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The injury picture clarifies a bit for Dolphins

The injury news filtering out of the Dolphins today is better than most folks thought and definitely better than some media reported yesterday.

To recap:

Chad Pennington is indeed out for the season with a right shoulder injury. That was reported by everyone, including the Miami Herald yesterday. Coach Tony Sparano confirmed that today.

"At this particular time it looks like Chad Pennington's injury is going to be long-term," Sparano said.

Pennington will be placed on injured reserve as early as tonight and no later than Tuesday. It is expected that free agent quarterback Patrick Ramsey will take his spot on the roster by Tuesday.

[Update: ESPN is now reporting the Ramsey signing as fact.]

The news is better everywhere else.

Chad Henne spent this morning and afternoon getting treatment on his left knee and is hopeful he can be ready to play again at some point this season. He hasn't even been ruled out from being available for Thursday's game against Chicago, although that is a seriously optimistic view of things.

As to the idea Henne can play again this year, Sparano said, "This year? Yes. I'm hopeful."

"I'm proceeding under the assmption that we are day-to-day."

Sparano suggested there is a possibility Henne might take some repetitions at practice starting Tuesday.

I asked Sparano directly if the report that said Henne is likely out for the year is inaccurate?

"I would say at this particular time that is not accurate," Sparano said.

The reporter who wrote that article chimed in "more than likely," apparently not realizing that "more than likely" is stronger than simply "likely" because it is, well, more. Sparano apparently got a kick from that.

"You notice how nice I said that, Armando?" he asked. "I noticed the little back-biting."

Anyway, we move to more facts.

Cameron Wake, who sustained a hip injury Sunday, is apparently fine, according to The Herald's Jeff Darlington. He was sent home with aspirin and an ice pack and is expected to play Thursday, Darlington reports. So that's good.

As for Jake Long, the offensive left tackle that is nursing a dislocated shoulder, the coach is being coy about his status. I'm told the team is hopeful Long can play Thursday although that is asking a lot from him, including going on the field against the likes of Julius Peppers with, basically, one arm tied to his side.

"Jake is a pretty tough guy," Sparano said, "We'll see where we go."

Offensive linemen Pat McQuistan and Lydon Murtha have both worked at left tackle this year and would be available if Long cannot start or finish the game Thursday. Sparano said he played "in and out a few times, mostly in," against the Titans after the injury happened.

The Dolphins will release an injury report this evening.


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first? ... isn't Tom Ramsey like 50?

PATRICK Ramsey. that's better...

Didn't Ramsey get his snake eaten by two of Moses?

Isn't it weird that I posted Metallica's Creeping Death song last week and now we sign Ramsey?

"Go now Moses to your kingdom of the lizard, the scorpion, and the snake for subjects"

He was a bad guy, that Ramsey!

We also have Quinton Moses.

This is way too weird?

Go Phins!

If we get a Mamnett, Joshua or Yoshabel I'm outta here!

Go Phins!

We need to let Henne rest. At least for the next five seasons.

"Sparano said he played 'in and out a few times, mostly in,' against the Titans after the injury happened."

I like playing "in and out" with my wife. But I never do that after an injury. You're just asking for trouble there.

Henne dont need surgery, Home is full of shyt as usual. Home said Sean Smith Poser. Well Home, how u like Shutdown Sean now? LMAO! U get EVERYTHING wrong!!

John, how about u go rest, permenantly jackoff?

Henne is fine sure after a week and a half of rest he will be back playing depending on how Thigpen does.

I am happy we now have a QB!!! Lets go Thigpen, lets go PHINS!!!!!!!

What are you talking about? I know the Sun put stuff out there, but so did the Herald.

Lets wait for a few weeks about these injuries before we call out other newspapers.

Remember, your paper was the one that said Jason Allen had Swine Flu. LOL

Henne's Injury was an Inside Job!

Ok Kids, The Fins win and lose in the same game, Unbelievable...

thank the lord henne will be fine

Home wrong, Henne plays again shortly. Home just like to make up stories, like Sean Smith no good. Wrong, Wrong Wrong

Is is the Home turd ? A sanchez groin kisser ?

I agree with Muck Man, cool name by the way, I have watched Tyler throw in practice next to me and I have been soo envious of how well he throws and how much stronger a leader he is than me! I always laughed at Coach Sporano for starting me over him!! I'm glad He has a chance now and please pray he takes my job Phins Phans!!! Please Hope and Pray he comes out firing on all cylinders like he does in practice and take this heat, pressure off me! I would love to be his back up here in Miami for years to come!!! GO PHINS!!!!!

Home should join Sean Smith's new FaceBook page and apologize. Right thing to do when your so wrong about a person

only joking Sean Smith sucks, but Al Harris is good!
Henne should have surgery later in the week after several opinions.

home is it possible that you could be anymore of a know nothing douche bag? And where is the smoke screen guy? You guys just aren't happy unless you're whining. Bunch of babies and women in here. waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh the sky is falling.

