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Sunday morning offerings (in case you missed church)

I know most of you are good people who attend your house of worship every Sunday morning. Right? Am I right?

Well, for the rest of us heathens that blow off the idea of going to heaven and stuff like that by sleeping in or working on Sunday, please spend some time reading my Sunday morning offerings as we prepare for the 1 p.m. tilt between the Dolphins and the Ravens.

First off, my regularly scheduled Sunday column comes through in addressing something that I've perceived drives many of you nuts -- the Tony Sparano fist-pump following a field goal. Admit it, most of you hate it.

And I would get your ire over the celebration if you were right about its motivation. But I say to you in the column that Sparano isn't fist-pumping because he's satisfied kicking field goals over scoring touchdowns. Read the thing to see why it is he fist-pumps and why you should focus on something else to worry about.

If you want a breakdown of today's game versus the black birds, then I offer you the edges in how the Dolphins match up with Ray Lewis and company. Surprisingly, it is not as one-sided as one might think.

For example, the Dolphins are struggling with their running game. The Ravens are not the run-stopping wall they've been in the past and have actually struggled stopping the run at times this year. I called that matchup even.

As much as it hurt to say, I gave the Ravens the edge in coaching -- not because Cam Cameron is a great head coach, but in part because he is a fine offensive coordinator.


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Religion Schmidion... churches/religion are a business just like everything else, its all about the money... donations, donations, i thought it wadms the trash dont be gettin up on me. - Randy Watson, Band Sexual Chocolate!

Instead of more focus being placed on teaching us how to live. Increasing focus is being placed on legislating how we should live. More laws more punishment for our errors.

We can not legislate our way into an utopian society. We must teach our way into it. We have become a society that turns a blind eye into teaching and a punitive eye into heaping.

Religion leads the way. Religion has had played a dominant role in why our society is fastly going astray. We dont need a more religionilistic society, we need a more spiritualistic society.

Listen up HOME:

Sean Smith has officially replaced Jason Allen as the Dolphins' starting corner opposite Vontae Davis.

What's the matter, not tooting your own horn when you're dead wrong?

So, there's 2 things that can happen. We can play an aggressive style defense (i.e. more pressure, blitzes, etc.) and try to stuff the run game and frazzle Flacco, or we can play like we did against Cincy, 6 def backs and try and cover the field and contain the offense.

Not sure which way to go. Hopefully it'll be a mix. Nolan will have to get pretty creative today.

We're not supposed to win this game today but Henne gives us a chance.
That's all we have is a slim chance against the NFL's top teams.
A slim chance is better than none!
Let's Go Henne!
Let's Go Phins!

Our society is perfectly set up for the haves to succeed and the have nots to fail. However, there are still many cases continuosly ariving where have not have succeed and the haves have failed.

Still these numbers are greatly dis proportionate. Should the have nots continue to be overly punished for the "economic sins" of thier fathers while the have continue to be overly praised for the "economic righteousness" of thiers?

Will there ever truly be an equal playing field for all? Why does "religion" signs off on the very thing it preaches against? Why is religion more "self-righteous" than it is "truly righteous?"

Good vs Evil in America has now become more an issue of dollars and cents than just plain common sense. Religion has led the way!

That's why I dont attend the churches financing this with thier Sunday morning collection plates. I refuse to continue buying another self-righteous pulpit leader a finer house than mine and a brand new cadillac.

Nor pay for thier thier cheap hotel rooms and even cheaper hookers! If this makes me bad for not going to church on a regular basis, so as I have commanded let it be done.

Probably as high as 85% of our lawmakers are of one religious domination or another.

Yes, America religion is failing us!

The true religion in Americam is money, power and politics. Religion is cosigning it all!

As long as man and religious zealots are in power evil wil never become extinguished in our society. The primary reason being is evil is extremely profitable for all sides.

Money truly does makes the world go around. In this case it can make it go backwards too.

Our economy would virtually collapse if there were suddenly no more need for jails, prisons, and puitive fines for our governments. Not to mention the money lost, think of how many millions this alone puts out of work.

Evil has become more profitable than good and religion is helping to lead the way!

Hey Dying..and others...
This is first hand experience, my eyes saw it all and my ears heard it all...I was in CT visiting my grandparents and there is this major preist up there Father O'Conner, he headed up most of the churches up in the greenwitch-cos cob area...well my grandparents owned a ton of land, so oconner and crew has my family over to his personal house to try to buy land from us...let me tell you what i saw and heard...this guy/preist and all his buddies were swimming in dough...they all had top of the line lexus's, and porche's , oconners house was over 12,000 square feet...these guys had all kinds of tax free money...cold hard cash. i overheard them all talking business behind closed doors...well the church and these guys were more corrupt than most anything ive ever heard up to that point in my life..they said some crazy stuff...talking about the money they have made from collections and what they are buying next, it was disgusting guys! they flat out admitted that they pocket most of that money coming into the church...thats business, a corrupt one. these guys headed around 16 different churches in the area and ALL of them were in on the "take". True story guys! I wasnt supoosed to hear a lot of that stuff those two days but i did. thats when i stopped going to church...and ive never been back since...i was only 19 at the time...blew my mind guys. needless to say after i talked to my family about it..well we didnt sell them any land at all...it also ruined the church's image for a lot of people those two days.
My point is dont believe everything those guys in black tell you. they may claim they are poor, they may claim they always need money...and the reason is business and greed. I thought i woukd share that with you guys, anyone have a similar experience? Dont believe the hype guys, you might as well stuff a wad of money in tye preist's pocket next time you go to church instead of the collection basket, it all winds up in their pockets anyway sad to say....

Evil is our foundation and religion is its "leaky" roof. Because of this this as a society we are destined to fail.

Still I have no problem with those who wish to continue to live under the illusion that "religion" will save them.

Religionist want to change evrything outside of them to make thier world a better place. Spiritulist want to change everything inside of them to make the world a better place. I choose the latter.

on to fooseball... Miami wins today, ill say it again..24-17, we will make news today guys! And maybe...just maybe, we will start getting some respect from this league finally! And some respect from all the analysts that only talk about our team for two seconds on all the shows...we will get our props today gentlemen! Go Fin's, believe and get behind our boys today, it wont be easy but we can do it! Lets go! Miami! Miami! Miami!

You ken do it!!!


I believe you a full 100%! Thats religion at its finest. Theyve placed God in a miracle ointment bottle and sells him at the freak show they call church.

Just as I posted earlier, religionist are all about changing everything outside of them while thier insides are rotten to the core.

I claim to be a spiritualist, not a religionist. I am about finding and correcting those things within me that are wronged to make those things that are outside of me better.

As a direct result I have gained a greater sense of inner peace and how I percieve the things outside of me are in constant change for the better.

As a society, we need to learn to live life from the inside out instead of the present way of living life from the outside in. We allowed everything outside of us to define who we are on the inside. Instead of truly defining ourselves on the inside to more correctly percieve what is going on otuside of us.

Religionist will at rare times preach this but havent much of a clue how to teach this. Just as rare, they talk the talk and not fully walk the walk.

Back To Football:

Are You Guys Ready For Some Football Today!!!

Its 50 degrees, sunny and breezy with 15mph winds.

Good job on that run dee-fense!

Naked screen to the TE. Henning's not that creative.

if henning calls a play action on third and ten one more time

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