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The reasons Chad Henne must remain at QB

You folks really must stop e-mailing me. Post your comments below in the comments section instead because it's getting crazy and I cannot possibly reply to everyone, although I would love to do so. Normally, I just reply to the folks that call me a fat, moron, frick because, dang it, I'm not a frick so I feel the need to defend myself.

Anyway, most of your e-mails Monday were about one of two topics:

1. Fire everybody.

2. Bench Chad Henne.

I can assure you the Dolphins are not about to fire everybody. This post will attempt to explain why the Dolphins should not bench Henne.

I watched the 26-10 loss to Baltimore and I'm not about to do a coach Tony Sparano and give you an "all is well, there's nothing to worry about," speech. As this Miami Herald story points out, Henne threw 5 TDs and 4 interceptions the first four games and 3 TDs and 6 interceptions the past four games.

Bottom line is the Dolphins were beaten pretty soundly at Baltimore and there is a pattern they follow in that they cannot beat very good teams. So all is not well.

But in watching Henne's worst game of the season, it becomes evident there are glances that you must admit are present before you summarily dismiss him as your quarterback.

Did you notice that Henne completed 9 of his first 10 passes against the big, bad Baltimore defense? That is correct, he was 9 of 10 to start the game.

Nobody noticed that because the one incompletion was an interception by Baltimore's Ladarius Webb. And, true enough, an interception does overshadow nine other completions if those completions are TD passes. But this interception was more the wide receiver's fault than Henne's.

Fact is Brian Hartline stumbled and was on his knees when the ball came to him on the sideline. Webb simply stood where Hartline was down and caught the pass. If Hartline had been on his feet that pass is either an incompletion or a completion. Not an interception.

There were two other picks Henne threw. He had one that led Brandon Marshall a hair too far and the Miami receiver didn't necessarily go above and beyond to stretch for the catch because Ray Lewis had Marshall's ribs in the cross hairs. The tipped pass went directly to Ed Reed.

Interception No. 3 was Henne's biggest mistake, that in the fourth quarter when he threw inaccurately and the defensive back on Davone Bess simply caught the errant pass. I put that one on Henne. But Bess had zero separation. And Bess didn't exactly dig hard back toward the pass. Fact is the DB made a stronger break toward the ball and came away with it. Bess does better work, that interception also becomes an incompletion.

The point I'm making is Henne didn't exactly get a ton of support. And I didn't even mention the Anthony Fasano drop. The Brandon Marshall drop. The Ronnie Brown drop.

I do have to mention the terrible pass to a wide open Fasano in the end zone near the end of the first half. That was, in my humble, Henne's worst pass of the day and it cost Miami four points or the difference between a touchdown and the field goal the team kicked.

So did all that spell out a 26-10 loss? No.

The Ravens did not score after Webb's interception. They got a field goal after the second interception. And the final pick came with 42 seconds to play and Baltimore merely took a knee to end the game after that turnover.

So Henne's terrible day cost the Dolphins a touchdown -- the field goal plus the difference between what might have been a TD and FG to end the half.

The Dolphins lost this game by 16 points, folks. It wasn't all on the QB.

Now, maybe you think benching Henne is still the move because, well, you just want to stir things up. Or maybe it's because you don't like Henne's robotic approach to playing. Or maybe you just hate Michigan.

I would say the Dolphins must stay with Henne because if nothing else happens this year, they must, must, must, find out if he is the future or not. The Dolphins aren't a playoff team right now. They are not playing playoff-caliber football.

But if they finish the 2010 season with a conviction one way or the other about Chad Henne, at least the season was not in vain. If, on the other hand, the team replaces Henne with Chad Pennington and makes a playoff run only to find out that still isn't the answer, we're back to 2008 and we've wasted two seasons.

Coach Tony Sparano's contract runs out after 2011. He cannot afford to find himself back at the end of 2008 while the calendar says its 2011 and his contract says it expires in 2011. We need to know if Henne is the future at quarterback or not.

That means you might have to endure some growing pains and setbacks. But to back-track now to Chad Pennington in search of some short-term fix is taking one step forward but finding yourself two steps back. 