Sean Smith Sucks dik!

Have the Fins ever run a play in which Jake Long did not get knocked flat on his back like a pancake? I haven't seen it.

The season is over,Home is right. Fat chance we catch the Jets or Pats.

11 13 and all of a sudden are team is wiped out?

What the Hell happened!

We will never make the Playoffs!
Damn 11 13 !

Go Jets!

home not only full of shyt, he posts under my name causw he is an ass-hole who cant defend himself anyother way. NJ waa right about Home all along. Sean Smith a WINNER

Hi people! so i hear we ar looking into russel as a bak up nose tackle... any truth to this.. when do they start the walk o tryouts for qb?? ill give it a shot


That back bitting stuff is da shyt. I never tried it on a reporter though, was she good looking?

I got this young little Hottie that loves it. She always wants me too bite her in the back of the neck and drool in her hair.

It seemed a little wierd.........the FIRST time, but now that she calls me Simba, I'm DIGGING IT!!!!

yea Home how cute go jets coming from a s
douchebag who gets nothing Right bwahaha

I have no life i have no life.

odin, gotta cute little boy for Home? He down in dumps cause he wrong all the time

UM sucks!

Lol never right, numbers aee just numbers. Wake fine, Henne be back, Sean Smith the man, White with baseball team 100%

Hey home don't be so down sean smith is still healthy....

Bobbyd12- Well, holy freaking cow. We can FINALLY agree on something. Home is a complete DOUCHEBAG, and vile, putrid schmuck.

Hey, it's somethin'!

Hey "Home-o" You Just Been Joe Momma'd, HO!

UM suks just like ur predictions little always wrong Home

As I posted earlier, and not that I have the inside scoup or a crystal ball. Thigpen will start until he F@#ks up then Henne will be back. Wake will play and Rashad Jones will be in and play ball hawk! Long's injury is the only one serious enough to worry about for the Chicago game. HOME is an idiot JETS FAN and their luck will run out soon!

Patrick Ramsey???? Isnt he like 104 years old??? , Oh snap, now I see why Miami picked him up, Dan Henning coached him in the 1934 Rose bowl did'nt he???

IT'S hard to believe that Pennighton completed a pass with the shoulder injury..And omar kelly said today that he was without any ice pack or sling?As for Henne this guys NOT the best QB ..But he was throwing some darts yesterday..People seem to started hating this guy ever since steven ross compared him to marino thats ross fault not his..GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!the dolphins have a lot of holes to fill!

well Jo Momma, except for Home everyone gets it right once in awhile. LOL

Lets see, um 3 guys got banged up playing the most violent sport on the planet.

A fourth that's 40 years old with two prior shoulder surgeries injures his SHOULDER of all things.

Jason Allen's unemployed and Sean Smith is holding his own.

Ooooooooooo.........this 11 13 stuff is scary!

You know what? Homes, you remember that time I asked you for some lotto numbers? Forget about it!

bawahaha I have nothing to root for , so i`m going after Home.

if thigpen is a great qb, why did the chiefs let him get away? just wondering for all u thigpen lovers. hes good but nothing more than a backup qb.

it looks like tyler could be a player, hopefully henne is not gone for the season we could still use him, I am surprised that Chad P is out for the season again it did not look like much, I guess he will never be right again that is too bad, could you imagine if he would have taken a big hit, well anyways we have to look forward if Henne can come back this year with tyler I still think we got a shot, unless Jake Long is gone for a long time go FINS

I bet thigpen starts but if he stinks it up henne will go in. If tyler wins thursday then we shall see about oakland game.

Say it with me: the bears are pretenders

I really am not sure why Ramsey is not on a roster besides the fact that he must suck. However, he seemed to be an alright pro when he was around, had talent... Hmmm..

i just peed myself.

im out, Home be babbling shyt rest of night. should seek professional help. Go Fins 11 14

Dolphins are done, but i`m cruising for homos.

let HENNE get better, then BENCH is sorry ass!

I think they thought Matt Cassel would be a better fit for the new Offense and OC.

As long as Thigpen doesn't try and force things he'll do good against Chicago.

Um guys, Yesterday was November 14th......Lol.

Yes, its certianly time you left honey, your bath has been waiting for some time and you really are starting to stink up the place.


Don't be ridiculous.

Everyone knows you have to add one of the 1's in 11 to 13 and WALLA!!!!

11 14

Now go que some twighlight zone music rookie!

who is this Home clown?

He's my liitle angel, youll have to excuse him for all the 11-13 nonsense, its the last time since i've seen him off his computer and out of his room. Homes son, you come out right now and dont make me get the Paddle.

bobbyd12 has condom breath.

fire the strength and conditioning coach

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