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Sunday morning offerings (in case you missed church)

I know most of you are good people who attend your house of worship every Sunday morning. Right? Am I right?

Well, for the rest of us heathens that blow off the idea of going to heaven and stuff like that by sleeping in or working on Sunday, please spend some time reading my Sunday morning offerings as we prepare for the 1 p.m. tilt between the Dolphins and the Ravens.

First off, my regularly scheduled Sunday column comes through in addressing something that I've perceived drives many of you nuts -- the Tony Sparano fist-pump following a field goal. Admit it, most of you hate it.

And I would get your ire over the celebration if you were right about its motivation. But I say to you in the column that Sparano isn't fist-pumping because he's satisfied kicking field goals over scoring touchdowns. Read the thing to see why it is he fist-pumps and why you should focus on something else to worry about.

If you want a breakdown of today's game versus the black birds, then I offer you the edges in how the Dolphins match up with Ray Lewis and company. Surprisingly, it is not as one-sided as one might think.

For example, the Dolphins are struggling with their running game. The Ravens are not the run-stopping wall they've been in the past and have actually struggled stopping the run at times this year. I called that matchup even.

As much as it hurt to say, I gave the Ravens the edge in coaching -- not because Cam Cameron is a great head coach, but in part because he is a fine offensive coordinator.


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yeah but its cam cameron vs. mike nolan. edge: even.

whoever doesnt turn the ball over and give up points via turnover and executes better will win.

Miami has corrected its special teams woes. that was its biggest problem.

morning Mando, and Phin Fans! hows thr weather in downtown Baltimore?

miami hasnt corrected everything on special teams, their return games are horrible. cobbs is complete garbage back there.

G Mornin Mando and Fellow Fin Fans!
Fins Win 16-10

Pretty or Ugly...
Fist pump or None...
Understanding the FistPump or Not....
Just Win!!!


GO Fins kick some Baltimore ass, and make me happy this fine Sunday

The reason our offense and return game is suffering is because there is not ONE speed player on the whole team...not one...no break away threat anywhere, so since there is no one player defenses need to worry about. It's a shame Kory Sheets went down. It's a bigger shame the trio hasn't addressed the issue, yeah I understand brute strength, but you still need some players than can scamper and give the other teams something to worry about.

Also, maybe Ronnie and Ricky have lost a step, but I think not having Grove anymore at center is the biggest difference the running game went down hill. Berger is just not as good, but Grove was too injury prone to keep. This team still has a bunch of needs, two new RB's, a TE, Center and NG.

henne seems to have taken a step backwards, last year he was a lot more game, going for it, this year he seems tentative, unsure, stiff, worried about making a mistake. maybe the coaches are too much in his head, seems like he is playing with hand cuffs or without confidence. why don't they roll him out more?

I don't trust churchgoing folk, they are sheep with little interest to think for themselves.

NOW, to the game. We won't win if we don't strike while the dagger is hot. Frankly Mando, I could care less about Sparano's fist-pumping and cheerleading. I care MORE about how he uses (or misuses) timeouts. I care how he allows his OC to call stupid plays in critical situations. I care how he does (or does not) manage the MOMENTUM of the game.

You can't win a majority of games in this league by squeeking out a win, you just run out of luck. Sometimes, you have to win convincingly. Sometimes you have to take chances to give yourself some breathing room. This is one of those games. While everyone is saying we're evenly matched, I disagree. We're not evenly matched until we BEAT this team for once. We've lost, what, the last 4-5 meetings? So we're not evenly matched.

Miami should not focus on mistakes being the make-or-break reason for victory today. Mistakes are made by every team every game. Baltimore has a bunch of turnovers the last few weeks and has still been winning. So mistakes aren't everything. What IS everything is taking advantage of positive situations. So, if we DO get a turnover, that needs to lead to 7 points (not 3). If we ARE in the red zone, we need a TD, not a FG. If we DO have the ball at the end of the half or the game, and are holding onto a tiny lead, we need to play for FIRST DOWNS, not to play conservative and kick it away to let them have a chance to win.

WE NEED TO PLAY TO WIN! That's what would make me happy today.

DC Dolfan, you replace the words churchgoing folk with the term blacks or hispanics or any other segment of society and it shows how bigotted a statement it is.

Please re-think your approach because it speaks of a latent prejudice against people simply because they commit the grand crime -- in your mind -- of going to church.

You cannot be that stupid, can you?

On another note, thanks for the blog Mr. Salguero. Your writing is always interesting.

