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Jets, Pats continue to show why they're better

Thanksgiving Day might have been a wonderful holiday for us all, but it also had to serve up a heaping helping of solemn reality for the Dolphins.

On Thursday, you see, the New England Patriots won yet again. And the New York Jets won yet again.

Both have a 9-2 record today.

That means the only way the 5-5 Dolphins can be certain of passing either of these teams is if Miami wins at least all but one of the games remaining on its schedule and those teams lose all but one game remaining on their schedule.

The chances of that happening are remote and that is being kind.

The truth is as I was watching Miami's two division rivals play on Thursday, I got the sense that Miami cannot catch either club and shouldn't catch either team because both of them are just plain better than Miami right now.

There are reasons that last sentence is true today.

The Jets are better than Miami because their personnel department has done a better job than Miami's in recent years. The Jets are better than Miami because their special teams coaching is better than Miami's and it's been that way for a long time. The Jets are better than Miami because that coaching staff seems to be able to hide the roster's flaws much better than Miami's coaches hide the Dolphins flaws.


The Jets were not more talented than Miami in 2008. It was possible at that point to say the Dolphins were ahead of the Jets because they beat out the Jets for the AFC East title. The Jets had no quarterback. They were about to fire their coach. The defense was unspectacular.

But fast foward to today and the Jets have zipped past the Dolphins the past two years, adding star players such as Santonio Holmes and gap-fillers like Trevor Pryce alike. The Jets have been aggressive, adding not one but two former 1,000-yard receivers and trading up to find a their young quarterback.

All this while the Dolphins were slow to address the need for a playmaking receiver in 2009 and paid a premium (two second-round draft picks) for Brandon Marshall in 2010 without finding a complementary wide out to help the cause.

In the all-important quarterback spot the Jets front office is also currently holding an advantage over Miami. Right now Mark Sanchez is trumping Chad Henne because he's been able to remain on the field while Henne was benched two weeks ago.

I'm not saying the Jets have drafted better than Miami of late. The opposite seems to be true, in fact. But the Jets have made better trades and have picked up free agents that are bigtime contributors -- with LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Cromartie coming to mind. Miami has added notable free agents in Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake, but others such as Jake Grove and Gibril Wilson and Justin Smiley flopped badly and set the club back.

The Jets are a flawed team. They cannot get a pass-rush without generating it through schemes and blitzes. The quarterback is still inconsistent. And the running game is not as dominant as it was previously.

But the Jets have overcome the pass-rush woes with their coaching schemes and it has worked so far. They are managing Sanchez to the point where they haven't had to bench him. And they are nonethelesss milking production from the running game. They never seem to have a problem abandoning the running game or, as Miami offensive coordinator Dan Henning would say, letting the running game abandon them.

So bottom line, the Jets have done and are continuing to do better work than Miami. It is not perfect work. But it is inarguably better work.

The Patriots are better than the Dolphins because, let's face it, their quarterback is head-and-shoulders better than any player on Miami's roster and better than any player on Miami's roster the past decade.

There's not much today's Dolphins coaches, players or front office could do about that.

But there is more to the Patriots than Tom Brady.

They, too, get better special teams coaching than Miami. They, too, get better offensive line coaching than Miami to the point where New England was without Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins the first two months of the season and it didn't seem to ruin anything. The Dolphins, meanwhile, have spent three years trying to figure out their interior offensive line problems.

The Patriots are rebuilding as we speak and are still winning and beating fine teams such as Pittsburgh and Baltimore. In a rebuilding year!

They're doing this by throwing the ball to Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker and handing off to BenJarvus Green-Ellis. If those names don't scare you it's because they're not scary. These are working class players that the New England coaching staff is getting more production out of than anyone thought was possible.

Meanwhile, the Miami coaching staff is getting less production out of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams than anyone thought possible.

The Patriots personnel department drafted a pair of rookie tight ends that look to be keepers and are already better than Anthony Fasano. Do you think the Dolphins would trade Fasano for Aaron Hernandez today? In a heartbeat. Would the Pats make that trade? Never! So why is it the Dolphins always address the tight end position on the cheap -- continually bringing in players discarded from other teams and acting like they've found some sort of treasure?

The interesting thing in comparing the Dolphins and Patriots is that Miami has a better defense. The Dolphins have more talent on defense.

Yet the Patriots still have twice as many interceptions as Miami (perhaps because their guys can catch the football) and their overall turnover numbers are better. In games against great offenses, such as San Diego and Indianapolis, that unimpressive defense seems to respond. And the Patriots stop the run better than Miami, which simply boggles my mind.