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Mike, I disagree. It's not innovation (probably the wrong word), but it's disguise and surprise. I see tons of offenses disguising what that want to do and make defenses matchup poorly and play into their hands. But that takes a crafty OC. Henning may be crafty about some things, may have done it in the past, but he doesn't have it anymore. Other OCs can do it, so we just don't have the coaches to be able to take advantage of opposing defenses. I mean, with 3 quality WRs (Hartline would be hanging on a thread to that "quality" rating), 2 RBs that can catch out of the backfield, and an average TE (inconsistent), we should be able to create matchups that are favorable. It would help next year to get a better TE, a faster RB, and more speed at WR, but even this year we should be able to create favorable matchups. The fact that we haven't consistently is squarely on the OCs head if you ask me.

Joe Schmoe I am laughing. Could you imagine the look on Marshalls face if and when they made that move? lololol

DyingBreed - They still can't tackle. I lost count of the number of wiffs and arm tackles Sunday. Not to mention the gazillion plays of 10+ yards allowed. Sure there is a connection. I'm just saying our defense really doesn't look that good to me.

When someone posts that Henne doesn't command the huddle like Pennington, I want to ask where did you get that from. Are you in the huddle listening to the QB's, that is such rubbish.

DC Dolfan I agree to a point. What I dont see from Henning is setting stuff up for later in the game. Simple things, like three or four outs, then an out and up. I'd like to see more creativity that way, but overall I don't think the problem is playcalling. I think the system doesn't fit the talent or lack thereof.

Mike, you're too hung up on the Oline. Yes, it's a concern but it's adequate. It's good enough to get the job done. Maybe the drop in rush ypg you posted has something to do with the RB's? Why do you insist it's only the o-line? That's naive. Do you forget teams are stacking the box against us?

All Qb's have to avoid the rush, it's part of the job. Do you expect the other team to not do their job? He isn't going to have a clean pocket every drop back. You're asking for what seems to be the impossible. Other teams rush, can blitz, can stop the run. The Steelers & Ravens D are tremendous and I think we held our own with them. We moved the ball up and down on the Steelers but clammed up in the red zone. This is COACHING, not the o-line.

I don't recall Henne ever coming off the field looking at the defensive formation photos provided or going up and down the bench rallying the troops. I certainly remember Pennington doing both of the things mentioned above. You don't need to be in the huddle mike33076 to be able to draw conclusions. Are all the talking heads on the four letter network in the huddle every single week?

Joe Schmoe the reason we went out and got Marshall was because the defenses were doing the same last year. Nothing has changed except the production. So, yes. I am trying to drive a point home. It starts up front regardless of the play call.

Secondly Joe, they are keeping the backs and Te's in for additional protection which leaves less receivers out in the pattern. It is hard to take advantage of movement when you only have three going out.


That's pretty sad ALoco

You know why Henne is looking like Pennington and making conservative decisions?

Well take a look at his QB coach!

The reason why Henne looks like Pennington and doesn't take deep shots is because the guy who is coaching him on making good decisions couldn't make those deep throws to Marshall so would never DECIDE to tell Henne that was the better throw to make in a game!

MIKE, THE SAD THING IS ,all these blogers are using a lot of ink to say the same thing .

last year's team is better than this one ,it was exciting last year .


Last season's oline were better run blockersthan pass blocker. They were horrible against great pass rush teams. This year we're a little above average at run blocking but upperechelon at pass blocking.

Guess better pass blocking means little when no one's consistently open to pass too. No matter how great the run blocking you waont be able to have success every single play. Third and longs were death to our oline protection last season.

Personally I would prefer above average run blocking and great pass protection over what we had last season.

Problem is Marshall only has 4.6-4.7 fourty speed. He size a deep threat by size alone. if he's one on one you throw it and he has the better opportunity to catch the ball over the single db. But its foolish to attempt over deuce db's.

Hartline has no advantage over db's speedwise therefore is an extremely limited deep threat. He isnt going to out physical anyone for the ball so teams single cover him. Bess going deep you can totally forget about. He's far quicker than fast and born to play the slot.

Also when Marshall goes short teams are also shadowing him with a linebacker to have a bigger defender in the area so he doesnt break the smaller db's tackle and take it to the house. Remember Armando's Ray Lewis in the area reference? This is fast becoming the formula used to take away Marshall's effectiveness.

Still Mike, even with a dominant run game you still have to be able to pass in 3rd and longs. They will still occur. Last season's pass protection was horrible, especially on the entire left side of the line.

