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The reasons Chad Henne must remain at QB

You folks really must stop e-mailing me. Post your comments below in the comments section instead because it's getting crazy and I cannot possibly reply to everyone, although I would love to do so. Normally, I just reply to the folks that call me a fat, moron, frick because, dang it, I'm not a frick so I feel the need to defend myself.

Anyway, most of your e-mails Monday were about one of two topics:

1. Fire everybody.

2. Bench Chad Henne.

I can assure you the Dolphins are not about to fire everybody. This post will attempt to explain why the Dolphins should not bench Henne.

I watched the 26-10 loss to Baltimore and I'm not about to do a coach Tony Sparano and give you an "all is well, there's nothing to worry about," speech. As this Miami Herald story points out, Henne threw 5 TDs and 4 interceptions the first four games and 3 TDs and 6 interceptions the past four games.

Bottom line is the Dolphins were beaten pretty soundly at Baltimore and there is a pattern they follow in that they cannot beat very good teams. So all is not well.

But in watching Henne's worst game of the season, it becomes evident there are glances that you must admit are present before you summarily dismiss him as your quarterback.

Did you notice that Henne completed 9 of his first 10 passes against the big, bad Baltimore defense? That is correct, he was 9 of 10 to start the game.

Nobody noticed that because the one incompletion was an interception by Baltimore's Ladarius Webb. And, true enough, an interception does overshadow nine other completions if those completions are TD passes. But this interception was more the wide receiver's fault than Henne's.

Fact is Brian Hartline stumbled and was on his knees when the ball came to him on the sideline. Webb simply stood where Hartline was down and caught the pass. If Hartline had been on his feet that pass is either an incompletion or a completion. Not an interception.

There were two other picks Henne threw. He had one that led Brandon Marshall a hair too far and the Miami receiver didn't necessarily go above and beyond to stretch for the catch because Ray Lewis had Marshall's ribs in the cross hairs. The tipped pass went directly to Ed Reed.

Interception No. 3 was Henne's biggest mistake, that in the fourth quarter when he threw inaccurately and the defensive back on Davone Bess simply caught the errant pass. I put that one on Henne. But Bess had zero separation. And Bess didn't exactly dig hard back toward the pass. Fact is the DB made a stronger break toward the ball and came away with it. Bess does better work, that interception also becomes an incompletion.

The point I'm making is Henne didn't exactly get a ton of support. And I didn't even mention the Anthony Fasano drop. The Brandon Marshall drop. The Ronnie Brown drop.

I do have to mention the terrible pass to a wide open Fasano in the end zone near the end of the first half. That was, in my humble, Henne's worst pass of the day and it cost Miami four points or the difference between a touchdown and the field goal the team kicked.

So did all that spell out a 26-10 loss? No.

The Ravens did not score after Webb's interception. They got a field goal after the second interception. And the final pick came with 42 seconds to play and Baltimore merely took a knee to end the game after that turnover.

So Henne's terrible day cost the Dolphins a touchdown -- the field goal plus the difference between what might have been a TD and FG to end the half.

The Dolphins lost this game by 16 points, folks. It wasn't all on the QB.

Now, maybe you think benching Henne is still the move because, well, you just want to stir things up. Or maybe it's because you don't like Henne's robotic approach to playing. Or maybe you just hate Michigan.

I would say the Dolphins must stay with Henne because if nothing else happens this year, they must, must, must, find out if he is the future or not. The Dolphins aren't a playoff team right now. They are not playing playoff-caliber football.

But if they finish the 2010 season with a conviction one way or the other about Chad Henne, at least the season was not in vain. If, on the other hand, the team replaces Henne with Chad Pennington and makes a playoff run only to find out that still isn't the answer, we're back to 2008 and we've wasted two seasons.

Coach Tony Sparano's contract runs out after 2011. He cannot afford to find himself back at the end of 2008 while the calendar says its 2011 and his contract says it expires in 2011. We need to know if Henne is the future at quarterback or not.

That means you might have to endure some growing pains and setbacks. But to back-track now to Chad Pennington in search of some short-term fix is taking one step forward but finding yourself two steps back. 

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Illuminating commentaries today, People. See you in the nightime.

Again I agree with you Oscar, Henning is a detriment to the offense. To what degree is basically the reason people post on this board. And I've said it before that in a perfect world Henne needs a year under a creative offensive mind before we can be sure of anything.

As for the line, I'm guessing Miami -1 but that's only my guess. Maybe a pick em. Wasn't the Buffalo game the only time we've been favored?

