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The situation according to Dan Henning

Dan Henning talked to the media during his weekly presser on Thursday. This week, I assume, everyone is more interested in what he has to say based on the fact stuff is happening (and, unfortunately, not happening for the offense in some cases).

So here are the most interesting bits of tid that came out of Henning's exchange with the media:

Q. How would Henning rate his offense at the midpoint of the 2010 season?

A. "We haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have done some pretty good things but we haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have not as many touchdowns as we'd like. We've gotten the ball seven times between our 48 and the goal line and out of those seven times we have a touchdown and six field goals. But we only have gotten it on the plus side of 50 twice and that was the Pittsburgh game and we weren't able to get touchdowns there. We've had a lot of long drives for touchdowns. We've had a lot of long drives for field goals. But we haven't executed the way we'd like when we did have the opportunity. If you look at the stats, our opportunities in the red area are way off from a lot of other teams' opportunities in the red area.

"So, overall, we're not doing as well as we'd like. And if we were doing as well as we'd like maybe we'd have a better record. So we're 4-4 and we have to be better than that, obviously, especially in the division we're in and the conference we're in if we want to get to where we want to be at the end of the year."

Q. Does Chad Pennington have greater freedom to call audibles than Chad Henne and does the list of plays change based on the quarterback change?

A. "Same. Same. The list of plays are based on who we're playing. I don't think we'll have a different scope of things. You obviously know different people see things differently. They read things differently. When it comes down to the quarterback you have judgment that takes place so you might see him do something that you didn't see [Henne] do. You also might see him do something that Chad did do that might not be as good. That's what you live with whenever you make that type of change."

Q. Does the fact you didn't throw deep much with Henne mean the offense is better suited for Chad Pennington?

A. "No, I don't think the reason we've not thrown as deep much with Henne is Henne as much as the defenses we're playing against. They're trying to stack up against Brandon and the few times we have thrown deep, we've only been successful a couple of times. Like last week we hit Brian Hartline on a pump down the sideline for about 35 yards. And we opened up the Vikings game and we got over the top. As soon as we got over the top on the Vikings, they're going to shut that off.

Q. So does that aspect of the offense change? 

A. "There will be times when the shots will be there and when they're there, we expect them to be hit."

Q. How does the QB switch affect Henne's standing in the league and ability to come back?

A. "I think if you go back through history, I saw a graphic on this somewhere. When Elway came out in '83, he didn't win as many games as Henne has and he had a lot more interceptions than touchdowns. Steve Young came into the World Football League and flopped to Tampa. After Tampa he got traded to San Francisco. He didn't really start starting until his ninth year. He was pretty good. This guy has come out of the box and he's done some very good things. He hasn't dropped any balls, missed any blocks or missed any tackles. And he has done some things he'd like to have back, so to speak. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no reason this guy can't be a good quarterback in this league. He's got the tools. He's got the work ethic to the Nth degree and he is a very tough guy. He's a sensitive guy -- doesn't show that very much. But he is a tough guy and he'll come back from this."

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A Sparano drone. How is it you don't shoot yourself listening to this type of drivel. "He is a sensitive guy."

Well Henning, you took a good prospective quarterback and turned him into Checkoff from the USS Enterprise.

Oh, clock is definately ticking on you Mr. Henning. Enjoy your last ditch efforts to attempt to repair your OC career cuz we all know your yesterdays dirty luandry after this year!!!!


Honestly, I am uncertain what you would have the man say. IN truth, what he is saying is pretty much correct, Miami has done 50% things right... and 50% things wrong (I am making a point, not being literal)... in other words... They are .500 at 4-4. And that, once again sends us right back to the same merry-go-argument that has gone on since this was announced.
I take this statement made by someone as a very good reflection of how one can look at this matter in a different way... And in absolute respect to Armando I use this of the Dolphins web site....

"This isn’t a column about making predictions about the rest of the season now that Pennington is the starter. I’m not smart enough to tell you that. The defense has to play better, and certainly tackle much better than it did against Baltimore. The special teams have to start producing more big plays and less forgettable ones. The running game has to find its groove.

