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Postgame yappin' from the locker rooms (with vid)

Ready for some more post-game fireworks?

Obviously, Derrick Mason was seriously, seriously peeved by Channing Crowder's use of the term "old guy," when referencing the Baltimore receiver last week. I don't think Crowder was being disrespectful, but rather, legitimately didn't remember the dude's name.

Still, Mason ran with the distaste for Crowder both before (as chronicled on the Friday blog post) and after (as chronicled below):

“The first stage of respect is don’t disrespect your opponent, and he disrespected his opponent early in the game," Mason said of Crowder after Baltimore's 26-10 victory. "You gotta be able to back up your talk, and the guy just didn’t back it up. He was out there talking and woofing, and we had to put him out of the game. Hopefully, after this game, he’ll sit back and realize what type of player he truly is. He is not one of the elite players in the game."

Well, obviously Crowder and his Miami teammates had their points to make as well. Here is the (cleaned up) video of that courtesy Jeff Darlington's Miami Minute.


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HOCK TOOEY...in crowder's face

Why do they even bother interviewing irrelevent players off the field, Crowder needs to actually be useful to the team in order to actually form an opinion on something.

Just go away Miami. You are pathetic in too many ways to count. Your season is done (but congrats on extending it until November for once), your saviour dumped you before the year started, and you have inferior players.

Hock Tooey in Miami's face.

Sounds like Crowder doesn't like the consequences for running his yap. Lousy player running his yap = you get slapped around and spit on. Now go shine Lebron's shoes.







if im the media for tennessee this week, theres no player i would target more in trying to get someone to give out more bulliten board meterial than Channing Clowder....and less playmaking abilty as well

CROWDER IS JOKE!!!! HE DOES NOT BACK IT UP, EVER!!!! I am sick of this clown doing this. Even after he got spit in the face he did not do crap. Out coached, BY CAM CAMERON AGAIN! Coaching and players need a gut check!

was way to high and hard.

Posted by: dolphin77 | November 07, 2010 at 07:20 PM

This is how I like My Minion men.

he got that non-sense from Joey Porter.. you see where he is now ... not a dolphin

is it too late to put this sorry excuse of a football player on the waiver wire yet???i'll take bobby carpenter over this guy's ego anyday!!!

I am so sick of Crowder...He fired up Mason and the raven teammates with is ignorance of his opponet....if you don't know, then you just don't know. You could tell Flacco was targeting Mason to make a point. Why doe Chowder care about recievers anyway...his job is to stuff the run and cover backs and TE out of the backfield...he did a phenominal job on Ray Rice today.

Why the H E L L can't Miami secondary tackle? They knew how to tackle in week 1 and two...what happened in week 4-8? Lets give them another day off! Right Tony?

I always thought Vontae Davis was OK...I haven't bought into the hype of him being elite...today (like last week) he showed me he is FAR from what most of you see him as....To me he is above average, usually around the ball and makes sure tackles....today he looked below average and coudn't "tackle for crap"...right Tony?

Brown was the HOT back..right out of the gate....why was he pulled...Tony, why do YOU ALLOW HM TO BE PULLED?

Said it before and i'll say it again...I have not been impressed with our "D" all season and I believe many of you give Nolan a pass....."D" plays wel in spurts but can't put together a game for 60 min....that has to be on NOLAN's shoulders.

I asked the question SHOW ME?

I'm not sure i liked what i saw.

Soon, All men will be asking ME to spit on all them, The Empress has spoken.

well it looks like the browns arent an automatic win so i think 8-8 might be a strech this yr we maybe lucky to win 3 more playing like this

one more time my fellow dolpfans i been telling u its time for a coaching change, they are hardheaded, this team not well coached we got fooled again on special teams, henne not the answer at QB 8 games hasnt improve look at Sean Smith it took all this time to start ahead of Allen its time to bring in Chad just remember he was the last QB to take us to the playoffs remember what happen in NY against the great bret farve henne doesnt have the it in Qbacking its time for a change average aint going to cut it, i have a message for MR ROSS u want to win make a change in your coaching staff!




We didn't get fooled on that play....that was not a called play out of the huddle...it was an option...you could see the way the reciever was jumping up and down before the snap....on top of that the up back looked right at him and made a gesture with his hands....then the snap then the play.

My point...If i saw it comming then ONE OF THOSE PLAYERS HAS TO SEE IT TOO. Either call time out....or cover the reciever....players need to play.



So what happens if we go 4-5 next week? Or 4-6 in two weeks? If we're out of any playoff hope, then what's to motivate the team from trying? Sparano knows this and his seat is getting warmer.