Inferior talent. Yet they are holding their own. How is that possible?

Guess it's all part of being better.


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The Jets and the Pats are better. We know.

Thats all you had to say.

both the patriots and the jets fimd a way to wim! if the dolphins cant do that they need to run home to mama!

I am not so sure that Jake Grove and Justin Smiley flopped as much as we cut them.

Buffalo 23 Pitts.20
Miami 20 Oakland 16

Thanks for ruining my Turkey day...And you point is that we are not the best team in the NFL or the AFC East ?? whooo stop the presses. Thanks for the flash.

I am third.

Like the Dolphins in the AFC East - I am third.

It's so sad.

If it hadn't been for Dolfandave, Buffalo Bill and Owl, I would have been third.

DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its just not much fun as a sofla sports fan. ill never stop cheering and hoping and remain loyal. it just sucks though. winning is way more fun. we used to be the kings.

Before Dallas can give the head coaching job to Garret they must interview a minority,however,if Minnesota hires Frazier they don't have to interview anyone. Its a sad world where a man can own a 100 million dollar business and be told who he must interview to run it said crazy Ralph Wilson. "Maybe he's not so crazy"

Coaching jobs open 11/18

Coaching jobs open 1/10/11
San Fran.
San Diego##
Miami #####
Oakland ~~~~

## If no playoff
##### If a new G.M.
~~~~ If Parsells takes over

Hey Mr Ross!!!
Wake up, this is your team . you can have all the stars as owners as you want,but us beer head, working day average fan, is tired of mediocrity. You have a GM(not General Motors),who's the GM of a VERY MEDIOCRE TEAM.
until that is addressed your stadium well be half full,WITH no end in site. I'm a fin fan of 40 yrs,this TEAM is not a TOY.Were is the MIAMI DOLPHIN BRAND?? In the dump!!! WHERE IS THE PRIDE??
I'll take a good GM over all the star partners any day.Do you think Donald Trump would settle for this,OR George Stinbrener.Hell no!!!
Your SWIMMING with the big boys now,you have to eat nails while the others are eating cotton candy. You want your team to be tough YOU have to be tough. I'm sure you didn't get where you are by settleing for MEDIOCRITY.

Dam Ed the fan you sound like us in Buffalo!

Mr. Salguero,

I can't really argue with your points. Both teams are better, but the Jets are an older team with many free agents on the horizon. Their secondary besides Revis is mediocre.

What you see with the Jets is two different styles of coaching. As much as I dislike Rex for his blowhardness? he knows what he is doing and he constantly pumps up his players and team to a fault. It wasn't by accident that 21% of NFL players said they would love to play for the guy. An yes Sanchez is playing better than Henne, but he has been reigned in with a color coded system and has been given better weapons.

As for Belichek, it's simple Marino made chicken sh*t look like salad and the Pats having Brady in the backfield will always give him a chance to win. Another thing Belichek seems to do is no matter who they plug in they hold them accountable!!! He doesn't take nonsense and the players actually hold each other accountable. It's starts from the top and permeates the entire organization!!

Red carpets and D list "celebrities" won't win you any games, whatever happened to days of taking pride in your product and forcing people to do their jobs? Ross has a lot of money I just hope he has enough sense to hire young aggressive people who can evaluate talent and work the numbers.

I take solace in the fact that the NFL is a quick turn around league with a few minor tweaks. The Lions lost today but they were their for a half and their future looks bright, really bright! So does the Pats' but I can't say as much for the Jets except for the Sanchez and Revis.

What you see with the Jets and Pats*

Mando -- very well put and laid out. Thanks.

It's organization and coaching. The Pats have had a big edge in both on us for a decade. The Jets have been up and down, but now have better coaching and better management. In 2008 we had better coaching than the Jets and a better organization overall. No longer.

Not sure what changes or when. We have long been way too accepting/overly optimistic when bringing in players -- perhaps for the past 10 years. We get an old David Boston and think he'll regain form, and while that was a while ago, it's pretty much been the pattern of how we seem to act with all our players. Our big additions over the past few years basically come down to Ricky (aggressive move, some down, some up but overall a good effort); Chad (pure luck caused by Brett Favre and aforementioned bad management in NY); Dansby (great); J-Peasy (probably comes out 50-50 but entertaining) and Brandon Marshall (less than promised at the moment but more time needed). That's not a lot of movement in a decade, really.

So we try less, and therefore hit less. I thought Tomlinson was a dodgy pickup by NY but it seems to have worked out; it seems actually NY and NE also often hit more than we do. Sparano is a good coach and good guy, but maybe we still need Parcells stomping around the building pushing people. I remember when JJ was with the Cowboys and he cut an offensive lineman mid-season for falling asleep during a team meeting. The rest of the line really paid attention during film sessions after that.

