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Special teams game plan vs. Hester: 15 men on field

One of the interesting matchups you'll see play out Thursday night when the Dolphins play the Bears is how Miami's special teams will handle Chicago punt returner Devin Hester.

Hester is averaging a whopping 16.7 yards per return and has returned two punts, including an 89-yarder, for touchdowns this year.

So how will Miami's, ahem, challenged special teams deal with one of he best special teams playmakers in the business?

"The game plan is probably to try and sneak three or four extra [players] out there on the field and see if we can have any success," coach Tony Sparano told the Chicago media today. "He's been a great player for a long time and I think the guys that go back there are fearless to catch the ball the way he does and run the way he does. So we've obviously got to pay special attention to him when you're putting together the game plan."

Sparano is obviously kidding about the extra players on the field. And, truth is, Miami hasn't been bad on punt coverage. The Dolphins are ranked No. 10 in the NFL in that category.

But special attention?

How's this for special attention:

Do. Not. Kick. It. To. Hester.



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I hope thiggy doesn't turn into an interception machine with all that enthusiasm he has .

we will miss henne's cool head .

Joeschmoe I wrote you a post that the moderator seemed to find distasteful so I'll clean it up.

In short, you are an oxygen thief. I wish for more oxygen therefore I hope that you won't be taking up my extra share for too much longer. To attack people and call them names simply because you don't agree with their opinion is so childish and shows a lack of intelligence and confidence. Furthermore to pick fights by calling people names on the internet is downright pathetic.

I watched Odrick go up against some damn good left tackles and not only hold his own in the run game but he got good pressure on the qb. Preseason is a time for evaluating your young talent and he went up against league vets. It was his first four exhibition games in the nfl and he never looked out of place like many rookies do in preseason. Odrick was targeted by a bunch of team behind us all of who wanted him for their d-line.

So you'll have to enlighten me as to exactly what about any of that seemed to upset you so much. Freaking psycho.

joeschmoe is in fact marc

martin, good one, you're right!

And I guess the moderator was fine with my post toi Joe schmoe the tough guy. So now he gets two.

TE production is a BS, made up stat to try to throw a bone at the guys who suck at the position but can block.

Anyone who says Fasano is "rated higher" than Gates, Gonzales, Keller, etc is playing the role of a fool. Who would you rather have? Gates or Fasano?

I don't understand why people say that Henne shows no emotion on the field. I would rather have that than the negative vibes that Rivers and Cutler display on the field or the choreographed 'crap' that Brett Favre pulls. Do either of the Manning brothers show emotion on the field? I don't think they do but they are both top ten quarterbacks. It's just Henne being true to his personality. Does Jake Long show emotion on the field? I don't think he does. These guys focus on what they do best and don't show the oppostition up. Leaving the juvenille stuff to TO and Ocho Cinco....that's fine. And besides, if anyone watched the game Sunday you would have seen Henne join his teamates celebrate in the endzone after the Cobbs TO. I'm not looking for anything else from my quarterback.

GRAIG M, what a post @ 4.52 about henne the hero.

Go Dolphins

Craig, the shots here against Henne are from people who want everything yesterday. They have no patience to see if the poduct can complete itself. No, Henne is not there yet but man, he makes some throws nobody else on this roster can make. He fits it into some really tight places. He just needs that confidence in the red zone.


I'll take any of those guys over Fassano. I agree with you. I don't even think Fassano is much of a blocker. He's not number one material and ?I hope the regime realizes this is a position that needs to be upgraded in the offseason.

ALoco, that's an excellent point! I love what Thiggy brings in terms of energy but to me he goes overboard at times. He reminds me of that little kicker who hurt himself jumping up and down after a field goal. Sometimes you just need to act like you've been there. People like who they like. Some people want Henne to jump all around like a clown and yell and all of that nonsense. I myself like the quiet determined guys and always have. Montana was always cool, so was Phil Simms who I see Henne being most like in the future. Not a premier qb but a soldier and tough as nails. A guy that can definitely win you a championship, without all of the theatrics. Whatever works for each individual is fine.

Can you imagine if some of these guys had to put up with the Leafs Mark?.....LOL. Sorry not a fan!

I posted some Jays comments but I guess because this is a Dolphins blog they didn't make it through. I'm saying NO to Manny in TO.



Games -19
First Downs "24"

Add to this a " TD "reception" and 1 reception for a "first down"

Has thrown for 20 Tds and 16 interceptions with a bad KC team in a lot of bad weather.

