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The situation according to Dan Henning

Dan Henning talked to the media during his weekly presser on Thursday. This week, I assume, everyone is more interested in what he has to say based on the fact stuff is happening (and, unfortunately, not happening for the offense in some cases).

So here are the most interesting bits of tid that came out of Henning's exchange with the media:

Q. How would Henning rate his offense at the midpoint of the 2010 season?

A. "We haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have done some pretty good things but we haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have not as many touchdowns as we'd like. We've gotten the ball seven times between our 48 and the goal line and out of those seven times we have a touchdown and six field goals. But we only have gotten it on the plus side of 50 twice and that was the Pittsburgh game and we weren't able to get touchdowns there. We've had a lot of long drives for touchdowns. We've had a lot of long drives for field goals. But we haven't executed the way we'd like when we did have the opportunity. If you look at the stats, our opportunities in the red area are way off from a lot of other teams' opportunities in the red area.

"So, overall, we're not doing as well as we'd like. And if we were doing as well as we'd like maybe we'd have a better record. So we're 4-4 and we have to be better than that, obviously, especially in the division we're in and the conference we're in if we want to get to where we want to be at the end of the year."

Q. Does Chad Pennington have greater freedom to call audibles than Chad Henne and does the list of plays change based on the quarterback change?

A. "Same. Same. The list of plays are based on who we're playing. I don't think we'll have a different scope of things. You obviously know different people see things differently. They read things differently. When it comes down to the quarterback you have judgment that takes place so you might see him do something that you didn't see [Henne] do. You also might see him do something that Chad did do that might not be as good. That's what you live with whenever you make that type of change."

Q. Does the fact you didn't throw deep much with Henne mean the offense is better suited for Chad Pennington?

A. "No, I don't think the reason we've not thrown as deep much with Henne is Henne as much as the defenses we're playing against. They're trying to stack up against Brandon and the few times we have thrown deep, we've only been successful a couple of times. Like last week we hit Brian Hartline on a pump down the sideline for about 35 yards. And we opened up the Vikings game and we got over the top. As soon as we got over the top on the Vikings, they're going to shut that off.

Q. So does that aspect of the offense change? 

A. "There will be times when the shots will be there and when they're there, we expect them to be hit."

Q. How does the QB switch affect Henne's standing in the league and ability to come back?

A. "I think if you go back through history, I saw a graphic on this somewhere. When Elway came out in '83, he didn't win as many games as Henne has and he had a lot more interceptions than touchdowns. Steve Young came into the World Football League and flopped to Tampa. After Tampa he got traded to San Francisco. He didn't really start starting until his ninth year. He was pretty good. This guy has come out of the box and he's done some very good things. He hasn't dropped any balls, missed any blocks or missed any tackles. And he has done some things he'd like to have back, so to speak. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no reason this guy can't be a good quarterback in this league. He's got the tools. He's got the work ethic to the Nth degree and he is a very tough guy. He's a sensitive guy -- doesn't show that very much. But he is a tough guy and he'll come back from this."

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bobbyd12, when i hear a rumor i pass it along out of respect for the fans and you .as for the tickets,you just said it , they are trying to SELL OUT THIS GAME .

its blog to express dissatisfaction and vent, Jack. what would you post and have us discussing?

Jack,and I mean no offense but what do you know?

Derek 4 Dolphin

What I want to hear is something we don't know. Why they didn't make this decision after the Pittsburgh blame?
Instead the coaches drone on and on repeating verbatim what was in the last news column. It is always 50/50 with these guys. "He does some things well." What kind of statement is that? Not his fault but we are replacing him anyway? We took the 35 year old has been and cut the 28 year old, good special teams player.
Rex Ryan says "We are going to win the Super Bowl. " "We have the best cornerbacks in the league" We will beat these guys, no problem"
Brandon Marshall...We will make the playoffs.
These coaches won't make a statement and the team doesn't make a statement. Just well enough so they don't look like tools and then they shake hands at the end of the game. I don't want to see a bunch of blowhards, just a team that believes in itself.

ed, why don't you go join PETA then? This is a FOOTBALL blog! These people on here want their team to win a SUPER BOWL.

