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Thanksgiving 2010: Still reasons to cheer

We awake on this Thanksgiving Day 2010, blessed by God in so many ways, it is impossible to begin numbering them. The Dolphins also have plenty to be thankful for this day.

This team you love and follow with passion is 5-5 and that's not good enough for some of you while it is acceptable to others. Whatever your perspective, the Dolphins are a team still in the fight.

They might not win the fight. But they're still in the fight. 

They are working today. They are preparing for Sunday's game at Oakland. As they do their work, they should know they have plenty to be thankful for.

For instance: 

Thankful for two healthy and fresh running backs 10 games into the season.

Thankful both backs want to be very tired by the time Miami plays 16 games.

Thankful for Jake Long who played through a sprained knee earlier this year.

Thankful for Jake Long who is playing through a dislocated shoulder now.

Thankful for Jake Long who could play through a nuclear attack if he had to.

Thankful for Vontae Davis, who gets it and plays like it.

Thankful for Karlos Dansby, who has been worth every penny the Dolphins paid him as a free agent.

Thankful for Dan Carpenter, who is a field goal kicking machine.

Thankful for not always having to resort to the field goal kicking machine because, you know, sometimes the offense scores touchdowns.

Thankful for modern medicine and Jim Mandich's fighting spirit.

Thankful for the Edwin Pope pressbox.

Thankful for the schedule-maker who put the game at Green Bay in October.

Thankful for the schedule-maker who didn't put that game in December.

Thankful for rookie Reshad Jones and his ability to catch interceptions.

Thankful for Cameron Wake and his ability to corral quarterbacks.

Thankful for Paul Soliai apparently growing up.

Thankful for Paul Soliai no longer growing out.

Thankful for Kerry Collins being 0-5 vs. Miami.

Thankful for Kendall Langford's quiet consistency.

Thankful for Chad Henne's quiet resolve.

I am personally thankful that you regularly come to my blog. This has been a record-breaking year here and your keen interest in the Miami Dolphins is the reason. I am thankful for that.

I wish all of a you a prosperous and joyous Thanksgiving Day.

Be blessed.