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The reasons Chad Henne must remain at QB

You folks really must stop e-mailing me. Post your comments below in the comments section instead because it's getting crazy and I cannot possibly reply to everyone, although I would love to do so. Normally, I just reply to the folks that call me a fat, moron, frick because, dang it, I'm not a frick so I feel the need to defend myself.

Anyway, most of your e-mails Monday were about one of two topics:

1. Fire everybody.

2. Bench Chad Henne.

I can assure you the Dolphins are not about to fire everybody. This post will attempt to explain why the Dolphins should not bench Henne.

I watched the 26-10 loss to Baltimore and I'm not about to do a coach Tony Sparano and give you an "all is well, there's nothing to worry about," speech. As this Miami Herald story points out, Henne threw 5 TDs and 4 interceptions the first four games and 3 TDs and 6 interceptions the past four games.

Bottom line is the Dolphins were beaten pretty soundly at Baltimore and there is a pattern they follow in that they cannot beat very good teams. So all is not well.

But in watching Henne's worst game of the season, it becomes evident there are glances that you must admit are present before you summarily dismiss him as your quarterback.

Did you notice that Henne completed 9 of his first 10 passes against the big, bad Baltimore defense? That is correct, he was 9 of 10 to start the game.

Nobody noticed that because the one incompletion was an interception by Baltimore's Ladarius Webb. And, true enough, an interception does overshadow nine other completions if those completions are TD passes. But this interception was more the wide receiver's fault than Henne's.

Fact is Brian Hartline stumbled and was on his knees when the ball came to him on the sideline. Webb simply stood where Hartline was down and caught the pass. If Hartline had been on his feet that pass is either an incompletion or a completion. Not an interception.

There were two other picks Henne threw. He had one that led Brandon Marshall a hair too far and the Miami receiver didn't necessarily go above and beyond to stretch for the catch because Ray Lewis had Marshall's ribs in the cross hairs. The tipped pass went directly to Ed Reed.

Interception No. 3 was Henne's biggest mistake, that in the fourth quarter when he threw inaccurately and the defensive back on Davone Bess simply caught the errant pass. I put that one on Henne. But Bess had zero separation. And Bess didn't exactly dig hard back toward the pass. Fact is the DB made a stronger break toward the ball and came away with it. Bess does better work, that interception also becomes an incompletion.

The point I'm making is Henne didn't exactly get a ton of support. And I didn't even mention the Anthony Fasano drop. The Brandon Marshall drop. The Ronnie Brown drop.

I do have to mention the terrible pass to a wide open Fasano in the end zone near the end of the first half. That was, in my humble, Henne's worst pass of the day and it cost Miami four points or the difference between a touchdown and the field goal the team kicked.

So did all that spell out a 26-10 loss? No.

The Ravens did not score after Webb's interception. They got a field goal after the second interception. And the final pick came with 42 seconds to play and Baltimore merely took a knee to end the game after that turnover.

So Henne's terrible day cost the Dolphins a touchdown -- the field goal plus the difference between what might have been a TD and FG to end the half.

The Dolphins lost this game by 16 points, folks. It wasn't all on the QB.

Now, maybe you think benching Henne is still the move because, well, you just want to stir things up. Or maybe it's because you don't like Henne's robotic approach to playing. Or maybe you just hate Michigan.

I would say the Dolphins must stay with Henne because if nothing else happens this year, they must, must, must, find out if he is the future or not. The Dolphins aren't a playoff team right now. They are not playing playoff-caliber football.

But if they finish the 2010 season with a conviction one way or the other about Chad Henne, at least the season was not in vain. If, on the other hand, the team replaces Henne with Chad Pennington and makes a playoff run only to find out that still isn't the answer, we're back to 2008 and we've wasted two seasons.

Coach Tony Sparano's contract runs out after 2011. He cannot afford to find himself back at the end of 2008 while the calendar says its 2011 and his contract says it expires in 2011. We need to know if Henne is the future at quarterback or not.

That means you might have to endure some growing pains and setbacks. But to back-track now to Chad Pennington in search of some short-term fix is taking one step forward but finding yourself two steps back. 