If you dont think the OL is below average, and the stats dont prove it to you, just rewatch the last two games. Berger is getting beat inside consistently. You can't give up inside pressure in the passing game and have good success. Carey is getting beat around the edge on a fairly regular basis as well. Like the players like to say the eye in the sky doesn't lie.

It is pretty sad we have come to this ALoco, dreadfully sad.



Just to chime in, Henne was not voted captain by his teammates. A captain is looked to by the the team to LEAD.

DyingBreed, I agree with everything you say except the assessment of the OL. Long was a ProBowler on the left side and Smiley held his own until he was injured. We can agree to disagree.




Mike, drive it home all you want but it's nonsensical. We WERE running on them & then gave up. You said Tony didn't feel he could get it on 4th & short? What did he base that on? Thet fact that we had run on them earlier? Did he think " Sh*t we're running pretty good on em, let me give em a pass and kick a fg?" Tony Sparano is a cheerleader, not a coach. PERIOD.

Whether you think you can get it or not, from a half yard, with no time left in the half, GO FOR IT. Especially ON THE ROAD, when you're getting the ball back at the half. MAKE A STATEMENT TO YOUR TEAM & THEIRS.

When Miami only sends 3 guys into a pattern, the other team will blitz more than you can block & still have no problems covering slow WR's. Especially Baltimore, Pitt & the NYJ with their overload blitzes someone is ALWAYS gonna be near the QB. Especially when they know what we're running on offense. The oline is adequate. The reason they go max protect is by DESIGN.

Go back to the Jets & Parcless/Henning. 2 TE's ran the same system. Go to Dalls where they had Whitten/Fasano. I'm tired of blaming the players for whats clearly coaching. At seasons end, it's time for a change.


Joe Schmoe tell me what YOU think changed to move them away from the run? Did you take a look at how the Ravens changed up their defense after the first series?


And incidently, we have not had our 2nd tight end active. So they are not playing two tight end sets. (I am speaking of Shuler)


Give me a break, Armando. Even Ray Lewis said Henne is an easy read for the defense. His mechanics are robotic, something that should have been corrected a long time ago. I also think Henning's playcalling is out-dated and he should be relieved of duties at the end of the season, too. Bottom line= this team needs an overhaul on offense.

Yes, Mike I did. Like a good coaching staff, the Ravens made adjustments. So did we. We tried by going to a pass game that worked fairly well early on. The problem was, WE NEVER WENT BACK TO RUNNING.

Once you establish the run on the first series. And establish a decent pass attack on the next 2 series, you SHOULD have a defense off balance and can be successfull at both to some degree. We practically abandonded the run game. How can you lay the blame at the o-lines feet for everything if they weren't even given a chance to run later in the game? It's nonsensical.

On 4th & short & the half yard line, I don't care who you are...YOU GO FOR IT. Gutless cowardly call by Sparano.

IAN, THIS coaching staff love yes men .if you notice henne is a yes man .you never hear a player not happy w/the coaching in 3 years .

Joe, we can argue playcalling back and forth all day. I don't disagree they abandoned the run. What I am trying to illistrate is this was not the only game the OL has performed poorly. The Ravens are clearly a better team.

Your question was why they didn't keep running and the answer was the Ravens moved their LB right into the hole between the center and the guard. The reason the hole was there to begin with was because the Ravens had their safties both deep. They changed that up as well.

Football is a chess game. We just didn't match up. We didn't match up the the Steelers, the Jets, and I honestly believe we just bombed against the Patriots. They did not handle us, we killed ourselves on ST.

mike, football is a chess game and fasano is the donkey .

Great post Armando.
QBs need time to develop. Look at Terry Bradshaw, I believe it took him 4 years to become a good starter. Henne does a good job overall and makes some big time throws every game. He doesn't have the team around him like Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco does. We need to give him time.

And also Mike, this is supposed to be a running team. A tiger don't change his stripes. If the ravens make adjustments to stop the run...you find a way to keep running. You don't give up on it almost completely. If that's what you are, you find a way to keep doing it.

Like I said earlier..this team plays based on how the other teams plays them. They never go out and get diverse and dictate play to their opponents. They always react & thats why they lose.

omar kelly is a turd with braids and no muscle tone

Joe, believe me when I tell you that Sparano knows this. He knows that running gives them the best chance to win. But, they've been going against some pretty tough defenses where their strengths were stopping the run.

