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The reasons Chad Henne must remain at QB

You folks really must stop e-mailing me. Post your comments below in the comments section instead because it's getting crazy and I cannot possibly reply to everyone, although I would love to do so. Normally, I just reply to the folks that call me a fat, moron, frick because, dang it, I'm not a frick so I feel the need to defend myself.

Anyway, most of your e-mails Monday were about one of two topics:

1. Fire everybody.

2. Bench Chad Henne.

I can assure you the Dolphins are not about to fire everybody. This post will attempt to explain why the Dolphins should not bench Henne.

I watched the 26-10 loss to Baltimore and I'm not about to do a coach Tony Sparano and give you an "all is well, there's nothing to worry about," speech. As this Miami Herald story points out, Henne threw 5 TDs and 4 interceptions the first four games and 3 TDs and 6 interceptions the past four games.

Bottom line is the Dolphins were beaten pretty soundly at Baltimore and there is a pattern they follow in that they cannot beat very good teams. So all is not well.

But in watching Henne's worst game of the season, it becomes evident there are glances that you must admit are present before you summarily dismiss him as your quarterback.

Did you notice that Henne completed 9 of his first 10 passes against the big, bad Baltimore defense? That is correct, he was 9 of 10 to start the game.

Nobody noticed that because the one incompletion was an interception by Baltimore's Ladarius Webb. And, true enough, an interception does overshadow nine other completions if those completions are TD passes. But this interception was more the wide receiver's fault than Henne's.

Fact is Brian Hartline stumbled and was on his knees when the ball came to him on the sideline. Webb simply stood where Hartline was down and caught the pass. If Hartline had been on his feet that pass is either an incompletion or a completion. Not an interception.

There were two other picks Henne threw. He had one that led Brandon Marshall a hair too far and the Miami receiver didn't necessarily go above and beyond to stretch for the catch because Ray Lewis had Marshall's ribs in the cross hairs. The tipped pass went directly to Ed Reed.

Interception No. 3 was Henne's biggest mistake, that in the fourth quarter when he threw inaccurately and the defensive back on Davone Bess simply caught the errant pass. I put that one on Henne. But Bess had zero separation. And Bess didn't exactly dig hard back toward the pass. Fact is the DB made a stronger break toward the ball and came away with it. Bess does better work, that interception also becomes an incompletion.

The point I'm making is Henne didn't exactly get a ton of support. And I didn't even mention the Anthony Fasano drop. The Brandon Marshall drop. The Ronnie Brown drop.

I do have to mention the terrible pass to a wide open Fasano in the end zone near the end of the first half. That was, in my humble, Henne's worst pass of the day and it cost Miami four points or the difference between a touchdown and the field goal the team kicked.

So did all that spell out a 26-10 loss? No.

The Ravens did not score after Webb's interception. They got a field goal after the second interception. And the final pick came with 42 seconds to play and Baltimore merely took a knee to end the game after that turnover.

So Henne's terrible day cost the Dolphins a touchdown -- the field goal plus the difference between what might have been a TD and FG to end the half.

The Dolphins lost this game by 16 points, folks. It wasn't all on the QB.

Now, maybe you think benching Henne is still the move because, well, you just want to stir things up. Or maybe it's because you don't like Henne's robotic approach to playing. Or maybe you just hate Michigan.

I would say the Dolphins must stay with Henne because if nothing else happens this year, they must, must, must, find out if he is the future or not. The Dolphins aren't a playoff team right now. They are not playing playoff-caliber football.

But if they finish the 2010 season with a conviction one way or the other about Chad Henne, at least the season was not in vain. If, on the other hand, the team replaces Henne with Chad Pennington and makes a playoff run only to find out that still isn't the answer, we're back to 2008 and we've wasted two seasons.

Coach Tony Sparano's contract runs out after 2011. He cannot afford to find himself back at the end of 2008 while the calendar says its 2011 and his contract says it expires in 2011. We need to know if Henne is the future at quarterback or not.

That means you might have to endure some growing pains and setbacks. But to back-track now to Chad Pennington in search of some short-term fix is taking one step forward but finding yourself two steps back. 

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And I don't quite understand why all the Channing Crowder bashing. Is he the equivalent of Ray Lewis? Not even close. But the defense has played better since his return, and that's a FACT, not an opinion. Fans should be more worried about our crappy, conservative offense, our secondary and our special teams a lot more than Crowder's play. Give the guy a break. We've got a lot of holes to fill and ILB's is not one of them. For those who like to bash him, who do you want to replace him? Carpenter? Dobbins? Yeah right...

i thought he did, but i havent heard his name being called at all in the cardinals games.