Gentlemen, the main issue with the Dolphins is that they gave up on the WILDCAT too soon. I think Pat White should had been the main quarterback this season and should had played at least four or five innings per game. Also, the coach should really give these players a day or two additional days off every week so that their skin can recuperate from sun over exposure. Something else missing every Sunday is the lack of port-a-toilets on the sidelines. If these players were able to poop on demand they would probably be lighter on their feet.

What the hell, most of the comments I read look as stupid as this one so I may as well join the club.

DID ANY ONE NOTICE when henne walks to the field is like walking into FUNERAL .

WE (the fans) want a PLAYOFF run. Replace HENNE before it's too LATE! Save this season! Look at what transpired in DALLAS yesterday....can SPARANO afford to wait??

The Fins don't have anywhere near the talent on offense that the Ravens (Flacco)and Falcons (Ryan) possess. Marshall gets bracketed and the running game gets stuffed and that's all she wrote. Henne has to try to squeeze the ball in to tightly covered WRs and Flacco was throwing to wide open guys. We need a new OC, a TE, a speedy WR or two, and a RB that is a threat to take it the distance!!! Dan Henning could not produce many points at his last job with Carolina (a team that was considered a Super Bowl contender) and was sent packing into retirement.....


these are pretty good teams we lost to, the BEST in the AFC. we have a young team that doesn't win the big games yet. the should-of-been pick 6 by seam smith is a great example. the elite teams would have cashed in that mistake. we're obviously not there yet.

We still have a very good dolphins team to watch, and I'm thankful for that.


Amen mando. At least someone still has a brian in this fan base. Talk of Pennington is moron speak.

amazing how one year its "get rid of pennington! his arm is too weak!" "all he does is throw touch passes no down the field passes!" "put henne in and let him learn!" now its "henne cant throw the touch pass so put pennington in and get rid of henne"...dont your legs get tired from jumping on and off the bandwagon every week? jus sayin...

fluflu says:
November 9, 2010 at 8:20 am
Thigpen scored a remarkable 22 touchdowns (18 passing, three rushing and one receiving) against 12 interceptions in just 11 starts! It wasnt his skills that had them 1 – 11 it was the D!! You wont admit it but you would give your right arm if Henne had those numbers! Thats comparing apples to apples because of the 11 starts!


We see it all the time. The play breaks down because of the lack of exacution of a player on offense. The play is coverd. But the quarterback makes a play when there is no play. Thats why the quartback is the one to take the heat. Because thats what great quarterbacks do. They make plays when there is no play.

dolfanSF, don't forget that pcik Clemons should have had in the end zone before McGahee scored the 1st td. Miami's defense alone could have swung the score at least 14 points but didn't.

Henne's missed pass at the end of the 1st half was his only huge mistake if you ask me.

Thos 3 plays, if executed has Miami winning Sunday. They HAVE TO MAKE THE PLAYS

It was a total team loss. And don't even make me bring up chicken coward Brandon marshall. What an overhyped piece of turd.

Henning's the primary problem. Whenever the offense does have momentum Henning either kills via wildcat, playcalling, or the every other rb platoon system.


Not only does Henne handcuffs our offense, he HANDCUFFS MIKE NOLAN TOO!

Nolan's attacking style defense works best with a marginal lead.

Did you guys see the Steelers game? That's proof enough at times no matter how good the defense, at times the offense needs to give it a viable cushion. That'll never happen under the Dan Henning offensive system.

We will always be one huge mistake away from losing a game and you cant continuosly think your defense will play well under that kind of pressure. Focusing to hard to prevent mistakes eventually allows them to start occuring in droves.

Does this remind anyone of our 2010 Dolphins? FIRE HENNING NOW!

great post Benny!

As for the stats Henne put up against Pitt and Jets, I dont deny that he can and does make completions, btu trust me when i say that those balls were going to be thrown to those places before the ball was snapped, regardless. In other words, I dont doubt he has the physical ability to make some throws, btu what I am 100% NOT sold on is his ability to play on his feet, to play loose, to improvise, to find alteratives.

Do you watch him back there? He's super nervous, twitchy and plays scared. I'd love his arm on pennington's body, or Penny's brain in his head.

DID ANY ONE NOTICE when henne walks to the field is like walking into FUNERAL .

Posted by: ALoco | November 09, 2010 at 09:48 AM


So would you if you were a qb that had a funeral director as an OC. Funeral directing should be Henning's next line of work. He's absolutely perfect for it!

Boulder, they should bring someone young to compete with him. No doubt about that. But, the point is, some people complain about Henne with total disregard to the Facts.

