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Prediction: Good week will follow bad week

Amid a metldown week for South Florida's sports (unthinkable Dolphins home shuthout, Canes home loss, Heat lose two in a row including at home to Indiana) I wish to remind you not all is lost.

The Dolphins play the Raiders this weekened in Oakland. They leave for this trip Friday. I predict they will return with a victory -- that, by the way, doesn't mean anything because I stink at predicting, if you remember 2007. Nonetheless, I would think the Dolphins should beat the Raiders. If they don't, this season is truly lost, folks.

If they do win, the season lives!

Anyway, the Dolphins return to work today for that Sunday game. I'll update the blog this afternoon after the coordinators speak at around 12:45 and then again afterward if warranted.

In the meantime, you should know what some Dolphins players spent their off day doing Tuesday. They handed out Thanksgiving Day meals to families so that tomorrow would be a celebration of giving thanks that it will be for many of us.

Enjoy the pictures: Punter Brandon Fields helps Miramar resident Sharon Robinson with her family meal while below club CEO Mike Dee does a good deed.

Brandon fields t-giving 

Mike Dee tgiving 



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Don't tell me, I'm really first ... ??? ;-))

Now that this is out of the way ...
Let me wish all of you a nice and happy Thanksgiving !!!
I'll also be having my turkey tomorrow back here in good ol' Germany ...
... ah yes ... Go Dolphins !!!

Currently Miami is seeded 10th in the AFC playoff hunt. But you are right. We are still in it PROVIDED we don't lose anymore games.

I just think it will be hard for 3 teams to come out of the AFC East. Jets OR Patriots would have to totally tank this last 6 games for them not to get in. So I'm assuming they will both get in right now.

Jets have an easy schedule and Patriots are playing pretty good football. Both those teams are getting in. So that would mean 3 teams from the AFC East getting in including Miami? I just don't see it happening.

PS...that means beating the Jets and the Patriots. I just don't see why my hopes should be raised knowing its pretty much impossible for us to get in this year.

PS2....we had too many weapons this year. I'm still scratching my head as to why we didn't win more games by now. Too many weapons..

Stop the nonsense about playoffs. This team will not make the playoffs.

They way the season has gone how can they not be embarrassed to wear their jerseys in public? I am.

8 and 8 here we come! need new coaches & playmakers now!

look at the bright side the D is better than last year and we have more playmakers. If we can keep an oline together and get a new aggressive O coor. i think we could be a really strong team next year. Look when Parcells left dallas they were just getting into the playoffs then they continued to get better. Remember we still have a bunch of young guys and they are all learning to play together. things will get better. i just hope its soon.

this is not a playoff team;not even close. i'm really disappointed in the media questions at sparanos press conferences. why so vanilla? up here in n.y. they ask tough questions of the coaches and rex actually answers them in plain english. could we ask sparano about the oline and why he couldnt put a cohesive unit on the field;he was tinkering until the 1st game. how can this happen? didnt we realize vernon carey couldnt block or move before the season began??? why did we waive andrew gardner ot who the ravens grabbed?

while it is still possible to make the playoffs, I just can't see them winning 6 games in a row can you?There is a lot of problems with this team and the fingers should be pointed towards the GM and the head coach they are ultimately responsible, I do not think we should replace them at this time but they need to pick it up for sure they seem to be getting worse instead of better, if anything replace the GM and keep Tony

I dont care if we make the post season anymore. I just want us to beat the NY WETS! And hopefully help get them out of the playoffs or at least not win the division.

Some observations:

1) Not being from Florida, I could not care less about the Marlins, Heat or Panthers. (I prefer the Blue Jays, Raptors and Maple Leafs.) The only thing important about Miami is the DOLPHINS! Why, the Miami Dolphins are the most important organization in the WHOLE WORLD!!!! MY LIFE IS THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!! (At least on Sundays.)

2) It is not entirely impossible for the Dolphins to win their remaining 6 games. I have a consecutive bowel movement streak of approximately 300 days. If I can do it, why not the Dolphins?? (While we're on the subject, I haven't thrown up since December 31, 1993. A few years after Brett Favre finally retires, my vomitless streak will exceed the duration of his consecutive games played streak.)

3) I thank God for the privilege of becoming an American citizen. To paraphrase the great Dennis Prager, the utopian liberal looks at America and compares it to his utopian vision, and falls into a depression. Whereas the sensible conservative looks at America, compares it to every other civilization which ever existed, and says: "My God, how was I so fortunate to become a citizen of the greatest country in the history of the world?"