Empress I am your obediant servant, placed here to ensure you multiples. I bow to you, but to no man....including the Cube. Redsky has spoken!



Love it Superphin....

BTW does any player in football take WORSE angles to the ball carrier than chowder

MIAMI will win the divsion..BA HA HA HA HA HA HA...just kidding we suck

LA Phins,

I doubt the players will quit on Sporano...he is a players coach....i

wow, cant wait till next week when we CJ run the ball ON THOSE TRICKY SCREENS, forget moss being a difference maker, we have one of the worst DIFEERENCE makers in dan henning this year, Titans, Bears, Faiders, Brownies , Wets, good lord i cant even say with certianty that we wont become the Bills first win of the season right now. Frustrating performance and an even bigger frustration in hoping this is the turning point of the year....yea right!!!!!


Did you see the time difference was??? Miami23 min. Balt.37 minutes.... I'd say that was the difference in the game, One more reason that Dan(Dead since 1964)Henning needs to go.......

When is someone in the press going to call out Dan Henning and is total lack of getting a decent game plan together. How much longer are we going to put up with an offensive coordinator who can't come up with a good enough plan to get touchdowns. It's been 3 years now of low powered offense and I can't believe no reporter can challenge the Dolphins orginazation with the fact that Henning should be fired because he's totally ineffective. Look at the times he's been here with nothing to show for it.

Miami had 1 claim to fame....they were the ROAD WARRIORS of the NFL...That myth is BUSTED! They are yet to win a game at HOME and here comes Randy Moss, CJ2K and Vince Young after a BYE....instead of this being billed as two teams jockeying for playoff postioining it will be bill as "can the fins keep thier head above water"

Another big game against the ravens...another dissapointing loss. When is the last time Miami won a game that was a season changer...this one could have been a season changer....the Titans will be considered a life support game...not a season changer......we need to win a lot over the next month to be playing relevant ball in DEC

Henning knows this is his last year so if its broken , just work with it until it shatters to pieces.

Kris, Forget it.....Wont happen with the current OC in charge, as a matter of fact, forget the sleeping pills, just TEVO a dolphin game and you'll be sleeping in no time..

we need to run the wildcat a few more times..that's the ticket..

You know what, I always preach patience.. But, Honestly it's time to bring Pennington in for the balance of the season. henne can start again next year, but it's really not fair to subject the entire team to a guy that's struggling a bit. He is good enough to surpise you at times, and move the ball, and isn't really killing you. But Right now this team needs the veteran leadership of Pennington. Hennes strong arm isn't stretching the field, so lets use Penningtons veteran saavy and smarts and go 6-2 in the last 8.. I like henne and think he will be solid but too throw a way a year is crazy.. These guys aren't going to go to the super bowl but even getting a game or two of playoff experience would be big for next year. Let's not bring In Chad 2 in when were 4-5 and the playoffs are a long shot. This is a very tough Tennessee team.. Let's go in guns a blazing... Still Love the fins..

Why is it that when we need a touchdown to take the lead or the momentum from a team we never seem to do it....sure, sure, get get fist pumps to keep the game close, but not TDs.....

To end the half....we fist pump it through the up-rights....but thats OK because we get the ball in the second half.

2nd half we go 3 and out...WTF!!!!!

Those are the times in the game that you can never get back....Bills hang 35 on B'more, we muster 10...that is unacceptable....

Flacco and Camereon make us defend the whole field by throwing deep 2-3 time a quarter....we make teams defend 20 yards and in....and more accuratley 10 yards and in. WHY IS Brandon Marshal catching 4 YARD PASSES....SERIOUSLY...WHY?

nah, our new formula for failure is 5 yrd dump passes on 3rd 7, just enough to think about going for it and then have special ed take over.

Dean, You do know that Pennington cant throw more then 20 yards??????

Kris, you're right...the Titans game is a life support game. At 4-4, we are a "on any given Sunday" team. There is no easier schedule for us. Do not underestimate the Bears, Raiders and Browns. This team will have to fight and claw it's way throughout the season.

every week im gonna start asking the question: how are the Dolphins going to find a way to lose this week?

Cuban, thats Hennings kind of play, somebody that cant strecth the field and wont force a TO, my god, why didnt i see it earlier man, BRING ON PENNINGTON!!!!

Brandon Marshall on your team take some more chances. If B Marshall is double teamed air it out with someone else. Take a chance, in this league you need to make the big play, and we just don't do it. I think the coaches are to blame here and management will have to do something about it. Look around the NFL on Sunday and you'll see tons of big plays, do you ever see a highlight of a big Dolphin deep ball? Something needs to change. I'm tired of it and so are all the die hards like me. We've suffered long enough. I'm going on 30 years of being a die hard and it's just too much.