The speed of his 3 top WR's is non existent, they run a vanilla & predictable offense that all teams know what to expect, never more than 3 WR in a route allows teams to press & double Bess & Marshall, & single cover Fasano & Hartline.

All Henne's throws are contested. That's why he's holding the ball & forcing things cause NO ONE IS OPEN. And I read someone say that Marshall was bracing for a hit from Lewis and he didn't go all out to catch it. If that's the case, we should have kept Ginn. We got Marshall in here to MAKE those catches, not half ass them. Whether the ball was in his chest or he had to reach out for it, thats his JOB. it was a catchable ball. Effort like that is why we are 4-4 & will finish 7-9.

Before I even read this I will say that my fellow Dolphin fans are morons.
They are fare weathered, cannot even fill the stadium, and flip flop constantly on what they want and what they don't.
I thought Denver Broncos fans were bad in terms of lack of knowledge and flip flopping, but my fellow Dolphin fans are giving them a run for their money.
That is all.

We Should All Began Calling Dan Henning The UNDERTAKER!


Mando, last year or even early in this season I would have agreed. We needed to see if Henne was the one. But halfway through his 2nd year, it's clear he isn't. And please no comparisons to Drew Brees.

There's just too many cons vs. pros. No pocket presence/immobile, no leadership, fails to look off recievers, goes thru reads too fast, does not see the whole field. Even his mechanics are bad. His idea of a touch pass is a wounded duck.

Time to take a look at that rook we drafted. Oh wait, we didn't draft one, did we?

All the people who say that Miami has played the hard teams close. What makes you think that those teams aren't beating Miami at there own game? over and over. Or worse use there game against them. Like Indy did last year. It is borderline embarassing to be a phinsfan these days. But we are phinsfans for life right?

Is it me or does the Miami offense make a good west coast offense? And guess who is available.

Look Joe and Craig, the only reason people are talking about benching Henne for Thigpen is because the offense needs to be evaluated to see if it's the lack of exacution Henning say's it is. But we all know it's Henning. The only person keeping him in Miami is Tony. And HENNING HAS TO GO !!!!

Posted by: phinsfan78

Tony has to go as well. The plays and offensive philosophy is based on HIS vision.

Now, if you know it's Henning, why the need to bench Henne then? You wan't to regress? If it's obvious Henning is the problem it makes no sense to bench him. Right?

Regarding your question about what style offense we run...we run a BASE style conventional offense. No FRILLS. VERY BASIC AND VANILLA.

In KC, Thigpen was in a spread system alla Pat White. They were in 5 WR sets. Do you remember when we played KC when we went 11-5? He was ALWAYS in the shotgun and running around like a lunatic. That is NOT the Miami offense and he is NOT a fit. The ONLY reason we traded for him is because we were using the Wildcat last year and he is a similar type QB who can execute that package. That is why he is not, nor ever will be, A Dolphin starting QB.

You can say he is an NFL QB all you want but just as 4-3 LB'ers are not a fit in a 3-4 system, the same holds true for QB's. Based on the offense we run, HE IS NOT A FIT.

Gruden, Mariucci, etc....

Before I even read this I will say that my fellow Dolphin fans are morons.
They are fare weathered, cannot even fill the stadium, and flip flop constantly on what they want and what they don't.
I thought Denver Broncos fans were bad in terms of lack of knowledge and flip flopping, but my fellow Dolphin fans are giving them a run for their money.
That is all.

Posted by: D | November 09, 2010 at 10:04 AM


We are far from the expansion year of 1966. We have had an undefeated championship season, a championship season, 3 other SB appearances, and numerous afc championship and playoff appearances.

The bar has been set very high. Mediocrity is unacceptable. Fans no longer see home game appearances as a charitable event.

Please, get a dose of reality. This is the Miami area mindset and only "WINNING" will change it. The days since the 1966 expansion years are long gone!

im no flip-flopper. I have NEVER though much of Henne.

Armando, as far as stats go INT's are awarded to the QB not an Offensive player of your choice. I have not seen a single game in which Henne looked like an elite QB. At best Henne is a good backup.

Joe Shcmoe,

Thats exactly why I am not in favor of putting in Thigpen.


If youre more interested in getting your money's worth of excitement after losses play THIGPEN. He's guaranteed to be as good as he is bad!


The logic you are using against Henning is a bit short sighted. This is Parcells football. You take big powerful men and run, run, run. Weakening them in the 4th quarter and eventually taking advantage of that. For awhile it worked fine, but remember the pre-season when Sparano kept juggling lineman?

Ask yourself why? What was he seeing?

The only answer is ineptness. The OL needs to keep the backs in to give Henne any chance at a completion down the field. Everyone blames Henning for playing to his strengths. That's what a decent OC does.