But what I can tell you is this: The Dolphins have a far better chance of winning six of the next eight – what I figure they need to do to make the playoffs – with Pennington at quarterback. His teammates trust him. His coaches respect him. This wasn’t just some wild, spur of the moment decision, born by panic and fear of failure.

This was well thought out and carefully calculated. This was Sparano showing he is comfortable in his own skin and willing to accept whatever criticism he might receive. This was the time to do it. The right decision at the right moment with the right player.

The Dolphins are a better football team today with Chad Pennington at quarterback. And that says it all right there." Andy Cohen

Its very difficult to argue that (Andy's) reason... all you can do is argue Henne's side and what you believe he did or did not have coming... the rest is academic. If I were to say what play sunk Henne this year... I would say it was that lame duck, wobbly toss to Fasano standing 5 feet in front of Henne while wide open in the end Zone.

After everything, and in a game that the people on this very blog said was the most important of the season (Baltimore)... Henne threw that piece of crap pass when we needed a TD like a dead man needs a box?... How do you argue around an error that huge without sounding angry at yourself for believing in Henne... or so Bias that your statements are rubbish?

the cluelessness of miami fans and the miami media is astounding. a 2nd year starter on offense is going to go through growing pains. But Miami fans cant grasp that fact apparently and would rather put blame on the offensive coordinator. Just typical nonsense and its why athletes and coaches look down upon fans as knownothing buffoons. the guy has been collecting checks from the NFL for close to 40 years, has two super bowl rings, one with a castoff journeyman QB, was in another Super Bowl six years ago and almost pulled off one of the greatest upsets ever against a supposed dynasty team but yeah he's the problem because a 2nd year starting QB hasnt figured out how to attack blanket coverage in the red zone effectively yet.


Unfortunately, for some admitting that their trust and confidence was misplaced if only for now is like admitting they were wrong.

And if you have not learned the depths and pitfalls of challenging someone in that craziness of mind ... you are certainly getting close.

Your right, Solid thinking, polished QB's would rip a blanket coverage apart... but a couple things blanket coverage does not suffer in hesitation (Tentative thinking) or overthrown passes. I giggle to think what Marino would do if you threw a blanket coverage or cover 2 at him. The Best/Only way Marino was stopped was blitzing him straight up the middle... even then his release and that one nice step he had (and Henne lacks) would still burn you a bunch of times if you tried blitzing him. We need a Delorean and a Flux capacitor!

Henning shows through his words the problems with the dolphin offense. The Dolphin receivers cant beat the defense's they see week in and week out. Simple as that. Henning says the Dolphins take what the defense says they can have, instead of taking what you want. Its a "mother may I" offense. I say its Hennings play calling. Henning is doing it his way and will continue which means this is going to get ugly.

Henning sounds like a proper numpty. Old, stale, outdated offense. Not utilising the best weapons we have - Henne's arm and Marshalls hands.

I like C-Pen and I welcome the switch but it shouldnt have come to this.

Coach Henning it was nice knowing ya....BUT the Bullseye is on your back...

Lets wait to hear from that Moron D C Dolfan,he knows every thing their is too know about Miami. He thinks!

Hennings play calling has been very suspect at times. I know he has a solid pedigree, but the times he has chosen to run on clearly passing downs and passed on plays that we should have clearly run on are where I get upset. The thing is he's made those mistakes many times.

I know everyone wants to win now but I have reservations of benching Henne at this point. I hope this works out overall but it seems like this might totally blow Henne's maturation and we are now going to have to draft other qb options.

looking back on sparano i think keeping penne to mentor henne was a mistake. henne had too many guys in his ear and all it did was confuse him. paralysis by analysis. he listened to penne,david lee,henning,sparano. henne wasnt allowed to make mistakes;a coach was always in his ear;he became a game manager not a player with himself having to work it out. i watched the 3 years he was in davie for camp;he looked the same all 3 years. he was coached up ad nauseum with little progress. he was always being coached and never freelancing. the qb change now was correct because the coaches hurt his development. i dont think he will ever be able to remove or process all the info he was fed. coaches were trying to make him into something he was not. he looked very uncomfortable in the "system". i kinda feel sorry for him. he had a live arm but no feel for the game in sparano's system of game management. wrong guy for our system.

