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Pennington shoulder injury likely season ending, Henne going for MRI this evening, Thursday starter unclear

Dolphins starting quarterback Chad Pennington, making his first start at quarterback in over a year after suffering a shoulder injury in 2009, suffered a severe right shoulder injury that likely has ended his season prematurely.

The injury happened on the first play from scrimmage for the Dolphins offense versus Tennessee.

After being hit but not driven to the ground on the play, Pennington stayed in the game one more play. In the huddle, one Dolphins player said, Pennington was asking teammates to pull on his shoulder and pop it back into place.

After the second play, he realized he could not continue.

Pennington has had three right shoulder surgeries. While the Dolphins did not rule anything in or out for him, it seems clear the team is making plans to go on without him. Pennington did not speak after the game, but rather expects to talk to the media in the next few days.

"He doesn't want to be a distraction," a team spokesman said.

"For him to have another shoulder problem, it's tough," teammate and second-stringer Chad Henne said.

Henne came into the game on Miami's third offensive play. And he went out of the game in the third quarter when someone rolled his left knee and the knee cap was somehow twisted with great force.

"I have to get an MRI at 6:30 and we'll see what happens from there," Henne said. "It doesn't feel good. But for me, if I can stand and I can run on it, I'm going to be playing. So whatever happens, we'll see.

"It didn't feel good enough to come back. But I'm not going to be one to baby my knee. If I can be in there, I'll be in there."

So where does that leave third-stringer Tyler Thigpen?

Working toward the uncertainty of either starting or not against the Chicago Bears on Thursday.

"Phyiscally I'm ready to go, mentally I feel I'm ready to go," Thigpen said. "But it would be nice if I am named the starter this week due to injury to get the timing down with the guys.

"It's going to be extra long hours in the facility this week, but you have to be a professional. We have three days to get ready."


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Um, they play the Bears on Thursday not Detroit. And it won't matter who is QB if the O-line doesn't get better. That's the real problem. Learn how to run block!

we play Chicago not the Lions.


Had the pleasure of watching Flutie when he played here in the Cowtown for a few years. The last play of the game reminded me of Doug. When Thigpen ran the naked bootleg to perfection I thought to myself that maybe he should get a shot.Even if Henne is sorta okay,which I hope,I think Thighpen should start on Thursday.
Any thoughts about who the Dolphins will pick up as back up QB`s. Will Pat White return?
See you all Thursday nite at the Bears game

Great win!!! I think if henne can go then he should but sparano might start thigpen and henne be number 2.unless henne can take snaps on monday thigpen starts against the bears


Hey Dumba$$. We Play Chicago On Thursday, Not Detroit. Who Writes This Crap Without Checking Something Like That? And Who Reposts It?

Kidding me right? Doctors had no clue his shoulder was hanging by a thread? His career is over

Better hope Henne is ok, we are in a really bad spot if Henne is out

Besides losing 2 qb's the one thing that bothered me was the attitude of Brandon Marshall. Sparano needs to levy a heavy fine, perhaps even sit him for a quarter on Thursday. He is beggining to look adrift, and that little temper tantrum he threw is bush league, and should not go unpunished. That was about as disrespectful, and dumb as it gets. I don't care how frustrated he is. Grow up

Well we got to roll with what we got now...we must unite and get behind whomever is the starter on Thurs...we need to beat the bears and their D is playing well... Go Miami !!!!

Make Penny the OC, or at least OC -in-waiting,

Keep him as part of this Organization.

This makes sparano look foolish that he was injured so easily. hell how could he even lift a weight with that hand grenade of a shoulder. I hope henne is ok. I like how Thigpen can move though. Db's need to hit the jugs machine this week cutler will give them plenty to drop this week.

arnt we playing the bears??


Couldn't agree more!

Go Phins!


you guys realize that we have a serious QB problem right now???

didnt get to see the game.. what was the Marshall tantrum about?

How insane was the end of the Houston V. J-Ville game?

