throw, we fall down on a route, we've gotten in our own way," he said. "I think that's a fair assessment and we need to clean those things up. Just play better team football and that takes championship individual performances."


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Shomer Shabbas

Woa.... I think they look pretty damn good in pass blocking... However run blocking may be a different story... I say may be because a RB must hit an open hole very quickly... Ronnie has been doing a tap dance... Ricky has been a touch better at getting there.
I still say there pass blocking (Particularly against the Packers and Cincy) has been excellent.
Now there is an issue I lay on the coaches... You simply MUST allow these guys time to work together... O-line are units that play together for entire careers... Only Carey and Long seem to be given a solid non stop starting opportunity.

If HENNING didnt kill our team MOMENTUM so much we would be ranked top 10 in both passing and rushing. When losing MOMENTUM it hurts both your offense and defense.

Pricemaster its amazing we're ranked as high as we are in both those categories the way HENNING kills our team's MOMENTUM on such a regular basis.

Henne get all the blame because Henning does do his job well.

We have been mediocre for far too many years...when will we draft better, when will we coach better, and when will we play better...just getting sick of all this. If Ross cant see this then he must be deaf and blind...or possibly dumb

Don't you people listen to my show? Dan Henning sat down with Coach and asked for the switch. Yee Haw, Dan Henning just FU@ked all you Dolphin fans again and your all bending over and grabbing your ankles. Congrats for being the DUMBEST fans in football.

Some have posted that CP10 should be the OC.
This is a very intriguing idea.
CP10 is young and football savvy.
Could be a long term solution at OC.
Let's pull the trigger on this one.

DyingB...well, I hear you. I've been a fan for awhile, the fins are the only sports team I follow. Still, I think its too easy to pick on Henning, maybe its just a mismatch between his philosophy and the players we have. If you open your eyes, it becomes hard pressed to know if its execution or Henning. I really want to believe in Henne...the guy has some skills, and his stats are commendable...but he just seems tentative still, misses the reads, and throws the ball in a spot that leads the receivers right into a tackler...but, I still think he has serious potential...with that said, I am in favor of the swith to Penne right now.

If HENNING didnt kill our team MOMENTUM so much we would be ranked top 10 in both offense and defense. When losing MOMENTUM it hurts both your offense and defense.

Pricemaster its amazing we're ranked as high as we are in both those categories the way HENNING kills our team's MOMENTUM on such a regular basis.

Henne get all the blame because Henning does do his job well.

the big difference with penne is his proven leadership abilities. i never saw that with henne. its the right call and the right reason to make the change. henne is an average backup in this league. the henne era is officially over. lets hope that penne stays healthy!

Shawne Merriman left practice with an injury.

Woa... Its that "Tentative Moment" that seems to really kill Henne. Its like he does not trust himself sometimes, or he is afraid to catch hell. I have seen him looking to the deep pass and the end zone... then he hesitates and checks down... either that or he waits to long and over throws or throws behind a guy. That tentative passing is killing his accuracy... if Miami can coach him out of that and help with with some touch and look off ability (all teachable issues) things may change. Henne may be back this year... OR he will CERTAINLY be given a chance to win his job over the off season... and that is 100% fair to ANY QB who has struggled... don't you think?


If you just understand MOMENTUM. You hear the booth announcers speak of it all the time no matter the sport. Who ever has it seems to be in control. Who ever maintains it most usually wins the game.

What name nearly always comes up when it comes to us losing MOMENTUM? DAN HENNING

Its usually a dumb playcall, the wildcat, or his useless rb platoon system. These things robs us of our MOMENTUM and we usually LOSE.

Dave Meggett of NYG running back fame got 30 years in jail.
Say hello to Lawrence Taylor.


Either our team has the MOMENTUM or the other team does. MOMENTUM is never in a neutral state. It never stops its just tranfered.

Remember this when you hear our team has or has lost the MOMENTUM. It basically means you have either increased or decreased your team's chances of winning.

What did Meggett do?... Doper or what?

Burglary and Rape I think.

Oh damn...criminal sexual conduct and burglary... Yup... that'll do'er..... See ya in 17 to 25 years....

Players can either get momentum rolling one way or the other. Players change it with turnovers. OC's change it with horrible decisions.

Bad OC decisions can = turnovers because not only does it changes Who can acquire or re-acquire MOMentum it also gives possession of the ball back to the other team.

If MOMENTUM were a charted NFL stat it would be HENNING not Henne benched today!

Does Phillip Merling get the start Sunday?
Does Randy Starks go back to NT?
These are important questions.