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Personally, I think the lack of TD passes to Marshal has more to do with play calling than our QB situation. RZ play calling is ultra-conservative on what is already a conservative offense. Routes are always underneath...never take shots at the end zone.

As far as Henne, don't know if he is really the solution. I think he will make for a solid NFL QB eventually but will be one of those guys that needs a great supporting cast. I don't believe he will ever be the type who can put the team on his shoulders and win.

Lastly, WTF with all the Thigpen talk? What has this guy done exactly to convince so many that he is the 2nd coming? Statistically:

Thigpen: 18 games played
54.1% completion %
2,747 yds for 6.2 avg
19 tds to 16 ints
72.4 QB Rating

Henne: 25 games played
61.8% completion %
4,845 yds for 6.5 avg
20 tds to 24 ints
76.3 QB Rating

I'm just not seeing how Thigpen is it. If Henne isn't IT, then the IT is not currently on this team. I said it a couple years ago and I'll say it again...should have taken Matt Ryan...sure, Jake Long is great...but Jake Long doesn't really put points on the board. There are plenty of teams that do just fine without a pro-bowler at left tackle.

Mike, don't get me started on the Oline. That goes back to Tuna & Ireland. How many picks, trades & signings and they still change it every year! Good lines play together for a couple of years & gel.

The o-line guru Sparano still can't find the right mix. It's awful. Here's a pretty comprehensive review: Long, Thomas, Murphy, Alleman, Ndukuwe, Grove, A. Hartline, Berger, Smiley, Mcquistan, Procter, etc..

Imagine if they had spent some of these picks or trades or signings on other areas that need help..like RB, TE, SS, FS, CB....not only might we be better off at those positions, our Special teams would be better also.

Focus on the problem people. The coaching staff wants Henne to be a game manager. To have your QB manage the game you need to run the ball. So I ask you this...Have they been running the ball? They want him to be conservative and not turn the ball over but yet he is placed time and time again in a position to have to take a risk because they would be in third and long or fourth and long on a game deciding drive. Last year Miami had one of the best third down efficiency in the NFL. Why? Because they kept out of the third and long position, they ran the ball well and despite Henne's flaws he was able to move the ball well. It is the coaching staff's indecisiveness that is the cause of the problem more then anything else.


In the early 70's we also had some of the best route running TEis in the game in Marv Flemming and Jim Mandich. Flemming came to us with a couple pro bowl honors and SB rings from the fabulous Green Bay Packers 60's era.

The early 70' Dolphins offense wasnt just 3yds and a cloud of smoke. the entire offense was truly special.

After a SB loss to those same Miami Dolphins. A Minesota Viking was quoted as saying, "It's a privaledge and an honor to finish 2nd place to those guys." You'll never see more respect given to a winning team than that.

It pretty much summed up what the early 70's Dolphins were truly all about. Its was a very special era to be a Miami Dolphan!

Only solution I see on the horizon is to:

1) ACTIVATE Marlon Moore
3) Throw to deep ball to Moore until you connect. If its int, they consider this a long punt.
4) Run the ball with 1 back until he is worn out
5) Repeat step 3


I think I have you. We must keep Henne and not bench him because he throws more ints than td's and Pennington would damage his ego by playing well....Pennington would win, so we need to keep Henne on the field because he is bad and since the offensive line can't block, its great for him to get sacked> We must keep Henne in the game because he is imobile and Thigpen is mobile, and if we bench Henne and put in Thigpen, Thigpen could run away from presure and give defenses something to think about so keep Henne on the field because he throws picks and can't run. Henne is regressing so we should continue to let him start and regress if we were progressing, then we would need to bench him if he became too productive, but he is not productive, so we must continue to start him but if he should play a grewaqt game and throws no picks then we should trade for Rex Grossman. Henne holds the ball too long and takes sacks, therefore we must continue to start him because he is likely to fumble. So Henne is regressing,cannot be a field general, cannot read defenses, throws too many picks, is imobile and because he losses we must keep him because despite the picks and sacks Chad Henne is far better than Dan Marino did I get that right?????????