And for you to make an asinine statement like you'd rather Pennington than Vick, that's completely ridiculous. You know how many FOOTBALL junkies would make that statement? ZERO! So you're barking up the wrong tree.

Whatever Vick did, HE PAID HIS DEBT TO SOCIETY! But that's not good enough for you, you'd rather bite your nose to spite your face (or in this case, your football team). Well, here's one fan that isn't buying the sh*t your shoveling, and I'm happy to say it again. YOU'RE AN IDIOT! Point blank. Go spank that, doggiestyle!

Can't believe how good Matt Ryan looked last night against the Ravens. I realize that Cahd Henne ha played a lot less games in this league but my God it's like night and day watching these guys play. I love Jake Long and I loved him coming out but my God how could we have passed on Ryan. He looks like a young Peyton Manning. I think this guy is going to have a GREAT career. And I think Sam Bradford is going to become a star too. These are they guys we continue to miss out on.


payuengsnwings, enjoy buddy. Fed-Ex is a stone's throw from my house. Great stadium, HORRIBLE parking/traffic nightmare. Got nothing on Sun Life (I've been to both). I'd take Miami any day.

But enjoy Vick, you'll get to see a Superstar in person. I'd let Vick babysit my cocker spaniel, poodle AND golden retriever if he'd play even ONE game for Miami. He's the Man!

Sparano has no idea how to fix this, Hint: Fire Henning! He is about to go down in flames after this Sundays beating by Tenn. Totally clueless

Last night, Ryan missed 2 wide open throws for TDs..... that happens to every QB. They kept being aggressive. The difference is that both Ryan and Flacco have much better supporting casts around them and coaches that have a clue about developing QBs! To me Henne is actually playing better than both Flacco and Sanchez with lesser talent around him. A young QB needs time to develop and needs a running game and good players around him. How do you think Ben Rothlisberger was developed!?!?

DC, you sound like an intelligent, thoughtful person with valuable insight on football as well as life. thank you for your mature and calculated comments. its quite obvious you are an educated adult.

GREAT points cansRUs

Henne better than Flacco & Sanchez?????

Yes Craig, we passed on Ryan becuase this regime ASSURED us Henne would be good enough. Well, after starting a GRAND total of 21 games and not given a rushing attack at all and a BANANA calling plays, he's tossed aside.

If I'm Ross, I'm getting on the phone with Jim harbaugh's people just as oon as college season is over. Then I would let him hire his own fresh set of co-ordinators. Anyone else watch Stanford play this year? NOW THEY ARE BAD *SS! They play tough and play hard and gave the #1 college team in the nation a tremendous scare. And he also has developed the #1 QB in the nation to go with that swagger. This is the type of guy i want coaching my team. While I'm at it, I would get Baltimore's player personnel guy to be my gm. i don't even know who that is - but that team can draft and is never afraid to pull the trigger on a good move.

Sparano sucks the golden wand for his hires!

hey DC, while vick babysits your dogs you should let rothlisberger take your girlfriend to dinner.

WILL BUY OR FEED (tailgating only for food)anyone with a phins jersey on.Will have my DANSBY on.Next to player parking

Yes, Henne is a lot better than Sanchez and at least on par with Flacco - no doubt in my mind either.

Thats right ALoco, "trying to sell out" Tix arent "selling fast" like you reported the other day. In fact tix sales for this game are barely moving. 15,000 thousand empty seats this Sunday Dolphin fans have lost faith



Mark in Toronto,

I think the Long decision was based solely on the regimes philosophy to build the lines first. Can't really argue with that philosophy. Parcells has done it in the past with guys like Simms and Hostetler and Testaverde and Romo. Simms had a good career but you wouldn't exactly call any of those guys STAR quarterbacks! He's always been of the philosophy that you get by with a 'game-manager' and you run the ball and play good defence. I'm not sure you win consistently like that in the NFL today. There's some great quarterbacks in the NFL today and I'm not sure yet whether we have one or not. I love what Ryan brings to the game. Leadership, energy and athletic ability. I don't think we get that from Henne until Henning is gone.

