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Dolphins face second straight team that enjoyed a bye

That guy that authors the NFL schedule? Slap that dude if you see him in the next couple of days.

That person, you see, is the genius that scheduled the Dolphins to play the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday ... after the Ravens enjoyed a bye week.

That person also scheduled the Dolphins to play the Tennessee Titans at Sun Life this Sunday ... after the Titans enjoyed a bye week.

And following those games played at a clear disadvantage, the schedule guru decided the Dolphins should play a Thursday night game Nov. 18 followed by a cross-country trip to Oakland Nov. 28. In all, the Dolphins will play three games in 14 days starting on Sunday.

Thanks. Thanks a lot NFL scheduling guy.

This, by the way, has nothing to do with the quality of the opponent. Let's face it, no one in the NFL plays an FCS team. It all evens out in the end if competition is the measure so I'm not whining complaining about the difficulty of the games. But convenience and strategic advantage?

The Ravens enjoyed that against Miami and the Titans enjoy it this week.

Interestingly, I have to wonder how much the Titans pressed that advantage. For example, receiver Randy Moss was acquired off waivers last Wednesday. But Moss wasn't asked to report to the Titans until they gathered for Dolphins preparations on Monday.

Um, what happened to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Did Moss need those days to hitch-hike to Nashville?

The truth is even if Moss had wanted to show up for work immediately, he would have found himself all alone. That's because Titans coach Jeff Fisher used the extra week to rest his team. They were off over the weekend and running back Chris Johnson (thigh) and quarterback Vince Young (ankle) were rested last week along with several of Tennessee's limping defensive players.

Wide receiver Kenny Britt (ankle) will miss Sunday's game so no amount of rest helped him.

We should note the bye week was the launch of some very good football by the Titans in 2009. You'll remember they opened the season 0-6 before their bye. The Titans won five consecutive games following their bye week and 8 of 10 games. The Titans beat the Dolphins, 27-24 in overtime during their 2009 post-bye run.

So once again, thanks NFL scheduling guy. Thanks for scheduling the Dolphins to play the Titans immediately following their bye. 


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Im sure we'll see Jason Allen again soon. He'll have 3 picks against Henne in one game.

Al harris baby. Finally a corner who can catch

maybe Wake is next since Allen was leading all CBs on STs, Ints and tackling

PHoocking geniuses

Try being the Colts or Seahawks ... they each play a team coming off a bye three times by my count. Let's not use the schedule as crutch ... we just haven't been good enough on special teams and we're not making the big plays on either side of the ball. Henne duck to Fasano, Smith drop of a pick-six and lots more! We need better execution.



unfortunately PFT says the benching MIGHT occur after the Tenny game if he's no good there.............but we all know Sparano's definition of good, so we're doomed to go down to the bottom of the sea with Henne.

NJ, is that anew freckle?
Don`t remember that one?
oh yeah, i`m upside down.

Jason Allen was just signed by the Patriots and will start for Chung on Sunday.

Nice going Miami

Tim, don`t talk with your mouth full.
Cannot believe the Patriots got Allen!

Sparano waves a good ST contributor with 3 INT’s then signs Al Harris? Wow desperate move.

aloco,don't tease me bro.lol

Dolphins sign Al Harris release Jason Allen

If the Patriots sign J Allen it will make me sick to my stomach.

For the record, Allen had 33 tackles, 3 INTs, and 8 PDs in 7 games this season.

They Must Be Crazy?
They Must Be Nuts!

For the record, Allen had 33 tackles, 3 INTs, and 8 PDs in 7 games this season.

They Must Be Crazy?
They Must Be Nuts!

Posted by: Home 4 Gruden 2011 | November 10, 2010 at 12:34 PM

I think this is move that a regime who knows they are on thier way out of the door at season's end makes.


According To PFT:

Phillip Merling is on his way back to the active list.

Who do we cut then: Wake?

November 10, 2010 at 12:35 pm
I don’t like this move Tim/Knight.Lets go back to the regular naked twister game that we like. I bounce 2 off of your chin and you bounce 1 off of mine ok.?

Hahah, now Jason Allen is a hero to all of you guys. Mando, bring out all the posts of fans saying he is absolute crud and roasting him during the last 5 years, please.

OK, he was a "decent" player but come on. He proved that he can't start an he can't play the slot, and he can't play safety. What else do you guys want to do with him?

3 Years In And All We've Improved Is The Offensive Line:

Basically only the improved offensive line separates the team we have now from the 1-15 team this regime took over. Forgot to add Marshall.

I hope Al Harris can come in and play lights out for us(wishful thinking). There giving this guy a shot coming off of a devastating knee injury. You gotta believe Will Allen would have been ready to go at this point in the season or earlier. I think his upside is far greater at this point in there careers. Plus didnt Will only have a routine scope of his knee. But they shelve him for the season!

they are in desperation mode! which is why they will start pennington and marshall will finaly get TD's

I wanna say thanks Jason Allen for those 2 picks vs. the Vikings ' Even if we fumbled on each play on the int..which proves you were gonna be gone soon.

After 3 years and all we get is an improved o-line and #1wr. Everything else is comparable to what we had in 2007.

Sorry if it was mentioned before i got here today but...did you guys hear what Marshall said on the radio today? He said miami will make the pkayoffs and we will be in the championship game.. true story

Come on DB, really?

LBs are better, the D line is better, the corners are better, WRs are better.

Safeties, RB even

Qb is also better - not matter what you think of Henne, he is unquestionably better than Beck or Lemon.