Looking with a clinical eye at Henning yesterday, senility is fast approaching him(tremor, slowness). I'm pretty sure he will retire at the end of the season.

with parcells gone there's a danger this group of sparano/henning/ireland could unravel. there are signs of cracks now. the texans grabbed jason allen;our starter for 7 games who sparano bragged up. he had 3 int against favre and close on others. he never got safety help;was often alone on the best receivers. we released him to get a 36 yr old cb with a bum leg??? pennington is the right guy to run the dink and dunk offense. henne belongs on a team with a diff system that knows how to use him. henne would be good for the ravens or falcons because he's alot like ryan/flacco with live arm. he was handicapped in our system to be a game manager. it was a bad fit and a bad pick for us because of our system. i'm really worried about the personell decisions losing roth,jt,camarillo and jason allen;getting sapp and harris.

yeah, he will bounce back from this benching. with another team!

Even a physical football Team needs some intelligent players on it.

Greg & Dolphin77

The same thing was said when Patrick Turner was snatched up by the Jests when we released him. Allen will give Houston help in some of their area's of concern... But just like Miami, Houston is 4-4 and full of shortcomings.
I wish J. Allen all the best in the rest of his Football Career, I hold no ill feelings... h


I always liken these sort of things to how a guy or girl feels a few days/weeks after they finally gather up the courage to dump a Girl/Boyfriend who has drove them nuts or that they really found out they didn't want to go any farther with... Inevitably... those people start thinking about only the Good things... nice nights together... fun days at the beach... a few beautiful Dinners or vacations.... They forget all about that Laugh that made them want to Vomit. They forget all about how she/he wanted to know where, when, how and why you were every second of you life. OR how she constantly nagged you about going to the bar to watch game with your buddies

In the case of Jason Allen... We forget him Getting TORCHED nearly every time he saw action... and the embarrassment of watching the 60 yard bomb for a TD and all the High Fives they did in our end zone... You forget about a Receiver blowing by him like he was sitting on the toilet and opening up a game that had been kept close enough to win up until that point... I am not sure why people get mad at Sparano when he talks up a player and when that player slips the game changes... I'm glad he doesn't allow a players work from two Months ago to allow him to suck now and get a pass for it.

You can see it all the time... I have seen NOTHING of Porter and Taylor... Wake has overshadowed them both very well. John Beck, Dauntee Cullpepper was good for a few games in 08 and then "POOF!" Gone! So many more disppeared into the woodwork then became true game changers... O-line, D-line guys... you name it...
You can BET Moss will get a nice catch against Miami... That is ALWAYS how it goes... I do miss Matt Roth... Wess Welker makes me want top strangle Cam Cameron ever time I read his name (I used to call him "Way fast Whitey Welker")..

I'll bet if you REALLY look into it in a few months... Jason Allen has given many contributions to this team. And what Houston will learn is the same thing Miami did... That contribution IS ALWAYS BASED ON... need and the level of competition he was up against. Wich he always played up or down too.

Greg Z,

A couple of things....your 'really concerned about the personnel decisions, losing Roth, JT, Camarillo and Jason Allen'. Really? The only guy that bothers me even a little bit is Allen and honestly, he's not that good. Flacco is the same type of Qb and the Ravens run a system similar to what we are trying to do. Flacco doesn'timpress me that much. Ryan I REALLY like. Different QB than Henne entirely, more athletic, allowed to audible more and can make all the throws. For Henne to be more like this we need to take the handcuffs off.I think we made a mistake not taking Ryan, as much a I love Jake Long.



greg we didnt release him for al harris sean smith already replaced him when he was here and even if harris doesnt even start he can help out smith and davis




Andy Cohen is the DOLPHINS reporter. His articles appear on MiamiDolphins.com. Shouldn't that tell you something about his BIAS? Have you read his articles before? This guy was thrilled when we got Culpepper. He was ecstatic when Sage Rosenfels had that comeback game and felt he'd be the QB Miami was looking for. He was a cheerleader when we got JT back. Dude, this guy is a supporter of whatever Miami does.

So for you to just take what he says like it's the Word from the Almighty, I'll just caution you to take it with a grain of salt.

