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Source: Dolphins want to work out JaMarcus Russell, others

The Dolphins are exploring other quarterback options now because Chad Pennington is expected to be out for the remainder of the season, and one of the names prominent on Miami's list of replacements is former first overall selection JaMarcus Russell, a team source said Sunday night.

No workout has been set up yet. But Russell is on Miami's list and the team is expected to reach out to him in the next 24 hours. Russell recently had a tryout with the Redskins. He weighed in excess of 260 pounds when he worked out with the Redskins two week ago despite the fact he is being mentored by former NBA player and coach John Lucas.

The Dolphins have other QBs also on the list and will go through those names as well. The team, obviously, can also look at quarterbacks currently on other team's practice squads.

Other QBs that will be under consideration are Patrick Ramsey, Todd Bouman, Sean Canfield, and Brian St. Pierre. This is obviously not a complete list as the Dolphins aren't calling reporters and sharing their intentions.

Ramsey, it must be remembered is represented by Jimmy Sexton. Sexton represents Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano. Hmmm.

ESPN is reporting former Broncos QB Tom Brandstater will be among the players Miami will try out.

No, Pat White is not an option. Yet.


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Sure complicates matters, bobbyd12

no playing in 5 days make this great!! i hope we can build off this!! the sooner we play the better!!! we will have time to get healthy after this game with a couple of days off

What about CFL Quarterbacks? Why not bring in a QB from up north who's been tearing up that league? Let's find the next Jim Kelly/Warren Moon/Doug Flutie.

What? Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough... The tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go!

It was nice to see the Dolphins push the ball downfield, successfully or not

its a no-brainer you reach out to pat white first!! last qb to play here

good thing we play chicago and not a team with a good offense to keep up with

aloco, you keep saying henne's done....was the MRI done? i thought it was tomorrow? or is that wishful thinking? i hope not, i'd like to see thigpen get a chance


Thigpen will be o.k. Chad Henne will rehab this week. Will be ready if needed. This is not the end. J. Russel was a top draft pick and maybe getting fired was a wake up call. GO PHINS

Thigpen is already whining about the extra hours they have to put in. That's your leader Thiggy lovers.

Isn't it sweet to get touchdowns instead of field goals? Finally!

I want Tony Pike from the Panthers.

cbrimanson, germans bomb pearl harbor? r u an idiot?

How did you guys like the drive where Henne was 8-8 and we ran 4 reciever sets? That was as innovative as this team gets! I know it only ended up in a feild goal(I thought we forced it to Marsahll on that drive) But why not more of that. With Thigpen, I would like to see a very fast uptempo offense, with more 4 reciever sets. This way we can get more playmakers on the field, and involved. With Thigpens mobility, we may not need to keep a blocker in the backfield, this should help stretch the field.

Wow whats this I hear Long getting a MRI aso anyone here this also??


What if...

What if Henne wasn't benched this week? It's not likely he would have had that injury, would have been a different game, and of course Penne wouldn't have been injured.

Just saying..maybe they tried a week to soon....

Where is the Miami Herald on the Long issue? BRUTAL.

NFL.com reporting (on blogs) that both chads appear to be done for the season. the are using the sun sentinel as their source.

Sure, wake me up when J.Russel actually works hard in practice and becomes a Leader in the NFL....Id rather miami take their chances on Thiggy running the show!!!!


Its a quote by John Belushi from animal house

denny, thigpen was not whinning, just advising there is a lot of work to do in 3 days!


an awesome quote they play it at panthers home games when they are losing... which happens alot... but go fla panthers

pennington shoulder must have been held together by spit!! it seems he hurt the shoulder falling trying to brace himself(with the left arm) but the right arm hit a player body as he was going down

Yeah, they even showed a 5 WR look, when the TE/Back split wide left


Did you People notice that there wasn't as much maximum protection as before? 4 wides and , kid, let's see you throw the ball.

thanks Soiled, loved animal house, didnot remember that particular quote...apologies!

The WildCat saved them this game. 2 QB's go down, and they were effective with it, kept the drive going and scored again. Not hearing many complaints here about the WC today :)

Bobbyd12, you are pathetic. "Dont matter who they get, seasons as good as over.