The problem lies with the teams inability to put together a dominant offensive line. They've tried, and failed.

We can't dominate on the ground, and we can't pass protect for any lenth of time consistently. That is why Henne is struggling, and that is why the ground game is weak. You win in the NFL up front.

Phins78, Gruden's offense towards the end there in Tampa was tough to watch. They were awful and he was still clinging to the aging defense they had. Thats the only reason they were remotely successful.

As for Mooch, I always liked him but he completely bombed in Detroit as most others do as well. The WR's they brought in just failed and it hampered him. He's a fiery guy and I liked him while with the Niners. Not sure we have a west coast style fit except for Marshall. Our Rb's certainly aren't.

With the mold of this team & it's young core, I think the best fit is Cohwer. We need a fiery, get in your face type of coach. I'd give Nolan a shot. He may have failed in San Fran, but who hasn't lately? Singletary isn't doing much better & the talent they drafted wasn't Nolan's call.



how about we get some real fans. instead of complaining all the time, showing up late and leaving early or my favorite- complaining when other Dolphin fans are standing up to cheer. why don't we create a real home field advantage for once?! Dolfans are the laziest bunch of wimps, easily turning over our stadium over to the visiting team. they put out less effort then the team they complain about!

So you have given up on this season and next? Just let Henne play and then fire everyone in two years? That gives all of us fans a lot to look forward to. We wnat to compete now. If Pennington gives us a better chance to compete now, then let's compete now. Hell, half the team may be different next year and who knows what might happen. We keep the status quo now, so that it will be a cleaner decision what to do in two years? I don't follow that.

The bottom line is, we want to win now. The season is not completely lost yet. When it is, then let's grind out the future decisions, but if we have a chance to win now, let's win now!! I like the idea of at least trying Pennington in the Red Zone. the thing is, he can't do worse than what we are getting now. Do you remember two years ago he had the lowest ration of Red Zone turnovers in the NFL. He knows how to take care of the ball and create scoring opportunities.

good point Joe. just thinking about Ronnie dancing around all the time. and the fact he can catch the ball pretty well.

Phinfrock interesting suggestion, but what does that do to Henne's mental state? Doesn't that make him look over his shoulder? Doesn't that turn up the heat?

Henne is not the problem, but nor is he the solution. The solution lies up front.

Mando, I agree that Henne is far from incompetent. However he also is not a QB that will get us over the top and into the Super bowl, or even the playoffs consistently.

Henne is a good backup that is all...we've seen enough. Pennington seems to have the smarts to get us over the hump and is the better choice now to try and salvage the season. He simply has better intangibles. Go with Pennington until he retires then deal with finding a replacement. The Dolphins have been living in the future for the past decade. They need to focus on taking what they have now and making them win.

Playing Henne to try and get a grasp on his overall worth is not good football. That's what practices are for. They should play to win every game, and Pennington is the best option to get us there.

Well what about a Shanahan style where they roll him out alot?

When you roll a QB out you take away half the field. When you are keeping people in to protect it is not the best strategy.


The reason we cant run is we have no scary speed at our #1wr spot or #2 wr spot. Still Marshall's dangerous, that's why teams are doubling sometimes tripling him. Hartline scares no one.

So teams take away Marshall deep, are beginning to at most times now try to take away Bess short. Hartline being no major threat, teams are using everyone else to load the box against the run game.

I dont blame run blocking execution because at times despite whats happening they still seem to at times open up holes. In the 70's our smashmouth approach excelled because we had power with Czonka, speed to the edge with Morris, and away to keep the safeties out of the box with Warfield.

Do you this this with this present team? You just wont see consistently successful smashmouth football if you dont have a way to keep thier safeties out of the box nor have speed to the edge in the backfield.

The early 70's Dolphins were the "perfect" blueprint for smashmouth football. It requires speed and power to consistently and successfully pull it off.

Early 70's dolphins smashmouth football wasnt just Zonk alone.

DyingBreed, I totally agree the lack of true speed at wideout is another area we are lacking, although Hartline is not exactly slow. In 72 we had one of the best offensive lines ever put together. It just reinforces my point.

D is right. This fan base is weak - very disappointed. Fact is nothing is lost yet. Fact is there is a lot to play for. And fact is you have to give Henne the chance.

4-4 right now is a good record for this team believe it or not.

Pathetic support.

would that fit ronnie's running style?

What do you care more about? Winning games or Henne's pysche? If I'm making the calls, we do whatever we can to win. If Henne has problems with it, he puts on his big boy pants and gets over it, or he gets better by seeing what the other QB may be doing to be succesful. But don't bring down the team for his delicate psyche!!

