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The injury roundup from a very costly victory

So to recap Sunday's episode of M*A*S*H:

Starting quarterback Chad Pennington suffered a serious right shoulder separation and is all but done for the season.

Backup quarterback Chad Henne suffered a left knee injury that may have included a partial dislocation of his knee cap. It is serious. But it is not necessarily season ending. Henne went for an MRI Sunday evening but was not told the results. He is holding out hope he can play again at some point this season. His status for the game against the Chicago Bears on Thursday is doubtful.

The Dolphins are expected to sign, not one, but two -- count 'em -- two quarterbacks as early as today. That will be even if Henne is not done for the season.

The bottom line is the team needs two healthy players behind Tyler Thigpen so they were contacting a handful of players Sunday. Among the throwers Dolphins considered: Patrick Ramsey, JaMarcus Russell, Tom Brandstater, Todd Bouman, Sean Canfield, Brian St. Pierre.

Me? I'm wondering why not Jeff Garcia? I'm wondering why not Daunte Culpepper? Both are playing in the UFL, so they're in shape. Both would require buy-outs from that league. So? Is the rest of the Dolphins season worth $250,000 or not?

Back to the injuries:

Jake Long suffered a shoulder dislocation. It is serious. He played with the injury Sunday. He hopes he can continue to play with the injury. That is not a certainty. He will go for an MRI this morning to see if there is any structural or nerve damage. He is neither absolutely done for the season nor absolutely available.

Cameron Wake suffered a hip injury. He missed much of the second half. After the game he was moving without any apparent difficulty. But he was in some discomfort as he dressed. He declined to talk about the injury, which should get him some sort of prize from the team. He is not done for the season so it's not as serious as some of the other injuries. But his status for Chicago is questionable at best.

Chris Clemons came into the game with an assortment of bumps and bruises but the biggest issue is his left knee. He missed much of the second half on Sunday. It is not serious in that he's not done for the season. His status would probably be questionable if the Dolphins played Sunday. But because they play again Thursday, the Dolphins might need to get comfortable with the idea of rookie Reshad Jones starting at free safety.

Yeremiah Bell is still slowed by some sort of foot/toe injury. He finished the game, but he is visibly slowed. He is trying to tough it out and has been for a couple of weeks now.



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Garcia and Culpepper are playing in the UFL, not the AFL.

I certainly hope the Tenn victory was not a peeric one!

There would appear to be a need for a ton of duct tape, bubble gum and bailing wire on the team come Thursday to hold it all together.

Let's get a circling of the wagons and have the vets and young guys alike show their "True Grit"!

Feed the wolves... the whole pack.


Tough break (no pun intended) with Penny...I had been hoping that he'd come in and save the season...I agree w/ you 'Mando about contacting Garcia or Culpepper...the other guys mentioned are relativeley unknowns

I know the Dolphins need quarterbacks to back up Thiggy, but not Daunte or JaMarcus please. These guys are tried and tired. We need to find a jewel out there somewhere. Maybe Thiggy will be durable. I sure hope so because I don't think the Dolphins lose much with him playing.

welcome back to the wildcat!

i dont like to see our qb's get hurt. tyler was definitely the best qb coming out of training camp. pennington is a parcells guy and henne was 2nd round pick by the regime so its hard for the 3rd qb to climb outta that. in a fair competition, tyler wins the job. just ask the players.

There aren't a lot of jewels out there at this time of year...

Just go with a decent veteran who will help out in the QB room during the week and can step in if necessary.

Jeff Garcia might be helpful in this regard.

how about colt brennan;bess's qb at hawaii

Garcia would be perfect for the remainder of the season.

And for that matter he should replace Penny as the veteran mentor for Henne going forward.

But I like Thigpen. Even back in pre-seaon the guy just looks like he's got the "IT" factor. He has little to lose so maybe he's more aggressive with the deep balls to Marshal.

Everyone keeps posting with typos. They're talking about the "IT" factor with Thigpen, when surely they mean "INT" factor.

Thiggy WILL change the offense for the better. We just need a reliable back up for the rest of the year. I really think Thiggy is going to surprise a lot of people going forward. Our season may now be salvagable Just my thoughts.

wheres joey harrington when ya need him lol jk i like the colt idea the say he lost something after his injury tho

What about Vernon Carey? He left the game, but did come back. Jeff Garcia was injured in the UFL, so he is out. I love the idea of Colt Brennan!

At this point in a season EVERY player is hurt to one degree or another. I remember Vince Lombardi did not believe in injuries; if you had two arms and two legs, you could play.

This is Thigpens chance to shine - he seems smart and full of energy. Maybe he can be the boost we need to finish off the season. This will be an interesting next few weeks.