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

so far,3rd year in, tony and jeff seem clueless. the bills are playing much better with half the talent. coaching and personell decisions have to be questioned. benny sapp and al harris???? we are the only team who has yet to put 30pts on the board.

Playoffs!!! Playoffs!!! Don't talk about playoffs!! are you kidding me?

Just been looking at a few mock drafts on CBS. their 'experts' have us taking Mike Ingram or Ryan Broyles at 17.
I'd much rather we draft a top class centre. You could get the best one in the draft around 15-20.

Happy Turkey Day Fin Fans!

Armando, let's not get nutty! Even if pigs flew and the Dolphins... Sorry... they won't make it EVEN if pigs flew.

Why would we want this team in the playoffs... they'd just get embarrassed. NOT READY YET!

sorry, that should be Mark ingram

a change in stradegy/ coaching and overall confifence is needed. This team desparatly needs a change. They are no different then when Clownstedt was here. They dont try to score points to win. Hey fatass last time I checked 7 is more then 3.......... Go try and coach a soccer team if you like kicking so much.

Calm down! People like to scream like a bunch of schoolgirls which prevents them from thinking straight.

Even though they can't get off the field on 3rd downs, we have a top 5 defense in the AFC. Our passing defense is WAY better than our rushing defense by the way. So all you whining about Sean Smith, Benny Sapp, Yeremiah Bell, etc., try to spin that to fit your simplistic point-of-view.

Against Chicago, we played our THIRD-STRING QB (that means to most sane people that he's not that good) and our 3rd-string center (essentially) until he got hurt and we moved a guard over. Our best WR got hurt, and our OC (who's on his deathbed) refused to hand off to our RBs. So we got what we got (big surprise).

Before that we lose to the 4 best teams in our conference (2 of those games we were in 'til the end, and 2 got away from us). In a rebuild year.

We caught bad breaks last few weeks, so do other teams, but all is not lost.

It's not good, but it's not as bad as you all make it out to be. Yes, it's bad for us (another year out of the Playoffs) but there have been bright spots that can be exploited in the future.

Sparano will learn from his 3rd year of coaching (or he won't and get fired). Ireland will do what ALL GMs do (pick talent, be on with some picks, and mess up some others).

We are one of the youngest teams in the league, so that bodes well for the future. We need to get better, no doubt. We need more effective coaching, yes. But we are what we thought we were all along (if you've been watching the Dolphins for more than 1 game), an average team that's trying to figure out how to be great.

who was really in charge of the draft this year?
That is our 2nd biggest problem. The only offense we drafted was a guard that we rotate with that shmuck Mcquistan who is another cast off scrub that is penalized or misses blocks regulary... He could not play division 3 football and he starts for us.. Great evaluation of talent Tony and Jeff


Young enough with character and fire.
Ask Marino to VP again Ross , his kids are older now

lets face it we suck and will probably suck in the future. being a long time dolphin fan since 1984 and living in jersey its down rite embarassing and the players to the ross and especially sparano should be immensly embarassed. season over ,I almost feel like a ny met fan, thank god I still have the yankees.

Please let us know if henne is taking snaps with the 1's or not. if doesn't play we lose this weekend.

Why does Ireland Sparano and Henning still have a job? Most talented 5-5 team, harnessed by idiots..... Only 1 offensive draft pick made a lot of sense right? Dez Bryant anyone? Sure would be tough to defend him and Brandon Marshall, oh wait, sorry not that tough Henning only calls 3-5 yard routes.... Burn your play book and wing it OLD MAN

Why would this team even want to make the playoffs? THIS IS NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM!!! Just stop it already - we need to finish up 5-11 and get a QB in here with a wooden nickel.

worth a wooden nickel, I meant.

Please, no more playoff talk. Do we really want this team to get into the playoffs just to be embarrassed? Nope, at this point, I'd rather go for a higher draft spot. Sorry folks, just being realistic.

Someone mentioned Jim Harbaugh yesterday - this may not be a bad hire. He is competitive as hell and he really cares. Losing eats away at his guts - did anyone read the SI story about him and his brother? This dude is what we need someone to come in here that just doesn't accept losing.

To Compcomplex - AMEN!

Guys look at our approach to every game....
What does that tell you? We defer aevery freaking time.... Good coaches send a message
to their offense and say go score and deliver
a statement drive, Not Morano, I mean Sparano.
He coaches scared, Carpenter 4th and 1 from the 1 lets jump for joy that we kicked a field goal.... Send a damn confidence message to
your team. The Baltimore game summed it up, Score a damn touchdown before half and go into the locker room ahead and getting the ball

morano LOL i like that

Brad - I agree - when is the last time the Dolphins beat someone 37-13 or 34-14? - they don't - its almost like Sparano wants to win every game 6-3.

