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Raiders lead Dolphins 14-13 to start third quarter

OAKLAND -- The Dolphins are moving the ball. I will give them that. But they are settling for field goals or field goal tries. They connected on a 24-yarder and missed on a 52-yarder.

The Raiders, meanwhile, connected on a 44-yard bomb from Bruce Gradkowski to Jacoby Ford. And that gave Oakland the lead that they are still holding on to as we get started in the third quarter.

Here are a couple of concerns:

Chad Henne is taking a whipping. He's getting hit often.

And the Dolphins continue to get away from the running game. At one point they led 10-7. Then Henne threw an interception inside the red zone. And then offensive coordinator Dan Henning called five passes in the next six offensive plays, resulting in two consecutive three-and-out series.


Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Hey dummies we're here now.

Hellllooooooooo? Where is everyone?

Nice, I have the whole place to myself, time to kick back!

I can make comments and then agree with myself:)

come on phins. if henne leads the team down field and gets them to 1st and goal dont take him out for the wildcat. give him a chance

How about giving us MORE insight DURING the game...it is YOUR blog....all the NEGATIVE comments for some gets old....Thnx

I really want to see what Henne will do with different coaches. That will be the proof. Is this a coaching thing or a qb thing? Right now it's a little of both because of Hennes lack of experience but does a different coach call plays that better suit his strengths? I hope we get to find out.

HAHAHAHA Mando doesn't have any insight! Bwahahahaha. He's working on his 6th hot dog so the best you'll get is mustard is better then Ketchup on a hot dog! Kidding ;)

Can't disagree with that, Denny. Henne has no confidence at this point.

Of course, winning would fix that.

who would be a good O coor.?

Thanks Elf! I love it when people agree. It's always better than being called an idiot :)

What about that. We can run.

The Raiders just aren't a good team, and the Fins are like 4-0 against mediocre teams. They have to pick it up.

Ronnie can do it, if he hits the line running not dancing and side stepping

Why would you call a time out now-Sparano and I want to know

ciao, did you see my post about attendance? They only count tickets sold. There's A LOT of money in Miami. People buy tickets and don't show up.

Not only that but most of the time the stadium is half filled with fans of the opposing team.

You know this if you watch or go to the games.

Shotgun only way to go here. Yesssss!!!

there you go.!!!!!

wooooowwwwwooooooooo.... 57 yards!!

Brandon Who????

who is 14? Did we just go and get a receiver from the stands?

thats what im talking about. no stupid play fake that wouldnt fake a peewee player (hennes fault for continuing to do it and coaches fault for not improving it) drop back and throw the damn ball. we make a play and bam TD.

Stay home Brandon Marshall.

alright Moore!!!! nice job. like to see them get involved.

Woooo! TD

I wish Chad would have placed the ball a little better on that TD!

What a bum!

A poor man's Marshall.

We're poor, so we'll take him!

saying "stay home B Marshall" is insane on every and any level you can imagine.

Marlon Moore-57 yards-TD-let's let guy play-we don't normally let our 3rd + 4th receivers play-usually give em away to Jets, Green Bay, Chicago, etc-from Fresno State-let's do it again!

Longest Dolphin offensive touchdown since Camarillo in 2007.

Denny it's simple economics... The fins sell 90% each game... with all the choices in Miami it's easy to do something else on a Sunday. If you're in New Jersey or Chicago there's just soot and dead trees to look at.

hey.....im in jersey.....there are also leaves on the ground now too...

I raked up 35 bags worth earlier. its a fact.

57 yards-longest reception of the year

Marlon Moore looks like Ted Ginn. Looks only. Haha.

LOL acwalsh... I remember having to rake TWICE when I live in Watchung... The oak trees always drop late.

That is Henne's best throw, hands down. He hits it almost everytime.

I have raked up about 150 bags worth (I usually use trash cans) I would estimate this year. Its ridiculous.

back to fb

elf lol

Can someone please tell me which team represents the Dolphins, is it today's team or the one that was shutout by the bears last week? This is crazy.

Do they still let you burn the leaves on the lawn?

Always hated that argument Ciao. Basically it says, "we're still good fans - but hey, there are other things to do here." Total BS. Good fans attend.

So when it's glass-cutting nipple weather in the north and people still attend it's simply because they have nothing else to do?? That's crap.

There are good sports cities and there are bad sports cities. As much as I hate to admit it, Miami is a bad sports city.

Run Ricky runnnnnnnnnnnnn

8 and 9 men in the box every play?

Time for a couple of well timed scvreen passes.

Come on Dan, don't fall aslepp right now!!!!

FB, the Fins are undefeated against mediocre teams and are 1-5 against good teams. Nothing mysterious about that.

wait did henne just trow an int or a long td??? why is he not in there???

when is the wild cat going to include one of our fast WRs???


oh yeah my bad we dont want to get too far ahead

are you fuking kidding me??? Thigpen running a draw?

Sparano almost separated his shoulder on that fist pump.

Methinks someone is feeling a severe pressure to win.

We need to block on the wildcat and throw as well-let Thigpen run the wildcat + throw out of it

sorry....i meant to type...

are you fuking kidding me? thigpen is playing? he frigging sucks....and ok...hes in....omg....were running a qb draw on 3rd and a mile??? jesus

So much for the screen pass.

Thigpen on a draw. BRILLIANT!!!!


Awww never mind!

playbook designed by a 1st grader

is henne hurt again??

I was lucky enough to have season tickets for the Knicks in the early '70s when they were good. The place was a quarter empty against poor teams. and people left early when they thought the game was over. NYC is a great sports town, but fans are like that.

vontae is gonna kill himself! ha

Two score game, Okland has to start pushing it.

Time to dial up some WAKE!

I hope Nolan ain't drinking prune juice!!!!

Raiders have rushed for 144 inches

nice return by bess..

btw...whats up with this blog??? its not refreshing for me since 6:02

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