Nothing frustrates a defense like a qb who can evade the rush, buy time and even worse, look down field and throw on the run. Just ask the Browns after Sanchees killed them last wee in OT?

Go Phins!

FAJ seriously, you guys have to stop. It is a study done by an nfl focus group. It doesn't mean they think Fasano is better than Gates just that he is more well rounded. Gates is light years ahead of Fasano in terms of pass catches and tds. No one is arguing that.

This is weird. I point out something that someone else wrote about one of our own players and not only do I get attacked for relaying the info there are people bad mouthing players on their own team to make some point that has no bearing on the original post whatsoever. Weird blog today, must be a full moon.

Craig M, love the Italian spelling for Fasano. Way to get cultural on us!

Craig, did you know Fasano was just given an extension?


Good post at 4:56pm. I think Henne, as a slightly bigger version and with a bigger arm than Simms, is what the Dolphins had in mind when they drafted him. I would be fine with that. A quiet leader on the field who gets the job done but at some point he is going to have to cut down on his mistakes.

The Leafs would kill half the people on this blog. 2nd most pathetic franchise in North America behind the Cubs.

These poeple think 10 years is long!!!!

Craig, I hope I didn't burst your bubble with the Fasano signing news. hahaha, but you knew that right? I don't know if you should hold your breath waiting for that upgrade unless their going to pay a back up te the kind of money they just gave Anthony.

I think Dez would have been great... But Earl Thomas would have gave Miami a Safety along the lines of the elites in the NFL... I am speaking to NEED... Not desire. I am certain Dez Bryant would have been productive particularly in returns (We know that now, Ain't hindsight grand?) However, Miami had just gone out and spent $50 Million on a receiver to bolster the receiver corps, believing they would take another WR with their #1 pick when our Defense was responsible for losing 90% of the games lost last year is not reasonable. Bryant could have brought much to the table, Yes... But having a Pro Bowl Safety would have placed a lot less pressure on our corners. I feel Thomas could have helped in that... an besides..Marc... Once again... Your playing the Hindsight game and that is just yanking the Monkey for Kicks and comments.... Miami was far from being the only team that did not chase after Dez. Defense was the problem in Miami last year, and we all knew that was what the draft was going to focus on. Taking a chance with a WR is one thing, doing it a year after your defense was annihilated by teams is another. 50-50 Marc... That Dez was a bust... so far so good. We'll see what his future holds.. Thomas had no such concerns. He was/is a winner from the get go... He was not suspended or any of that crap. Dez had red flags well beyond his family. I hope his career is great and wish him well.

I don't care if my QB does Cirque de Sole backflips or Tlaks like Ben Stein, the economist from the Eye Drop Commercial tha always says "Dry Eyes". If you suffer...say it real slow...from "dry.....eyes". You Know the guy!

Well I don't care if he is a cheer leader or a fricken librarian?

Just move the fricken ball into the end zone already Geez!

Go Phins!

Mark in Toronto, Don't forget about my New York Islanders in the pathetic talk. I know they won some stanley cups but that was over 30 years ago and they have been a disgrace for at least 15 years now! Toronto will be fine once they get rid of that blow hard GM (Burke?). That guy is the worst.


Fasano makes so little impact on me that I couldn't even get the spelling of his name right. And yes, Phins78, I knew about the extension today. I still say we need to add a pass catching TE to couple with Fasano and we should have done it in this year's draft as the Patriots did.

Mark, you are right about the Cubs being the only franchise worse than the Leafs. The Clippers are pretty bad too! How'd you like to be Richard Peddie making the kind of money he's making, with a track record of the Leafs and Raptors. No justice! It's obvious he's good at making MLSE lots of money because he knows NOTHING about sports.

Lol Craig...i hear ya...bet he made an impact on the Titans, though


Derek, EXCELLENT post. Defense was what the Dolphins needed and everyone knew it. They were terrible last year and the the offense was efficient and had just signed Marshall. Excellent observation.

Oh Crap!

Bad news guys!

Moses has brought his first plague to the Phins!

Upon Ramsey's arrival at the facility, it started to hail! The hail then turned to fire on the ground. Then some guy with a deep voice started to narrarate the whole thing!


Go Phins! No Really! Go Phins!


I don't consider the contract they gave Fasano to be a big contract and the way a lot of these contracts work they can walk away and it costs them next to nothing (see McNabb's new contract). At least this gives us somebody for next year but I still say Fasano is mediocre as a TE.