Exactly just like Clownstedt, I was at a game in Buffalo, Ricky was running wild... I think 200 yards almost at halftime, Clownstedt stopped running him and we lost... It was a blizzard. poor coaching once again.. This crew coaches not to loose. There is a difference in
coaching to win.... trust me.. The players see confidence from their coach, NOT HERE!

I would have loved Dez Bryant. He'll be the best WR in the league in 2 years, if not sooner. Marshall and Bryant wouldnt work though. two massive egos that both want to be number one WR.
Roy Williams wil get cut in Dallas so I wouldnt mind if we picked him up.

Ilike Roy williams as well... but they could have Jesus Christ running 3 yard routes... It just doesnt matter.... Players are not the reason why we are sitting at 5-5

Ownership/ Management/ Coaching and a commitment to winning does not exist here guys...
I hate the jets, but to be honest... They have all the above comitted... world of difference

I am surprised that mr ross has not made a statement yet, If it was my money being flushed down the drain ,I would have to make someone accountable, any hints tony ? maybe you Jeff ?

Cam Camerons team at 1-15 looked more exciting at times then this team, let's be honest...
That is sad.

Brad--one of my saddest memories of Wannstedt Era. I remember a friend of mine calling me from overseas during game to check on status..........I said: what would you say if I told you Rickky had 2 tds of 50+ yds & was approaching 250 yds total, and WE ARE LOSING!! He said: "Wannstedt Sucks."

Sparano's philosophy is Neo-Wannstedtian, Take-a-Knee, Avoid Losing BS!

There is no bright side as long as The Ball Boy & Fist Pump are in charge.

again @Brad--

agree. I recall us scraping & trying very hard throughout the CamMoron disaster year.

I agree 100 percent.. The song remains the same, only the faces have changed. We route for a bad organization as a fan... From their stand point they are doing a great job... putting out a product that does just eneough to be competitive.... MAKE MONEY.. Name of the game
after all it is a business. Anyone out there think NFL stands for National Fixed League
after watching the last 4 Jets games, it really seems like the outcomes are pre determined...

I remember the Wanny years well. Those Dolphins would break your heart. But, you know, 10 wins seasons don't look too bad by comparison. The old days of one playoff game and done beat having no chance at all at that one game. Beating the Raiders is not an easy task.

most of the fans wanted a weapon in the draft; i wanted dez bryant like other bloggers;last year i wanted to resign goodman and take clay matthews. instead we get a defensive end with screws in his leg from a broken leg in college. i doubt we knew that (poor homework). another weird early pick considering we also needed a fs,te,wr,cb,lb and nt. we never had an oline set even into our 1st game????? makes you wonder about this F.O.

If we win out... That means the jets and pats lose one game each to us. They play each other, so one of them would have to lose another game. Can we count on the Bills to pull an upset on one of them? Probably. That means one for them would still need to lose 1 or 2 more games for us to be second seed in the division and squeeze one of them out of the playoff picture.

I don't see how this is possible with this team. They've produced a decade of incompetency that has culminated in an absolute sickening void of dignity or character. The curse seems to have started back in '99 when we lost to the Jags 67 - 7 in that gut wrenching playoff game. That game effected the psyche of the Dolphins to such an extent that the organization has never been the same. Losing Marino and Shula shortly after just added to the fall. Ultimately, since '99, the Dolphins simply have given us nothing to believe in. Most of the fans have stuck with them through it all. But it's got to stop! We can't continue on this ridiculous path. Either Dolphins straighten this mess out, or they will be seeing empty seats at the stadium and they will be destined to a lowly existence in the NFL that could span yet another decade. Pathetic!

ireland sux.

wanna talk about being depressed;go to camp and watch the practices. the offense looks like their in cement. they never score. then i pay $300 for a ticket to go to watch us play the bills in buffalo. i cant even describe how bad that was;we kept the bills in the game till the end 15-10! we played the whole game paralyzed. since then the bills have gotten much better(with half the talent) and we are nose diving again!!!! gotta get rid of the parcells guys.