For you to say this was "well-thought out and calculated" is simply a joke. Let's see, Penne was the starter. Gets hurt, Henne comes in. Penne has surgery and comes back this year. Does he get his starting position back? Nope. What was the reasoning? "Henne is the future." That came from Sparano's OWN mouth. Now that Ross got in Sparano's ear, telling him he's on the hotseat, Sparano is in "win now" mode (not sure what he's been doing for 8 games). That doesn't sound "well-thought out" to me. That sounds like the invasion of Iraq ("we'll be greeted with roses.") It sounds like a guy who has no IDEA what he's doing, with a stale approach to football, listening to the echo chamber of his stale coaches.

But all that is good. At this point, it is what it is. Will I be supporting Miami this week. YES! And every week following. But am I HAPPY with the direction this season has taken. ABSOLUTELY NOT! No clear thinking individual would think it's a positive event for your young starting QB to be benched for you old vet that lost the starting position. It might be a Band-Aid (read ANY article OUTSIDE of a Miami venue and you'll see NO ONE around the league sees this as a plus), but it sure isn't a spark. It's a sign that things are going South, very quickly, and hopefully we can stop the bleeding before the whole thing tumbles.

That's not even mentioning what this means for the future. How we may need to trust in the same group that brought us PAT WHITE (and Chad Henne I may add) to find ANOTHER QB of the future. This is what I don't get. Penne won't be here forever. His career will end in the next few months or years. That means another QB needs to be found. For all you Henne-haters, THIS FO DRAFTED HIM! OVER MATTY ICE! Just like Culpepper was the wrong move, so was not getting Matt Ryan (as the win last night against Baltimore can attest to). I mean, I LOVE Jake Long, but he's protecting the blind side of a QB that's throwing bubble screens for 2 yards. Great. That's winning football.

The most important position on the football field has been a cancer to the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino left. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. During that time, Miami hasn't even SNIFFED a Championship game. Those are the facts. Are we CLOSER to fixing that problem now, or further? I report, you decide!


He will be accomodated, just not now.

the question is whether we keep our same offensive philosophies and our system. if we decide to stay with the dink and dunk then penne is our man. defenses will creep up,stuff the run and double cover marshall. defenses will dictate what we are allowed to do. when henne was in the defenses took away the long ball and smothered the 2-3 receivers we had out. we need a qb that doesnt need max protect. we desparately need some offensive weapons who can dictate a defense. marshall needs other weapons on the field for him to be successful;otherwise he becomes another possession receiver.

Dolfans, I've been found out. And I hate to say it, Buffalo Bill has a point. I defer, 100%, to questions about losing and terrible QBs to Buffalo Bill. Hey, the guy knows something about those subjects. Actually, he knows EVERYTHING there is to KNOW about those subjects. He knows about being the worst team in the league YEAR AFTER YEAR. He knows about losing a Hall of Famer like T.O. because they don't have a QB to get him the ball and let him do what he's doing this year on a REAL NFL team. Bill knows about being the laughingstock of professional sports.

So, please, listen to Buffalo Bill. Bill, please enlighten us on what Miami should do to prevent it from being compared in any way to the Bills. While you're at it, why don't you tell Chan Galey. He probably needs your genius advice more than we do here.

Welcome Bill, enjoy your time on our blog. While it may be depressing, it's because we all actually have HOPES that our team will compete for a Playoff position. While you only HOPE your team doesn't get relegated to the CFL next year. Happy trails loser!

Really... We care what Dan Henning says? The guy seems to be terrible as a O coordinator. Henne asking to be traded? I doubt it, not yet at least.

Greg, agreed, however, we all know Henning is toast here (just like he was in Carolina). So, there will be a new OC here, with a new philosophy. Who will he be coaching though?

You were in camp. You said Henne never looked that great. What about Thigpen? These people on here think he's the next Elway. Is that true? Did he show any promise that he could actually get a winning QB in the league (or on this team). Or do you think (like I do) that we'll have to start from scratch and go get someone not currently on the team? And do you agree that it'll take time for OC and new QB to get in sync with each other and the rest of the team and head coach (whether it's Sparano or someone new)?

Guys, we dont have a QB problem. Chad Henne will be fine, and is still the future. We have a run game problem.

Runing the ball opens up the defenses for passing situations. All the defenses we faces are lining up in pass coverage, because we arent running the ball.

