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Thanksgiving 2010: Still reasons to cheer

We awake on this Thanksgiving Day 2010, blessed by God in so many ways, it is impossible to begin numbering them. The Dolphins also have plenty to be thankful for this day.

This team you love and follow with passion is 5-5 and that's not good enough for some of you while it is acceptable to others. Whatever your perspective, the Dolphins are a team still in the fight.

They might not win the fight. But they're still in the fight. 

They are working today. They are preparing for Sunday's game at Oakland. As they do their work, they should know they have plenty to be thankful for.

For instance: 

Thankful for two healthy and fresh running backs 10 games into the season.

Thankful both backs want to be very tired by the time Miami plays 16 games.

Thankful for Jake Long who played through a sprained knee earlier this year.

Thankful for Jake Long who is playing through a dislocated shoulder now.

Thankful for Jake Long who could play through a nuclear attack if he had to.

Thankful for Vontae Davis, who gets it and plays like it.

Thankful for Karlos Dansby, who has been worth every penny the Dolphins paid him as a free agent.

Thankful for Dan Carpenter, who is a field goal kicking machine.

Thankful for not always having to resort to the field goal kicking machine because, you know, sometimes the offense scores touchdowns.

Thankful for modern medicine and Jim Mandich's fighting spirit.

Thankful for the Edwin Pope pressbox.

Thankful for the schedule-maker who put the game at Green Bay in October.

Thankful for the schedule-maker who didn't put that game in December.

Thankful for rookie Reshad Jones and his ability to catch interceptions.

Thankful for Cameron Wake and his ability to corral quarterbacks.

Thankful for Paul Soliai apparently growing up.

Thankful for Paul Soliai no longer growing out.

Thankful for Kerry Collins being 0-5 vs. Miami.

Thankful for Kendall Langford's quiet consistency.

Thankful for Chad Henne's quiet resolve.

I am personally thankful that you regularly come to my blog. This has been a record-breaking year here and your keen interest in the Miami Dolphins is the reason. I am thankful for that.

I wish all of a you a prosperous and joyous Thanksgiving Day.

Be blessed.


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Happy Turkey day Mando...............

Cant wait for my turkey stuffed with Poi and covered with Pineapples.... Sigh....

I'm grateful for many things, including the freedom that this blog affords us to express our feelings about our favorite team - -be they positive, negative, rational or absurd.

Happy Thanksgiving.

i will be thankful when we hav a new coach n gm

Happy thanksgiving everyone and it will be even sweeter holiday if the fins win at Oakland Sunday

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Mark, I guess your going to the sushi bar in Toronto today.

But on Sunday, no matter what was said all week, all year on the blog, we'll all be sitting in front of our tv's (or in the stands, or any way in which you catch the game live) , with humbled anticipation, quiet resolve and an unfathomable love of the Miami Dolphins, willing them to an elusive win.

For that moment, just after the game starts before pace/momentum/events unfold and offer differing views fans express, for that short time, maybe a minute, maybe a quarter, we're all on the same page. Win! Coursing through each body one and all. Win! Overcome all odds and obstacles. Just. Win.

Well said DC...............

Ill be thankful if the liberal rag Miami Herald doesn't fire Mando for mentioning the G word. Happy Thanksgivings to all and God bless.

I'm grateful that our HC thinks keeping a secret about which of the 3rd string quarterbacks will start is actually giving the team competitive advantage.

Thank Mando for all the work you do. You are always first with QUALITY and ACCURATE information. Much appreciation.

Yes, thank you mand for this blog.

And thank you to all my American fellow Dolphins fans and I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving! All the best my friends!

And yes DC, I am at work today while all of you enjoy your family's and friends' company. We had our Thanksgiving in Canada last month. Sushi bar, that's a great idea!!

Happy Thanksgiving Armando and all who visit here.

I am Thankful for this blog and you Mando and all the fans who come on here whether its insightful, funny or ignorant.
Happy Thanks giving and GOD Bless you all and thank you God for all we have.

Anyone think the Lions will give the Pats a hard time today????????

Happy Thanksgiving....Now GET R Done In Oakland...