Edwin Pope has earned his fin. Glad the Dolphins see that.

Let's see some more players, and coaches, earn theirs.

Somebody said Fiedler was better than Henne is now. They must be off their rocks. hahahahaha

Something was amiss with Roth. The staff was very high on him, then he had some mysterious illness, lied about it, and things went south from there. Who knows. It seems to me this management has done 50% excellent and 50% total fuh up. Last year they drafted mostly D, this year needs to be mostly O - TE, RB, C and a seriously fast receiver.


Armando hasn't even learned to write in grammatically correct English after decades of reporting. Not likely he has any celebrations coming.

Armando - how long do we keep talking about the quarterback of the future. The future never comes. Many key guys are in their prime now, Williams, Brown, Marshall, Dansby. When is this mystery future team led by Henne going to be, 2012, 2013...?

Possible in many years, ALoco.

If not, he can buy one of those hats with a fin on top, and tell everyone he earned it.

And pay Jimmy Buffet to sing about it.

1. Bench Hartline
2. Bench Henne
3. Trade for Camarillo

Wasted away again in Mediocre-ville,

Searching for our next Super Bowl win.

Some people say, it's Dan Henning to blame,

But it's just what you get,

For being a Fin.

When will this franchise name something after Telly Savalas? He has no connection to the team or South Florida whatsoever, but it would still be WONDERFUL to enter the "Telly Savalas Gate" or buy fine beverages at the "Telly Savalas Concession Plaza." I would also proudly use a "Telly Savalas Urinal."

A large statue of Telly Savalas should also be erected outside the stadium---high enough so that its (revolving) head could be seen peering over the upper deck.

Thank you.

Who luvs ya, Banana?

The fins aren't going to win the SB for another 10 years. You have an owner more focused on Hollywood and Stars than football. He is a deek. We are currently seeing the best fin team we will see until Ross retires. SB? Dream on......

Lets can Henning..Talk to the owner and lets make it happen.

Make much spicy food szechuan!! Much angry at cat!! Make bad spill!! Now go!!

At least the Heat win tonight, right?

Who goes first: Spo, SpoRano,or Henning?

We platoon our RBs why not platoon our QBs?Henne seems to still have problems when the situation calls for a touch pass[most recently the one to Fasano in the end zone].Penningtons forte is the touch pass.When we get into the red zone Penningtons lack of arm strength is less of an issue and his skill set gives us a better chance to get the ball into the end zone.

Posted by: 6bucks7games | November 09, 2010 at 06:12 AM

I ought to sue you for plagiarism. I posted this nearly word for word nearly 2 days ago.

For all you drooling for Thigpen, found this on youtube....


Mando, personally, I don't get a ratsazz about sparano or the expiration date of his contract. The fans want to see their beloved team in the playoffs, and don't care HOW that happens. We owe Chad Henne NOTHING that he doesn't earn, and his inability run for a first down in a once close game instead of sliding 3 yards in front of the defense has me questioning his heart. Worse, he STILL got nailed twice by Ravens and no flag was thrown.
Dropped interceptions don't help, nor poor tackling, but as marshall seems to not be the answer in concert with Henne, maybe a package for Pennington in the red zone might be in order.

If you want to forget about the dolphins for a second...watch the tragedy which was the heat v.s Utah Jazz. Enough to have you loving the phins all over again for the fair weather fan...lol. That was horrible

BDW, good comment regarding "why are they doing play action 16 points down with 3 minutes left? Stupid. Everyone else goes to the shot gun.
I was screaming that to my wife, who couldn't care less.LOL
Just as bad is the jets game, when they go empty backfield, and again ,no shotgun.
Henning is senile.
BTW, Craig M, who died and made you king, judge and jury?
Those of us who have been fans for 20-30-40 years, or even 1 year deserve to see more than we've seen from our current management and schemes.
Go away if you're unhappy with the comportment of some fans here.
You whine over us, WE whine (justifiably) about the state of our beloved Dolphins.

BDW, I meant to say the play action stuff was stupid, not your comment. My bad.

I would like to point out that nobody reasonably expected Miami to do much better than 8-8 or 9-7 at best this year. The schedule is too tough, and we all knew this team was still young and needed another year to develop. At the half way point, we are--guess what--right on track to finish at 8-8. Two big wins to start the season got everybody's hopes up. Calm down.

mark, listen to yourself

mark, will post on dolfan site....i get cut off here.

Mark, you may be right. And I wouldn't be surprise if the coaches and players have this thought in their heads. If so, then what's the point of trying? Why not go for 4-12 to get better draft position?