Anyway, with the current setup we'll be an average to above average team until 1) we luck out and end up with about 5-6 truly talented players in their primes; 2) the coaching improves, either from within or externally; 3) we are able to have one thing (and NOT field goal kicking) that's over and above the rest of the league. Wildcat was it for about half a season, but now time for something new.

In my opinion Parcells agenda went wrong. Maybe it was the change in ownership, maybe some of his "disciples" turned out wrong. But it is a fact that this Team is just drifting waiting for somebody to set it back on Course.

Joe Theismann's depth for accumulating sh-t never ceases to amaze me.


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tis rather an embryo state, a preparation for living.
A man is not completely born until he is dead. Why then should we grieve that a new child is born among the immortals? A new member added to their happy society?
That bodies should be lent to us is a kind and benevolent act of God. When they become unfit for these purposes and afford us pain instead of pleasure -- instead of an aid, become an encumbrance and answer none of the intentions for which they were given -- it is equally kind and benevolent that a way is provided by which we may pass them forward.
Death is that way. … Why should you, Bobby12d be grieved at this, since we are soon to follow.

Your beloved Dad is in Heaven your heart yearns to see, do not despair, for you will meet again. The voice you loved to hear, you will hear again. The identity of the Dad you were near to on Earth remains the same, and instant recognition will be yours as you meet, never to part again. Your beloved one is only "lost awhile."

God Bless Bobby12d & his family during these times of mourning

With all due respect

Miami is built through the draft. Focusing on younger players. The Jets are built with a mix of vets and some youth.

To build a consistently winning franchise it takes 4-6 years. The first 4 is youth and then parts of each of the team are replaced, trained and nurtured. As each section is replaced they are a real cohesive unit by year 3.

The d line is playing great. Offense is still working but getting better. The d backs are getting better.

We need to pick in the top 10 this year. That gives Miami a lot of good to great youth again and an opportunity to pick up quality free agents.

The season, could be a write off very quickly. We also need an offensive coordinator that changes stuff up.

The Jets and Pats currently have better plays designed to take advantage of weak spots that are apparent on other teams. Miami runs some plays and rarely seems to find that hole. The players find it on the field during the game and that at times is too late.

During the last game on 3rd down crossing patterns were run at will. They were successful because the opposition ran their primary receivers straight down the field opening up a big lane for a fast secondary reciever. I am not a coach but that is where we need someone to crack that little bugger when or before he gets open. He won't be catching the ball if he can't breath. Fake a blitz with someone in the secondary and drop him back on the opposite side of the field into the open area. Force the play inside and then there is a shot at an INT or at least a blindside hit.

Hard to argue any of your points Mando and you forgot the Jets And Pats are getting the breaks as well the jets should have lost there last 3 games but the teams they were playing don't know how to win, and the Pats always seem to get that timely penalty in their favor just when they need it like yesterday against the lions, well there is always next year maybe the guys that run this team will get smarter next year go fins


The Jets should have lost thier last 3 before last night , I did not watch sorry to see they won, Bengals SUCK

what i heard tom brady say after the game has been common sense that our coach doesnt seem to "get". on the pats offense ability to strike at will scoring td's and chunk yds, brady says its quite simple. just line em up and spread em out; 5 or 6 receiver options with multiple things for the d to worry about. all the pressure is on the D to stop the offensive thrusts. the dolphins are the opposite in aggressiveness trying to use power football that we dont possess. we need a regime change!

Why are the Jets and Pats better than Miami? Could it just be that Henne is neither Sanchez or Brady? Brady took off when he first started for the Pats and Sanchez took off in his second year with the Jets. Henne? Just sayin---

well done Mando! no matter what we do, we keep falling behind! by the way, it seems to me that the only time Parcells won was when George Young bought the groceries and Belicheck cooked them!

People relax, things are never as bad as they seem or as good.Those stinking jets have built their team to win now ,Miami is more long term lets see where the jets are two years from now. As far as the pats are concerned Brady can't play forever look at what a let down we have had since Marino retired great QB's don't grow on trees