CanesRUs- Sorry man, watching that game last night should have made any Phin fan wake up. To even put Henne on the same page as Flaco or Ryan is a crime right now. It's not even close. Sure Henne has put up some good passing numbers. But those quarterbacks know how to lead their teams, and compete. Henne is at best a bed wetter when it comes to 4th quarter efficiency. Flaco was awful in the first three quarters. But when it mattered at crunch time he lead his team to 3 td's on 3 possesions. He found a way to get his team in the endzone after getting blasted. Notice his poise in the pocket. Didn't look anything like our guy. Don't even start with Ryan. Look, Henne has a ways to go this is obvious. Lets stop trying to compare him with other guys until he is in their leauge

Yea, Henne has a great future, once Henning stops calling the offense.

I've been reading you for at least 2 years now and I sync your podcast to my zune daily man, I love the show, love your writting. I don't disagree with you often and I respect and welcome your insights.
But, I need you to STOP playing the results, ever since Henne got benched, you guys have been coming up with the idea that we should of picked Matt Ryan instead of Long, when we all know and agree that Long is the best left tackle in the game.
Yes, Ryan developped a lot quicker and his team is more stable than ours. But not everything falls on Henne.
We've been playing musical chair in that interior offensive line for 3 years now, you don't think that its a factor!!!!
Take a look at the jets, patriots, steelers and other elite teams, even Atlanta: their O-line is stable. They change 1 or two players in the last 3 years. We make a change every 2 weeks!
Ryan, Flacco even Sanchez; all of them have a coordinator that cators the playbook to them and their strength and they show trust in the guy. Sanchez is young, many guys in the locker room think he's baby, but they all embrace him, coaches, players, everyone!
Its time for us to make the kid wanted. Henne is 25 years old and he's not getting any support from none of you guys in the media, none of the coaches and its just not freaking fair to the kid!
Pennington will make fewer mistakes, may be take us to the playoffs and then what??? What will we do after that?

i dont give a damn what he did in the past. if you can lead your team to wins and playoffs, then thats what the dolphins need.

I guess we will have to leave the judgment to history, since Flaco and Sanchez are likely to remain starters for several years to come, while Henne fades into Carr/Harrington obscurity/back-up status.

Get it through your heads, Guys---EVEN IF YOU ARE RIGHT --- this Regime has abandoned the Henne experiment, and the next regime is highly unlikely to stake its future on The Robot.

The concept of Henne as a long-term starter in this league (tho he may be back for a spell or two this yr after penny is hurt &/or craps out, ditto Thiggy)is d-e-a-d. He's history.

ALoco,did they say thats why he is not starting?LOL


You place Henne in that Baltimore or Atlanta team he would be having the same success as those two. And Flacco or Ryan would be struggling in this anemic Dolphin offense. Henne isnt surrounded by the talent or good coaching those two are.


AFF, never mind changin the O-line every year or every 2 or 3 games, they change the guards every other series.

The Henne benching was the last straw in my mind with these guys. We will go nowhere with them because they have no foresight.

Kick this Cowgirl regime out the door already.

Bring in a young progressive, intelligent coach to lead this team.

JIM HARBAUGH or a reasonable facsimilie

Thanks ed, appreciate it. Glad you came to your senses buddy.

i didn't see henne lead the dolphins to the playoffs. not even close to sanchez or flacco, or ryan, or big ben, or any of these other qbs. he is a solid back up or 3rd stringer though!

There were tears,ALoco

It's about the the talent around them.... Ryan does not have to be 100% perfect on every throw since he has playmakers all around him and a punishing running game. I am not saying that Henne is better than Ryan right now, but I do believe that he is better than Flacco and Sanchez, who are on teams with much better overall talent on the O and better OCs!!!! The QB can only do so much. Peyton Manning had to make perfect throws the other night against the Eagles due to all the injuries they've had, and even he eventually cracked and got picked a couple of times!!! The Fins have about as much talent on the O as Manning had that night against the Eagles, and even with better play-calling, and a HOF QB, it was not enough. We saw the same thing with Marino as the talent around him lessened..... We need more playmakers with a better OC and Henne will be fine and flourish in his development!!!

I would personally sacrifice 100 dogs to have a shot at winning. I think we might have missed the boat on Vick. We had a chance when he was coming back.

What's new? We ALWAYS miss our chance.

atlanta has no more talent than miami does. they have roddy white thats it.

