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Special teams game plan vs. Hester: 15 men on field

One of the interesting matchups you'll see play out Thursday night when the Dolphins play the Bears is how Miami's special teams will handle Chicago punt returner Devin Hester.

Hester is averaging a whopping 16.7 yards per return and has returned two punts, including an 89-yarder, for touchdowns this year.

So how will Miami's, ahem, challenged special teams deal with one of he best special teams playmakers in the business?

"The game plan is probably to try and sneak three or four extra [players] out there on the field and see if we can have any success," coach Tony Sparano told the Chicago media today. "He's been a great player for a long time and I think the guys that go back there are fearless to catch the ball the way he does and run the way he does. So we've obviously got to pay special attention to him when you're putting together the game plan."

Sparano is obviously kidding about the extra players on the field. And, truth is, Miami hasn't been bad on punt coverage. The Dolphins are ranked No. 10 in the NFL in that category.

But special attention?

How's this for special attention:

Do. Not. Kick. It. To. Hester.