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Dolphins face second straight team that enjoyed a bye

That guy that authors the NFL schedule? Slap that dude if you see him in the next couple of days.

That person, you see, is the genius that scheduled the Dolphins to play the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday ... after the Ravens enjoyed a bye week.

That person also scheduled the Dolphins to play the Tennessee Titans at Sun Life this Sunday ... after the Titans enjoyed a bye week.

And following those games played at a clear disadvantage, the schedule guru decided the Dolphins should play a Thursday night game Nov. 18 followed by a cross-country trip to Oakland Nov. 28. In all, the Dolphins will play three games in 14 days starting on Sunday.

Thanks. Thanks a lot NFL scheduling guy.

This, by the way, has nothing to do with the quality of the opponent. Let's face it, no one in the NFL plays an FCS team. It all evens out in the end if competition is the measure so I'm not whining complaining about the difficulty of the games. But convenience and strategic advantage?

The Ravens enjoyed that against Miami and the Titans enjoy it this week.

Interestingly, I have to wonder how much the Titans pressed that advantage. For example, receiver Randy Moss was acquired off waivers last Wednesday. But Moss wasn't asked to report to the Titans until they gathered for Dolphins preparations on Monday.

Um, what happened to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Did Moss need those days to hitch-hike to Nashville?

The truth is even if Moss had wanted to show up for work immediately, he would have found himself all alone. That's because Titans coach Jeff Fisher used the extra week to rest his team. They were off over the weekend and running back Chris Johnson (thigh) and quarterback Vince Young (ankle) were rested last week along with several of Tennessee's limping defensive players.

Wide receiver Kenny Britt (ankle) will miss Sunday's game so no amount of rest helped him.

We should note the bye week was the launch of some very good football by the Titans in 2009. You'll remember they opened the season 0-6 before their bye. The Titans won five consecutive games following their bye week and 8 of 10 games. The Titans beat the Dolphins, 27-24 in overtime during their 2009 post-bye run.

So once again, thanks NFL scheduling guy. Thanks for scheduling the Dolphins to play the Titans immediately following their bye. 


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dear sir
super bowl teams make lemonade out of lemons.
ed the fan

I'll put more blame on Parcells and those who came before him, and their inability to draft blatantly obvious talent for bums to fill needs. Oh and then there's TO and Moss, both available for the taking and passed over. I'm just about done rooting for an organization satisfied with mediocrity.

If WE are not good enough to stand up to the challenge then SO BE IT.IT'S not what anyone thinks other than if your good,damn,your GOOD!.We just have not looked it.Well anyone gonna be at washington and philadelphia game monday night?I will have a beer ready for any phin fan that is going.....Hey I did not buy the tix just there to have a good time and enjoy the game.Will have a dansby jersey on.ONLY ONE PROBABLY and in the season tix section.CLUB.

Mando, I commented on the column that the Herald needs to fire Linda Robertson. She goes to a Heat game and writes about the FIU connection.


They blow a 22 point lead and her insight is Raja Bell and Carlos Arroyo played at FIU. Clueless.

Even Cote would have come up with one of his moronic "we need to sign (insert player name here)" pieces of trash and it would have been more appropriate.

The team is at another pathetic crossroad. Please spare us this season. Some of the players aren't trying or a trying too hard. There just isn't a killer attitude. Game over, lights out win. Blah

We are going to lose regardless.

This should be an easy win for the Dolphins.

why dont teams coming off byes play each other, or teams coming off byes play the thurs games?

there is no such thing as an easy win for the dolphins. we play to keep the opponent in the game. we've lost our last 5 home games! sparano says he sees improvement and is busy studying play counts and other meaningless stats.this week ST will put a defender on the opponents gunner and play with 11 men on the field. we are hoping to force a punt.

well detroit lost matt stafford so at least we have a chance to win one more this season...yawnnnnn

its to late now, but adding Randy Moss would have change this team completely. we dont even have to throw him the ball. he would have opened up marshall and the running game just with being on the field. i hve support the coach and management fully, but thet reallu messed up with not getting Randy

henne's lack of progress will wear down our defense in the 2nd half of the season. time for a qb change;this is henne's 3rd year! not much improvement for a game manager that the coaches still dont trust to win a game.

The schedule guy hasn't been friendly to us the last couple of years, but it still doesn't matter we have to win no matter what, if Henne plays well we win if not we lose that simple

Mando im really impressed how you were able to squeeze a blog out of this topic. anything original left in your arsenal?

Yeah it sucks we're facing 2 teams coming off the bye...but I would say the Chicago and Oakland scheduling is favorable to us. Chicago's in the same boat we're in, but they have to travel to Miami for the Thursday game, and for the Oakland game, yeah we have to go cross-country, but we get an extra 3 days off going into it. I'd rather have it that way than a typical week..

Mando - the schedule is done by a computer. The NFL does not take into account whether teams are playing other teams coming off of byes. The NFL doesn't take into account what game you play that follows a Thursday nighter. If you are playing on Thursday, you won't get an away game the previous Sunday, and they will try to have you play at 1PM so you get the maximum possible rest.

