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Dolphins face second straight team that enjoyed a bye

That guy that authors the NFL schedule? Slap that dude if you see him in the next couple of days.

That person, you see, is the genius that scheduled the Dolphins to play the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday ... after the Ravens enjoyed a bye week.

That person also scheduled the Dolphins to play the Tennessee Titans at Sun Life this Sunday ... after the Titans enjoyed a bye week.

And following those games played at a clear disadvantage, the schedule guru decided the Dolphins should play a Thursday night game Nov. 18 followed by a cross-country trip to Oakland Nov. 28. In all, the Dolphins will play three games in 14 days starting on Sunday.

Thanks. Thanks a lot NFL scheduling guy.

This, by the way, has nothing to do with the quality of the opponent. Let's face it, no one in the NFL plays an FCS team. It all evens out in the end if competition is the measure so I'm not whining complaining about the difficulty of the games. But convenience and strategic advantage?

The Ravens enjoyed that against Miami and the Titans enjoy it this week.

Interestingly, I have to wonder how much the Titans pressed that advantage. For example, receiver Randy Moss was acquired off waivers last Wednesday. But Moss wasn't asked to report to the Titans until they gathered for Dolphins preparations on Monday.

Um, what happened to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Did Moss need those days to hitch-hike to Nashville?

The truth is even if Moss had wanted to show up for work immediately, he would have found himself all alone. That's because Titans coach Jeff Fisher used the extra week to rest his team. They were off over the weekend and running back Chris Johnson (thigh) and quarterback Vince Young (ankle) were rested last week along with several of Tennessee's limping defensive players.

Wide receiver Kenny Britt (ankle) will miss Sunday's game so no amount of rest helped him.

We should note the bye week was the launch of some very good football by the Titans in 2009. You'll remember they opened the season 0-6 before their bye. The Titans won five consecutive games following their bye week and 8 of 10 games. The Titans beat the Dolphins, 27-24 in overtime during their 2009 post-bye run.

So once again, thanks NFL scheduling guy. Thanks for scheduling the Dolphins to play the Titans immediately following their bye.