The season is potentially SAVED now that Thigpen is our QB. You will soon be on the Thigpen train and we'll be saying, "Told ya so." Henne is a career back up who may get one more chance to start in 5 years. Hated to see him go down, because I'm an actual fan. But he is not very good and has a LOT to work on to become decent. Not sure he has it in him.
Stick with him though... you guys were made for each other!


i agree that was really weak but then againthe last time penny went down it didnt look like it was bad either. best wishes to him but damn noodle arm! keep him as qb coach

I hope Thigpen can come in and be the qb he never was. I hope he's learned from past boneheaded blunders like throwing ints in the end zone when his team is in field goal position for a tie in the 4th qtr. If he has learned and for some reason, (all though he is our 3rd string)actually outperforms our 1st and 2nd string qbs then I will be ecstatic. If he can follow that up with consistent performances I will be elated.

Today Thigpen said "I hope to be named the starter due to injury because we need time to work together on offense, we only have 3 days and that's tough".

Excuses already? Hmmmmmmmm I won't be holding my breath on the sudden Thigpen maturation.

Brandstater showed promise in Denver and Bouman has reps under his belt to hold down the backup job. Please - no Russell. That's just a bad joke right, AS?

How about Colt Brennan?


denny, you misinterpreted thigpen. he likes all the work he can get. he's pretty excited really. hope u support the fins and their qb whoever it is. finally got a home win after 6 tries.

Hey Fin Nation:

News Flash:


Wait for the MRI all you want. He's done for 2010. Are y'all deaf, blind, and dumb? Oops, sorry. That was offensive. TO DEAF DUMB AND BLIND PEOPLE, because even THEY are smarter than all y'all!

Let's go Thiggy!


Who is responsible for the insistence on Henne?

I am happy to see Thigpen get his chance , unfortunately we had to lose the 2 Chads.But this is it Tyler,this is your time to shine. Get all the reps you can and show them what you can do.3 days to get ready and prove to America on national television that

Denny, the sweat from Henne's nuts are effecting your reasoning. Give it a break dude.

I can't wait until all the Thigpen enthusiasts prove the rest of us wrong.

Guys seriously come in here and tell us how you told us so. And I will say damn you were right and I was wrong! We have a starting qb now that can take us to the playoffs.

Because if you guys are right we're all going to be happy and I will have no problem admitting I was wrong. I'll be too busy buying playoff tickets.

But my vote is he's not going to make this huge difference that everyone is gaga over. This is complete over reaction and you will all see how limited Thigpen is as a QB when he has to run an entire game plan.

Kids great in emotional games when he comes in off the bench or the team is already out of it and he has no pressure on him, just trying to play spoiler. But when he has to carry an entire game plan and stick to it he plops.

Can't wait until you guys prove us wrong! Lets go Tyler Thigpen!!!

thank god for the local media b/c we get no airtime with the national media especially win we beat teams we are not supposed to beat!! all week long they were saying how moss and johnson was going to crush us but yet and still they are consumed with dallas and the vikes!! GO FIGURE!

Oh yeahhhhhh cocoa joe I'M the unreasonable one.

ROFLMAO, You guys are talking about Thigpen as if he's a pro bowler.


And he's still the third stringer! KC didn't want him and they sucked. But I'm the one who isn't thinking clearly?

I'm not saying Henne is the answer dumb as a** but I am saying we're completely f***ed if Thigpen has to lead this team. You'll see soon enough. I don't want to ruin the Thiggy love fest in here so continue stroking the Tyler knob.

Like I said, can't wait until I'm proven wrong because that will mean our team is winning.

tyler's a great young guy with all the ability in the world. he was stuck in sparano's basement for the past year or so. i've watched him in 25 practices and he really has "it". i remember him almost beating us by himself in k.c. in 2008 and almost a miracle 4th quarter comeback against the steelers in 2009.he did it again today with no 1st team practice reps all year! should make all fin fans proud; not angry he did good.

thank u denny , i hope it works but u guys will be wanting henne healthy im sure

Denny- And apparently YOU took 2.7 seconds to formulate opinions on Thigpen & Henne, and will now spend this day forward until the day you leave this earth defending said opinion.

