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Postgame yappin' from the locker rooms (with vid)

Ready for some more post-game fireworks?

Obviously, Derrick Mason was seriously, seriously peeved by Channing Crowder's use of the term "old guy," when referencing the Baltimore receiver last week. I don't think Crowder was being disrespectful, but rather, legitimately didn't remember the dude's name.

Still, Mason ran with the distaste for Crowder both before (as chronicled on the Friday blog post) and after (as chronicled below):

“The first stage of respect is don’t disrespect your opponent, and he disrespected his opponent early in the game," Mason said of Crowder after Baltimore's 26-10 victory. "You gotta be able to back up your talk, and the guy just didn’t back it up. He was out there talking and woofing, and we had to put him out of the game. Hopefully, after this game, he’ll sit back and realize what type of player he truly is. He is not one of the elite players in the game."

Well, obviously Crowder and his Miami teammates had their points to make as well. Here is the (cleaned up) video of that courtesy Jeff Darlington's Miami Minute.