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Sunday morning offerings (in case you missed church)

I know most of you are good people who attend your house of worship every Sunday morning. Right? Am I right?

Well, for the rest of us heathens that blow off the idea of going to heaven and stuff like that by sleeping in or working on Sunday, please spend some time reading my Sunday morning offerings as we prepare for the 1 p.m. tilt between the Dolphins and the Ravens.

First off, my regularly scheduled Sunday column comes through in addressing something that I've perceived drives many of you nuts -- the Tony Sparano fist-pump following a field goal. Admit it, most of you hate it.

And I would get your ire over the celebration if you were right about its motivation. But I say to you in the column that Sparano isn't fist-pumping because he's satisfied kicking field goals over scoring touchdowns. Read the thing to see why it is he fist-pumps and why you should focus on something else to worry about.

If you want a breakdown of today's game versus the black birds, then I offer you the edges in how the Dolphins match up with Ray Lewis and company. Surprisingly, it is not as one-sided as one might think.

For example, the Dolphins are struggling with their running game. The Ravens are not the run-stopping wall they've been in the past and have actually struggled stopping the run at times this year. I called that matchup even.

As much as it hurt to say, I gave the Ravens the edge in coaching -- not because Cam Cameron is a great head coach, but in part because he is a fine offensive coordinator.