Happy Thanksgiving Mando.

I know it is your first without your mom. Please enjoy your day and be thankful for all of our veterans and troops serving overseas today to protect all of us.

God Bless.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Dolphins fans and to you Armando.

CM, the Pats are hated by me, but they are also true professionals - they will take care of business. They never really play down to their competition, do they?

Mark, No they dont, Well coached team IMHO....


I appreciate you taking the time to remind all of us what Thanksgiving is really about, and remembering to thank God for his blessings

Happy thanksgiving to everyone!

Once or twice they dont play well, they already played those two games, There my odds on favorite to win it all.... Dont know whats worse, Another pats Super bowl win or a Jet SB win, I think I'll take the lesser of the two evils.....PATS....(Forgive me father(Don Shula)They know not what they do.......)

Everyone...have a fun and safe Turkey Day!
Armando, Happy Turkey Day....And thank you for not being thankful for Dan Henning

Thanks Mando!!

Hope you and your family has a great day together! Thank you for always bringing nuggets for us to read about. If there wasn't any dolphin news I think I would go crazy! lol

May Chad thigpen feast on the bones of the raiders. Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanks giving mando, I'll be a big detroit and cinci fan today. but i don't think it'll matter.

CM, although I don't think the Pats will roll today, I also think they've overrated. They are all about the coaching and Tom Brady. It's enough in the regular season but not to get through the playoffs. Oddly enough, I think the best 2 teams in football don't even hold playoff positions right now - San Diego and the Giants. Both have totally complete rosters.

The Chargers will also get a lot better with the additions of Vincent Jackson and Ryan Matthews. They will win the AFC.

The Giants on the other hand will be hard pressed to make the playoffs - mainly because the next best team also plays in their division - the Eagles.

Although I am agnostic and rarely would consider voting for the guys you all apparently vote for (leaving religion and politics aside), I enjoy Mando's take on the game and the information he brings us. And while this holiday ALSO celebrates the demise of an indiginous culture, I will raise a drumstick to the more recent cultural addition to our country, of which Mando is a part of.
Happy Thanksgiving.

1st, Happy Thanksgiving Mando, the regulars and all true fans.

Next, in the spirit of the holiday, I'm not going to say one bad word about Ireland, Sparano or Henning.

NOTE: The above paragraph is subject to change depending on holiday guest and consumption of Capt. Morgan

Mark, The big Knock on San Diago is there coach is horrendous, Norve Turner couldn't coach his way to a Pop Warner title..., He reminds be of Dan Henning..Except he has offense, where Dan Henning is just offensive..

Thank you ajdczar, for once I didn't start the fight on the blog.

CM/Mark, Pats are doing that 2 games in five days dance we did last week. They'll be discombobulated at first, so Detroit should strike early. Detroit does this every year, it's their SuperBowl (which they normally lose), but due to the diminished Pats defense, I'm looking for a close game.

But I did start Nate Burleson in my fantasy, so I'm expecting some magic in the Motor City.

When It comes to record breaking Miami Dolphins blogs, finding the truth behind New World Order mainstream media deceptive & jaded agenda based propaganda ...

There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home

God Bless & Be Thankful
The Glass is Half Full

Happy Thanks for Giving Armando, Readers & Bloggers

Gotta feeling that the Pats wont drop off a bit IMHO, If your betting on a team to go to The Super Bowl, bet your money on these guys, Though I'am sure Baltimore, Pitt, And Indy will disput this..LOL

Whoa, whoa Cuban, ease up my man. Norv isn't that bad. Chargers have consistently made the Playoffs the past few years. Now, they might crumble in the Playoffs, but it's usually a defense thing, which is their weak point. But Norv was a great OC here (ask Ricky Williams). He didn't have great players, but you can see what he can do with a solid personnel.

I wouldn't say Norv is the best HC, but he's probably Top 10 in the league right now. I do like how the Chargers always step up late in the season. Good strategy.

