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Phillip Merling activated from reserve list

It took Phillip Merling a while and there was a detour jog in South Carolina along the way, but the defensive end's 2010 season has officially begun.

Merling was today activated from the reserve non-football injury list by the Dolphins, meaning he is now eligible to begin playing after spending the past five-plus months rehabilitating an Achilles' tendon injury.

The Dolphins made room for Merling on the 53-man roster by waiving quarterback Patrick Ramsey. The Dolphins still have Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen as quarterbacks on their roster. Tom Brandstater is on the practice squad.

Merling, the 32nd overall pick in the 2008 draft, had hopes of finally meeting the grand potential and expectations the club had for him but he had a pretty bad offseason. First came the domestic battery arrest on his pregnant girlfriend -- an issue that was ultimately dropped because the girlfriend declined to go forward with the matter.

And then there was the injury ... away from the team practice facility ... while simply jogging.

The Merling addition means the Dolphins get a solid contributor (assuming Merling is ready to go full tilt) as a rotation player. Merling in recent years has accounted for 25-35 plays even when he wasn't starting.

The Merling return also lessens the blow of losing rookie starter Jared Odrick for the season.


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why do you care who the 3rd is? We are already done. If we lose Henne and Thig, we will forfeit the remainder of the games and rest for next year.

sorry, i didn't read the whole article.

I'd like to see Pat White back. running and on special teams.

Swamy, drink some warm milk and take a nap.

when last time you made love swamy ?

Hey! guys keep your eyes on ( TE Lance Kendricks 6-4 241 BEAST from Winscon-Bagger)or Deangelo Peterson from LSU. Now for RB check this kid form W.Huskies his name is Jordan Todman 5-9 200 avg. 120 yards a game this is a bad dude.

Also i'll be in Miami for the whole month of December if there are any findudes out there wantin to play!



Merling really is a wizard, he disappeared for nearly an entire season and now magically reappears. King Arthur would have been proud.

is there any point in activating him??? why not let him completely recover and get in shape for next year. why not let long get surgery now and heal sooner? why play your possible franchise qb on an injured knee when there ain't no chance for the playoffs? take a look at all the teams ahead of us for a wc, i think we lose all tiebreakers to all of them.

Another boring blog topic. Y...A...W...N...!!!

I know that we are still a longshot to make the playoffs. But the most practical scenario involves the jets going into a tailspin(which with their schedule could happen) Obviously we must continue to win, but as unlikley as it seems we have a punchers chance. The jets would be the one team that is ahead of us that could falter. Plus we may run into a NE team that has nothing to play for come the final Sunday. This would be pleasing in so many ways. 1 would be that we make the playoffs. 2 would be that it woud take a collapse of the jets to make it happen..A win win for us

If Merling is indeed 100% ready, I think he's gonna kick some serious ass. Look out!

defense gets better w Merling

can miami don tbe psycholigical gameface that helps thrm beat the elite teams??

I feel so STUPID! I thought "Snooke" was a term used to describe "Safe Nookie"? I didn't know it was an ugly Jets fan that uses a tanning bed to crack open Pistachio Nuts!

Lets get dis ting rollin down hill fellas!

Go Phins!

Root for the Pats this coming Monday!!! They will start the freefall of the Jets...Jets will finish the season 10-6 at best...Go Phins!!!

go fins

Steelers may slip too...They may end 10-6...maybe worse if big ben's injured foot turns into something worse...I will be rooting for the Ravens as well this coming weekend...

Go Phins!!!
Go Pats!!!
Go Ravens!!!


I was going to make a quick post but your last two covered it.

You said it better than I could've, but damn that was wierd.

Let the jetsplosion BEGIN!!!!

Great minds think alike!

That Moses is a real heartless fella? He ran Ramsey outta town before he even got his number permanently sewn to his swag!

Lets get dis ting rolling down hill fellas

Go Phins!

Call me crazy and you can say I'm drinking the Kool-aid but DAMN if I don't 100% beleive we are gonna make the playoffs...If we can win this next game against the Browns at home I think it will be a huge boost of confidence for this team winning consecutive games...then we follow it up with a convincing win over the Jets and theres no looking back...

You asked for it.

Cali you so CRAZY!

After crushing Oakland, I've broke out a brand new JUG of kool aid. I'm just sippin on it though.

I say we put a beat down on Cleveland and exact revenge on the wets, after that ANYTHING can happen!

Word up Brother!!!

Go Phins!!!
Go Pats!!!
Go Ravens!!!

They still don't know "WHO" they are and that will not get us to the post season.Can anyone figure this team out or have already figured them out?If you have I would like to hear your thoughts.

Darryl...banking on the Jets going into a 3+ game tailspin plus us running the table is getting pretty darn religious. We've only beat one winning team this year and haven't one back to back since weeks 1 and 2. Even if we do win out from here, at 11-5 our chances still would be slim, what's killing us is we don't have the tiebreaker edge with any of the 6 teams going for the 2 wc spots, so we'd need to finish a full game ahead of 4 of them.

With all the new coach rumors at the UM, I think it is time to start a FIRE GRUDEN blog.

payuengsnwings, you haven't heard? Tough, physical and smart. Least that's what Tony says.

But the biggest obstacle to change is just that-a feeling tethered old programming. Change doesn't have to be so challenging. That is, if we understand the unconscious mind operates from a place of emotion.

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