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Dolphins face second straight team that enjoyed a bye

That guy that authors the NFL schedule? Slap that dude if you see him in the next couple of days.

That person, you see, is the genius that scheduled the Dolphins to play the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday ... after the Ravens enjoyed a bye week.

That person also scheduled the Dolphins to play the Tennessee Titans at Sun Life this Sunday ... after the Titans enjoyed a bye week.

And following those games played at a clear disadvantage, the schedule guru decided the Dolphins should play a Thursday night game Nov. 18 followed by a cross-country trip to Oakland Nov. 28. In all, the Dolphins will play three games in 14 days starting on Sunday.

Thanks. Thanks a lot NFL scheduling guy.

This, by the way, has nothing to do with the quality of the opponent. Let's face it, no one in the NFL plays an FCS team. It all evens out in the end if competition is the measure so I'm not whining complaining about the difficulty of the games. But convenience and strategic advantage?

The Ravens enjoyed that against Miami and the Titans enjoy it this week.

Interestingly, I have to wonder how much the Titans pressed that advantage. For example, receiver Randy Moss was acquired off waivers last Wednesday. But Moss wasn't asked to report to the Titans until they gathered for Dolphins preparations on Monday.

Um, what happened to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Did Moss need those days to hitch-hike to Nashville?

The truth is even if Moss had wanted to show up for work immediately, he would have found himself all alone. That's because Titans coach Jeff Fisher used the extra week to rest his team. They were off over the weekend and running back Chris Johnson (thigh) and quarterback Vince Young (ankle) were rested last week along with several of Tennessee's limping defensive players.

Wide receiver Kenny Britt (ankle) will miss Sunday's game so no amount of rest helped him.

We should note the bye week was the launch of some very good football by the Titans in 2009. You'll remember they opened the season 0-6 before their bye. The Titans won five consecutive games following their bye week and 8 of 10 games. The Titans beat the Dolphins, 27-24 in overtime during their 2009 post-bye run.

So once again, thanks NFL scheduling guy. Thanks for scheduling the Dolphins to play the Titans immediately following their bye. 


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This team isn't going to be competitive unless changes are made at the top. Apparently, Ross gave Ireland a vote of confidence, which means he has at least 1 more year. Very possible he could change his mind if the rest of the season goes the way I think it will.

Ross probably doesn't know beans about the game but he's smart enough to know it's not looking good. And remember he predicted a championship? Wonder how he's feeling now?

Anyway, if Ireland does stick and there's no lockout, I can't imagine Ross demanding some changes. Just my opinion.

I like Jeff. He's a strapping young man. Good looking lad.

i have never been to a football game but be patient in 4 years we will have a good team.block,tackle,run is all we need to do to win.i am a genius.nice crack, NJ. i`ll pour the water over your sack for tea.yum.speaking of sacks,how bout that Cam Wake,nice haircut,YUP!

I enjoy the odd cup of tea as well Mr. Tim. Usually after my afternoon nap. I find it keeps me regular. Normally I stick to the Red Rose variety, but I might have to try the NJ sack tea you speak of.

Mando, great article, but one thing you said didn't make much sense. You said the Dolphins play 3 games in 14 days. That is what every team in the NFL plays (except those with a bye this week). The Thursday night game makes it 2 games in 5 days, but 3 games in 14 is standard in the NFL!

leave NJ alone,he has nothing else! poor fool.

Can`t believe the Jets are shoving a mystery missile up my backside again. i must be the only idiot in NJ that has never been to Florida, cheering for a team i have never seen. year number 27 and still here i sit. i`m gonna call NJPHINFlAM & get him to send me a cell picture of his hairy pimply arse. least i have something to look forward to, YUP!

Hahaha, right Bill. Mando is asleep at the wheel. Sure they have 2 games in 5 days, but they have 10 days until they go to Oakland.

Heard that the Dolphins will get Phillip Merling back on the 53 man roster this year. I wasn't expecting that.

I like young Merling. He really knows how to put the beat down on his adversaries.

Tim/Knight + NJ = Ghey?

Miami Dolphins defensive back Sean Smith and his signature move on the front page of the Herald says it all.

do you think Sean is face down twittering how great he is, after blowing yet another huge play?

I know nothing about American football.

I used to date a gal named Marcia back in '34. Nice gal died in the war.

The Chargers, Vikings, Cowboys, 49er's & Broncos blogs are probably receiving the same type of comments from their disgruntled fans today...they all have worse records than the Fins and expected to be playoff contenders.

Believe me 4-4 is not where we wanted to be at this point in the season...(we are ranked 18th out of 32 teams).

In theory we can lose 3 more games and still make the playoffs....(if others lose as well), but I'm not holding my breath.

If we miss the playoffs, does Ross clean house?

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Brian Hartline is their fastest WR.... enough said!!!! Camarillo knew how to consistently get open and was sure handed. Ted Ginn was super fast and would draw respect deep. We have no TE and out best weapon, Marshall, is getting consistent double coverage. Take away the running game and Marshall, and the Fins have nobody else that scares defenses. Henne is going through his progressions and nobody is really open. You put Pennington in there, and things will bog down even more, with defenses not having to respect anything downfield, as happened early last season with Pennington at QB and the team starting 0-3. Henne is not the main problem.... lack of playmakers with speed and a bad OC are the main problems on the O!!!

3 games in 15 days btw not 14

hang in there NJ, i will send you a picture of me on the toilet. hugs and kisses sweetie.

I really don't think the Pittsburgh Times is writing about the Steelers' schedule. What I mean by that is that winning, championship teams don’t spend much time coming up with excuses. With all due respect, this is the culture that I thought was extinguished when Parcells was brought in. It's a culture of "Let's not loose”, “We ALMOST had that game”, “If only we had done a few things differently”, “Let’s not bring that guy in the locker room, he's too high of a RISK”, “We can play against anybody", instead of “Let’s go WOOP on everybody”... and so on. Simply put, it's a culture of MEDIOCRACY.