" How about our Playaction in the 2 minute drill.????"

That was just ridiculous. The play calling is suspect to say the least. I still think Pennington would have the brains to say F that and call an audible. Henne needs to man up and start calling his own plays like Marino. SCREW DAN HENNING.

How he runs an NFL offense from a Hospice, I'll never know.

Almost forgot.....for everyone thinking a change in QB is going to allow us a run at the playoffs....you forget that our defense can't tackle. Anyone notice the gazillion plays allowed of 10+ yards on Sunday. We can't stop anyone on 3rd and long and haven't been able to all season. Hell, I don't know why everyone gives Nolan a pass on the fire everyone approach. Not to mention that our special teams aren't special, with the exception of Carpenter. Bottom line, we are not a playoff caliber football team regardless of who is at QB at this point.

What about our Low Football IQ?

Devone Bess sees nobody is covering the gunner and doesnt call timeout or runs to the side to cover the guy?

Sparano calls for TO after and INT

Sparano has 10 men on the field on Punt Team

DyingBreed, Why do we have to get personal? I don't usually post my resume on the internet, but yes. I was 12 years old in 1972. I actually started watching the fins in 1971 when my father decided to take me to a game. We sat in the endzone of the old OB and I was hooked from that moment on.

Posted by: Mike | November 09, 2010 at 10:51 AM

My intentions werent meant to be personal. So many guys come here and blab about the early 70's Dolphins but dont go beyond the Marino era. Was just checking to see if you were one of those.

Boy do I miss the OB. We almost never lost there. I still refer to to new stadium as Joe Robbie. Joe Robbie has never been as kind to us as the old OB. Those were the days buddy!

Did any one see the Steelers turn 2 gifts into 10 pts?

Why not us?

Because from Top to Bottom we play to "Grind out it, We are Tough"

You cant be tough and tackle like little princesses

Ripp is spot on. Henne is put in tough down & distances due to untimely playcalls & is ALWAYS forced to come from behind. He had a couple of comebacks last year. Tampa & the NYJ come to mind. This team is much different. We can't even get off the field on 3rd & 10 or more.

How successful do you expect the kid to be playing in this ultra conservative offense when teams know EXACTLY whats coming? It isn't hard to defend. I mean, Playactions late in obvious passing situations? Why bother? All it does is take his eyes off the field to run the play fake. The defense isn't gonna bite. It's horrible offensive strategy & this is the ROOT problem.

DyingBreed, did you think that Henning was a good hire?

Joe Schmoe, I agree completely. The problem is they have not got it right yet and we are seeing the results of that. This offense is designed to work at it's best behind a good line (Like most). Incognito is SLOW. Berger is weak as well. We don't know enough about Jerry to make a judgement at this point. These guys are killing us. Add to that that Carey is inconsistent and that is 4 spots that could use an upgrade.

It does take time to gel together, no doubt. But, you need to start with raw talent to be successful. Whether or not we have that now remains to be seen.

And Armando comes through with the truth, AGAIN. For all you posters with limited fotball IQ, print this out and tape it on your computer before you call for another QB. Henne IS the future!! Go Phins!!

Agreed. Still trying to figure out how our "good" coordinator left a useless Crowder in the game instead of putting in Dobbins or even Culver to hawk Rice. It was like groundhog day every time Flacco went back to pass.

What happened to Vontae Davis?

Now that there are not throwing to Jason Allen, Davis is getting exposed.

Look at the #s for year 1, look at this preaseason, Davis gets burned every game. Yes he has some INT but he gets burned every game.

I thought he was pro bowl material.

Where is Will Allen? Oh yeah, talking on the radio after getting heathly


BTW I was 12yrs old too when our fins won thier first SB(undefeated untied)! I cried like a baby after that Cowboys SB loss in 1971.

I wanted so badly for the Cowboys to make the SB in 1972 but they loss to the Redskins in that nfc championship game. I wanted to avenged our prior season SB loss against them not the Skins.