You missed the boat entirely on the Pats. The sole reason they are as good as they are is Brady. He is simply the best QB in football and has been for years. He can take an average bunch of receivers and make them look like superstars. Take Deon Branch. He was a superstar when playing for the Pats because of Brady, went to Seattle and sucked and is now back playing with Brady and looks like an all pro. The Pats put up so many points because of Brady, it puts pressure on the other teams offense to keep pace and forces them into making mistakes against an average or worse NE defense. You could take any of the offensive players from the Pats and put them on other teams and they arent likely to have much impact other than possibly Welker because he was good even under our sorry offense.
The Jets are a fraud and will be shown as one when they start playing tougher opponents. Yes they are currently a better team mostly because of a resurgent LT (who would have thought) and a good o-line. I wouldnt trade Henne for Sanchez.

don't worry...brady will retire by 2020 or so just in time for the grumpy old men to celebrate the 50th!

The Bills are going to smash the Dolphins also. The Bills may catch up with Miami, as crappy as the Dolphins play and are coached.

The truth hurts. Too bad it hurts the Dolphins fans. The Staff in Miami doesnt care a bit about this.If they did Henning would have been on the same plane as Bonamego leaving Miami.

the pats are for real the jet are lucky plain and simple. Look at yesterday. They got 14 points off of a return and ball that was not touched during the punt but they got the call. They have won at least 5 games this year all based on luck

nice post from Home to Bobby12d.
when the nonsense is over,at the end of the day Home nice class act for one of our fellow bloggers reaching out in grief.

I haven't seen a post yet with the real reason this team has sucked this year:

the offensive line.

As long as we refuse to draft some interior linemen with the first three picks, we are going to suck. Mangold was one of the best pickups for that team. The line gels around him.

We don't have a second round pick next year. A Center should not go in the first. Be BOLD pick a RT and move Carey's inconsistent ass back to guard. Pick a C in the third. Our defense is fine. Our WRs are fine. Our RBs can go one more year. Sign a vet QB, start Henne again. Get a new off coordinator. But if we don't get a new interior line, it doesn't matter who we get.

Well Said Tommy. You Are100% Right. Sad Thing Is All The Money And Effort They Have Put Into It And It Still Sucks.





Sparano keeps moving guys in and out on the oline

special teams lacks play maker

lack of speed at key positions PR, LB, WR, TE

too conservative offensively

It's funny how good team get all the luck and all the breaks. They also win games they shouldn't; that's why their good teams. As for the Phins, they just need playmakers.

Leave Ross alone, he didn't draft anyone, and he wasn't the one that signed free agents. That's the football side of the business that did that. And when Wayne brought in BP, everyone of you were happy and predicting Super Bowls for the Phins. Turns out that BP wasn't as astute a talent evaluater as we thought. But that's not Ross's fault. Does he like the glam, sure but that doesn't do a thing to the product on the field. For that you have to look at BP and Ireland. No he's not a Steinbrenner (that's the way it spelled ed the fan) but the you should remember that the Yankees were a joke in the 80's and 1/2 the 90's because of his meddling in personnel matter. They only started their run when he was suspended from the organization because of campaign contribution infractions, and because he sent PI's to spy on Dave Winfield. Once he was banned for the organization the Yankees started winning big.

Just got off the phone with Ireland. The plan for the next draft is to trade down as much as possible to get a bunch of late rounders, pay them the minimum, and hope a few acorns appear out of that group. Maybe trade Brandon No Hands Marshall for that second round pick we lost.

Our wr's are fine??? LOL...what are u smoking..we have the worst most un explosive wr's in the entire division. They can't get open...can't catch the football...and can't get deep. We are slow at both the wr...rb...and te position. As long as this is the case..it won't matter how good our o-line is...we will continue to be trash and un-effective on offense.

One guy says the Jets are old? Most of the solid players are young or in thier prime, Sanchez,Greene,keller,holmes,revis cromartie,edwards,d'brick.mangold,harris,john terminator conor, wilson to name a few.
Get your facts straight!! The doofins added harris and that other corner that are dinosaurs.
Plus ronnie and ricky are headed downhill and they haven't found replacements. They missed on a nose tackle. Dansby's 28 and marshall is an unproductive diva with one $55 million dolla TD!

Armando, from what I see Jets are more lucky than good. They will be exposed in the playoffs.