We do not have the talent to compete with the better defenses. Our offense is too limited. Everyone wants to blame Henning, and I understand this to a small degree, but you can't make applesause out of lemons.

OK Mando but I want to see growth. I know he can hit the checkdown. If he's in there to see if he is our QB he has to chuck 40 or 50 yards down the field for a touchdown a couple times a game. He cannot be an easy read either. There has to be growth.

we used our 1st round pick on a guy with a broken leg with a metal plate instead of a FS like earl thomas or wr like dez;then we pay a WR 50 million and didnt know he still needed surgery to take care of a hip problem. then we trade a true dolphin camarillo for a cb who cant cover. yup,i lost confidence in this regime. why couldn't we have had a true qb competition in camp. let the player seize the position thru his play. why annoint anyone????

Appreciate the debate gentleman, I'm out. We all want the same thing. A winning team to be proud of. Just not sure change is going to help right now. Henning will most likely retire at years end, and changing head coaches is not in the best interest of the team. We are better then we were. The step from good to great is the tough one.

short oil,it's about time .

odrick,,,,,,,,,hakeem nicks w/9 TD SO FAR THIS YEAR

Mike, it's also easier to blame the problems on lack of exacution than to say they got out coached. Which is the real reason. have you noticed how many games Henning has givin up on in the last few min.? alot.

henne sux. bench him. the d was on the field for 38+ min. the putrid o run by the bum henne was on the field for 21+ min. he doesn't make 1st's and the d is f'n exhausted because of it every f'n game.. it is henne. he sux!

If you look at the stats of most of the better qb's, they weren't great in their first few years. Most were in year 3 or later before they really became good qb's. This is Henne's first year as a starter. I also think the playcalling hasn't been geared to make Henne successful. Miami runs the ball to much in the redzone which limits Henne's opportunities to throw td's. Henne is also often asked the throw the ball 35-40 times/game. When you do that, you are going to throw some int's and with limited opportunities to throw td's, your stats aren't going to look good. I'm okay with Henne for now and in 2011. If he shows no improvement next year, then I would think its time to looks elsewhere, but I think he needs some time to succeed before he's labeled a failure.

Ok, our offensive philosophy appears to be play it safe and take what the defense gives us.

With that being said, why on earth, when the Ravens defense is giving us Ronnie up and down the field ON A SILVER PLATTER, does our head coach say he probably should have taken him out in that first drive. As it is, they pretty much took him out the game plan after that.

Look, I'm no nfl OC, but it seems giving them more of Ronnie until THEY figured out how to stop it made sense.

The Ravens offense kept going with the screen until we stopped it....

Wait a minute, did we ever stop it?

Henne is not an accurate QB and his touch is almost none existant. I believe after the end of this year the DOlphins will be drafting a QB pretty high in the draft (around 3rd round)

ALoco, this is Nicks 2nd year. miami drafted Vontae Davis ahead of Hakeem Nicks. You can't get everyone in the draft.

if henne is getting so much live action every game w/ 35/40 paxxes, why does he still sux.?

so the choice is to fire Henning and get a real OC in there to truly evaluate Henne. for 2011

I dont think Henne is the problem, its Henning, the QB coach and the lack of a deep threat on the other side of Brandon Marshall. Henning and his offense is a throwback from years ago, there is no imagination whatsoever other then the wildcat and thats played out. If Henne hasnt developed then look at his coach. You bring in a different approach before you give up on a young QB. I like Bess and Hartline but really do they strike fear in opposing D.C.'s? No Bess will be a great slot receiver and Hartline will be a very good number 3. But this team needs a speed deep thereat!!!!

MARK, that's right mark.thanks .still , nicks is some thing w/ely in ny .

Omar the turd with braids is a complete idiot.

Now kool aid kelly is actually told himself(and now believes it) that Sean Smith not only is an "elite NFL CB", but Sean Smith is one of the fastest players on the Miami Dolphins.

How did this A-HOLE OMAR KELLY ever get a job reporting football in this town?

Oh yeah the jaded Jamaican reporter, still learning American football was hired by the Sun because of budget cuts.

henne's rocket arm sux. he has no deep ball,they see this every f'n day in practice. he sux.