Earl Thomas would have been a great addition for the 'Phins but there was also a lot of people who thought Berry, who went to KC fifth, had 'can't miss' writtne all over him and he's very little impact this year. So we just don't know really.

Check this out, "Jay Cutler on Brandon Marshall"

"Get him more involved".

Well that solves it, Cutler is a genius. I wish we thought of that.


I agree Craig, mediocre. And I'll believe you about the contract being small. It looked big to me but I make under $100,000 a year so it's all relative. Not a good judge on NFL contracts, they all seem too large! Would love to get a pass catching te but I'm afraid the coaches see Fasano as exactly that. I hope not, but they haven't tried to get one up until now and I have to guess it's because they see Fasano as that guy. He isn't unless he can play like he did Sunday on a consistent basis. Maybe a change in OC will help him out.

Does everyone remember when Cutler threw a hissy fit on the field during the Broncos game against the Dolphins in 08' at mile high? Yelled at the refs and then went to the sideline and yelled at his receivers and coach. It was priceless and I hope the Dolphins defense can frustrate him like that again this Thursday!

Craig M,

Concerning Berry... You are 100% absolutely correct. All of these players..Including Henne, need different levels of development. Some make better transitions then others... some do so by way of the team they land on. Had Berry come to Miami he may have been a star... had Thomas he may have sucked... Had Dez??????

My point spoke to NEED... after a $50 million WR was just brought in... Dez Bryant simply was NOT going to happen, after such a miserable defense we had here in Miami in 09.

You know what's funny!

I have been doing all this Blogging from the G-20!

Yup, I have been prognosticating football on a Government issued Lap Top while deciding all of your financial futures!

Went out with the Chinese last week, what a hoot! They know how to party! The best part is they paid the bill! LMAO!

That Bernanke is a freaking stiff.

Don't get me started on the everyone bugging me about QE-2 either!

Infaltion? Commodities? Come on people! Lighten up! It's America! Let's Party! I'll bring the Nacho Fixins!

Timothy Geitner


You're not wrong. We do need a better number two receiver. I like the guys we have but I still feel we need someone who is more of a threat to loosen up the double-coverage on Marshall. Bryant would have done that. But you are also right, the defence was sorely in need of upgrades and they chose to go that route, likely correctly so.



D4D...I was just saying. I'm not playing any games

I don't pay attention to college ball, so I was mum about all that, but, I do recall MANY, MANY people calling him name.

In fact, like always, we didn't pick ANYONE that had any buzz about them...

With that said, Joe is not Marc. Marc is Marc. Marc has NEVER posted as anything but Marc (although other's that aren't Marc have posted as Marc)

I screwed my jew girl good last night and now we're both rather sore :(

What about driving the ball downfield and scoring all the time?? No punts or filed goals would be nice.

Looks like someone is having fun with numbers...

'Add to this a " TD "reception" and 1 reception for a "first down"'

He has 1 catch in his career so these two catches are quite the feat!

Phins78 - I am not attacking you on that report - I am pointing out the falicies of it. I happen to like Fasano - think he would be awesome with a young beast TE - but I won't take him over most of the #1 TE's in the league...

They should make Marshall the 3rd QB. He had 2 pretty good throws last week :)

Here are the chances that Mike Vick becomes a free agent at the end of the year - 0.000000000%

give it up already. He is an Eagle and will be for the rest of his career...

Shockey was right...

Bill Parcells really is a fat fagg0t

Marc, can you clean your language a little.the tuna is more than 70 years old .

Martin - in regards to your stats on Thigpen...you are absolutely correct, but should also add a carreer 54.3% completion % and 73.6 QB rating. Yeah, the TDs look great and I'm sure they're exciting to watch...but those Ints the season he started for KC helped lead them to a 2-14 record.

I will be the first to eat crow if Thigpen plays out the rest of the season and jump starts this offense...i.e. can put 2 or 3 in the endzone every week....can limit Ints....delivers 4th Qtr wins, etc. Also, if he plays out the rest of the season, he and Henne will both have played in the same number of games in their respective careers...should make for an interesting analysis. I'm sure the Thigpen supporters will say that he just needs more time and opportunity...hmmmmm, sounds familiar. Maybe because that's what the Henne supporters say.

wolfman, how much talent did thigpen have in KC? lets see what happens, this season wasnt going anywhere....just a thought!