This is a bad week to have a injuries at qb. They have to get going with the gameplan rightaway. I hope Hennes injury isn't a day to day thing that leaves the starting qb. decision in limbo. I have a lot more respect for Henne today then I did last week. I thought he did a very good job today. He missed some passes, and he has his deficiencies. but he showed he could handle adversity, and I thought he held it together well today. The idea of Thigpen staring are exciting because he is so different then any of our our qb's. Maybe we will see a re-birth of the wildcat, and see it run in a different light. At least this makes the Bears have to prepare for this, not easy on a short week.

I hope Henne is ready for Thursday because Thigpen is a wild card, you never know what kind of decisions he will make. He can look great one play and awful the next. There is a reason why he isn't thought of as a starter anywhere else.

Really gotta feel for Chad Pennington tonight as his career is probably over, a really classy guy that I hope the Dolphins keep around in a coaching capacity if he does call it a day, OC position maybe coming up, maybe David Lee gets moved up the QB coach is available, gotta be a good thing for Chad Henne though, gotta hope his knee is ok too.

alaco how dumb are u? how is he talkin to teams about backup qbs??? the trade deadline is passed idiot

Anyone else think that Thigpen looked really good out there? And that the team really came together around him? He can throw touch passes, he can run, and this was coming off the bech 3rd string?

didnt get to see the game.. what was the Marshall tantrum about

He was frustrated because he slipped after a catch and didn't get the first, but that was only his 3rd catch of the game so he was really mad about the lack of attempts to him. Stupid play, though. Killed momentum

if thigpen is so good how come kc gave him away?? im not sold on him the titans didnt prepare for him maybe thats why he was ok i also saw that horrible throw to d bess that was almost picked

Thursday starter unclear? Hello!

well bc they had new front office personel and brought in a qb that was having a great year in the abscence of Tom Brady.. maybe thats why..


You don't know what kind of decisions Thigpen will make?

Did you watch the game?

Decision #1 Pre-snap read

Decision #2 Scan your progressions all of them

Decision #3 Throw to the Check down NOPE Scratch that!

Decision #3 Buy time with his pocket presence and mobility while looking down field

Decision #4 Tuck it and run, hit the open man down field, check down to the back.

For everyone complaining about forcing throws...no guts no glory but at least you are trying

Go Phins!

I don't know who the answer is but certainly is not Chad Henne.

Henne is out for the year guys. Penny too, obviously.


Guys, I just heard both Chad Pennington and Chad Henne are out for the year.

this team can't run the ball at all. very disappointing in year 3 of a Parcell's built team.

I don't know what to make of this team's offense right now.

Defense looks good. Need more big plays in the secondary. give Carroll a chance too.


Sounds like Pennington is done for the year and most likely Thigpen is the starter Thursday, which means we will need to sign someone, maybe even to backup. Not sure who might be out there but I guess we'll be looking at guys like Jeff Garcia, Chase McDaniel and someone like Ken Dorsey. Pretty slim pickings. Anyone have any other ideas? Does Culpepper made get another look? There's not much there guys.

If he was so good, why did KC get rid of him? Because they are Patriots South. The new KC Regime wanted Cassel period.

Go Phins!


Why was Marshall mad? We won the game.

guys, i gotta tell you, henne's two most impressive games were today and against pittsburg! that being said, a gimpy henne, who lacks mobility when healthy, will only get him hurt worse. he does not deserve a season or career ending injury, so, i would start thigpen thursday with henne as #2 if he is able. we are in serious QB trouble! but you know, there is always BM, put him in and let him get a real feel for what it is to be an NFL QB....he might then be able to control his tantrums and childish behaviour!

I almost feel like throwing a Marshall's tantrum if the bad news are true.

If you are going to guarantee a playoff you should probably not throw a tantrum because you don't get thrown to on every down. You might want to celebrate when other receivers on your team make a touchdown too. Instead of walking of all bitter spice. Marshall we love ya but......C"MON MAN!

Go Phins!

"Hey, ehh, Daunte, ummmmm, yeah... it's ehm, Tony Sparano. Maybe you've heared that we ehm, we's need a QB? How youz feel about leavin' them Sacramento Mountain Lions to rejoin us here's in the NFL again?"


IT'S OFFICIAL ;;;;;;;;




We need Vick!

Anyone notice, at this point, how unhappy Marshall looks when a big play happens involving another receiver?

CRAIG M.- Henne is out for the year too. You won't find out official until next week, but word is he tore his MCL.