Playoffs? Not a chance. Miami's offense is a complete joke. They have no identity at all. They can't run the ball because that idiot Sparano juggled the o-line and cut guys who should still be here to start backups along the o-line in Incognito, Berger and rookie Jerry. Ronnie runs like a ballerina and Ricky seems to have hit a wall but I would defend Ricky that if he didn't have to share carries with that punk Ronnie he would be having a pretty good year. The running game was supposed to be ol reliable because the passing game is a joke with this QB situation. Henne can't go out and win games by passing. His 300 performances are when he is trailing and the pressure is off. He has been doing this since Michigan fellas. When the team needs him early in games he is tight and so mechanical and robotic he over throws balls, shows no touch and holds it forever. He is too indecisive. So for all you who say he has only play 20 something games as a starter can keep smoking that dream that the light will go on all you want. He is NOT a STARTER!

Agreed, gotta go sooner then later
Thank you Parcells for walking out, Here is a thought.... Before you say one more time.....
Finish what you started here, take control, fire Sparano, coach the team yourself...
You made this mess, fix it

should have started thigpen from the start. he was the best camp qb. but nooooooooooo. and now that error will cost this regime their jobs. watch !

I love Jim Harbaugh as a coaching prospect. With his mindset, would not even require a big change in personnel. He believes in the running game, tough defense, and at the same time has a innovative approach in the passing game. Wanting him as head coach is not a slight on Sparano - though I think he's a moron - it's that I think Harbaugh is a star in the making. he will be a better coach thn his brother - who's pretty good.

parcells was a bad hire. he was above the team,above the fans,above the players. he put his guys in to do the work and ran off early with the cash$$$. gotta clean house and bring in a guy like harbaugh from college or a mornhinweg from the eagles. he was to be holgrems new hire if the browns didnt keep mangini. mornhinweg turned around vicks career for the better. our qb's need his help!!!

Andy, I agree, i do not blame RIcky at all - for one he's 34 and can't carry the load on his own anymore. And 2 - when he gets the ball, he knows his line sucks and can't set up blocks, so he just runs it right up in there and gets what he can. if Brown did the same - the run game would be respectable at least. but Brown is garbage and a huge bust for a #2 overall pick.

"The Tradition Continues"

2 watt thigpen's record as starter is 1-15. I think i'd rather see ramsey than thigpen.

Henne is not the problem. Henning , yes.
Look at when Henne has a chance to throw down field vs vikings 1st sreies deep to BM big gain.... Henning does not call enough deep routes on early downs to keep defenses guessing.
any QB would throw picks if the D knew 99 percent of our plays happen within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. Common guys, does not matter who plays QB in our system, it's a joke

mark, i like harbaugh too. i think sparano and ireland both need to go however. change is good in our situation. they have lost their way.

I actually hope we don't make the playoffs. For me, the playoffs have been out of the question since they lost to Pitt. Can't fight for a wildcard against Jets/Pats, Steelers/Ravens when youhold no tie breakers and those teams are alot better than we are.

We need a high draft pick to be able to land a PLAYMAKER! I don't care if it's a center or a WR. We need SPEED, enough of the bigger is better mantra...it ISN'T working. Of course, if Ireland & Sparano stay we will drop back, pick up a mid range talent with injury issues & get our #2 pick back.

Between FA & the draft this team, in order to compete, needs:

C - replace Berger
LG - Replace Incognito
RT - Replace Carey (With Garner?)
ILB - Replace Crowder
OLB - ANY pass rusher (Wake can't do it alone)
CB - Replace S. Smith
CB - Replace Sapp
SS - Replace Bell
PR/KR - Find someone with speed(K. Sheets?)

Do all that and Miami might be a playoff contender! On another post I named some potential FA's who can be had that can fill alot of these voids. We'll see how Miami tackles the obvious needs.

IMO sparano and ireland will not be fired unless we go 6-10 or worst. The fact is they have one more year on their contract and with the new CBA you just never know what's gonna happen. Next year will be do or die for this regime.

Mark in Toronto I love Harbuagh but relax I want him back at Michigan lol. I love his offensive mind. He completely turned that Stanford program into a big time winner. He puts players in the best chance to succeed as evidenced by him having back to back Heisman trophy caliber players in Gerhart and Luck. I would welcome Harbaugh with open arms but I am not a huge fan of college coaches going to the pro game but if anyone has the background and what seems to be the right motivation it's Harbaugh. I remember watching him on the sidelines a few years back at a Ravens game and if I'm not mistaken was it the Dolphins playoff game maybe not but he was so intense and involved. I do however think unless this team completely starts stinking with a few more embarrassing losses like Thursday then Sparano will stick around.

Oh, I forgot to mention we also need a RB & TE with speed. I'll settle for building the Oline again though. What good is a RB if he doesn't have a line to block for him!

They are going to regret passing on Dez Bryant and Matt Ryan for the next 10 years.

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