I doubt Merling gets back this week... I am thinking perhaps when Miami heads North for The Jests or NE he may make it back... Who knows with Starks... Solia had a few nice plays last week... Early on in the red zone Miami's Defense was dead ass in Flaacos face... One drive there were 2 sacks and a penalty which moved them back well away from the goal line...
I remember when Sparano and Co. said "We are going to be counting very much on our young rookies"... Then we lost Odrick, Edds, Sheets (not a Rookie but fast) and Merling (not a rookie but important)... I sort of thought that plan was in trouble already... Its very difficult being a young team without a ton of experience... Vet teams like Baltimore can beat you just being smart and efficient... Not even mentioning good.

Hey CP10,

I'm behind you 100% brother.
Besides, the Dolphins are my team goddammit.
Let's turn the Titans into MIDGETS!!

Marc in Toronto,
You're saying Marshall is on pace to set records this year, correct? Do you have "The Sunday Ticket"? I don't think you do beacause the majority of Henne's passes to Marshall this year have been dink-and-dunk. Pennington will be fine. Not as great of an arm as Henne over 20-25yds, (like Henning has let Henne throw longer? LMFAO!) but Penny is a leader. Our offense is in desparate need of a leader! Everyone has to admit that. Now, the future of the QB position on the Dolphins? Penny will be the starter for the rest of the season unless:
1) He gets hurt, or
2) We get mathematically eliminated with a
a game, or two left.
Although I firmly believe it reeks of desperation by a lame-duck (maybe) Head Coach,
it is a win-win for Sparano. I don't think anyone, fans, or coaching staff, thinks Penny will do a worse job than Henne. If he does, Henne gets his job back. Henne may still get his job back even if Penny excels. Another team may come with a big $ payday for Penny to sign. Then, it's back to Henne. Can't you see it in Penny's eyes. He wants to play! He was hurt, then basically demoted and now he's back. That motivation will benefit me and all you other lounge lizard dolphin fans. C'mon! Give Penny his due! SMART quarterback play is what we need right now!

Considering the latest cut of Jason Allen, its still a mystery why they put Will Allen on IR, he could have been back by now.

Our road win streak got snapped last week.
Know what that means?
Our home loss streak also gets snapped - goddammit.

Even if by miracle we made the playoffs as wildcard. Remember the 2008 Ravens playoff game. You will never be able to win a playoff game with a noodled armed qb.

Hell we may as well just shoot for top 10 nfl draft position. Its not like we dont still have plenty of needs.

Next time we bring in a new regime, will someone plaese just get a recommendation from Don Shula. Its not like the guy resides at the Taj Mahal.

We would be better off now if Huizenga would have went to him admited the mistake and just appologized. But noooo...... Thats why we are where we are at now!!!

Can we say Leadership my friends CP10 we lead us to the playoffs

I HOPE 'I'AM WRONG..BUT WE KNOW HOW THIS IS GONNA END..With 2 big name coaches out there Tony porano is dead meat!That's why Bill left ''He knew what was about to happen..As for penny..He doesn't play defense the defense has been bad !Aside of Wake and Dansby and a little Vontae.There's been alot of players standing around doing nothing..So this could get ugly for the rest of the year..All of Chad Hennes int's were not his fault see the tape ..I could see Jon Gruden be the thing that will make Chad Henne become this teams quaterback again!

Why not fire henning now, we've already conceded the season and the division and said no thanks to another young QB again in place of trent green, OOPS my bad, chad pennington. Meltdown of the year just happened, we can start righting the ship by admitting our REAL mistake in letting henning still have playcalling duties!!!

Tony Sporano seems to be scared sh@#@#less of Dan Henning..He lets him call the wildcat..lets him run a boring offense ..And today he told him to bench Henne for pennighton and he did!TONY SPORANO TAKES ''RESPECT YOUR ELDERS'' TO FAR!

well, ive read mando's articles and your posts. i think it's sad, i had hoped, as much as i do not think henne is the right fit for this team, that he would be allowed to be given the green light and prove himself. stupidly the organization did not allow that to happen. in order to end up in the win column they, in that desperate attemp have chosen penny. good QB, but not one destined for many years. so, with that, turning down moss, dumping allen, picking up harris.....all moves reflecting desparation....one man's opinion! it does not look good for the dolphins!

This is just the next step in Henning getting canned.

Sporano had too do something. The offense just isn't getting it done. It was either reel in Henning or bench Chad.

Now Pennington with no running game AND Henning calling the plays. Nice, Tony.

When this implodes, who we gonna blame?

Odin, thats easy,,,,,,,,,,,,blame ROSS for being the bonehead that started all this nonsense of calling henne marino's surpasser,not to mention SB champions!! Then bill for packing and running away when things were looking bad, then Henning for still being alive, and then BLAME the whole coaching staff for not having a F#@kin$ clue on how to build a solid foundation that excells teams past mediocre to actual contenders, now were stuck in 2008 again and this time we dont have the wildplaykiller to bail us out!!!!

if u want to create a spark bring in some young new oc

Odinseye, Henning is gone after this season. That's just a given. This decision falls squarely on Sparano. If Pennington fails, then Sparano is accountable because this was HIS decision - according to his press interview. If he calls back Henne, then do you think the team or front office will trust his judgment?

