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Dolphins face second straight team that enjoyed a bye

That guy that authors the NFL schedule? Slap that dude if you see him in the next couple of days.

That person, you see, is the genius that scheduled the Dolphins to play the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday ... after the Ravens enjoyed a bye week.

That person also scheduled the Dolphins to play the Tennessee Titans at Sun Life this Sunday ... after the Titans enjoyed a bye week.

And following those games played at a clear disadvantage, the schedule guru decided the Dolphins should play a Thursday night game Nov. 18 followed by a cross-country trip to Oakland Nov. 28. In all, the Dolphins will play three games in 14 days starting on Sunday.

Thanks. Thanks a lot NFL scheduling guy.

This, by the way, has nothing to do with the quality of the opponent. Let's face it, no one in the NFL plays an FCS team. It all evens out in the end if competition is the measure so I'm not whining complaining about the difficulty of the games. But convenience and strategic advantage?

The Ravens enjoyed that against Miami and the Titans enjoy it this week.

Interestingly, I have to wonder how much the Titans pressed that advantage. For example, receiver Randy Moss was acquired off waivers last Wednesday. But Moss wasn't asked to report to the Titans until they gathered for Dolphins preparations on Monday.

Um, what happened to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Did Moss need those days to hitch-hike to Nashville?

The truth is even if Moss had wanted to show up for work immediately, he would have found himself all alone. That's because Titans coach Jeff Fisher used the extra week to rest his team. They were off over the weekend and running back Chris Johnson (thigh) and quarterback Vince Young (ankle) were rested last week along with several of Tennessee's limping defensive players.

Wide receiver Kenny Britt (ankle) will miss Sunday's game so no amount of rest helped him.

We should note the bye week was the launch of some very good football by the Titans in 2009. You'll remember they opened the season 0-6 before their bye. The Titans won five consecutive games following their bye week and 8 of 10 games. The Titans beat the Dolphins, 27-24 in overtime during their 2009 post-bye run.

So once again, thanks NFL scheduling guy. Thanks for scheduling the Dolphins to play the Titans immediately following their bye. 


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Why is it every year, the Dolphins always have a bye in Sep,or Oct ?

the heat ^ by 22 and they lose. took a page out the phins play book.lol..fist pump

Looks like Jason Allen wsas waived. From hero to zero in 6 weeks - what a decline.

who needs Pro Bowl HOF deep threat WR Moss
Marshall had 30 YDs last week in yet another loss

We signed 36 yr old Harris with 3 torn knee ligaments and a hamstring injury


it`s ok Mark in Toronto,
i don`t shiet about American football either.
Harris? Harris! Harris are you shieting me!

Where do you see J Allen was released? I saw we signed Al Harris. Nothing about J Allen

Tweet on the Sentinel (chime in Home - you've been doing it all day already). I don't like the SS' reporters but man, they are quick to report news.


Wow, J Allen gone

Crowder, Brown, Carey only Saban left-overs...

Last year it was the defense struggling, now its the offense struggling.

There is no consistency.

Same ol' team. This has been the issue for the Dolphins for years!

BREAKING NEWS: The Miami Dolphins have signed cornerback Al Harris and waived cornerback Jason Allen. Go to Dolphins.com for full coverage.

The verty same Jason Allen who all the Tuna-lickerz here tried to fob as a stunner based on a few good plays in first 2 games....and to cover up fact that Sean Smith is a bust?

The fact that Smith couldn't start the season, and now that he is playing is playing erratically at best, is yet another indicator of Tuna's pizz-poor job here.


who needs Pro Bowl HOF deep threat WR Moss
Marshall had 30 YDs last week in yet another loss

We signed 36 yr old Harris with 3 torn knee ligaments and a hamstring injury


Marc, and after this year - it may only be Carey (as a guard).

Al Harris is 36, coming of a major surgery

If that's not proof that S SMITH sucks I don't know what is

Like N'Sync used to say.. Baby Bye,Bye,Bye to Jason Allen.

Sean Smith iz not a Busst, he is ELite!
and tall, and pretty, yeah pretty.
he waz gona catch da ball but did not wanda show off!
sean is for me.

Crowder would've been gone too, had they gotten Merriman off waivers. Had it been the case then Brown,Carey, and Solioa are the only Saban's left.

Home is NutZ! Sean is ElIte. just weight and see.
i axed him to getz me an interception for my love of him can`t be denied.

we just signed al harris, who is coming of an injury. but we put the only real corner we have will allen on IR.. to keep quinton moses?!>!>!?

I thought jason allen contributed on special teams? and isnt our special teams a weakness?

Yes Marc Leaf fans have been suffering for a long long time. I have actually been to a few games in Miami and there are always a lot of fans cheering for both sides from out of town. The hotels are packed with fans from both sides.

Lets be honest though. Football is very popular in south Florida but there is a lot to do there. So who can blame the locals for jumping off the bandwagon after some rough years.

Marc, I have to think this is more indicative of a problem with the slot coverage than the outside - and perhaps special teams too. Nobody really called Anquan Boldin's name too much last week - and that was Smith's man. If anything Derrick Mason did more damage (as we both thought he would going into the week) and he was on Vontae almost exclusively.

oops JASON aLLEN WILL sign with the patriots and kick are butts,again.
Go Sparano!