Salguero is absolutely correct in this matter.

Look, as fans we are allowed to be impulsive, rash, impatient, and capricious. We are simply observers who make no actual decisions.

But if a TEAM actually made decisions that way, I guarantee you they would quickly become the most dysfunctional laughinstock in the game and the kind of workplace no sane coach or player would want to operate in.

You do not pull Chad Henne when your team is 4-4 and there is still uncertainty as to whether or not he is the answer at QB. Some of you think you already know the answer to that question, but the reality is you do not. Way too many other factors go into it and countless successful QB's in this league have had FAR worse starts to their career than what Henne has produced so far.

Patience is not a virtue fans need to have but it is something a team MUST have. It's a facet of stability, which all the great franchises (like the Steelers, for instance) have in abundance. Or have you forgotten that the fans there once howled for Bill Cowher's head because he "couldn't win the big one."

Maybe some of you have amnesia about things like that. I don't.

Suffice it to say that if Miami ran their affairs the way some of you want---with weekly chopping-blocks of coaches and/or players---the team would go 0-16.

Omar wants to sleep with sean.
You know what i`m saying.

You are not going to throw up a lot of touchdowns....regardless of who's at WR....regardless of who's at QB, when play calling dictates that all routes are run underneath. This offense is designed (sadly) as a dink and dunk offense with an emphasis on pounding the ball....to think there's going to be a whole lot of TD passes in that kind of a system, you're dreaming.

First, 8 TDs in 8 games is unacceptable. Nothing more to say there.
Second, 10 ints in 8 games is even more unacceptable (1.25 avg. per game; u kidding me?)

Here are some of your statements which makes me wonder about you Mando.

Did you notice that Henne completed 9 of his first 10 passes against the big, bad Baltimore defense? That is correct, he was 9 of 10 to start the game. (Anyone can throw itsy bitsy little passes and dump-offs). Just wondering, but how many of the passes completed went for 20 or more yards and I am not talking about yards after the catch? 10 yards or more?

If Hartline had been on his feet that pass is either an incompletion or a completion. Not an interception. - (Henne does have one consistency, he tends to throw passes that puts the receivers in awkward positions. They are either slightly behind, or low, or too far in front, or too high). Recievers have a tough time catching a Henne pass and being able to stay on their feet or make yards after the catch.)

There were two other picks Henne threw. He had one that led Brandon Marshall a hair too far and the Miami receiver didn't necessarily go above and beyond to stretch for the catch because Ray Lewis had Marshall's ribs in the cross hairs. (That's a cop-out Mando. Read above. Besides, receivers can only do so much when you have a QB that isn't putting the ball where it is supposed to be. Sure, go beyond and above to stretch for a ball that was too high to catch and risk getting injured. C'mon man, get serious.)

The point I'm making is Henne didn't exactly get a ton of support. And I didn't even mention the Anthony Fasano drop. The Brandon Marshall drop. The Ronnie Brown drop.(Why would an elite receiver like Marshall drop balls to begin with? Maybe, just maybe, he is being thrown some really crappy passes. Support you say. Well, how about the fact that he has an o-line that in the most part gives so much time to throw the damn ball that Henne can actually sit back there and drink a mojito. )

Mando, stop being a damn apologist for Henne. He sucks and so does Henning. Both need to go. The bright spot to all this is that Henne will continue to suck, the Phins will end up with a piss poor record and they'll be able to acquire a good spot in the draft, maybe top 10 pick. There should be a good QB in there somewhere. Oh, and no QBs from schools that are known to run first and pass second. Get a QB who is used to throwing the ball regularly.

does omar`s wife know about omar`s bisexuality and lust for sean`s member?

why do you think armando wants henne to play the rest of the season.?.. k.he has been black listed by the regime for his q's at the depressed conferences.this way they will all be axed at seasons end if they keep the bum henne in there and the new regime will give armando total access. that's why!

down with the Heat, GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

gay patrol, watch out. now you'll get nj and tim to show up.lol

Hey, if you guys want a team run with a "fan mentality" where they constantly change coaches, players, and spend like crazy each year in free-agency, then go out and buy a burgundy and gold Redskins jersey.

That formula has worked just GREAT for them, hasn't it?

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