I have made this point before, and this is an inditement of our coaching staff, and the inablity of our Qb.to make decisions on his own. Notice how Henne started this game 9-10. Those plays are scripted. Once the script runs out we are in trouble. Once other teams make adjustments to what we are doing, we are in real trouble. Isn't it troubling that we have scored only 3 4th quarter td's, and never in back to back games. Is it not alarming that Henne plays like a dog in the 4th quarter. I would like to know what his qb rating is in the final period. Now there has been moments this season where my argument cannot hold water, but we can count them on 1 hand. Simply not good enough. I know common sense says leave Henne in, and this is the right thing to do. But his play has to make you wonder.

I want a staff that makes adjustments and improves.

The 3 stooges are regressing: Sunglass Man, the old Man, and the prancer are clueless

Waterboy, what you stated as "low football IQ" is MUCH more of a problem than Henne. Other teams CREATE favorable matchups (i.e. LB on a slot-receiver, screens that actually catches defenses off-balance, etc.). For whatever reason (well, my reason is coaching, esp. Henning), Dolphins don't do that well. I'm not sure Bess was the one responsible for that receiver, but in any event, the sidelines saw it, so why didn't they call a timeout? The 10-men on the field for the punt is ultimately Sparano's fault, but specifically the ST coach's fault (another mistake in ST). It seems teams like Steelers, Pats, etc. know how to make breaks for themselves with intelligence, but Miami has yet to master that technique.

I'd MUCH prefer them to work on that than worry about the QB or stretching the field or any of that (even those are issues too, just not the reason we're .500 IMO).

DyingBreed no worries. I too miss the old OB. I held season tickets from the mid 70's until Marino retired. Saw some of the best games in our history. Wouldn't trade it for anything. I was also lucky enough to get tickets to SB19 and got to watch Jay Brophy get destroyed by Roger Craig in person in the mists of Palo Alto.

Mike, if anyone wonders how the special teams can be so bad after 3 years, have them look at all those oline move & tell them this is why.

If Henne Bombs again in the 4th QTR, how can you justify him to play against CHICAGO?

Sunglass Man is running out of Fall Boys

Where did the running game go after that first drive on Sunday? The way this coaching staff has this team set up, the offense has to be able to pound the ball and the defense has to blow people up. Neither is happening....ergo we lose.

The problem with this team is the fans that get on some one's ass and rides it till that player, coach, etc gets canned and then get one someone else. No wonder they choke at home. You guys no who you are and most of you have little if any football expertise. If you really want to see the Fins succeed, lay of everyone and be supportive! PS if we still had Ginn we would have a great kick returner and a guy who could strech the field. But you guys wanted him gone to!

Exactly Joe. Failing in building the offensive line has set this team back in more ways then one. Problem is everyone is too concerned with a playcall to see the real issues that are truly hurting our chances at winning.

Now with that said, playaction in the two minute drill does leave one scratching their head and saying wtf?

DyingBreed, did you think that Henning was a good hire?

Posted by: phinsfan78 | November 09, 2010 at 11:01 AM

Never knew a whole lot about Henning except that he was a familiar name. Never followed his career closely. Did know the Panthers fired him.

However after this up close and personal view.
Henning's crap. Not only do we still lack the speed tools to become a consistent smashmouth football operation. Henning has clearly shown himself to be a set in his own ways, stubborn, egomaniac old fart.

Not sure even if we had all of the neccessary tools we would get the premium out of the smashmouth football under Henning. Henning clearly shows me he hasnt a clue of what MOMENTUM is!

Every game has it's own set of circumstances. Everyone is on Henne for this weeks game when in reality, he didn't look all that bad against a superior defense. Completed a high percentage, had 2 gifted int's, had his share of drops again. The truly bad error was the pass to Fasano in the end zone. We could have been made up for if Gutless Sparano showed some confidence in his O and went for it on 4th & half yard. That was the game ender.

Out of Henne's 3 int's, they only netted 3 points. Put this loss where it belongs, on the defense. Couldn't tackle, couldn't force a punt....this team can't get off the field in 3rd & longs. Atrocious. I know people look for a scapegoat after a loss, but Henne ain't your man.