After 3 years and all we get is an improved o-line and #1wr. Everything else is comparable to what we had in 2007.

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 10, 2010 at 12:46 PM

We actually got worse at fs position under this regime after refusing to resign Hill.

This is quite frankly a terrible admission of failure if the Henne benching is true. The Parcell's parade of rejects is growing too long to ignore. I know Allen was a Saban pick (I think) but to add Henne now to White and Turner along with all their Oline problems (still can't figure the Smiley or Grove decisions) must be troubling for Dolphin fans. Of course you have to throw in the FA busts and I think you have to start to give Tony Sparano some credit. Maybe he is a lot better than most of you are giving him credit for. Way too much turnover there for any kind of consistency and too many errors by Ireland / Parcells IMO.

MARSHALL'S is trying to light a fire on his teammates..so if they don't help him ..he's gonna call them out..

Can't believe they are bringing Merling back. I hope they know that the allegations against him are not true b/c if there is any truth they should cut his fat rear now.


We had Zack. We had JT, JP. We had Ricky&Ronnie. The fs position was much more solid than now. We had Bell.

The oline was awful so Henne would have looked like Lemon or Beck. That's why I say the oline and #1wr spots are the only positions clearly improved. Everything is is comparable.

After 3yrs we have a better oline and #1wr(Marshall). We had Camarillo before Bess. they are both comparable.

Does Sparano really believe the Dolphins are going to beat good teams without a vertical passing game?
Henning has been pissing me off for 3 years with the prevent offense/conservative approach. At some point Sparano is grouped in too right?
The staff had to know that without any vertical aspect to the offense, defenses would bracket BM and take away the running game. Henning and Sparano were delusional about what was going to unfold this season, their offensive philosophy was completely off base or both.

On Sean Smith. He isn't much better than Allen. Certainly isn't half the Special Teams player. However, Allen has been around for four plus seasons and obviously isn't getting any better. Plus he wasn't a Parcell's / Ireland guy. Its obvious who had to go. Its too bad because Smith is a douche bag - learning how to run his yap from the likes of Crowder.

After this season i would like us to pluck the "unhappy in cincy" Ocho and pair him with BM amd bess...that would be an upgrade and get the brackets off of BM. Im not sure if its me or not but it appears that henne has two left feet...my uncle is is 64yrs old and has a better shuffle step than henne..

So Db, Wake, Misi and Dansby are not better than JT and Zach and JP right now? Those latter 3 guys are all washed up.

Come on man, they've rebuilt quite a bit of this team - don't short change them. Fact is, until they have the QB position settled, they, as any team would have a hard time being significantly better than a .500 team.

That's the facts of todays' NFL. If you don't have a top tier Qb, in the end, you don't have anything.

also...the "Fire Dan Henning" website will be up and running soon...dont forget to swing by and sign tye petition guys and girls

Lets Face It Guys:

Only thing that clearly better when you compare this team to the 2007(1-15) talentwise. Only the offensive line and #1wr position are clearly better!

Remeber, the 2007 team wasnt getting blownout defensively. The oline was so shotty they could run or pass block and we couldnt score points.

Now we have a decent oline and still cant score points.

Mark...i agree 100 percent my friend

As a CB, Jason Allen was boom or bust but he was a ST standout. I guess the braintrust thought STs were playing just fine and didn't need him.

I hope Harris suceeds but it's hard to believe he'll will with that kind of injury. Wasn't this the exact same injury Culpepper had?


Youre missing the point. Did not say better. Defense was not the problem in 2007, scoring points were. Statistically speaking, this defense ranks no better than 2007's. We weren't having nearly as many chunk yardage plays against the 2007 defense either.

Mark, look at the bigger picture not the narrow minded view. The only thing clearly better about this team is a better oline and #1wr. Everything else IS comparable to what we had then.

If you cant see this Im sorry I dropped by.

BTW, phinsider (sorry Mando) has a spot on analysis of Henne, Henning, Sparano and the team in general.

wow penny to start. Down goes the season

Mark, the Blue Jays lost me once they got rid of Vida Blue.

So, here's my analysis of the Harris move:

Ross told Sparano sometime after the game Sunday that his job is on the line. If all he can do in 3 years is break even, Ross is going to dump him, and he can take the Old Man who doesn't know where he is too. Nolan will continue as DC on the conditional basis that the new coach doesn't want someone else (which he probably wouldn't as Nolan is a great DC).

So Sparano now is in complete shake-up mode. I don't doubt if they did start Penny. Sparano isn't coaching for the Playoffs, he's coaching to save his job.

If Henne does get benched, that means Sparano doesn't have another year left. Penny probably wouldn't pan out, Ross dumps Sparano end of season, and we're back to '07. New coach, who will have to find a new QB. And guess who will be available? Only one 30-something year old Donovan McNabb. Just calling it like I see it folks.

FYI, if this all transpires the way I've said, I might be looking for a new team in '11.

DC, Henne benching honestly scares me. Pennington will bomb, just like he bombed in his last 5 games (0-5). I would not be loking forward to another 4 year re-building mostly because I think we have a lot of areas shored up on this team.

In other news D Thomas tried out for the Colts yesterday

Oh yeah, and we got NOTHING for J Allen...

Which is what we got fot Grove, Smiley, Roth,JT, etc

Don't tell me we couldn't have gotten picks from EVERY SINGLE one of them!

all these moves were done for sporano and henning to save there jobs saved!ross you can tell is p'o!

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