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Special teams game plan vs. Hester: 15 men on field

One of the interesting matchups you'll see play out Thursday night when the Dolphins play the Bears is how Miami's special teams will handle Chicago punt returner Devin Hester.

Hester is averaging a whopping 16.7 yards per return and has returned two punts, including an 89-yarder, for touchdowns this year.

So how will Miami's, ahem, challenged special teams deal with one of he best special teams playmakers in the business?

"The game plan is probably to try and sneak three or four extra [players] out there on the field and see if we can have any success," coach Tony Sparano told the Chicago media today. "He's been a great player for a long time and I think the guys that go back there are fearless to catch the ball the way he does and run the way he does. So we've obviously got to pay special attention to him when you're putting together the game plan."

Sparano is obviously kidding about the extra players on the field. And, truth is, Miami hasn't been bad on punt coverage. The Dolphins are ranked No. 10 in the NFL in that category.

But special attention?

How's this for special attention:

Do. Not. Kick. It. To. Hester.



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ALoco - I would assume it would be my Dolphins sadly.




so we have a mess on our hands

13 hours after 11 13 and the Miami Dolphins are devastated.
Gonna be interesting with a 3rd string quarterback and a banged up center.
Jake Long, the one shoulder and one armed man should not even be playing against Peppers.
Is Henne on injured reserve yet?
How is Bell,Dansby,Wake,Crowder and Clemons holding up, with duct tape.

Man damn that curse of 11 13

How the Hell does that Home Cat always come up with this S H I T?

Guy is kooky, but amazingly accurate.

Go UM! Go Phins!

message didnt come thru will try again if not go to dolfan site if anyone cares to...

so we have a mess on our hands

LOL! I like the special attention and solution you recommend towards the problem Hester presents to Miami's special teams unit, Armando. Even better than the idea Sparano came up with.

Again, Home cant defend his idiocy using his own name so he uses mine. Home, your a real piece of SHYT. 11 13 equals 24. Sean Smith our shutdown corner!! Go to Smiths new FaceBook Page and apologize for ur stupidity Douchebag

Vontae Davis and Pro Bowler Al Harris are my 1st choices, i`m just acting like resident tough guy AZZwipe again.
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1. Wrong about your stupid 11 13 bullshyt
2. Wrong about Sean Smith
3. Wrong about Pat White
4. Wrong about the receivers
5. Wrong about everything that comes out of ur mouth
Afraid of me, afraid to use your own name, afraid of the world

Im done posting here tonite, nothing else is from the real bobbyd12, just the coward Home using my name. Home I will be at the Sun-Sentinel where you can READ about urself in a couple mins.

In Internet, if you lose your cool, you are fuc---. Answer Trolls with black humor or ignore them(great advantage for Internet).

Trolls who use other people's nicks don't know what they are getting into. beware

can we please get m. vick. will philly throw the cash his way or will he walk?

Armando, don't you have these fuc-- URL's?

Pass rush is a must. Giants got 9 sacks against Cutler.
I'd kick it away from Hester, as Mando says.
However, It's our kickoff coverage that worries me. You don't want to play field position wars with a 3rd string QB who gas a bit of the 'gunslinger" in him. An interception deep in our territory could be a pick 6.

We must keep those guys on their side of the field. 3rd an longs give our D a chance against a gunslinger like Cutler.

M. Vick is sturdier and tougher than I thought he was.


They have to pay him double(like a notorious Lady demanded of my son).


I agree but I haven't seen it from Henne so far. The negetives outweigh the positives in my opinion, I hope I'm wrong. I think a lot of it was this "don't make a mistake" coaching thing.

They screwed with his head a bit too much and under Henning I don't see him progressing.

Thigpen has the luxury of winging it more because truth be told, you only get so many chances and he is auditioning for this team or another. Henne had to keep it between the lines. Different set of circumstances totally.

Either way I can't wait for the game. For some reason I have a good feeling about it. I think mainly because I see the defense improving on the turnover front lately. I also saw a pair of veteran running backs who looked like they are finally ready to lead.

Go Phns!

Mr Big...Future Mommy is my niece...

She's 20 and pregnent, so, I suppose you can say she doesn't swallow ENOUGH

Also, the bears are pretenders

I feel like I'm speed ballin cocaine and heroin.

One minute I'm thinking Henne's getting railroaded. Then I think, No Thigpen has EARNED a shot.

Thigpen can win this game for us. Then, NO Henning will hog tie him and screw the deal.

Hey! Maybe with a new quarterback Henning will look like the genius of old! NO, then we'll have to put up with him for God knows how long.

Jake can betch slap Peppers with one hand tied behind his back. NO, we don't want him to end up like Pennington!

I knew this season was going to be a bumpy ride but man, Momma never told me there'd be days like these!!!!

Martin, well said! thx.

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odin, youre on the ball, drugs or no drugs!

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For translation--->ask Armando.

the plungie award goes to Marc for his dirty post

for anyone with the herald iphone app, please visit the photo section for my latest posting. It's entitled, "Tyler fuc ks the bears"

M. Vick MUST be paid double.


hilarious oscar, great comeback! will ask mando....lol!

will check it out dishpan

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffin Glue! Loyyd Bridges-Airplane

Go Phins!

I was responding to someone else who wanted to know if she swallowed...

Why am I being persucuted here?

couldnt find it dishpan

Glue can become sticky, now it's clean J&B

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Marc, read your last 2 ugly posts and tell us how you feel about them .

Well Cortland Finnegan tipped off the rest of the defenses we'll face this year. But hey, it wasn't a state secret to begin with.

After having calmed down and put some thought into it, I'd actually like to thank Finnegan for putting it out there for Cole, Yahoo sports and anybody else that didn't already know.

It seems to me that Henning, as egotistical as he is, won't be able to bury his head in the sand on this one. Once he gets over the initial embarrassment, he'll have to realize he can't just continue business as usual(right?-lol, no seriously you guys, RIGHT?!?!).

I think Henning has to realize, though he'll never admit it, that he has to redeem himself and quick. This makes me think that we'll see Thigpen put in the best possible situations and the offense will be more dynamic than they've been all season.

Still, after we dominate the Bears, don't expect to see any props thrown Thigpens way by Henning. After all, he'll have orchestrated the "new look" offense for a lowly 3rd string Quarterback.

this is crazy yall are talking about the fins like they are in trouble. thugpen leads the team to an 11-5 finish.

home write those numbas down fool.



You might not realize it but many REAL football players hate to face inferior opposition.

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Take it easy.

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I was just joking around about your "off color" humor.

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I don't know the end to this season, but if the first half was wild, hold on for the second half.

Channing looks less active on the field than what he normally is. Has he really recovered from his injury or is there another reason(s)?

bobbyd12 has condom breath.


For the record I didn't wear heels, just the dress and sneakers

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oscar, that's crowder's game: he's constantly trailing in coverage or getting juked

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