SR, I've been to several games in Miami too (season sticket holder 2003) and it made me sick to see all the Jet fans celebrating in Florida that week.

And that is no excuse for Miami - there is a lot to do in Toronto too - but yet there is a 30 year waiting list for Leaf season tickets.

Phins just signed Al Harris CB from Green Bay.

Jason Allen is a special teams leader every year and leads the team in interceptions.Sean is special to me an leads the team in whiffing interceptions, but Sean is tall and smoothe and dreamy and tall and smooth and dreamy and

No, getting rid of Jason Allen and signing Al Harris means Jason Allen Suks, not Sean Smith. Vonte Davis got toasted all over the field last week, not Sean Smith.

ticket holder

i got it, i got it!


never mind


i lost the game again.

look at me crying on the front page with my face in the mud.

but i meanz im gonna get betre
you know whatim sayinz
ax me, itells yuz so

Fair enough Mark.

There was a time though when people were crazy about the Dolphins in south Florida. The Orange Bowl was a bit**. Crazy place. Crazy fans. What happened???

Amen Bobby. I'm not Sean Smith's biggest fan either but he's played some good ball last 2 weeks. CB is so far from being this team's problem right now.

Have any opposing team's WR had a big day this year other than when they faced jason Allen? NOPE.

Look at me on the front page with my dik in the dirt

See the ball
See my eyes

See the ball
See my eyes

See the ball
see my eyes

any questions? you know what i`m sayin?

SR, I would equate South Florida football fans to Toronto Blue Jay fans. When the TBJ's were perrenial contenders and winning back to back World Series' championships - you couldn't buy a ticket. When they started to blow chunks - the people stopped showing up - other than when the Red Sox or Yankees come to town - but it's opposing fans (sound familiar?).

Now that they suck, people complain about the stadium, the team, the management, the scouting, the reluctance to spend (sound familiar?)

i playad in one start and dropped that dat darn ball and waz burned tree times,once by ten yards ,once in the end zone but Qb misfired,we lost

you know what i`m sayinZ?

only ten losses wit me starting.

did u seemy dik in the dirt on front page

see me face down
see the ball

see me face down
see da ball


MEMO to the FANS:
Dont worry guys i got a whole new game plan in place. we will play hard for about 4 minutes at the start of the game. and then if we have a scoring drive we will not run those plays again. then we will have henne check down on 99% of the plays. we will do this because we are trying to work out some sponsership deal with Checkers. I mean c'mon you gotta eat. then we will call some dink and dunk passes, again we need more sponsers so we are trying to land dunkin donuts. times are tough we just lost the landshark deal.
i thought j-lo and marc anthony would be the big difference maker and put us over the top.

i`m goinz to da StupID BoWl?
You know watt i`m sayin? you feel me!
Saying yuo feel me?

I got it! Igotz it!



dont have to axe me for my vote, sean!

nice pants!

Go UM!

Isnt Jason Allen supposedly one of our better st's players too?

You dont find very many corners with 3 picks halfway thru the season getting cut. Then we sign a 37yr old clearly washed up corner to replace him. WTH is this regime doing?

smith already replaced allen

This Regime Has Really Flipped Its Wig Now!

This squad isnt nearly good enough to cut a guy with 3 int's halfway thru the season. Al Harris? Wow!


Yea boyz.

why keep allen for st? hes gettin paid as a first round pick


dolphins waive J Allen and sign Al Harris


Wassup yall... For those who up let's get after it, make somethin happen today.... For those who still sleep, I'm HELLA jealous Lol Deuces!

I would definitely keep Allen if the only other option was to sign a clearly washed up 37yr old corner with no more knees.

We just became a little more worse with that move!

how in the world could you cut Allen and keep Benny Sapp, our worst nickel back of the decade?

VD got toasted?

4 catches for 54 yards? One of which he was climbing over the back of the receiver

Hardly toasted!

Soliai was NOT a Saban pick!

Finally the Fins get rid of the bust Jason Allen ..First Ginn now Allen..As for Al Harris he's 36 but he's still so skinny that he remains fluid and he's not gonna start.They want him just to cover the slot wr's..Also he would be a great mentor .like he was in greenbay brings a lot of energy..

everyones talking about taking the handcuffs off Henne, i don think he has any handcuffs on.

they are calling alot of passing plays.
he either cant find anyone open because the receivers cant get open or he sucks


I need to remember to check the Sun-Sentinel for Dolphins news before the Herald.

Al Harris signed, Allen cut, and Philip Merling possibly ready to return to the active roster (after everyone assumed he was gone for the year).

All those items in the SS...not one in the Herald except from fans getting it from other sources. Great job, Herald!!

"Rumors fly that Henne could be headed to the bench

Just now from PFT


Allen is lucky if he's even making 2.5 million this season. Al Harris is probably more expensive at this point. I'm sure you'll find this if you google both players numbers.

Allen was better, butt I`m looking at backsides.
Sean is tighter & younger.Tight butts drive me nuts!
Mom, is lunch ready?


Harris will blanket the Cheetah III.

Those girls will never catch a pass.


got your back NJ. ;)

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