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Raiders lead Dolphins 14-13 to start third quarter

OAKLAND -- The Dolphins are moving the ball. I will give them that. But they are settling for field goals or field goal tries. They connected on a 24-yarder and missed on a 52-yarder.

The Raiders, meanwhile, connected on a 44-yard bomb from Bruce Gradkowski to Jacoby Ford. And that gave Oakland the lead that they are still holding on to as we get started in the third quarter.

Here are a couple of concerns:

Chad Henne is taking a whipping. He's getting hit often.

And the Dolphins continue to get away from the running game. At one point they led 10-7. Then Henne threw an interception inside the red zone. And then offensive coordinator Dan Henning called five passes in the next six offensive plays, resulting in two consecutive three-and-out series.


Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Yep, Mando ... that's it in a nutshell.

it seems some would feel better if we tanked our remaining games

not sure Phil, losing takes it toll but fools gold is disastrous!

yeah fools gold id rather go out swinging then throwing the towel

Glad to see Henne in there. No reports on the knee injury from last week?

The Dolphins have 14 first downs to Oakland's 4.

The way we play phil, you may just get your wish!!!!

Brown needs to carry load on next drive, keep using Bess though.

The Dolphins have 14 first downs to Oakland's 4.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 28, 2010 at 05:42 PM
And we're leading by 14 pts right?????RIGHT??????

Speeed killz!!!! Raiders have it, the Fins don't!!! Henne has to fit that ball into very tight windows.... The running game is not consistently good. The center and left guard are not that good!

yes but we play "safe" and they have big playmakers.
Its the Parcells legacy here

yes we always play to the level of the other team

we start off running

Any bets on how far into the second half Henne survives?

i guess the run was working too well

Was that another TS TO? He's re-writing the book on how to use TOs, ain't he?

Good adjustments miami, once again deffering to 2nd half proves why it matters so much to have the ball, o and now we have one less TO to work with.....Blame the Players!!!!

come on henning

Not even 2 mins into Second half, and they call a time out. GIVE ME A BREAK. Bad coaching, poor leadership. Bad team.

that was on henning sparano was pissed

yes bad coaching cant wait till we get a new o.c.

how about a no huddle

I called it!


yes Seer its the "safe" play when you are not prepared


Perfect throw, awesome run!!!! :)

Timeout? Seriously? I'm sure we're not going to need those timeouts in the fourth quarter when we're down by a touchdown! Oh, wait, more timeouts will come out Sporano's butt!!!!

Guys what happened, why was that Hennings fault?

22 oakland is our best player

wow!! TD!!!

Sometimes I see this game so clearly, it's frightening!


Was that marshall?????

the time out was worth it boys and girls!!

all you heene haters stuff it


Now that was sweet.

I like Henne, Heene & Heinie.

Moore looks like a young Duper

Anyone know why we get no fist pumps with touchdowns?

Moore for President! Canton, here we come!!!!

uh denny that was one play it was nice but one play

was that speed ON the field???

How did that guy get on the field??

NICE to see some separation and YAC!

I have nothing bad to say, so i am going to keep giving my Sanchez doll the 1-2

Seer did you call that? Or did you think there would be an interception Jimmy Jam.

why dont we line moore or wallace up next to brandon?

were u at cinq? im here

Marlon Moore now has as many TD catches as Brandon Marshall.

YEAH ... I'm back on the bandwagon, boys ... Super Bowl here we come!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Marlon Moore..baby!!! Great throw too.

well that will keep Tortured quiet for another series...LMAO

Just play man, PLAY

Cane we blame Henning for the td's too? Or only when the players screw up?

ARMANDO...write about that pass call being terrible....why don't you stick to reporting the facts and leave the HINDSIGHT FOR THE FINATICS


Great question Zaphod

Moore - a nice replacement for Hartline. beautiful catch and run.

Thought that was Marshall, but no Unsportsmanlike let me know it wasn't him

clayton and duper wish we had the young version of them now

See now this is when most teams would start giving Moore more playing time, but we are the Dolphins, he will be INACTIVE next week.

mikeo - I'm here too. If you actually had reading and comprehension skills, you'd know I've been speaking about Henne inside the REDZONE, not mid field.

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