Later will we get into Da Raidaz vs Dolphins &
Palin spilling the truth bout Illuminati "Blue Blood candidate" Barbara Bush and the Illuminati want to remain in office

U see Sarah Palin does not come from Illuminati or Bush 13 bloodlines

...soon u will understand

1st enjoy grazing & digesting bountiful cornucopia of delicious food on this festive holiday

Later will read between the lines & digest the Truth

Not easy retraining dumbed down brainwashed Turkeys, but there may hope ... for some

Oh Snap, Home has started to consume Alco-Bevs(Or mind altering drugs) early I see..., You go boy...........

Would not mind seeing Pats vs Vick & the Eagles in SB rematch

Of Course this time would like Tom to be the Turkey and Mike Vick to be SB MVP with fat Andy to be coach of the year

IMO, of course

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow soon to be New World Order slaves still free from UN Militia & Barbed Wired FEMA Camps(for your protection of course)

God Bless to all in the End Of Days
Happy Thanksgiving

FYI, The Chargers have the #1 Defense and Offense in the NFL by yardage. Their one weak point is the running game but that will improve when Matthews comes back - in addition - their fullback Hester is not much fun to tackle.

Home, Are we really "Sheepole"?????

(CNN) - The Barbara Bush-Sarah Palin verbal spat continued Wednesday with Palin's response to the former first lady, who on Monday said she should stay in Alaska.

"I don't think the majority of Americans want to put up with the blue-bloods," Palin said in a radio interview on the Laura Ingraham Show Wednesday. "With all due respect because I love the Bushes, the blue-bloods who want to pick and choose their winners instead of allowing competition."

U see Sarah Palin completely understands Bush & 13 bloodlines want Illuminati only for USA president

Obama is their puppet

Palin is an outsider

Google Illuminati & learn, there is still hope u for U

and lay of the high fructose corn syrup, saturated fats & MSG

Go Dolphins!

Thank Me later

Home, Have you prepaired yourself for the final countdown?????/ I have..

Barbra Bush is like 125 years old, the funny thing is she looks the same today as she did in 1984..... hummmmmm 1984... a possible consparicy, or is Barbra Bush part of the Dan(Dead since 1964)Henning Zombie group????????Home, Check this out...

I thank God today for making me an atheist, in (addition, of course, to forging my tragic allegiance to the Miami Dolphins).

Home, Thoughts on crop circles??????

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Now go eat and get drunk and argue about something with a relative.

I give thanks for living in a country where I can be free FROM religion and not participate in a death cult based on fairy tales.

I also give thanks for the freedom to call Sarah Palin a halfwit quitter who only plays well to the seriously clueless and/or tinfoil hat delusional crowd.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am going to the elegant and comfortable home of relatives today. After dinner, I am going to remove my pants and defecate on their carpeting.


I NEVER seen a pat player taunting the other team b/c he caught an 8 yards ball like marshall . mark is right on ,the pats players are professionals .

Happy Thanks Giving Day to all. And thank you Armando, for providing us your insight and unique perspective (and humor) regarding our favorite team. Let us hope Miami can bounce back this Sunday against the Raiders. Go Dolphins!

Keep watching and you will see someone expose them soon enough.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

ThanksGiving - who are we thanking and what did they give? Listening to every media head endlessly wish every person a happy thanksgiving, and then they wish back a happy thinksgiving, is a bit nauseating after 42,000 times, no? Oh and all those cliche little turkey jokes. I'll bet in the day they just ate well and screwed like rabbits without all the fanfare. My guess is 72% of the population is dreading having to go to some undesirable family members home and fake like its nice to see them. America! Ain't it just wonderful...

pork is the worst MEAT .

Aloco, you most likely are from abroad or haven't traveled much through the countryside. You need to try the wonderful barbequed pork throughout North Carolina and varous other southern and midwest states. Is some good eatin....your fingers and face will be stickier and tastier than if you were doing some other messy thing with them....

I like pork.

Pork, doesn't sound like you are looking forward to today. I hope you end up pleasantly surprised. All the best!

Aloco, are you muslim? I just ate some ham and it was good.

Salam alaikum (eat a lot of bacon)

i respect your views pork the other white meat .

cocojoe, i am not.thanks .

Aloco, just jerking your chain

just picture which farm you rather visit ;

1-turkey farm or
2- bigs farm trash pin .

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