Look at last nights game, Ravens vs. Falcons.
Falcons defense took the running game away from the Ravens, and Joe Flacco looked like Henne.

CraigM, your post got me thinking. You said Ravens run a similar offense. Agreed. People here are frustrated with the "dinks and dunks" offense. But didn't that seem to work great with Ray Rice? When you have a dynamic RB who understands his role as an outlet when the QB is in trouble? Knows exactly where to position himself to get the most yardage available? Would have been great if Henne had a RB like that, huh?

I mean, yeah, some of this is scheme, but some is also the players. Ray Rice is a beast. Anquan Boldin is a beast. Flacco doesn't have to do much for his team to win. How about that philosophy? That if all you can get is an average QB, then make the team around him incredible, to hide his shortcomings.

I'd draft a stud RB next year, or a Chris Cooley/Dallas Clark-style TE. But nope, now the genius FO will need to draft a QB, who might or might not be the One. Anyone else seeing the train wreck we're heading towards?

it stands out to me that he said the offensive plays dont change with different qbs. why? how can you expect CP to make the throws that CH can make? and why was CH forced to play against his strengths with hennings put-put down the field approach?

I really like this move. It will answer a whole lot of questions about who is really at fault here.

Certainly some of it is play calling. Shot gun formation inside green zone pretty much screams PASS, makes it easy for defense. Bad play calling.

Shotgun roll out to short side of pretty much pretty much has failure written all over it. Bad play calling.

Finally (I've been screaming at TV for last 3 years) Henning calls a play action pass at goal line and TE is wide open. Pass is horrible, that is on QB

greg z, i agree about penne mentoring henne. the have different skill sets for one, penne plays not to lose also. i hate how quick penne is to throw the ball away, usually without any real effort to extend to play. and through your own experiences in life, do you find it more effective to learn from your own mistakes, or to learn from someone constantly telling you what to do and how to do it. let henne think and learn for himself with an offense built to his strenthgs.

JASON ALLEN was traded based on his request to be traded since he was demoted .the dolphins had no say in the matter ,they didn't want to do it .

If we compare other rookie qb's like the one in St.Louis or Detroit or two - three years qb's like Flaco, Sanchez and Ryan they seemed to be doing better than Henne. Now, why is that? Is it Henne's talent or Is it the talent around him? Is it the coaching? They seem to be able to score in the Red Zone and throw deep passes......Why can we not do the same? Obviously, Iam not in a position to know.... but as a fan it seems to be a combination of all of the above....however, we will see how Pennington performs.... that will help us have a clearer picture.

Yeah, what about Thigpen?

i think if they pick up some speed at rb and wr and te, get the interior o-line to run block, drop henning and maybe mold an offense around henne (rather than force him to mold to the offense) then there is no need to draft a qb high. i havent lost all faith in henne.

I don't wish to overstate the fact....that Henning is an old dinosaur and just for lack of a better way of putting it...WRONG.....I tried not to call him the moron I believe him to be.

wasnt henne on track to have about as many tds as he had last year. isnt the lack of tds a little based on the fact that we have 3 rushing tds after 8 games. we had what, 22 rushing tds last year, and this year we are on pace for 6. but yeah, its totally hennes fault for one floater at the goal line that couldve easily been a qb sneak or lousaka up the middle

Thinking about it, Miami hasn't blown up an opponent in a long time. The last one I remember was during the JJ era. Hmm..

in the off season every one was talking about the bears and mike martz's air it out offensive approach. sure it isnt working out for them too great (mostly due to o-line). but wouldnt that type of offensive philosophy suit henne better than the current?

Special teams collapsed in every way imaginable, defensive collapsed when they absolutely had to stop the other team, dropped passes by receivers, fall down by receivers, dropped interceptions by the d.backs, defensive players out of position, questionable play calling and unimaginative game planning.

Let's replace the quarterback and we will make the playoffs.

Yeah, and the Heat will win not one, but two,three, four.............

Yeah, haven't seen any QB sneaks or draws this year.

Henne lacks poise for me. He can do it (the TD pass to Bess against Packers for example). But more often than not he fumbles around in the pocket not knowing what to do.