Who knows - we haven't seen him play after getting full reps with the starting team yet.

I hope the other injury's aren't season ending.

Joey "Blue Skies"

I wonder if they call Pat White?

I know he's not NFL material but he is familiar with the play book.

Oh and by the way I'm not endorsing this by any means.

Any chance they could coax Kurt Warner out of retirement? To quote Marino "he could pick a guy and let it fly".

I know the list of available QBs is small but among the ones they're 'consinering', Russell is the only one I've heard of. Surely we can do better than that. But then again,this is the same bunch that drafted Pat White.

If you can't get Kurt Warner, just let Pig Pen and the Peanuts gang finish up the season. I don't want any second, third, or forth chance, project guy's and head case's. just call it a season, draft talk anyone ?


What's wrong with picking PAT WHITE?

Tom Brandstater, Todd Bouman, Sean Canfield, Brian St. Pierre... Who the hell are they?

PAT White for the 3rd string back up.

I think there's a lot of upside to Thigpen. I know that Henne is a fine quarterback. I mean in one freakin' drive he A) showed a fire no one has seen from Henne. B) Threw a beautiful touch pass. C) threw a perfect pass as he was going out of bounds on the run and D) threw a dart that had the two defenders running into each other, too late, like the Keystone cops. Then he did the six guns thing in the air, and it just felt like finally there was an exciting young quarterback on the field. I've been a Henne defender all along, but I have to admit that Thigpen impressed me last season and now this game. He's a true gunslinger. He'll have his interceptions, but he's also fearless, and I suspect he'll get right back on the field and shoot it up some more. Give the kid a shot. I think he's going to surprise some people, especially with talent like Marshall and Bess, which he did not have in KC. I think the Thigpen Marshall touchdown connection might really happen.

A game with da bears, in three days, in the national spotlight, and we are in triage with a real need of a miracle. Did our season just end? The conservative game plan is officially trashed, we are going to be a new rebuilt team, and we now have nuttin to lose anymore. One more loss and we are history. So its the Tyler and Brandon air show coming, with the R&R railroad ramming it home. Time for our reserves to shine.Remember,da Bears ain't easy.


What's wrong with picking PAT WHITE?

Posted by: Swamy | November 15, 2010 at 08:00 AM

Nothing as long as he's not called on to actually play in a game.

Jet's have awarded Eric Mangini the game ball!

TN, Thigpen WILL get a shot, because he's the last man standing. But all you people need to get over your QB fantasies and hatreds, and realize the hurt that's coming to this team like a tsunami.

Your starting QB, OUT, backup QB (who started the ENTIRE year), OUT, starting ProBowl LG, DISLOCATED SHOULDER, starting and BEST, SACK-LEADING OLB, HURT, starting ProBowl SS, HURT, starting FS, possibly OUT.

I mean, Reshad Jones played great, don't get me wrong. But Dan Henning might have to take the field as backup QB, that's how dire the situation is.

We're still 2 1/2 games behind BOTH NE and NY in our division, with now 7 games left, so, this isn't the time for a rash of injuries to your stars.

The naive among us thinks this is a great sign and time for those "not given a chance" to shine. Like, the coaching staff and the ENTIRE league are idiots, because the Playoff-caliber players on our team are all backups and 3rd-stringers, and no one in the league noticed or took advantage of us not playing our best players by trading for these hidden gems.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!! These guys were backups FOR A REASON! These coaches saw them ALL TRAINING CAMP, ALL PRE-SEASON, ALL YEAR LONG! Don't you think that if they even saw a glimmer of hope they'd be what we needed they would have played them before "desperation" time?

The ONLY way we can win is if the defense plays like they did yesterday. If they create turnovers, help put the offense in good situations, we'll have a shot. But if this game is put in Thigpen's hands, no disrespect to him but I'd say the same thing about Henne, we don't have a snowball's chance in Hell to win Thurs.


Dolphins are working out Stephen Hawking and he could be signed today. He does a wicked snap count with that computer voice box and he should be great in the wildcat.

the one good thing to come out of this game other then the win is that everyone saw rashad jones playmaking ability, he stands out like dansby and is far to good, fast, and without a doubt, the playmaker this defense needs to be sitting on the bench. the defense will go from pretty good, to great with rashad as an everydown player. the gap between him and nolan carrol is so big that it's hard to imagine that mike nolan created this defensive depth chart. anyway the D just found out they solved the question mark at free safety from a year ago. lov'n me some rashad jones, big hitter too!

Of all the QB replacements mentioned, Todd Bouman might be the guy. He had a solid game in a start with Jacksonville about 3 weeks ago. He was 18 for 34, with 220 yards and 2 TD's. Brian St. Pierre isn't bad, he's had at a few starts. The rest are had beens, never weres, or names fans know, but have greatly diminished skills.......like Randy Moss lol.