Now Henne can do the domo arigato Mr. Robato in the sidelines, he has to learn how to act an react as an NFL QB in all kind of situations, he has a lot to learn, he is no Rodgers but Rodgers study the game in the sidelines through many years watching all the situations Favre performed. So Henne, be patient and improve your skills. Pennington is a naturall born leader, he will get the job done, for sure.

Well, Al Harris is an upgrade over Will Allen. Oh wait, we cut Will Allen.

Well, at least he's an upgrade over that other guy we kept. What was his name? Oh no, wait, we cut that guy too.

And Parcell's left why?

Obviously they do, since they've done next to nothing on having the balls to know a QB situation is getting tiring to watch when we have to rely on an injury prone ball hanger Chad pennington to try and provide a spark for this team.....How can we compete or get better when our QB now has no future for this team!!!!

Odin, Jason allen was the one waived for harris, but yea, another washed up veteren to sign in hopes of winning now*lol* oh and he happens to be injury prone as well, at least he's not from the cowboys staff of rejects!!!

MARSHALL''RICKY WILLIAMS' BRIAN HARTLINE''On there radio shows.. Said that they belive in Chad Henne..And it's the playcalling..Thats the problem..Well today Omar Kelly saids that Chad Henne doesnt like to throw deep..But isn't he suppose to do what the OC want him to throw?


Are you sure you didn't leave anyone out-LOL?

I feel you man, everyword of it.

This is the first time I've posted since Sunday. I just couldn't deal with the frustration.


Can you just imagine if peyton manning had henning as an OC, henning wouldve been gone the first week............OF training camp!!!!

glad i generated more conversation regarding additional years of rebuilding! both players and coaches, i wish we could get Shula back! i mean it.....call me stupid, the man is still focused....and knows more than the current coaches put together....


When the Bat of Pigs invasion failed, John F Kennedy started his press conference with:

Victory has a thousand Fathers, Defeat is an orphan.

I am the responsible officer in charge.

To be fair, Sporano's in a tough position. Even so, I think this move, more than any other, will come back to bite him on the ....................

why not, the redskins gave Gibbs a second go, and even tho it didnt work out, at least they tried!!!!

you ever think that maybe henning calls long plays but henne always checks down to the dink dunk passes? maybe henne was scared out there and henning was the one getting frustrated. thats my theory anyway. helps me sleep at night, gives a reason henning is still there and not henne!

Make Chad Pennington, Offensive Cordinator. Draft a New QuarterBack in 2011, With both, Henne & New QB under OC PENNINGTON teaching them how to be More Productive, Bt of course were talking about Miami here, If it Makes scense and sounds good, they wont adopt it!

andy, c i said that weeks agp! where you been?

superphin, if manning had henning as an OC, he would ignore him and call his own plays. which is what henne should have done...you have to


When the Bay of Pigs invasion failed, John F Kennedy opened his presser with:

Victory has a thousand Fathers, Defeat is an orphan. I am the responsible officer in charge.

To be fair, Sporano is in a tough position.

Having said that, I think this move, more than any others, will come back too bite him in the ...

CP10 for OC!

Start the chant.
Start the rant.
Dan Henning can't.
Bess on the slant.

CP10 for OC!

Playbook updated to 2010.
Gettin' the ball to the the right men.
Dan Henning a "has been."
Living in the Endzone once again.

Sphin..,if manning had henning as an OC, he would ignore him and call his own plays. which is what henne should have done...you have to

Ah, a double post themed evening...............

CP10 for OC!

Start the chant.
Start the rant.
Dan Henning can't.
Bess on the slant.

CP10 for OC!

Playbook updated to 2010.
Gettin' the ball to the the right men.
Dan Henning a "has been."
Living in the Endzone once again.

Its alright redsky, i get the picture---------HENNING SUCKS!!!

CP10 for OC!

Start the chant.
Start the rant.
Dan Henning can't.
Bess on the slant.

CP10 for OC!

Playbook updated to 2010.
Gettin' the ball to the the right men.
Dan Henning a "has been."
Living in the Endzone once again.

Sorry Redsky, Been under a rock! Don't get much Dolphins info up here in Connecticut, Only, Patriots, Jets, and Giants. So Redsky I give you Props. Good Job, good to know there are fellow Dol-Fans out there!


I'm double posting cause I got double vision.

I've been tryint to drink away this Dolphin induced deppression since Sunday.

Fire Henning, Make Chad Pennington OC, Draft Franchise QB in 2011, Or Try to Sign Michael Vick???? Draft RB, TE, ILB...

Henne will get better from this... The only thing he can keep doing is getting better til he earns his starting spot back. Cote is the worst writer ever....I really dont see how this guy gets paid.

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