But I don't want this team to even think of going 8-8. As crazy or bold as it may sound, I'm subscribing to Marshall's playoff statement. If this team still believes in itself (like Marshall), then I'm going to believe in them too. Otherwise, what's the point of pouring my heart out to them this season? At this time, I'm not concern if they go 8-8, playoffs or 4-12. I just want to see progress, more consistency and a hard smash-mouth fighting spirit each week. This team can either adopt Marshall's confidence or roll over like the Cowboys (a talented team that had already given up).

So Fight On, Dolphins!

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 09, 2010 at 10:33 AM

Couldn't agree more.
Seems to me much of the time henne has enough time, just doesn't want to pull the trigger. An elite, Mangold type center would really solidify this line. (we could have had Mawae when the Titans cut him, but his gig as president of the player's Association made him poison to GM's)

We are boring. I'd rather be Mike Leach exciting at 8-8 than Tony Sparano boring at 8-8.

BTW, you KNOW Fins brass have ordered Tony to put 3 guys on Moss Sunday, so Chris Johnson will get like 200 yards, and Henne will get picked of twice. BTW, If you think Pittsburg and the Ravens are dirty, wait till you get a load of the Titans.

it's ether the play calling or the QB. one or the other.

I would blame it on Henning. If you think about it, if it wasn't bc of the wildcat's big plays our offense would have never been decent as they were in 2008 and 2009. take away all those plays and you have the current offense... talent with proper guidance in order to execute...

When will this team throw a pass over 30 yards that goes for a touchdown?

When will this defense continue its 1st and 2nd down domination on 3rd and long?

When will this team stop arm tackling?

When will Henning stick with the Hot RB of the game? Feed the Dtud?

When will Saprano show some confidence in his offense and receive the opening Kickoff?

When will the receivers hold on to the ball in key situations?

When will the defense hold on to the interceptions?


coaching has been mediocre at best mondays presser was the first time sporano took responsibility and stated they have to do a better job. Next in order play your best players period. Pennington is better than Henne is now their is no point in waiting til next season so pennington goes to another team to prove he still has what it takes to WIN. I know u say we need to see Henne throughout the whole season to judge him but what are you expecting you'll see that will change the minds and hearts of real fans for this club. Henne isn't ready he might never be ready. 8 more games of poor play will not prove anything. He still needs experience even after watching a whole season under his belt it will be evaluating time next year too... it's all redundant. Play your best players plain and simple. Wake should've been starting last year Porter could have been traded while he still had value.

Henne should have been benched after the Patriots game. straight up back to back picks to Rob Ninkovich how many ints has he had all season?... 2... Thank you Henne... you managed to make an irrelevant football player who couldn't even make our 53 man roster look like a super star... nice
Pennington FTW 2008 MVP runner up should have won it though cuz manning sucked his first 7 games that season

Well fellow bloggers , I`m the first one to say Henne`s a robotic , telegraphing baffoon, and that Thigpen has much better skills and mobility , glad you all jumped on the bandwagon . Mondo,get a clue, leave your man crush on Henne for off the field, or under the bench, where ever you feel more comfortable maybe he will let you practice hiking the ball to him, will get you even closer to where u want to be ,I don`t care ,as long as it gets Thigpen on the field and winning games for us. If you can`t stand back and look at whats really good for this team , maybe u shouldn`t be writing about them, we need Ross and the coaches to be told the truth , not you blowing sweet nothings up the arses

good thing yall are fans and not in the gm position cuz if u think thigpen is better than hene u need slapped cuz he wasnt good enough to be the chiefs starter

Beerndrums go suck on another 6pack you idiot , I watched Thigpen when he was in KC too , and lets not forget we were down 3 scores when he came into the game , he led two scoring drives, if he`d had started the game and wasn`t rushed to try and fix Henne`s mistakes we`d oif won with him in there , guess u wanna blow Henne with Mondo

Well James , your grammer tells it all , retard

Archie Manning was more athletically gifted than both of his kids.

Like it or not, we are in a position where we have to stay with Henne. We simply MUST find out if he's the guy or not. He's been around long enough that he should be able to start winning some games and not be merely thought of as a game manager. Three years in this system, three years being mentored by Pennington, three training camps and now 21 pro starts under his belt. It's time to sink or swim, the training wheels have to come off at some point. Hopefully the second half of the season will be a new beginning of sorts for Henne, if he doesn't show marked improvement it's a disaster for this regime and us fans'. We would then have to go out and find our real QB "again". It's time to find out!

I believe that quarterbacks that call their own plays(a rarity nowadays due to the complexity of the defense) offer more continuity to offensive plays.

They better start looking NOW, Biggest; Henne is not what they thought he was.

That Wonderlic scale is suspect(Marino 16, Henne 22). Hmm..