That's not to say that the NFL couldn't look at how teams are affected by playing other teams who come off of a bye. But that would make the problem just harder to solve..

The simple truth is we just are not good enough yet. We play in the best division in the NFL, in the toughest conference. It is going to take a bit more time and some more change. Have some patience. The current schedule means nothing to the long term success of this franchise. We need talent.


You realize that if the Bears game were on a Sunday they'd still be playing the same amount of games in the same amount of time, yes? The only difference is they only have 3 days between the Titans and Bears, balanced out by 9 days to the West Coast Oakland game.

It's only truly bad if they get banged up against the Titans.

Who gives a damn really. This team obviously doesn't want to win. Thats why Henne is starting.

How about we thank Ross? It was him who requested to not play at home, during the day, in the first month of the season.

They accomodated OUR request and we have to live with how the rest of the schedule shakes out.

I didn't know that. Bad news(again).

Very tired of the conversation here yesterday about how Henne sucks, even got to the surreal when people started turning on Marshall. So I'd like to bring up another topic, how strategy is hurting the Dolphins (whether you blame the coach, coordinators or players).

On offense, many have commented on how Miami keeps many players in to pass block (and only let a couple go out for passes). This could just be how the OC structured it. But, he could have done that because he knows his QB is stiff as a board and has zero evasive ability. That's a limitation and also a setback compared to other teams. We saw last week how well a RB can be used as an outlet option in Ray Rice. Some of those were designed plays, but most were just Flacco being in trouble and needing to get rid of the ball. Again, that's an easy fix (if you're OC is so inclined), but we need to answer if he's doing it because of Henne or because he (Henning) is just an idiot.

On defense, check that INT by Reed. He's backing up the corner on that side covering Marshall. Marshall tips the ball and Reed is in the EXACT place he needs to be to make a play. I'm very impressed (jealous even) in his positioning. Do you people think that could EVER happen to our defense? Why or why not? I think not, because for whatever reason (again, not sure if this is on Nolan's scheme, or the player) but Yeremiah is predominately a run-stopper. He'd NEVER be back there backing up a CB. But if Baltimore's defense can stop the run without using it's safety, why can't we (especially since the numbers show we're right on par with their defense)? The safeties need to be there for pass-support more than run-support IMO.

There are two issues I believe hurting our team that I believe have more to do with coaches (coordinators) than the players.

You guys hear Marshall is guaranteeing we're going to the playoffs. So much for reliable drug test results.

we suck again !

Mega Misi is dead on. I could care less who we play or when we play them except ....when THE OWNER screws his team out of their HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE by requesting NIGHT GAMES in SEP. We ne to day game just like the jets and pats want to play us in DEC and not in OCT or NOV at their place.

Other than that you have to beat the competition in front of you...PERIOD.

The schedule looks tough because our team looks bad....if they were winning we woudn't care who we play...or when we played them.

We've had aa so-so record in 1pm games since shula left...........if that's your reason to turn n ross, it's week.

ross has given Parcells whatever he wanted.......it was Tuna who briliantly decided to save $$ by getting Grove instead of Jason Brown.

Off the bye, into the bye, injured, not injured.......it matters not. This regime sucks, and so does the team.

Take a knee, duller than death football.

btw---imstead of 2 1pm games at start of season, we had two night games............whatever happened to good teams, and good fans, getting super-stoked for night games?

Strategy, Lets talk strategy. Hey, Lets defer the 1st kick off so we can give a 1st drive touchdown, EVERY TIME IT SEEMS. then get the ball in the second half and go 3 and out 1st drive!!!!!

I agree with deferring the kickoff, If your team is prepared to play D, Getting the ball to start the second half is great! WHEN YOU HAVE AN OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR WHO HAS A GOOD ENOUGH PLAN THAN TO GO 3 AND OUT!

VERY frustrating season. And I agree the Henne thing is old, go ahead blame him, when you do you only blame the coaches because he is just a puppet who is not allowed to try and make something happen. He is told hi progression, then run, he is not allowed to try and be a player. NO QB has ever been successful that handcuffed. If you can't see that, you have issues.

bench henne and the phins will win the east and and have the bye week to rest ^ for the division game in the p/o's. it is that simple.really!

i'm to the point now where wins aren't the most important thing. i've been saddened by the loss of good starters with zero in return ie. camarillo,roth,j.taylor,smiley,grove etc. we know need to get some pride and play to win the game. this means winning the toss and taking the ball. it means taking some chances,going for it on 3rd and 4th downs from the half yd line. it means some 4 and 5 receiver sets. it means no "taking a knee" at midfield with 4 seconds left because we're scared. it means we dictate a D; not the other way around. it means we dont set up for fg's on 1st down when we get inside the 30. i pd $300 to watch us play the bills in the opener and it was pathetic. we stunk it up but got a win. we gotta grow a "set".