We need to sign a guy off the street or trade for somebody.



And I also want to say, to all the goofballs who wanted one of our quarterbacks traded in camp, it's a good thing we didn't or guess what?......our season would be over. Could you imagine Pat White playing out the string in Miami this year? It probably would guarantee us a top ten pick.

If Thigpen is going to be the only option until the end of the season I don't think he's going to be able to take us to the playoffs. However, it will give us a good read on what he can and can't do on this team for next year. Gotta think this is the end of the line for Pennington's playing career. Maybe he becomes an OC for next year a la Jason Garrett.

Don't rule out Pat White guys. Sounds absurd, but we have a short week, playing a game in 4 days. He's the only guy out there who already knows our playbook...

Chad Pennington deserves a better lot in life than this, but will be a Great QB Coach in the NFL (hopefully with the Fins). Chad Henne is a tough young man, who will continue to grow and mature for our Fins (hope his knee is OK). And finally, let's give a GAME BALL to Tyler Thigpen for coming off the bench (COLD), with no starting team snaps in practice this week, and SEALING THE DEAL with an 85 yard drive that was a DAGGER in the HEART to the TITANS. Defense played fabulous today and deserve same praise. Don't know what the rest of the season holds with these injuries to the QB position, BUT today I am so proud of our Dolphins!

Loco- How is it official that Henne will be receiving treatment this week? Sources are reporting Henne is out for the year too.

Not to mention, all I can say is that I know a guy who knows a guy... and he says that they think he tore his MCL.

Regardless, whether it's an MCL or a dislocated knee cap, Henne is out for the year.

Were 5-4 with HENNE after playing a tough schedule, Duh!

Calm down, take a breath. We're one play away from starting Ronnie Brown at Quarterback.

Thigpens our savior, yippee!!!!

Posted by: odinseye

The coaches took Henne out of the lineup due to his piss-poor performance, not me, you dullard.

Allow me to correct you: The Phins are 4-4 (mediocre) with Henne. Henne couldn't seal the deal today so he gets no win (this ain't baseball). Hopefully, Henne is healthy enough to be the backup this Thursday but not healthy enough to start.

Penne Deserves Better? He got a $3.5 million dollar raise for becoming a starter. Today that $1.75 million dollars per pass. He's now far and away the highest paid qb in nfl history.

That One Helluvah Boobie Prize. I know my bad luck's never ran so well. Has Yours?

Who's reporting that Henne is out for the rest of the year?

Hey Gator4Lyfe:

You are 100% correct... we were 4-4 with Henne. He did NOTHING in this game to be credited with a victory... he doesn't even get the save! Thiggy does.

Thigpen is 1-0 as far as I'm concerned. He sealed the deal for us.


Anyone reporting Henne out for season as of now are liars. Didnt you guys read the blog topic where Henne himself says he's scheduled for a mri at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning?

Cant be ruled out until the mri results!!!

The SS... a "source" is reporting it, and SS is going with it.

Also, like I said, and I wasn't joking... I know a guy who knows a guy. I can't say any more b/c I don't want to get some one in trouble. I was specifically told it was an MCL. But from what Henne is describing, it sounds like a disclocated knee cap.

Hey dummies,

Henne left the game with a lead and Penne wasnt in nearly long enough to be credited with a victory.

Thigpen threw 18tds and 12 ints startin 11 games in 08 on dreadful KC team..... I'm pretty sure he caught a td also on sum trick play...... He is the spark. I hope they get a clue and let him start

agreed DB, but they do need to name thigpen, they only have 3 days to prepare and a gympy henne is going to get hurt more.

Tyler Thigpen did a great job and is a NATURAL....yes, he will make the ocassional blunder but hasnt HENNE?....Thigpen will do a TERRIFIC job and is our best chance of beating the better teams...He will also get better with experience, remember he is very young too like HENNE...but he has "IT"...He can toss it and he can make decisions...I think he will be a GRAT QB one day....he will get better and better...you watch...

You all wanna give HENNE more develop time and I agree with that too...but why not afford that same time to Thigpen..??..He has more skills I beleive...

If he plays well the last half of the season, we MUST perservere with him....

I think he is very very good

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