DC... I agree with you on the horrible time outs, clock usage in general. It's ridiculous how fans think they are happy with 3 and not trying for 7. There have been a couple of 4th and shorts in the red zone I think they should have gone for, like after than 2nd turnover by Pitt, 4th and 2. I also don't agree with the play calling criticism...sure, its easy to say, why go wildcat on 3rd and long...well they've done that only once, maybe twice max...and I'm sure they wanted to see how that formation worked against the D playing pass. Their plan is not to kill momentum. I think their play calling shows some gutz, it's just poor execution making it look bad.

church lady....going to church may not be a crime, but organized religions are crimes...they are businesses, about money, controlling people and frightening them into submission, and regarding the church, even at the highest levels they scramble to hide their insidious child molestation.



I never had a big problem with the fist pump. After all if you consider the context, Miami had just taken the lead over the Steelers late in the game, it isn't too bad. It may have been better placed AFTER the game however. Pittsburgh drove the length of the field and retook the lead and we eventually lost. Going back to Wanny us fans are just frustrated with teams that seem to want to put the game in the hands of the defense at the end. Which is fine if you're the reincarnation, a little Sunday church verbiage, of the Steel Curtain. But our defense hasn't proven a safe place to store any lead over the years.

it's time to get the respect they deserve. go kick the ravens ass! trent suck bag green says the ravens are the best team in football. we will see about that trent.

When was the last time this team won a big game against a strong team? Plus they are playing a team coming off a bye, and next week they play the Titans coming of their bye. I won't be a believer unless they beat them both...being 4-5 or 5-4 won't cut it in this division.

I Wonder If Any Of The Refs Are From Baltimore? Weather Is Nice Here Met Some Nice Fans At Breakfast Were Ready For Another Road Win!

DC Dolphin, please enlighten us to the segment of the population you do trust. And please tell us as to what you deem thinking for yourself. I’d really like to know.

We still havent beat a winning team this yr so lets see what happens today, I still cant see us beating Balt
in Balt but go ahead Dolphins prove me wrong.

Cinq, you're right about the next two weeks. I'll go as far as saying both are must win. Baltimore and Tennessee are the two teams, along with Houston, we are chasing for the wildcard. With losses already to NYJ, NE, and Pitt, and three conference losses we need these two games. I know our schedule gets light the second half of the season but so does NE and the Jets. Houston's second half schedule is brutal so they won't be a factor. With wins we'll be in the driver's seat and maybe have a shot to make a division run. With losses to one or both we'll be a couple games down and looking up.

Fan Since 71. We haven't beat a winning team? I guess I'm reading Green bay's record wrong. Oh ya, they have injuries. Oh wait, they shut out the Jets in their building last week. Were those injured guys back? FAN?!??? You're no fan.

And don't even make me bring up the travesty against the Steelers. Anyone else notice that Gene Steratore's crew got the week off last week? It surely wasn't for well deserved time off.


Dolphins win!!

Anyone interested in writing a quality blog for the Miami Herald please contact human resources

this blog sucks

The officiating crew sitting a week sure didn't get much pub. I wasn't nearly as upset over that as the offense's inability to drive for the winning field goal. That was a defining moment for Henne and the offense and they spit up all over themselves.

The Fins get smoked today. Cam dials it up. : (

Chris, the entire offense did not produce in that drive including the OC. A run on 1st down, a drop on 2nd, and VC was badly beaten on 4th down.


It’s a shame you blame religion for crimes committed in the past. When in reality it was a corrupt person or group of people who used religion to further their diabolical agenda. When you blame religion you take the focus off the real cause of the problem. Please name one religion that caused a crime and I will show you a group of deranged men that perverted their religion.

You want to talk about scare tactics… what about anthropogenic global warming, overpopulation, and species extinction they teach to all the students of America. Are those scare tactics used to control and tax the people?

In almost all cases GOVERNMENT corrupts religion and uses it to carry out its destructive agenda. In our case our government has corrupted science (the new religion in America). And now, “they are businesses, about money, controlling people and frightening them into submission, and regarding the church, even at the highest levels they scramble to hide their insidious child molestation”


Watch and Learn

Tell me was it the government or religion that fired and replaced the CEO of GM? Tell me in the video is it religion or government that molested children? Please tell me was it religion or government that committed the holocaust? Was it religion or government that performed the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on African Americans and lied to them about it. Was it a religion or government school that taught you a bunch of lies?

true dat Home

Agreed, "Henne and the offense" encompasses everyone including the OC. Trust me, I watched it more than once. Several people had chances to step up and no one did. However with wins in the next two weeks we'll be back on course the Pitt and NE fiascos will be a distant memory.