Henning also said the offense will stay the same with Penningtin in. Tenn 31-17

HOW can this be fixed?F.A,draft or coaching?I just hate to rebuild as a fan of many moons.

dolphin77, they also don't have Sparano, Henning, and Ronnie Brown.

Everyone should stop dreaming about what could have been with Ryan & Flacco. It's stupid & ludicrous. Just because they got drafted the same year is not an indicator of who is better. The talent around these guys isn't even remotely comparable.

Flacco - Boldin, Mason, Housh, Stallworth, Heap, Rice, Mcgahee. Throw in their Defense too for shits n giggles.

Ryan - White, Jenkins, Gonzalez, Turner

Not to mention both teams have better Olines. The ONLY guy Miami has comparable to any of those guys is Marshall & each of those teams has a dynamic #1 WR so it's a wash. Bess is our edge, we are lesser everywhere else.

We have NO TE's, no explosive RB's & no reliable #2 WR. Put Ryan or Flacco on this team and see how well he does. And for the love of god, stop dreaming about what could have been.

Henne will never be fine. He's as through as David Carr & Joey Harrington & Tim Couch & a dozen others before him.

Tuna staked his claim on Henne in the 2d round as good as or better than Ryan & Flaco.

Now we pay the price. While Tuna is celebrated on NFLNet & elsewhere, w/ no questions asked.




and I HATE to say that. The weiny man has looked pretty good this year. At least when I've watched him. At least he has a pump-fake

LMAO, yea Miami has the same talent and coaching as Atlanta. Take another hit off your Meth pipe.

Quick---name Ryan's Left Tackle.

@dolphin77, you honestly think Atlanta and Miami have the same talent on O???? I see Gonzalez at TE that can't be covered by a safety and Fasano gets shut down by average LBs.... You must be joking!!! Mike Jenkins, Finneran, etc., etc. The play calling is also better. I do think that Ryan is better right now than Henne, but the talent around him is definitely better!!!!

Bobby, you are being too optimistic with Penne. When he had to start facing real teams last year - he was averaging 100 pass yards a game and had more picks than TDs.

People are mad because Henne has 8 td in 8 games? Penne had 1 in 3 games.

At least Henne gave us yardage in the air on SOME part of the field. penne won't give us that. I don't think the Dolphins will get more than 2 scores. ALL 11 Tenn defenders will be within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. At least Henne made the safeties back off a bit.

This is going to make this regime look even dumber than they already appear.

come on bobbyd12 the other day you were the world greatest dolphins fan, and you were loyal and dedicated, what happened? because they sat your boyfriend henne?

Check pout the Jets blog during the GB and majority of Lions game. Those fans wanted Sanchez's head on a fukin platter. Dont tell me Sanchez is something special

I heard on X-M radio that the tuna wanted flacco and when balt took him he went nutz.And then took henne in the 2nd.Really that what they said.

Marc, Sanchez has the Jets 20th in pass offense - that isn't good. He also has a rating in the 70s like Henne even though he has a LOT more weapons on offense. No way Sanchez is better. If Sanchez had to play in Miami - he'd be cleaning the washrooms by now.

At least Henne is younger than I AM! I'd just like to see a QB younger than ME starting for the Miami Dolphins. Is that asking too much?

Mike Smith & Dimitrov ACQUIRED Tony Gonzalez in FA..........

what a concept.

Did the Geniuses even make a play for him, or was his mother a Ho?

Ryans LT is Sam baker of USC - also a 1st rounds draft pick the same year they drafted Ryan.

im talking receiver wise, marshall, bess, hartline, wallace, yeah when they do use the te, he drops most of the passes, but i dont see a huge difference between the two.

who cares what jetsfans say on jetsblogs about their qb...............WE have more than enough of our own problems. And Henne, Henning, Ireland & Sparano are among the main ones.


Lets go through the list of Miami's off-season needs:

RB x 2, TE x 2, FS, SS, DB X 2, KO/PR, Head coach, O coordinator, ST coach and MAYBE QB based on what the coaches just did.

It will be years before Miami puts a product on the field with potential to be more than a 1 n done in the playoffs. At this point, I'd settle for 1 n done, that's how bad it is.

Joe, I'd settle for a season with the same starting QB at the end of the season as the beginning (barring injury), that's how basic I've gotten.

Please JOE Schmoe say it ain't so

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