These guys (Sparano & Ireland) are in over their heads. The one thing that should be a rock is the OL. I was watching the games yesterday remembering how good things were when Scott Linehan was our OC & Mike Westoff was our Special Teams coach. And how was it exactly we ended up with Grandpa & not Jason Garrett who was our QB coach. The one ex-cowboy who this regime DIDN'T keep!

Massfish, I'm a Dolphin fan since 1970, but things are as they are, and good teams make their own luck, good teams win games they shouldn't. Give the Jets their due now, we'll catch up.

So to sum things up our players and coaching is inferior. Other than that we are on the right track. Lol. The fins stink. I am used to it but will keep cheering for them anyway.

I never thought that Mike T would have bested Bill P but he has. No surprise though that Bill B + Rex Ryan are > than Tony S. Just can't believe how flawed our roster is. I honestly believed that Parcells would have done a much better job.

Oh, and we should have been suspicious when Parcells would go to the Jerry Jones store for so many of his players. Reminded me of Saban drafting so many SEC players.

Massfish you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good. Jets are finding ways to win games and that was part of Mandos point re coaching. Dolphins have found ways to lose games this year.

State of the season as it stands now:

ONLY CHANCE is to run the table from here. Finish 11-5 and we get a wild card. 10-6 won't cut it. Can they do it? NFW.

Still can't figure out how JJ, Saban & Parcells have flopped so decisively.

he pats are for real the jet are lucky plain and simple. Look at yesterday. They got 14 points off of a return and ball that was not touched during the punt but they got the call. They have won at least 5 games this year all based on luck

Posted by: BoulderFinFan

LOL!!!!! We beat NE and the doofins convicingly, the pats were slaughtered by the browns, it's not luck, it's Sanchez to Holmes, baby! If you want to use luck, you were lucky to beat buffalo and minesota..caught green bay with 12 players out.and caught a couple more teams with injuries. Luck my a$p!!!

Another point is our only two loses Ravens by one point, green bay 9 points. Not making excuses why we lost. BUT two loses by a total of 10pts. Now compare that to any other 9-2 team or playoff contender.

Turd, Saban had 12 draft picks in his time here. He definitely liked the SEC - he picked 5 players from the SEC. Two of them worked out well in Brown and Crowder. Of course Allen was the big flop taken 16th in the 06 draft. Was he any worse than Parcells?

JET FAN, you will get no argument from me re the Jets being a good team. A lot of the fans in here were the same ones complaining about the Dolphins getting no respect when they won the division in 08 on a "weak" schedule. Now they want to complain about how the Jets won 9 games.

I never would have thought that Mike T would have done a better job putting a team together than Bill P but he has. Looking forward to the Monday night game in NE ... it should be a good one.

If Brown & Crowder were on the market for a trade 2 years ago they probably would have gotten a 2nd or 3rd rounder for each. Now, I'm not sure anyone would even offer a 4th rounder for Brown & Crowder, well maybe a 5th because it's getting close to x-mas.

should we lose to raiders??? a win just helps the PATS who have oakland's no. 1 draft pick....

Ny Your solace means nothing . quick turn around? Still waiting for that after shula left.............

The Jets have become the Raiders east. Or at least what the Raiders used to be. A bunch of old guys with baggage, talent and a chip on their shoulders. They're built to win today.

The Patriots win with a system and Brady. Hell, you could plug in Woody Woodpecker, Home and Alco and they'd win ten games. When's the last time Brady had the kind of pressure our QB had last Thursday night? Never, that's when. Come on Tony I've been a big defender of yours but you're an old O line coach for God's sake!

We continue to be a vanilla team with no identity. The offense can't or won't run the ball any more. The defense looks like the Ravens of 2000 on 1st and 2nd down and the 1977 Tampa Bay Bucs on 3rd down. What are we?

The jets and patiots players believe in ther organization.... that breeds effort!!! it is clear key players for the dolphins are defeated from the first play of the game therefore they dont put forth the effort. whether its coaching or player inability i dont know but thats the differnce. until our players believe in what there doing nothing will happen. i dont care how unified the team is or how much they like there coach its not gonna happen... ross needs to do his job and find out why!!!!

We are a team that pisses away draft picks & has had poor personnel people. Also a LOT of bad luck. How else can you explain the first year we have a #2 pick the best QB is Alex Smith & the best RB's are injury plagued Brown & Williams from Auburn?

When you are 9 & 2 you are neither lucky nor a fraud. For the most part the Jets are playing solid football. Also most of their key players are young,like Revis,Sanchez,Harris,Holmes etc. Plus Rex is smart to put the spotlight on himself and take the pressure off his players.

You just have to listen to Rex, Belichek and Sparano talk, and its perfectly clear which of them has the dimmest bulb in the socket.

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