Fact is ...
Dolphins are 11 13

since Baltimore blew them out in Play Off game after 2008 regular season

thats right 11 13

I see Chris Johnson killing us all day on screens and missed tackles, Ray Rice all over again. He'll keep this a close game but in the end the Dolphins win.

Much respect for Jeff Fischer, the guy has kept the Titans competitive and relevant for a looong time. surprised he hasn't burnt out yet.


bench henne and the phins will win the east and and have the bye week to rest ^ for the division game in the p/o's. it is that simple.really!

Posted by: 2 watt | November 10, 2010 at 08:54 AM

So.....you are saying playing pennington will not only get us not only to the playoffs but he will most likely win out and we will be a 1 or 2 seed in the AFC? Meaning We will be a full game better than Pitt, Balt, Tenn, Indy and possibly NE/NYJ? makes sense.

Last season Nobody played better than Vince Young

He was simply Awesome throwing the ball

and even though we talked bout it for 2 weeks
thats right Dolphins had the bye last year, cry babies, the Dolphins had No Answer for Chris Johnson

We r the "Mediocre Dolphins", "Mediocre Dolphins",
"Mediocre Dolphins #16

get used to it!


Vince Young destroyed the Dolphins with perfect throws

remember right over Vontae that pass in the back of the end zone

Home does

remember Jeff Fisher coming out to hug Vince Young

Home does

remember Dolphins Not being able to stop Chris Johnson and that was all the talk even though we were getting bombarded with daily chemtrail invasion

Home does

Remember another humiliating Dolphin loss

Home does

fist pump !

At what point do we entertain the thought of starting Pennington over Henne?
If we lose 2 of the next 3 and the season is gone...or do we make the change now to get a SPARK and start a fire in the players?

2 games in 5 days. the phins better have their collective heads out of their collective axxes.hear that fist pump?

I believe the Colts have been in the same situation playing teams coming off byes multiple times in a row. I strongly believe that the entire division should go on bye at the same time and then play each other coming out of it.

This is tough game for the phins. If they lose this they are pretty much out of the playoffs so the rebuilding can begin. Clean house ROSS!

i do think mike nolan is the man. we would be a bigger mess without him. but he has to play with the people ireland/sparano give him. i'm sure he would not have picked alot of our starters. we really need to draft "ballers" (real tough guy players);not the pretenders(ssmith,pat turner,pat white types). wasted picks put us where we are.our fs has 1 pass defensed in 2 seasons! let nolan shop for the groceries this draft. get a new OC for the offense.

Quit belly aching about 1:00 games. Quit finding excuses for losses. If the Dolphins were a good team they'd find a way to win no matter what time they play. This is grasping at straws. I've lived in Chicago and NYC and it's still pretty hot up there in Sept.

belly aching.lol.. this team makes you $hit..lol

hey spazano!. it aint working try something new.

sure hope we dont lose our 6th straight game at home! sparano wants to be known as a tough team so this isnt good.

No excuses, the Ravens didn't come out like a house on fire because they came off a bye. They came out hard because they almost got embarassed by the Bills last time out. Tennessee is an over achieving team lead by a great coach. On paper, we're better, let's do it!

What? Where am I? Why am I here? Oh. You need a play? Ok.

What mystery missile?

What New World Order?

What currency devaluation?

Government reports Kennedy was killed with "magic bullet"

It is all Bin Laden`s fault. Darn weapons of Mass Destruction.

We will find that guy Bin Laden, just wait

No such thing as weather modification, geoengineering of weather, chemtrail aerosol spray program

HAARP in Alaska controlled by the military

Obama is not a New World Order Puppet

NJ Phin Fan is straight
(ok maybe reaching on the last one)

We r the "Mediocre Dolphins", "Mediocre Dolphins",
"Mediocre Dolphins #16

get used to it!

Tony if I get you three will you give me a fist?

You forgot "Henne is the next coming of Marino"

"Clap on

Clap off

Clap on Clap off

..... the Clapper"

is it just me or has our secondary regressed???? we have resorted to reaching and arm tackles. we should watch tape of steelers secondary to see how to "hit".

The whole Dolphins team sucks! They've sucked for a whole lotta years and no one (including Parcels) knows what to do with them to get them to win games. I'm surprised we're still hanging on and cheering for them even though they haven't done anything in how many years???? Whatever! Management is doing everything possible to lose! I love the Dolphins but enough is enough... there is a limit Armando!

Looking forward to seeing NFL star Chris Johnson on Sunday at Chemtrail Death stadium

hope there is no mystery missiles or chemtrails

I remember last years game against the Titans-we were getting beat soundly,when that sucky QB Henne led us back from a 13 point deficit late in the 3rd quarter and got us to OT where we lost.
I might be a little off on my numbers here and there,but I definately remember watching that game.

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Crossword puzzles


The Clapper

Tony's Fist

Pre 1960's plays

Fox news & government report that mystery missile is flatulence from flying white winged pigs, nothing to be alarmed about.

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Hmmmm not sure I remember that beer

I remember 1954 though and it was good year:

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