Can anyone tell me why we brought B Marshall in and he only has ONE TD so far? Is he even on the field in the redzone? Isnt he taller than 99% of the cornerbacks in this league? Whats wrong with a fade in the corner once in awhile? Field goals will not do it in this league.

Mando if you run into Henning before the game tell him to ditch That Wildcat, and run the ball on first down.

Todd Neal- Your question has been a point of a lot of disscussion on this blog for weeks now. I don't think anyone has a good answer for you on that one.
I think when you compare these 2 teams the difference that sticks out to me is the Ravens ability to beat the "better" teams in this league. Did we hang in there with the jets, and steeler? Yes. Did we win those close games? N0. We have to be able to get over the hump against the appointed elite in this league. If we cannot, then we will just be another good team stuck in the middle of the pack. Statistics say that we are the better of the 2 teams. That could be, we get an opportunity to prove that today.

i said before the year started, that the dolphins will not have 1 kick or punt return for a touchdown all season. i am half way there

I agree with you 100% Darryl Dunphy. We have the talent, there is no question of that. So why are we STILL a mediocre team? Is it Sparano or is it Henning? I say henning, he seems to be afraid to call downfeild plays unless they are called and Henne is afraid to pull the trigger. The way pass int. is called in this league there is no reason to not try at least 3 downfield shots a game and maybe complete one or at least get a flag. Not good when the best offensive weapon is Dan C.

First play on offense has to be a deep pass to Marshall. we need to get up fast.
but what am i talking about? Henning still Our OC. Darn...

half way where? retarded?

You think people are bad if they do not go to church? In your case a Catholic church?
I would not step into a church for any service except for a wedding. You see, I don't believe in fairy tales.
Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!

No crying in this blog during the game f a g g o t s.

Heres The BIG Question:::

Who thinks Henning Will Finally Open up our Offense vs Ravens?

I Think Not...
im thinking the playbook has only 20% Pass plays...and all 20% been used already.

Dolphin Disciple,

The Crusades, the Spanish genocidal campaign of the Americas, Islamic terrorism, Israeli murders of Palestinians, the killings of abortion providers, homophobia and the beatings/killings associated with it, discrimination/bigotry against women, slavery in the U.S....I could go on...all of these have been driven and/or at least partly justified by religion.

All religions are based on various superstitions that have no basis in reality...in fact religion requires that you suspend rational thought...to the extent that our society is guided by irrationality the worse we will be as a country.



p.s. Why do you bring up GM? Our government gave them billions and saved that company, why shouldn't we remove the CEO who drove the company into the ground? BTW the removal of the ceo of GM is not morally equivalent to the holocaust no matter what Glen Beck says.

Can we Respect each others Beliefs nomatter what it is.
i mean i believe Miami can make the SB this yr!!!

Only way we beat Reavens is if someone finally realises Brandon Marshall has got to have at least 15 passes thrown his way. USE HIM IN THE REDZONE INSTEAD OF DAN CARPENTER!!!!

todd.im witcha there...

Is this a football blog or a political blog? I thought I was on the Miami Heralds Dolphins blog, maybe I'm wrong.

I like that recent study that showed atheists and agnostics to be more knowledgeable about religion than those who actually ARE religious.

Maybe not altogether surprising since they also tend to be more educated, but kind of funny nevertheless.

Primary Reasons Ravens Win:

1. Donte Stallworth

Though an upgrade over Gebril Wilson C. Clemons has yet to prove he can be that much need playmaker in the pass defense game we very much seek. 7 games in, 1 pass defense(would have been a td had TO put more effort into it) and 0 int's.

No way does he contain both Stallworth and Bodin. I see no tangible evidence he will unless pixie dust rains down on the field.

2. Ed Reed

A premdominant Dolphin qb killer. He's Baaack, and Henning wont have the balls to let Henne challenge him deep. Expect more of the dink and dunk express today.

3. Cam Cameron vs Dan Henning

Horrible HC but Henning cant hold his jock strap as an OC advisary. I'll be quite surprised if this Henning supervised offense scores over 10pts today. Good luck defense holding Cameron's offense to 9pts.

Especially with C Clemons being virtually a non factor this season being a playmaker at fs, which also happens to be the last line of our pass defense.

However, fellow Dolphans I'm putting on my aqua and orange colored sun glasses. Im going out on the limb and pick Fish 10 Deadbirds 9.

There you have it!

Last min. Predictions????

