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Special teams game plan vs. Hester: 15 men on field

One of the interesting matchups you'll see play out Thursday night when the Dolphins play the Bears is how Miami's special teams will handle Chicago punt returner Devin Hester.

Hester is averaging a whopping 16.7 yards per return and has returned two punts, including an 89-yarder, for touchdowns this year.

So how will Miami's, ahem, challenged special teams deal with one of he best special teams playmakers in the business?

"The game plan is probably to try and sneak three or four extra [players] out there on the field and see if we can have any success," coach Tony Sparano told the Chicago media today. "He's been a great player for a long time and I think the guys that go back there are fearless to catch the ball the way he does and run the way he does. So we've obviously got to pay special attention to him when you're putting together the game plan."

Sparano is obviously kidding about the extra players on the field. And, truth is, Miami hasn't been bad on punt coverage. The Dolphins are ranked No. 10 in the NFL in that category.

But special attention?

How's this for special attention:

Do. Not. Kick. It. To. Hester.



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So, which one are you Yepo?

good point marc, i'd say he's gay!

Marino might not contend for the Nobel Prize in Physics but he was(is) one hell of a competitor.

Then what are you doing here Yepo? I'd say he's gay and dumb

I'd rather have Henne on the bench than some P. Ramsey. Truth.

Go Phins!

I think Yepo IS Patrick Ramsay...get outta here Ramsay!

Why do I like J&B? Is very clear.

oscar ,how you like getting together with that monkey marc ?

Plea to the Dolphins & Ireland:

We should seriously consider taking Leonard Hankerson with the 15th overall pick of next year's draft. The kid is really good, like Andre Johnson good! Please don't blow this one too.


Not in front of my friends!

You got to excuse her guys, she has a drinking problem. Runs in the family.

I can't believe you left your panties at Marc's house....AGAIN!

No disrepect Mom, BUT,

Michigan! Michigan! Michigan!

Freaking that 11 13 thing ruined this team. Fish are like the walking wounded,that is the players that are still alive!

Bernie Kozar starting for the dolphins or that turnover king Pigpen.Drattt! All dun after 13 hours after 11 13. Pennington must have known about HOMES warning.

oscar, anyone can win the nobel peace prize

done! talk thursday, go Dolphins!

if al gore can win, anyone can oscar!

Some Dolfans have wised up to NostraHomeUs warning us of the date 11 13 for the past 4 months on this blog

Although most r have short term memory loss

Fact is exactly 13 hours after NostraHomeUs prediction of disaster with these numbers 11 13, that many did not believe in, the Miami Dolphins have been devastated as a team racking up unbelievable injuries to starters

These are the worst injuries to key players in one day since the history of the Dolphins organization

1st play Chad Pennington`s career is over and all downhill from there

Dolphins had 13 players listed on their injury report on Monday night - which doesn't include Pennington because he was placed on Injured Reserve. Of those 13, ten are starters.

NostraHomeUs Hits Again!

The rest is conversation

What's amazing is that this team was one of the most relatively healthy in the entire league entering last Sunday's game 13 hours exactly after 11 13. Then all hell broke loose after the dreaded 11 13. And it couldn't have come at a worse time - during their dreaded "short week" leading up to their Thursday night prime time game.

There are going to be some sore bodies taking the field in Miami in a couple of nights against a very healthy Bears team.

Beware Earthquake Coming Soon

And yes of course I am an idiot.

Playoffs r now out of the question for the Miami Dolphins after 11 13 worst one day devastation to Miami Dolphin players in the NFL franchise history

So now the Dolphins play for entertainment & pride only

Prediction: Miami 35 Da Bears 17

Enjoy the game!

Real Story on Jake Long:

Jake Long should not be playing at all

Jake Long is one good shot from ruining his entire NFL career

Jake Long`s shoulder injury requires surgery and the real healing time is 3 months, if all is successful

Pennington`s career is over

Henne needs surgery and is a gimp
Dolphins organization refuses to release MRI results on Henne`s knee

and the rest are a mash unit of busted up players three hours post 11 13

my imposter of 12:55 never sleeps, but
Home does

Miami 35 Da Bears 17

U Got It!