Not having a saftey valve TE or running back doesnt help the situation.

The other guys can check down to Keller, Gonzalez, Rice. Henne has to just stand there until he forces a throw or gets sacked.

I think the o-line has been great this year so its not on them.

armando2, you hit the nail on the head. Right now, me and everyone else is just speculating (like ALoco/Mark in Toronto and Gold). But the next few weeks (or however long Penne is in there) will let us know exactly what's going on with this team. Was is one person (Henne)? If so, Penne will fix it (or he won't). Or is it a combination of factors (QB, poor play by RBs, no o-line push in run game, WRs dropping balls, sloppy play on defense, no ST). We'll see very shortly.

By the way, interesting stat from yesterday's game. Apparently, it was mentioned that Roddy White has ZERO dropped passes this year. ZERO! He's caught everything thrown to him. This isn't an indictment of any of our WRs (esp. not Marshall, who to me is the best player on the team). But it goes to show what you need to do to win. Someone needs to make plays. Even plays they shouldn't make. And no one on either side of the ball on Miami is doing that. That's why we're 4-4 and not 6-2. If someone can step up and make plays, maybe we become something other than a .500 team.

WHEN jason allen was demoted he asked to be traded and it happened .

CHAD henne was demoted and the rumor says he is asking to be traded .

well ,we will see .

I wonder when Hartline will be on the hot seat. I mean, HE was the reason for the fumble against the Steelers. HE slipped an causes the INT last week. HE can't get open on the regular when Marshall and Bess are getting double-covered.

What's the deal with that? If we're starting over, let's clean house of ALL the less than stellar players we have. J. Allen should just be the start. Bench Hartline (let's see what one of the young kids can do).

screw henning i hope that Chad Pennington can bring the fire to a offense has lack since the bigining of the preseason my heart says we have a oportunity to achive a come back here come a big if/but like season 2008. let the beast play like a beast at last for ones.

Dolfan DC,

We see things the same way. Wasn't Ronnie supposed to be our stud running back this year? What happened? Is he too damaged after injury? Bothered by his contract? Just not as good as we had hoped he would be? The guy hasn't got it done this year and Armando and others have given him a free pass? How come? How come all this Henne and Henning bash isnt directed at Brown? He was the second overall pick a few years back and he hasn't lived up to his billing. He dances around instead of hitting the holes and he drops key passes he should be hauling in. The first drive last game was one of the few games he showed some burst. So while I don't think Flacco is much better than Henne, he has a better surrounding cast in Rice, Heap, Boldin, Mason and some of the other guys on that team. Mason is UNBELIEVABLE to be doing what he's doing at ag 36. The guy is CLUTCH!! with the exception of Bess and sometimes Marshall we don't have that.

As my dearly departed father used to say, "this guys is a banana!" My father was a devout Catholic and would never swear - let alone in front of his children. This is as harsh an indictment as anyone would ever get.

We have the same offense for Pennington as we have for Henne??? How the F**K could that be??? (I'm not as devout as my late father) Their skill sets are so different and if oyu have the same offense, then that is admitting that you didn't design to Henne's strengths - oyu tried to make him something he isn't. Awful coaching. Please, someone pull the plug on this administration. They gave us a coach that can't form a sentence without drifting into another sentence altogether. They gave us an awful special teams coach, defensive co-ordinator, and awful offensive co-ordinator. Sooner or later if you keep hiring dolts, you don't look at the employees, you look at the employer!

If we could go back in time, I wish Pennington never fell into our laps, I wish 2008's soft schedule never happened. We would already know what we would have with Chad Henne - and if he wasn't the guy - we might be sitting here with Sam Bradford and a bright future. Instead, all we have is a good supporting cast but no answer at the key position - the only position that matters.

F**K THIS S**T!!

Wow - We have had long drives for scores but when we have a short field we don't convert. Sounds like play calling to me.

We abandon the run and don't commit to the pass. Sounds like play calling to me.

We run screwy routes knowing that Brandon is being double and triple teamed but we don't put him in motion or have him run slants. Sounds like play calling to me.

i also wish the 2008 schedule never happended. We didnt need a soft scedule to fluke our way to 11-5. we needed to rebuild and get another high draft pick.