I started this season in strong support of chad henne, but this week brought me back to earth with him...good QB's dont overthrow wide open players in the end zone from one yard out, c'mon chad, you're now on a short leash


I gotta believe that Sporano has more nUTs than to let Henning drag him down.....If we arn't scoring thenn he need to put put the blame directly on Hennings shoulders...thru the press (gently) and face to face in the clearist way imanginable....Parcells ain't running SHYT no more last time I checked HC out ranks OC so henning needs to get inline....maybe they could consult some younger blood

Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

If we're a "TOUGH TEAM", as we a billed...

Shouldn't we AT A MINIMUM, be able to TACKLE?!

Now I know why Parcells got out when he did....

Can they start Pennington now?

LA, Here's the fins Cardiogram___________^___^_______^_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, It's Flat lined Brother, 48 out of 50 states would have decleared the Fins Dead..

Parcells fits the trend...

MIAMI-"Where legends go to die"

Cuban Menace...

Come on dude.. Not true.. I will find you 25 you tube clips sayig your mistaken.. Unless his arm is not fully recovered from shoulder surgery.. I gurantee you if he is standing on the 20 yard line with pads on he throws for about 55 to 60 yards.. No gun for sure and not a lot of whix.. but Bro, we aint exactly barn storming the NFL.. With Marshall and Bess and our running game and tremendous pass protection the guy has gotten this year, there is no reason we should be scoring 1 to 2 touchdowns a game. If Pennington plays like 08 we make the playoffs. Now if there is something I don't know from praactice and he is not the same player, then that's a different story.. Flat out the guys a winner has been his whole career.. wew broke the record in 08 for least turnovers in a season.. sorry tied.. That's something Brother...

Agreed LA, Agreed....The same teams that we THOUGHT we might pencil in with a win, have probably pencilled us in as a win....

Kris, you're right...the Titans game is a life support game. At 4-4, we are a "on any given Sunday" team. There is no easier schedule for us. Do not underestimate the Bears, Raiders and Browns. This team will have to fight and claw it's way throughout the season.
Posted by: LAPhinsPhan

Do not under estimated the Bears, Raiders and Browns? We will lose to every single one of them. They all beat good teams today.

LMAO, Cuban!

But you know what, Nick(The great Satan)Sabin won his last 6 games his 1st season with the fins so I guess anythings possible......


cuban, it that the fins cardiogram or hennings brain activity??!!!!

FB, I don't thinkn the Phins should be at a point where they look past any team...that goes for MGMT Coaches, Players, AND FANS

It really goes beyond the coaching, and extends to the philosophy of the organization as a whole. We need change from the top down, starting with Ireland. Bring in Bill Cowher, and give him carte-blanche...

the seahawks under their new coach came to earth today in 41-7 to the giants .

crowder should retire his mouth for the sake of the english language .

I said all wk we would not win this game because we havent beat a solid team all yr, now we have the titans looks like another lose,Henne 7ints last 6 gms not good enough,and Missed Fasano on the 1 yrd line. 6 games left bring in Pennington and see if we can win some of these if ewe stay as is we will lucky tom win 2 of them this team both offense and defense is just very very mediocore at best.

Obabma sucks as much as Henning...

Letter too Dan Henning.. Dan, Love how you started the game brother.. 6 runs in a row.. Beautiful..Now on that note..Not sure running Ronnie 4 more times for the rest of the game once you have established that you can run and he is the hot back is such a great stategy. Also Like how you did go with the hot back.. Let's do more of that.. Ronnies style work's better against a particular defese let's go with that..If it's Ricky that's cool too.. Think Hot Back.. Love ya Dan... PS. If you are going to play Belly Ball, let's use Penningto who is the more effecient quarterback. If your going to stretch the field and take advantage of Hennes arm then do that.. Just sayin...

Aloco- Funny, but that's kind of the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? Lol.

Bobbyd12 and other Henne apologists: Didn't see the new blog, so let me repeat here, Mr. I'll-make-excuses-for-Henne-even-if-he-throws-7-INT's-in-a-single-game, Henne has the 2nd WORST QB rating in the NFL in the 4th quarter. Had 2 fumbles, 3 INT's, and no TD's today. 2 TD's total in last 3 games. And has an INT in 6 straight games. But NONE of it is his fault! RIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGHT... smoke another bowl Henne-apologist.

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