Home Out!

Good Night, Dolfans!


Get a grip. You're not fooling anyone, not even the fools.

You threw out a couple of numbers, which, you WHIFFED on. Then you add the "13 hours AFTER". I've heard you say that you call a spade a spade. Well, here's your spade:

The injuries happened on the 14th, hello? Besides, you never even said the numbers were dates.

A swing and a miss. Just a bit outside......WHAA-WHaa-whaa.............

Besides that, whiffing on the date is a moot point as well. You were talking Mayan Calenders, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. The stock market crash of all crashes along with some ASTEROIDS colliding with the earth.

Oh, so a couple of football players got hurt on a day in which you never even mentioned anything happening. CLOSE ENOUGH says NostrosHomus! NOT!

Grow up little man and quit bombarding us with your fantasies.

Jason Allen-Whiff
Sean Smith-Whiff
Natural disasters-whiff
11 and 13 WHIFF-WHIFF!

If these delusions of grandeur aren't enough for you check with BobbyD. He has a much more comprehensive list than I do.



ODINSEYE is watching YOU!!!!

ODIN NEVER sleeps!!!!

OK, well, there was the one time, half gallon of Jack, Bordello in Tijuana, but THAT's a whole nother STORY.


Preach on brother. I hate reading this blog when Home is on his Borderline Personality Disorder Rant. It's like I read several decent debates..then Home tauting his mythical "predictions"...then rinse and repeat.

But anyway, I'm glad you said something because I can;t see how he can respond to tha argument..he'll probably just ignore it and keep posting his crap.

Homes run for your life. Odin is a sick and crazy man. He makes me call him Uncle Daddy.

Odins Stepdaughter

Pay no attention to the imposter at 1:37.

My computer was violated while I was in the bathroom.

The Mighty Odin has spoken.


I hear you. I usually try and not let it bother me, but D A M N!

At least he used to keep me updated on the weather and natural disasters around the world, but lately it's been lacking and WAY overboard.

I'm a passionate Miami Dolphins LOVER! This season has been a roller coaster from the start. We've been on the verge of climbing back into contention and now we have to overcome some major injuries.

I don't know about everyone else, but the last thing I want to read over and over again right now, is all the doom and gloom that he's wishing upon MY team.

There's no limits to the concoctions this guy will come up with to try and validate his delusions of grandeur.

I'm putting Homes on my shyt list right underneath Dan Henning!!!!

Sometimes I listen for similarities between Hank Sr. and Hank Jr.

Sometimes I think underage girls should have neon signs right above their heads attesting to the fact.

Sometimes I wish I was an underage boy.

Sometimes I think I'm possessed by an evil spirit pretending to be Jimi Hendrix.

Sometimes I "commune with nature" and drift off into pure unadulterated Nirvana.

Valhalla to all the fallen Warriors.

Armondo- pennington loomed in the dark all year and henne never had the trifectas true backing! Now that Thigpen is the guy, that pernicious dynamic is gone and there is some psycholigical space for this team to breathe. how is it though that thigpen could be better tban henne and Pennington and the coaching staff not know this???? Sparanos days may be numbered. by the way, parcells has never been a good judge of qb's. I really like r jones and amaya! why did this team have so many injuries in one week. finally i think we should be a pass first team from here on in! go fins!! david in ca

Did they legalize marijuanna in Miami or something? What are you FinsFans smokin? Did you raid the medicine cabinet at the nearby old folks home? The Bears are going to crush the fish......and your little quarterback is going to wish he was holding the clipboard on the sidelines where it's safe. He is going to be welcomed by Peppers, Urlacher, and Briggs. He is going to scramble for his life, and if he passes he will be putting those so called receivers of yours at risk for serious injuries. No, you guys are going to lose to the Bears.....probably something like 23 - 6, so plan on complaining about the coaches, refs, and your little QB's interceptions and sacks on Friday morning. Get real....and quit dreaming!!!

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