Can you light that "fire under" somebody? In some you can, in others no.

This season is over , we know what Henne is already , a backup quarterback , lets see what Thigpen can do , we need to know before next yrs draft , wasted enough time on Henne, he stares down his receivers , and telegraphs his throws , he misses open receivers, because he`s too busy letting everyone on the field know who`s he`s goin to , Parcells knew the deal , time for everyone to wake up!!!!

Ed Reed has a Bright Bulb.

Some "deep thinkers" are needed in the game of Football.

The season is NOT over, xtreme.

Might as well be , we lost too many games in our division, and the afc as a whole , need to cut our loses ( Henne ) and get Thigpen in there and see if he`s our future or not .

I think there is one pretty impactful intangible your aren't considering ---- LEADERSHIP. Henne isn't displaying any leadership qualities on the field --- if he is, I don't see it?

LEADERSHIP is equally as important in a QB as a strong arm, field vision, decision making, etc...I say more important, as the very best leaders influeance confidence in others.

Leaders instill confidence, minimize uncertainty, give clear direction and inspire. Chad Henne does none of this --- Chad Pennington clearly does.

Either we play to win or play to prepare to win --- I vote play to win, so play Pennington -- NOW!!!

I ought to sue you for plagiarism. I posted this nearly word for word nearly 2 days ago.

Posted by: IMAWwriter....I dont mean to imply that you would stretch the truth but I find it highly unlikely that two people would independently come up with the same words to describe a possible solution to our redzone problems.Since I didnt read your supposed post there is no way I plagiarised it.Maybe you WISHED you had come up with the thoughts on your own a few days ago.

I say if we don't put up at least 2 touchdowns by halftime then we should give Chad P the ball look we can't afford to lose another game and I am tired of hearing excuses about he is young and developing , he has played enough games now and he is just ok you can't throw away a whole season waiting for a guy to finally get it , sitting him down a game may be good for him

If it takes two steps back to beat the Jets...Jets...Jets...I say do it and play Pennington

Statistics don't lie! Henne is the problem! He is just an average quarterback and an average NFL quarterback just does not cut it in todays NFL! I do not see either Henne or Sparano still being in Miami in 3 more years!

Agree with scott from DE

On both sides of the ball, this team is inconsistent. Haven't had a three game winning streak in 2 years! Personally, I hope Ross doesn't fire Sparano. That would be a mistake. I also think benching Henne is a mistake. Many other QB's at this point in their career had lower passer ratings (Drew Brees for one). Patience people! Use the season to find out what this kid can do.
Maybe Sparano should replace Henning. Put Pennington in as OC Draft a QB and a speed WR.

I agree w/Armando about Henne. The guy has potential and we have to find out if he can do it. The problem is the coaching, it sucks. Henning & Sparano must go. They are still coaching like it's 1930. Manning would be bad with this coaching team. I mean u have Marshall and only sending him down for 5 yard catches, what's with that??? And that stupid play where the QB stands and throws left to wide receiver on the line, never works, why do they keep running it? We knew this team wasn't a playoff team, but we need to see what we got, and that's what this year is about. A real fan knows that.

Dolphins lack of success goes back to their poor performance on draft day. Even with the new guys when you pass on a guy like Clay matthews its really hard to figure out. Come on Patrick Turner, Pat White, Odrick this year and so on.... Last year's draft was a total waste. That set us back two years. I can do a better job drafting than they do by just watching TV and reading the newspaper. Wannstage is back.

Armando, get real! Yeah he completed 9 of his first 10 but he just can't finnish strong - BENCH HIM!!!!!

all i have to say is we coulf of had owens marshall and bess as our wideouts to start the season.

then we could of had marshall,moss, and bess.

ireland get off the golf course and watch the team we need another big time receiver.

Mando, you and all these fans must have a bi-polar diagnosis.... You people are all over the place lately... "FIRE SPARANO! NO! FIRE HENNING! WAIT! BENCH HENNE!!! NO!! WAIT!! HENNE MIGHT BE GOOD!!! FIRE NOLAN!!! OH!! HOLD ON! THE D IS NOT THE PROBLEM!! BENCH THE WHOLE TEAM FIRE ALL THE COACHES AND BURN DOWN THE STADIUM!!! WAIT! DON'T!!!! THE MARLINS MIGHT STILL HAVE TO PLAY THERE!" This has gotten ridiculous. Its hard to even read this stuff anymore. Everything is going to be ok, take some medication and relax. The team is headed in the right direction. We lost to another Super Bowl contender coming off of a bye week (on the road!). All is not lost. At the beginning of the season I would have gladly taken 4-4 in week 9. The schedule has been brutal.

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