Wow! Some fans here are really grasping now by blaming our loses on local fan not attending games. Obviously you are fans that have never purchased good seats for an nfl game.

Believe me, this isnt a charitable event and this team is far removed from 1966 and its expansion season.

Youve seen it on television. Its not primarily that we lose that has local fans so upset. It's the way we lose. Honestly, would you pay to see that? Its tough enough to stomach it on tv.

Phinfrock, I don't know enough about the man to make this decision. It is as simple as that. If I felt it would hurt his development I would not do it. I want to build a winner and I am not going to risk that at the expense of a win or two now.

Wow, do we Dolphin fans love to piss and moan!! If anybody need replacing, it is Dan Henning not Chad Henne. We are building for the future. Pennington is no longer and everyday starter, although I would consider him a very capable backup. I was at the game on Sunday, Baltimore is a very good football team. Beating a team like Baltimore means you have to play mistake free football...Miami did far from that. Henne choked on that TD pass to a wide open Fasano, but the first two interceptions were 50/50 between WR and QB. I could see that from my upper deck seat. Hartline would have caught the first pick had he been standing and the throw to Marshall was high and hard but his tipping it made it an easy pick. Henne lacks touch, typical of many young QB's but I do see improvements. Where I am frustrated is seeing the Dolphins passing the ball 35+ times a game and running trick plays when we should be grinding out a lot more! The use of Ronnie Brown in this weekend's game was APPALLINGLY bad, that's on Dinosaur Dan!

The problem is NOT Henne or his psyche. We are calling plays based on what the Defense is doing. We are reactionary, never the aggressor. THIS IS THE WRONG PHILOSOPHY. We should be dictating to defenses, not the other way around. We are spineless on O & that is from the top on down.

Henne is taught if the D is in cover 2 on a presnap, DON'T THROW DEEP. This is cemented in his brain to play cautiously. Good QB's need to worry more about MAKING a good play, than worrying about making a bad one.

i agree. Henne is still learing. u see what happens at the end. look how bad sanchez is playing. his D just keeps bailing him out. ot dump to LT. We need a speedester next draft for running back and kickoff returns




Then accept mediocrity, you said Henne may not be the answer, but you are willing to sacrifice a season to try and find out. The NFL is win now. Most players only last a few seasons. If most of your pieces are in place, you better do all you can do to win at all costs. Just my opinion.

The reason Parcells left is because he knew this Dolphin team wouldn't go anywhere and he didn't want his name brought up after performances like we saw in Baltimore! Stop me when I'm wrong... It's sickening how we can all be die-hard fans for years but the phins won't spend the money or make the correct moves (that're pretty obvious to all of us) to improve the team. I guess I'll root for the HEAT (like everyone else) until the Dolphins show they appreciate their fans... New England has fin fans that're tired of Pats wins! Mando you're really stretching your positivness... They are what their record says they are!


I guarantee that as great as that o-line was it still wouldnt have the consistent success it achieved if they consistently had to block 7-8 guys in the box. Deep speed kept the opponent's safeties honest. when they crept up Warfield beat them deep.

Because of Warfield's ability to get deep, causing the safeties to back down, Morris could rip off long td runs once he hit the open field.

Mike I watched those games, saw it happen. Did you. Or are you just another youngster relying on historical records?

Superbowl run??? LMFAO Unless Pennington could have gotten Baltimore to punt, the result of the game would be the same...a LOSS, probably a worse one.

Joe Schmoe I don't totally disagree. The point I am trying to make is the offense is badly handicapped by poor play from the offensive line. That plays a part in why we don't take more chances down field, and why we abandon the run for short passes.

Bum Knee C-Pep
Trent Greenie
Cleo Lemon
John Beck- still laughing here
Noodle Arm Penne
Captain Checkdown Henne
Tyler Thiggy

When will it end.
When will it end





Ronnie Brown signs with Pats next Year. Ronnie Brown goes to Probowl

Vince Young rushes for 80 yds and 2 TDs this sunday.

We will still suck on ST

I think everyone would agree that we need to do something different in the Red Zone. A different QB brings about different reads and tendencies and gives defenses more to have to study and think about. All I am saying is, WHAT CAN IT HURT!

DyingBreed, Why do we have to get personal? I don't usually post my resume on the internet, but yes. I was 12 years old in 1972. I actually started watching the fins in 1971 when my father decided to take me to a game. We sat in the endzone of the old OB and I was hooked from that moment on.


How about our Playaction in the 2 minute drill.????

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