It's not rocket science. You either punt it out of bounds or kick it very high and short. You're willing to concede an extra 5-10 yards that you normally wouldn't in exchange for not giving up huge plays.

they could put twenty men on special teams right now and it wouldnt make a difference, BECUASE YOU HAVE TO LEARN how to wrap a player from his legs not his chest.....in others words TACKLE!!!

In KC Thigpen had no offensive talent at all. He struggled with the following schlumps:

Dwayne Bowe (86 catches, 1,022 yards and 7 TD's),

future first ballot hall of famer Tony Gonzalez (96 catches, 12 TD's),

Larry Johnson (73 yards per game),

Jamal Charles (Rookie RB with 629 yards from scrimmage as a back up)

redsky - just to name a couple

Dwayne Bowe (career season)

Larry Johnson (injury shortened season, but still had 874 yards and 4.5 avg)

Tony Gonzales (He's Tony Gonzales)

I have no problem whatsoever giving Thigpen a shot....and we have no choice...and I think we'll find that Henne's injury will be season ending. I just find it laughable...all the comments I've seen...basically since the beginning of the season calling for Thigpen and annointing him the next one. All I know is that I'm a Dolphin's fan...a revolving door at QB is a bad thing....they need to find someone and have some patience. Unfortunately, that goes with the territory when you're talking about a young un-proven QB.

wolfman is 100% correct! However, don't forget the back up QB is the most popular guy in the city - until he proves why he is the back up.

Anyone remember Scott Mitchell? People wanted to trade Marino because of him. Hahaha

How about the Ultimate Sage Experience? For a fee he would come to your house and mow your lawn, wash your car or watch a game with you. LOL!!!

Marc, on your My Space is a girl who calls herself Future Mommy. I would love to blow a load on her. Is she available? Does she swallow?


Excuse me Potomus Correctomus! LOL!
I took the Stat from the ESPN website. It has him catching a TD and A first down. Perhaps he did?

All I am saying is that he brings an extra skill set. Also that year was a KC team with a lot of locker room problems. Unhappy Vets Including LJ and Gonzo. The kid played from behind a ton where the defense can pin its ears back. He also played in some tough weather conditions.

Last week Henne does not make that throw to Fasano down the sideline, NO WAY! He slides, tosses it to a back or throws it out of bounds. Which is partly the way he is coached.

Just go look at the video of the throw to Bess for a TD last year. Bess could be better utilized.

Go Phins!



The true advantage that I see in using Thigpen is that we won't have to max-protect that much.

Thig an interception machine? You mean like Henne? I was in his corner big time and blaming Henning for his lack of success. Henne has had sufficiant time and a full off season training camp. He is what he is...Jay Shrader, Trent Dilfer, Maybe a Brad Johnson on a good day. I don't like the revolving door either.

Go Phins!

power rankings have miami at 14 and one has them at 17. they have the tb sucks and the raiders ahead of them. not good. i hope thigpen will do a good job. PLEASE next year draft a qb though.

martin, don't count your eggs before the chicken hatches .wait until wee what thigg would do on thurs,.win i hope .

FAJ - Wasn't it the 2003 season when fans were calling for Fiedler's head and Fiedler got benched....I think it was for Sage....Sage got a few starts and then was sucking it up one game...then they put in Fiedler and he lead a 4th qtr comeback....and then Fiedler was all of a sudden back in everyone's good graces....until he wasn't a couple week later?

BTW, as sorry as this sounds...kinda miss Fiedler. Actually, never mind I don't....just had a bought of temporary nostalgia for anything that doesn't look like this mess.

wolfman1313, do you know which team had the worst group of QB'S last 12 years ?

Martin - Sorry, I just don't think 26 NFL games is enough of an evaluation whether we're talking Henne or Thigpen. Just look at the first 5 year statistics of many a great QB in the NFL...look at Elway for example....look at Brees...many others.

As the black-sheep of a huge Denver Bronco family I can tell you I have many a memory of my Dad and Grandfather cussin Elway out....calling for his head...calling Reeves a $%#@ moron, etc...had they gotten their way (as many other fans) Elway would have been gone. As a former resident of San Diego during the Brees drama...well, we all know what happend there...fortunately they lucked out and Rivers turned out to be pretty darn good.

All I'm saying is this nonsense of giving a guy a handful of games and then determining whether that's the guy or not is ridiculous. Gotta pick someone and stick with them 3-5 years as full time starters.

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