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Source: Dolphins want to work out JaMarcus Russell, others

The Dolphins are exploring other quarterback options now because Chad Pennington is expected to be out for the remainder of the season, and one of the names prominent on Miami's list of replacements is former first overall selection JaMarcus Russell, a team source said Sunday night.

No workout has been set up yet. But Russell is on Miami's list and the team is expected to reach out to him in the next 24 hours. Russell recently had a tryout with the Redskins. He weighed in excess of 260 pounds when he worked out with the Redskins two week ago despite the fact he is being mentored by former NBA player and coach John Lucas.

The Dolphins have other QBs also on the list and will go through those names as well. The team, obviously, can also look at quarterbacks currently on other team's practice squads.

Other QBs that will be under consideration are Patrick Ramsey, Todd Bouman, Sean Canfield, and Brian St. Pierre. This is obviously not a complete list as the Dolphins aren't calling reporters and sharing their intentions.

Ramsey, it must be remembered is represented by Jimmy Sexton. Sexton represents Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano. Hmmm.

ESPN is reporting former Broncos QB Tom Brandstater will be among the players Miami will try out.

No, Pat White is not an option. Yet.


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The man you all wanted is on the way. Let's give a nice warm welcome to Mr. Brady Quinn....

actually, his MRI is scheduled for 630pm tonight

Seer... Agreed... I really had a higher expectation of "Incognito" But the truth is he has had 3 poor games straight, and as far as pulling goes... He is abysmal. Fortunate he was cheap and only has a 1 and done deal. Jerry will pan with time... But Miami will need a Left Tackle in FA next year... unless they draft one and I am still hoping they trade their entire draft including Henne, Sparano, Henning, The Mascot and J-Lo and That Cuban Chick (and he old man) for Andrew Luck!

kbrad, i meant to say thigpen led them on 2 td drives to make it 27-24. one was a pass to bess for 35 yds i think, the other may have been a run. one int to clark, one at end in desparation mode as i stated. in any event quite a comeback in the 4th q against pitt.

Left Guard... NOT Tackle...pardon!

I have no reason to make up the NFL RedZone story......nor do I know if it is accurate. I am only relaying what THEY are reporting.


What the hell IS the story w/ Jerry, anyway......our KGB front office has never advised, nor will it.

Brady Quinn plays for the Broncos... ain't gonna happen!

we need depth at qb. whoever we bring in is not for starting. quit freaking out people. Pigpen will be the starter. so now all those comments we got to start him, you got your wish. we need to rally behind Tyler Thigpen, and we will play good football. i hope.....

we arent going to find any good qbs on waivers or on practice squads this late in the season. the trade deadline is over. so we have no options. :(

so whos going to be coming out in the draft?

oh and if you believe in this stuff, this never would have happened if we just started Henne. It was a just a chain of events from Penne starting. i think its called the buttetfly effect. not the crappy movie.

I would rather have white over Russel any day. Russel made white and ginn picks look like draft steals of the decade compared to russels expensive multi-million dollar bust. Hes def the [poster boy for rookie salary caps.

Please, bring white in before even looking at a defensive lineman to play QB.

Tom Brandstater? Who?

can anybody admit they were wrong about Thiggy.
During the Live Blog there were many who truely believed he was worse then Henne and Penny.
Where are they Now?

Gore explodes!

and how about Dez Bryant today.....he's The Awesome. Too bad his unmarried, crack-addicted teenage mother was not savory enough for the Wonderful Mr. Ireland.


hey, how bout colt brennan; bess's college qb in hawaii. that man can throw.


Vontae's Big Brother just had a SPECTACULAR catch ruined by a holding call.


You just been JOE MOMMA'D, HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White and Garcia would be my picks to back up Thiggy.They aren't quitters.

Josh McCown makes the most sense since he is familiar with the offense and it is a short week. Russell as the 3rd stringer wouldn't be horrible. He's def a project, but maybe with Pennington coaching him up, he could become something of value. I know Peter King has mentioned a few times that GM's he has talked to say he has talent and they expect him to land on a roster. The best Miami can hope for though, is that Henne is not lost for the season.

why would we need a lt? we have long u mean rt?


I like the Colt Brennan option a lot

the seer, i really wanted us to get dez. the man can play. he showed more class than ireland who only apologized when it was found out. we always pass the talent to look under the rocks as sparano says. thigpen is the man.

Tom Brandstater...

personal information
Date of birth: October 21, 1984 (1984-10-21) (age 26)
Place of birth: Turlock, California
Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m) Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)
Career information
College: Fresno State
NFL Draft: 2009 / Round: 6 / Pick: 174
No regular season or postseason appearances
Career history

* Denver Broncos (2009)
* Indianapolis Colts (2010)*

Released from Indy September 29, 2010....