Two years ago we were the most innovative offense in professional football. We had to be to generate any points at all. The past two years we have settled into a "base" offense which has amongst the league's lowest production value. That offensive line is a top 5 line and you have a top 5 WR in Marshal. You have two very accomplished RBs (although Ronnie is not nearly 100% and hasn't been all season) and yet your offense is producing basement numbers. These are facts. Draw your own conclusions.

Personally, I was happy when Thigpen was traded to Miami because we had a potential "out" in the event Henne didn't work. I'm tired of hearing "be patient", REALLY tired of it. Are we going to continue to be Lovie Smith with Rex Grossman and live in a perpetual case of denial? Even Jerry Jones knew when to say enough is enough with Wade Phillips. How much longer are we going to let this go folks?

"Sparano showed some confidence in his O and went for it on 4th & half yard."

Aren't you listening? lol...The OL stinks. And please dont throw Polite's successes at me. Yes, it is possible, maybe even likely he'd have converted, but if you were the coach would you gamble on the game right there behind that line? Obviously, Sparano wouldn't and with good reason. He knows better.

Joe Schmoe - Couldn't agree more. I don't know why Nolan gets a pass in all of this....our defense is atrocious.....like you said, can't tackle and allow way to many 3rd and longs to be converted. What's up with the gazillion plays of 10+ yards allowed? This defense made the Ravens offense look like a Mike Martz offense. Pathetic.

"That offensive line is a top 5 line"

Please tell me how you form this conclusion.

Joe Shmoe,

I place the defense's performance on Henning. If your defense consistently has play under pressure one mistake can lose the game. Sometimes when we try so hard not to make mistakes eventually they will began to come in droves.

We are probably the nfl's only defense thats yet to play a single down with a lead greater than 7pts. Actually i dont think we've even had one 7pt lead anytime all season.

Remember this saying thats oh so true: "Eventually Pressure Will Burst A Pipe!"

That what we witnessed Sunday from our defense. No one's looking at the connection to the defense's collapse Sunday and the offense's lack of performance all season long. Every single game this year the defense has had the extra added pressure of a zero mistake tolerance. Guys these are human beings out there not machines.

The common thread linking all this together is DAN HENNING. His poison is now spreading over to the defense too. Dan Henning is so short-sighted its unbelievable. He can not see how his poor offensive decsicions eventually carries over to the defensive performances!


It is the play calling not the QB. The abandonment of the run and the stupid situational calls they make. Our offensive coordinator is the problem. That and that we cant tackle on defense.

Mike, who cares about the line in that situations. It's a HALF yard and we gashed them early. Not to mention we could have thrown it again. The line does NOT get a pass but they aren't the real problem here. The coaches lack of faith or aggressiveness is. IT WAS A HALF YARD!

I would have been OK with ZERO points in that situation as long as they showed some heart & faith in their team. SEND A MESSAGE. Instead, they settle. Don't think that wasn't on those guys minds when they came to the sideline. They were getting the ball back at the half. GO FOR IT. Sparano is a p*ssy.

Grant - to be fair, they stuck with Grossman way longer than 25 games. Personally, I think Henne will turn out to be a solid NFL QB...probably not a hall of famer...probably will never be the kind of QB that can consistently put the team on his shoulders. He will be of the type that needs a great supporting cast. There are many examples of these types of QBs in the league who play for teams that consistently win and consistently get in the playoffs and are in contention. Not every QB is going to be Marino...in fact, there is only one Marino. In order for Henne to be successful, the Phins need to pound the ball offensively and blow people up defensively....that isn't happening, ergo we lose and put Henne in a bad situation always coming from behind.

And stop with the Thigpen nonsense.

Passing Yards per attempt 2009 6.9
Passing Yards per attempt 2010 6.4

Running yards per attempt 2009 4.4
Running yards per attempt 2010 3.9


Based on the stats above it is safe to draw the conclusion the OL is not nearly as dominant as they were last year.

Why not do an experiment and let Penny have a start and see what he can do? What's going to happen, Henne will start crying on the sideline? Folks, Henne has been given plenty of opportunities and he has yet to show up. We have lost 4 of the last 6, when do they realize we're bleeding to death?