I'd say Chris Simms. At least he's played a little and has some pedigree. Kurt Warner's not coming out of retirement. They've been bugging him about it here in AZ all season.


I too think Thiggy is a breath of fresh air.... I cant wait for thurs night. The worst that can happen is what we expect already so lets just enjoy it...


Thigpen will turn heads. I'm solo down on henne. The way he came off the feild just looked horrible from my standpoint. The trainees have to come out cause your lying on the feild. Then you walk off with them smiling. Then you get a massage. Then you walk into the locker room. What an damn joke. That's not a warrior. Not a leader. It just looks like he doesn't want to be out there. "Serious" injury or not. Ive been a henne defender/believer to the utmost fullest. After seeing his act yesteeday, I'm done. When thigpen cames in , the offence changed for the better. He actually got the ball downfeild while the game was still in the balance. Nationally, it will get no attention but us true fans know what we saw and have a little smiles on our faces. Lets just home that the injuries are not that bad especially long and wake because I feel like we have a new and exciting season.

DID CHAD.P KNEW HE WOULD BE OUT OF THE GAME AFTER 2 MINUTES ??????????????????????????????


D C Dolfag, sorry I mean Dolfan, will be here soon with one of his filibusters telling every one, who will waste their time reading it, what thee Fin's should do next.

DC Dolfan..i agree, its all on our D now!

DC Dolfag hahahahahahaha Priceless!

The Pat White situation....

I read somewhere hes under contract with a baseball team and can not be brought back. Take it FWIW.

i live in Omaha and have season tickets to the nighhawks. garcia is not the answer. infact he was benched by the nighthwks for how bad his play has been. check out his stats

The coach needs to help his team. We NEED to know who the starting QB is TODAY! Thigpen will need every second preparing if he's getting the nod. They can't expect the 3rd-string QB to do it all in 1 day, so hopefully we'll know by Noon if Thigpen is officially the starter. Same at FS. That's fine if Jones is getting the start (we'll all be able to analyze our young talent, and since I've never believed this was a Playoff year for us, I'm happy to have a body of work to base my evaluation of these youngsters on), but he needs to put in the work starting IMMEDIATELY. Coaches shouldn't wait until last minute to create the mystery for the other team. Not in this instance. These young guys need the preparation (especially since it's a short week). Thank GOD it's a home game at least.

Henne doesn't need to play if he's hobbled (let's see what Thigpen does). Therefore, no need to wait on the MRI. The only thing they should be waiting on is if Henne is OUT, or if he's going to be the backup. Thigpen should be given the starting nod TODAY, and they should be in Davie practicing (at least him and the WRs and TE) to get comfortable with each other. Chicago's offense isn't impressive, so this is a winnable game even with Thigpen and a bunch of rookies starting, but preparation needs to happen immediately.


"Dolphins are working out Stephen Hawking..."

Will LMFAO all day at this one, phin4life!!!


D FABulous 1

Buffalo Bill, congrats, one game. You must be so proud of your team. Why don't you and woa go debate when you'll win your 2nd game (2011 season, no, 2012)? Both of you are such brilliant football minds, so respected on this site.

Do everyone a favor, and go back to work picking up trash from the side of the highway fellas, the adults are talking.

I'm making the official announcement now. Thigpen is starting the Chicago game. He's been a starter in the league and has been with this regime for 1.5 seasons so it's not like he's coming off the street. Henne, at best, needs the two weeks rest before the Oakland game.

D C DOLFAG Needs to know TODAY who the starting QB is,this guy has lost his mind!

Lost his mind? How can he lose what he never had!

One thing I can say about Thigpen is that he was really into it. He was so pumped after that TD. We need that energy folks.

Chris, I agree with you. There's no decision to make between a healthy choice at QB and a hurt-QB (especially when it pretty much immobilizes an already immobile QB). So, Mando needs to get a mic up to Sparano's mouth so he can "officially" announce that.

For this next game, we need Long, Wake and Clemons much more than Henne. Henne played a solid game and should be commended but it's the overachieving bears. Pressure on cutler and game over


I know. The time is now for the 2010 Phins. He, of all people, needs to suck it up.

Any chance they will run the wildcat with Thigpen taking the direct snaps?

What about Kurt Warner???

Please leave DC Dolfan alone,he night leave and we can be without his wealth of information!

Cause like that dude can run and throw.

Thank god the chad n chad show is over.Give pigpen a shot the rest of the season,it's not like were going anywhere this year.Henne sucks,he stares down every receiver,no emotion,not a leader.Penny a first class,gutsy, accurate leader who is finished. Time to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET A FRANCHISE QB.....PERIOD.

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