Russell is fatter and dumber than a mule. Lazy as Hell and has a problem with nose candy. This guy makes Duh'ta FumblePepper look smart. You've got to be kidding. How about calling Kurt Warner it's worth a try.

we look foolish for not going after VICK when we had the chance but im sure we will get him when he turn 37!! we have a dumb front office!!!!!!!!

whoever we pickup will be Garbage. but we need a spot filled pronto.
Thigpen is the Man!
Just except it.

In fairness finatic, whos to say Piggy is any better than henne or penny, we cant judge the man on one solid drive in a game. He played well, but he is also very Int prone and erratic just as anyone in the league....before peopl go crowning the guy the next new thing in miami, how bout we wait and see what Thigpen can do in a FULL game or a FULL season becuase the only season he played showed that the guy wasnt even capable of staying a starting QB over another guy named Brodie Croyle who is doing what right now again???!!!I am very sceptical and beleive that Tyler is not the answer to our QB problem but time will tell!!!!

IT'S IMPORTANT WHO THEY GET AS THE BACKUP.because thigpen could get nailed with richie icgonito starting..

thigpen reminds me of a young 26 year old favre;he can run or throw. puts alot of pressure on the D. the whole field opens up to us.

Maybe even Culpepper lol...I'm sure they have some jerseys that they still need to sell


In other news, ALOCO is reporting the sky is blue, water is wet, the sun is hot, and his mom is gay.


Shouldn't expect Thigpen to be a franchise QB just serviceable.

Dont matter who they get, seasons as good as over.

We are out of options as a team for QB, so we really have no choice and if miami even signs Dumbfarcus Russel to the practice squad, This Organization needs to be dis-owned by the media, fans, and The NFL.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Thigpen looks much more naturally comfortable then Chad Henne running the offense in his short span.

Sure the coaching staff will fix that.

Soiled :)

i would love to use the wildcat with thigpen as the triggerman!! finally, ronnie gave the ball to rickie from the wildcat and we had positive gains!!

When was Miami ever in the proceedings with Vick... we had 4 QB's when we started this season... its funny how people can say out of hindsight that someone is "Dumb". I guess people who got killed in car crashes on the way to work are Dumb for leaving home in the Morning...Right?

No offense, Dolphins4life73... really, but it just makes no sense to pull that out of the air and blame the front office for it... Hardly anyone loses 2 QB's in a day... its a fairly rare occurrence...

"Is not over till is over".

so what college QB should we all be watching. One would think that our first or second round pick has to be a QB. even if henne's knee is ok

What a bizaare game...

Kurt Warner could save the season, Warner to Marshall, very nice.

i vote for firing henning and making pennington the OC. lol

That kid Reshad is a playmaker.

if he ain't interested in saving the cardinals season, why on earth would he save ours?

JaMarcus Russell has already been paid so he'll never work hard another day in his life. Pass.


Thigpen will improvise and do what he wants....

What does he fear from Sparano and Henning?

They surely can't bench him.

kurt warner is still under contract so hes not an option

its never dumb to make that statement b/c to many ppl here live with the notion that we would have been superbowl contenders had we signed drew b. yes we had a chance to sign vick last year, with pennington coming off injury and henne still being raw!! if you(DC) think thigpen or pat white was better than vick at that time then you are dumb no offense!! damn peter king reporting jake long might have shoulder problem nobody is talking about!!!!


Why don't you do that Superfin?

Good BYE! I hope you find a new team to "Own"... since you have disowned this one (Your words, not mine fool)...

sorry DC that post was directed to derek4dolphins

Speaking of quotes:

Finnegan admits he was surprised the Dolphins didn’t lean on Marshall more than they did, especially in the red zone when Henne threw a fade to Brian Hartline instead of Marshall. The Titans singled up Marshall in the redzone, practically daring Henne to throw his way.

“You got to go talk to Sparano and the offensive coordinator about that,” Finnegan said of the team’s approach with Marshall. “I don’t think we doubled him the whole day. That’s something I looked forward to.”


that ain't LOL---its a great idea....keep Penny w/ the org & have him take over OC (the sooner the better)

mike098 one does not have to thibk that.well unless by one you mean yourself only than yes one thinks that

Having to play in 4 days makes this really bad

Why don't you do that Superfin?

Good BYE! I hope you find a new team to "Own"... since you have disowned this one (Your words, not mine fool)...

Posted by: Derek4Dolphins | November 14, 2010 at 07:29 PM

Now, now dont get your panties in a twist knot Derek4Dummies, i knew you had aspirations of trying out for the job too but truth is you have to know what a QB is before you go running it into high gear....FOOL*lol*

What's the problem? to my eyes we are a better team now. The defense will keep us in the game and I'm sure we will score more touchdowns.

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