Mike, who cares about the line in that situations. It's a HALF yard and we gashed them early. Not to mention we could have thrown it again. The line does NOT get a pass but they aren't the real problem here. The coaches lack of faith or aggressiveness is. IT WAS A HALF YARD!

The safe call on the road is to take the points. 31 of 32 head coaches would have done the same. The exception being Belicheat.

The defense this week is more to blame then Henne, Henning, or Ted Ginn. At some point Ray Rice needs to be accounted for. That was their whole offense in the 3rd quarter. We would stop them on 1,2 downs and on 3rd we would get a good rush, and Flaco would dump it off to Rice for 15 yards, and a new set of downs. The tackling was bad, but everyone knows that. Who watching at home wasn't thinking" Somebody cover Ray Rice, He is killing us?"


Innovative? The wildcat wasnt Henning's baby it was David Lee's. Henning was forced into it. However, it did intially catch teams off guard. But just like anything else, defenses and thier DC's eventually catch up to it. This is now the case.

Other that the wildcat we havent had any offensive innovations at all. Thanks Dan Henning!

Mike Nolan should get some blame here but I am inclined to give him a bit of a pass. Let's not forget, he is dealing with a bunch of young, new starters on a brand new defensive scheme.

It's fine to be judgemental & opinionated, but we have to be objective. Sparano & Henning are whats wrong with this team. Any team that prefers to have the opponent dictate to you how you play doesn't belong as a coach. If you want to be successful you have to have confidence your guys can do the job. Not have a wait & lets see what they're gonna do approach.

It's been 3 years and we are stuck in neutral.

DyingBreed, I am not totally sure that the problem is the wildcat is not the guard play. Incognito is very slow and not nearly as effective at pulling complared to Smiley.

What kind of innovation do you see from any offense? Seriously, what is new this year that we didn't see before around the league?

You don't win with innovation. You win by beating the guy across from you.

There are couple of factors one must point to in order to fully understand the reason we are 4-4. First, not to beat it like a drum the Offensive play calling/selection is terrible. It has been this way since the start of Pre-Season. Second on Offense they have basically three receivers who are possesion receivers. Hartline, Bess, Marshall, none of these guys can strech the field. Thing with Marshall is you get a big, strong receiver with after the catch ability. So when they go into the passing game all the play selection is limited because the defense knows you can't strecth the field. So the opposing defenses plays you exactly the same week in and week out. When presented with a passsing down Cover two over Marshall and play man to man or a soft zone. So now on offense you need to get the ball to guys in space that don't have breakway speed. Plus they are running the slot receiver patterns all the underneath routes. You play a team with a great team Defense like Ravens, or Steelers and they will expose this weakens or lack of a vertical attack. So this Offense tries to create a mismatch with Hartline or Bess beacuse of the cover two on Marshall. Not the ideal way to attack a defense guy (Henning). Proof is more long passes have been thrown to Hartline then the guy you are paying 10 Mil a season. Probably the reason why someone like Marshall was static about the possible tandem of him and Moss on the same team. You can't cover two both of the guys on Defense. Or maybe you can like the Dolphins have and leave someone like Ray Rice two burn you underneath with incredile speed and YAC. Seems like they are a solid player or two from being able to create major problems for defenses. Randy Moss anyone. On a side note we need better execution from the players and better desicion making from the sideline. Tightend, RB, WR(Deep Threat) are all glaring needs, same way they were before the draft. Not sure why they were not address this Off-season.

The safe call on the road is to take the points. 31 of 32 head coaches would have done the same. The exception being Belicheat.

Thats the difference between winners & losers. He's got 3 rings to show for it and we have 0. Proof is in the pudding, enough said!

Not to mention, Childress showed guts against the Pats going for it in the SAME situation. he didn't succeed but at least he showed confidence in his team that he felt they could get it.

I agree that the defense is young and they are going to have some poor games. Looking at the game the Ravens had two weeks to prepare and were better rested. They simply had fresher legs. We'll face the same thing this week in the Titans.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Normally, I just reply to the folks that call me a fat, moron, frick"

Am I supposed to put those words fat, moron and frick in the Subject line when emailing you ?