Every other stud receiver gets one on one coverage at times but never Marshall. How can that be?


Craig/Mark, you guys realize we're gonna have a target on our heads all day today. These other folks think Penne is the answer, and we're just whiners. Derek even uses the cheerleader Andy Cohen as proof that this is a great move and completely strategic and probably hatched before the season ("Yeah Dan (Henning), we'll play Henne for 8 games, then, if he ain't cuttin' it, we'll put in Pennington, it'll be magical," says Sparano).

Somehow, we'll be turned into football imbeciles. Because we're not jumping on the bandwagon of starting your 2nd-string, geriatric QB to go with your 3rd-rate, geriatric OC, and that providing a "spark" for your ailing ball club. I mean, I wasn't happy about 4-4, but 2 1/2 games out of 1st place in the division does not a crumbling season make, does it? Was it necessary to turn everything upside down this week?

Anyway, just want you guys to put your thick skins on, cause the onslaught is coming. I saw it yesterday. Be prepared. Good luck and Godspeed.

Mando, please ask henning or sparano why they rotate ronnie and ricky and not stick to the hot running back. It seems like each rb is hot on a giving sunday. Stick to the hot hand. Ricky was terrible against baltimore why not stay with ronnie? I just dont get it

DC Dolphan, i go down to davie every year with my16 year old son to watch alot of practices. we love it,talking to the players and watching them practice. thigpen is very exciting to watch. he is young,can make all the throws,slides in the pocket to avoid pressure and knows how to run! he definitely was the best qb prospect we have watched in practice. he threw the ball downfield and produced a "spark". if u remember he played very well in KC with no weapons;almost beat us by himself. he does make mistakes on occasion but had an excellent td to int ratio in K.C. we dont need to max protect him either so we could flood the field with receivers. there's alot of football guys that like him. he's waiting his turn. if penne falters,he may be next up.

Boulder, don't you GET IT man? Sparano and Henning say PUT IN THE FRESH LEGS! NO MATTER WHAT! One set of downs for one RB, then one for the next. THAT'S THEIR WORD AND THEY'RE THE BOSS. Hell what you (or me, or anyone else) thinks. Hell with what actually works (not just what theoretically should work in their little minds). It worked at UCONN. Worked back in '82 with the Redskins, so HELL with everyone else. Whatever Sparano and Henning say is straight from God's mouth and the biblical Truth! No one has an opportunity to dispute them. They know, everyone else just thinks they know. Get it now (obviously this should be read tongue-in-cheek).

Aloco, where did you hear this rumor about henne wanting to be traded?

Thank you for that perspective Greg. I trust your assessment more than the coaches at this point. So, I'm changing my tune again folks. With Greg's insight, I'm on the Thigpen bandwagon. I'd like to see what he REALLY can do. Not sure why he didn't get the start of Penne frankly. IF he is the future, let's start now (he's been in the league awhile, he's started games). Let's just see what we got. It pains me to say, but I hope Penne doesn't pan out so we can put in Thigpen. Maybe he'll be the option. Or maybe we'll be looking for 3 QBs after the season. I just want to know.

DC, it's because most people are sheep. They don't see that there is one team in the NFL EVER that is successful by changing QBs year after year. They don't understand that most often a QB evolves and is simply not just born. They don't watch enough football to understand this. They point at Matt Ryan - they didn't see Ryan take a step back before he moved forward again. They don't see that Ryan played 20 more games than Henne. They don't remember the last 4 games Pennington played - whcih were a lot worse than the 4 worst game that Henne EVER played in this league. Penningotn without a top running game is the WORST option this team has. They are going to get so F**KED right up the caboose that it will make them eat their words. Pennington is not able to get the ball to Marshall - they will see that. The season is not even over - I never really cared about making the playoffs - I just wanted the Qb position to evolve this year - and now - for sure - it won't.

Mando said it right - the Dolphins are no closer than when Baltimore threw us around in 2008.

hey mando, you should have asked the oc why in the heck did we only ran ronnie 9 times in last sundays game. I thought we were a run first physical team. 9 rushes for your starting rb is crazy. 14 runs to both rb's combined?? I thought we were going to impose our will on teams and be more physical!! I don't get the play calling period!

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