"But when he has to carry an entire game plan and stick to it he plops." BASED ON WHAT? You're just talking out your bung. He had better stats in his 11 starts then Henne did in his 18 starts... on a horrible, 3 win KC team.

Innovative, creative, mobile, gunslinger, with mojo... everything Henne wasn't. I wish Henne wasn't hurt and they had simply given Thiggy his chance to start. Henne is a decent back-up, but he sucked this year.

So yes, you will see, and we will say "told ya so"... and then, as now, you will have JUST BEEN JOE MOMMA'D, HO!

Joe Mamma'd,

STFU an git yo betch a s s back in the kitchen HO!

You just been Joe Pappa'd Betch a s s HO!

denny, its not tyler fault he had to come in the game. he is a dolphin qb. why the hate. are u a dolphin fan???? what did thigpen do to you? who do you want as qb now that we only have 1 guy?

greg z. I support the team. I don't put too much into one player I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins and if they do well I'm happy.

But don't expect me to praise guy who threw a handful of passes today and act as if he's turned his whole career around in one qtr.

And people want me to be nice to Thigpen when all I've read in here for weeks is Henne bashing. Eventhough Thigpens credentials are no better than Henne AND he's been in the league much longer? Pfffffffffffft.

Can't wait to see Moses part the red sea guys! Yipppeeeeeee I am so happy we lost both our #1 and #2 qbs and now have the extreme luck of being able to play our 3rd stringer. Ohhhhhh lucky day!


So, Thigpen was "just a 3rd stringer" huh?

Yeah, and Kurt Warner was "just an Arena Leaguer", and Cam Wake was "just a CFL guy", and Tony Romo was "just a guy signed off the street to back-up Bledsoe"...

Injuries create opportunities for good players, whom are buried on depth charts for whatever reason. So again, you lose.


Please don't give Russell any more money. I'm available.I played DB in college but I can play QB in a pinch. I'm 40 years old and I can throw it about 45 yards... I'm also great at madden.

Jo Mamma,

You just defeated your own argument ho.

Thigpen got numbers but not wins, duh!

You just jo mamma'd yourself betch.

Support my qb no matter who it is? Definitely Greg z. But I'll make a deal with everyone.

I'm going to be like everyone else was before the first game with Henne. I will give him the benefit of doubt and cheer him on.

That is of course until he throws one errant pass ot interception. Or until he fails to look off a defender or get the team in the endzone.

At that point I will be in here calling him every name in the book just to annoy the Henne haters. Just like they did to me for the past 9 games.

Once again, can't wait to be proven wrong because it means we will be on our way! Can't wait! Tyler rip it up motherf***er! Lets go Tyler lead this Dolphins team like these guys say you will! Crossing my fingers.


Possible that Jake Long separated his shoulder and will miss the game against the Bears. Going for MRI, as reported by Peter King.

Cam Wake could potentially miss the game against the Bears this Thursday too... I will share more when I can get some details.

Hey Joe Mamma, can't wait to revisit this conversation after Thursdays game okay?

ps You're whole "youve been joe mammad" shtick is incredibly lame.

Don't worry bout that news Joe Mamma,,,,,,,we have Tyler Thigpen and he can carry a whole team on his back!

jeff garcia would be perfect. he can read defenses and makes plays. he can throw and he can run to get first downs. he can get us in the end zone.

Were begging please do not get jamarcus rusell we been fans our whole lives we seen what he did in oakland and we dont need that over her please for the fan sake do not bring a player of his caliber to lead our organization. I would rather have pat white then any of these scrubs on the list the only St. Pierre I no is george.

"Injuries create opportunities for good players, whom are buried on depth charts for whatever reason. So again, you lose". Joe Mamma Nov, 2010

Didn't realize you were looking in your crystal ball Nostradumbass. I'm glad you can read the future, are we going to the superbowl this year oh great one?

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