I wanna send you this link someone I don't know forworded to me from some place I havn't heard of.........wait a sec my computer is acting up...lots of p orn pop ups...dang it

Anywho check the link

I gotta call an IT guy


Soiled :)

Joe Schmoe Do not misunderstand me. I think as the coach you have to have intuition. You have to guage the pulse of your team. I am not sure whether Sparano has this ability or not. Hard to tell without sitting on the sideline with him and hearing his conversations with the other coaches.

Guys, I am one of the thousands that want nothing more than Dan Henning FIRED. With that said, I must ask....Who do we bring in afterwards???

Henne is making mistakes, but as A.S. is pointing out, he is also not getting the help from his receiving corp. The O-line is doing a great job protecting him, but the receivers and RB's are not getting their jobs done. They are dropping passes and other than the start of the Ravens game, the RB's have not been picking up yards, either their effort or the O-lines run blocking is lacking.

I'm not sure who thinks the next 8 games are easier than the first games, but take a look, its filled with playoff contenders and teams that have either knocked off or almost beat teams the Dolphins couldn't (Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo). They need to finish 6-2 to have a realistic shot at getting a wild card assuming the Pats or Jets don't fall apart. They are already in a bad place having lost to the other teams they will likely be competing for a wild card spot against (Ravens & Steelers). 6-2 to close the year and the 2 loses can't be to the Pats or Jets, the other 2 teams likely competing for a wild card spot/AFC East championship.

I have been in favor of Henne all year and still believe it is mostly Hennings fault the offence sux. but i think the way to find out is put Pennington in for a week and see if the ball gets thrown down field or if its the same check down bs. I know pennington dont go deep too often but he can and does go down field and not just 8 or 10 yards max. I think oneweek with henne on the bench wouldnt hurt much and then if it is still the lame arse short stuff fire henning!!

Enrique, Henning has to go, but not midseason. You can install a new head coach, but you can't install a new offense mid season. It has to wait til years end and then you have plenty of time to search for a viable candidate. I'd say Josh Mcdaniels is on the outs in Denver and he'd be an excellent choice if available IMHO.

Dolfan in NY I totally disagree that the offensive line is giving Henne time to throw. Henning has kept the TE's or backs in on almost every passing situation. Look at the offensive stats I posted above. The offensive line is not getting the job done. The stats show it, and so does the game plans of the coaches.

Wow! I just cant believe so many of you fail to see just how inter-connective the defense and offense are.

If you keep playing the brand of offensive football we are playing. I guarrantee we will see an even worse collapse of the entire defense over our final 4 games.

Folks we have a very good defense, not a great defense. You cant continue to have these kind of offensive performances when you dont have a great defense. Very good defense is not great enough.

Nolan cant even use all of his bag of tricks because every game as to be played to close to vest. The overall problems for the entire team rests predominantly on HENNING!


The great Steeler defense began crumpling last night. But thier offense gave them a cushion. Meaning margin of era. When has our defense played with a margin of era?

Mike, I don't think Henning is necessarily keeping them in to block out of necessity, but rather out of design. This is the offense he ran in Carolina & with the Jets with Parcells. This is a max protect, vanilla, no frills offensive philosophy. Look at all the teams Parcells has gone to, this is how the base their offense. It's a 2 TE system.

"I'd say Josh Mcdaniels is on the outs in Denver and he'd be an excellent choice if available"

You do realize we have Brandon Marshall, right?

It's all about the dink and dunk passing attack. No QB is better at throwing the 5 yard out when the down is 3rd and the distance is 7+ yards than Chad Henne. Always a fantastic gameplan. Henne would be a prodigy in the Arena League.

Joe Schmoe have you not noticed every time Henne takes a 7 step drop he has to avoid the rush?

Yes Mike, I do. It's called sucking it up & do whats right for the team. Marshall seems to have finally grasped that concept. Getting Mcdaniels, if avaialble, will be the true test for him.

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