Miami gets one TD and three FGs.
Our D wins it again.
Fins Win 16-10.

Although the Aqua n Orange that runs through my blood says we win it 28-17.

Go Fins!!!!


I am a Dolphin fan and an athiest and it bothers me that Salguero associates "good people" with people who to church, its pretty idiotic.

In any event, I don't think the Dolphins are going to win today...our offense simply has not shown enough to beat the Ravens defense and our defense will probably give up a few big plays to Flacco in the passing game...this will be enough for a Ravens victory (I of course hope that I am completely wrong)...I do think the Dolphins will be in a position to get a run of wins started AFTER this game, lets hope we get some help from others in knocking out the Jets and our other Wild Card opponents.



Dying Breed,
I respect ur comment cus ur being Real.
and still stuck in with us at the end. thx Brother.

Worst thing about a dink and dunk passing game against a team like the Ravens is they'll allow the completions early just to inflict as much pain as humanly possible on the recievers. Late in the game the recievers remember the earlier game bone seperating hits and now those early completions turns too late drops.

If this occurs blame Henning for setting up the passing game for failure by not allowing Henne to take some shots deep.

There is absolutely no reason we can't win this game today. Our talent level is just as good if not better than B-more. Only thing they have on us is COACHING. Cam C. STILL hates everything Miami and will make us look silly AGAIN. Too bad we are wasting alot of good talent with poor coaching. Henning hasn't proven anything. Wildcat that saved us two years ago wasn't his idea. Time for him to go.

Church Lady/Disciple,

This isn't a blog about religion. Mando made a "joke" with a religious reference, and I posited another opinion on the matter. My statement was one that was general in nature, but of course I take people on their own personal characteristics and form my opinion of them from that. That's really all I care to discuss about religion with this group in this forum.

For the simple reason that today, Sunday, I'm NOT thinking about G-d. I'm thinking about the Miami Dolphins, and how they face this test that is upon them today. I'm thinking how they not let Ed Reed beat them again, and how they energize their offense to finish drives strong.

On defense, I'm thinking about a dynamic running back, a big tight end and an impressive group of wide receivers, and how they all get covered and kept under control (not to mention Flacco).

Is it in the realm of possibility that Miami wins today? Well, with a 4-0 road record, I think it's more than a possibility. But Miami will have to play to win today in ways they haven't much of the season, as this isn't a Vikings, Bills or Cincy team full of flaws. Yes, this is a flawed team, not what it once was, but this is still an elite team in this league, and we better understand that to understand what heights we'll have to soar to in order to pull this off.

Im out of Tissues.
i hope i dont need them.
and i let my Nails grow al wk so i have something to bite on.

i would first like to congradulate the QB coach and Chad Henne for major improvement. last week saw henne make a step in that he was not starring down recievers, nor was he making happy feet panic passes. now if he can learn to welcome and exploit the DB's who react to the eyes of a quarterback, giving them false looks and pump fakes, manipulating them, will henne make another huge stride. but as for right now i'm just happy if he can maintain his current progress. throw to wallace early and often, establish a surpise new threat of TWO big time recievers! love this idea. go fins!


That's why the nfl schedules games one week apart. This at least gives some time for our nails to grow back to protect us from biting our finger tips off.

LoL @ Dyingbreed.

One thing I can almost guarantee, we will lose an away game, and we'll win a home game. So keep that in mind today too!

Has anyone read that Baltimore strugling on Special teams aswell?
they dont know who they want as return man and theyre good at dopping those balls..
hope it helps us today.

Quit trying to push your Christian falsities on us. Believing in Christianity is no different than forming a religion from Harry Potter.

Fins 15
Ravens 14

Fist pump time

On The Church Issue:

There was a time I thought I hated church. However later on I would realize It wasnt church I hated, It was religion.

More good people may have died in the name of religion than all of the other wars combined. More people may have been wronged in the name of religion than all sins combined.

What I have discovered Ive been looking for all of my life is not religion, but spirituality.

Spirituality protects you from me and me from you. Ive found that spirituality even protects me from me. Spirituality teaches me the greatest enemy I'll ever face is the one within, not without.

Sprituality has taught me that just because Im sleeping with the real enemy doesnt mean I have to be defeated by the real enemy. That real enemy is me. Spirtuality has taught me to live more safely with me.

As a result of that within me has gotten better, that which is outside of me has gotten better as a direct result too. Still Im am not an advid church goer. Still I am not a big fan of religion and can psuedo-safely say halleluiah to that. Religion is failing us!

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