Until someone with balls comes into this franchise and lights a match under someone's arse, things will always stay the same. You would think that after the ST debacle and the things that went on afterwards, people would realize nothing is set in stone, and jobs aren't safe. I feel that only lasted about 2 weeks.

when you start to complain about the schedule, it means that your team really sucks...

Weren't we a top 10 team in your preseason rankings Armando?

OK, Home contnues to go viral. That boy must have some serious issues.

Yann, agreed - no need to complain about the schedule. it's not even like teams coming off byes have some incredible record recently.

And don't bail yet. Nothing has been lost this season yet.


Yann, exactly. No one was complaining about the schedule in '08. Frankly, I wish the schedule were tougher. And it was like that EVERY year. To be the best you have to beat the best. And if we keep playing the best we'll figure it out at some point (maybe not as soon as most of us would like).

Also, anyone who says we should bench Henne and THAT alone will get us into the Playoffs shouldn't even be entertained. Don't even waste 2 seconds to think about that statement. Just move on like you never heard it, because obviously the person who wrote that is as smart as a mushroom on a warm pile of terd. Seriously, what a joke!

If you don't think playing a 1PM game at home in SEP is a HOMEFIELD advantage...then there really is nothing to say to you....except maybe GET A CLUE!!!!

Home, it's spelled the same in Canada too. I stand corrected. I can spell ok, can't type for merde.

we signed Al Harris...could be a great pickup...we have to find a way to get Clemons out of the starting lineup

Mark in Toronto are you talking to yourself or impostering HOME,again

kris, never agreed more with anything you said.

But do the owners really have a say in scheduling, or this all the league's doing (to the last person who blamed Ross)? Not sure it's Ross' fault, but again I'm claiming ignorance because I don't know how that's handled.

That was the ONE THING our coach talked about in the PITT game...and that was OCT!

MIAMI's HOME FIELD advantage is the HEAT...Not the rain as many suggested during preseason when they looked like a fish out of water.

If you don't understand that...well I really can't help you.

short kmx

I never impersonate anyone, that's why I sign in blue. I'm a 36 year old man and don't have time for child's play - except meaningless football banter I guess.

Al harris - interesting pickup - nice knowing you Benny Sapp

Anyone else sick of us signing the wrong has-beens? I mean, 35, coming off a bad knee injury, wasn't good enough to start for Green Bay. Is this the guy that's gonna stiffen the defense? TO, that's a has been that SHOULD HAVE been signed.

al harris a phin.

Mark the 36 year old impersonator,
Benny Sapp had 10 tackles two weeks ago in one game
Smith needs to go, not Sapp.

harris is f'n good. even injured. stop belly aching and take a dump already.lol

Harris and Sapp grew up Dolphin fans.
Both played high school football here and love the Dolphins.
They unlike you Mark in Toronto are from here and know what is going on.

Excuses excuses excuses. When you get out of that kitty cat costume (meow) and stop being an apologist for a 4-4 collection of mediocre players and coaches, maybe you can put down your girlie drink (probably a mojito - am I right) I'll pour you a real drink. Or rather, I'll pour you a drink of reality. Man up.


Armondo wrote that Ross requested the night game...Or it could be that I read it in the Herald....I know it stuck in my brain because I was shocked when I read it

I know nothing about American football.


Go Leafs!
Mark in Toronto, I also know nothing about American football.

I like you're thinking 2 watt. Someone get me some prune juice.

Hey kris, the heat USED to be an advantage. Especially during the Shula years when he worked the team without let up in the heat and the rain. That was long before tent and people freaking out about thunder storms.

The weather still could be an advantage if the coaches weren't P-U-S-S-I-E-S

I KILL YOU!!!!!!

Al Harris is the solution

Silence... I kill you.

How did Sean Smith do on his comeback from the bench?
Didn`t he start for the first time all season?
Who said he was elite?
Why is crying on the front of the Miami Herald?
Did someone die?

i axe you dat i aint dib nuffin huh? he a gouwd boy.getz me yobamas moiny huh

Sorry, but Mark in TO raises the bar a great deal relative to most fish fans. If this blog is any indication the Miami fan base is somewhere between non existent and pathetic when it comes to "American" football knowledge. Judging by the number of Steeler, Patriot, and Jets jerseys at home games I would say that you are non existent in numbers as well. Hang in there Mark there is always room in NY for you.

Sean Smith says, "smell my fingers, i have ball skills!"

Go Dolphins!

All of you. RACISTS!


Its true...our team may be softer, but they are still climatized....Its has to offer an advantage

I for one am glad we signed Harris. Maybe now Sean Smith will stop Tweeting about how great he is, and start worrying about catching a damn ball for once!

Tim/Knight, lie down and open your mouth.I'm ready to do my 5# naked sqauts over you again.Reday?.. 1 tea bag bounce 2. 1 tea bag bounce 2.

SR, all of what you are commenting on is the insane jabbering of a poster named Home. he thinks it's funny and cool to post 1,000 times under several different names.

There are good fans here. Unfortunateley for Miami, with a few exceptions - most of the positive support comes from out of town.

They think a decade of below par perfoamces is an eternity.

They should try being leaf fans, hahaa. Now there's pain!

Smell my fingers!
smell em, smells like ball skils.

You know what `im saying.

Where`s Omar Kelly, he`ll smell em!

kris, I agree it may be a slight advantage even now. Ross didn't do us any favors when he lobbied for more late/night games. I know he doesn't know $hit about the game but you would think he's smart enough to know it and have somebody advising him.

i luvs footbal

hope Omar likez me in deze pants!

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