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The situation according to Dan Henning

Dan Henning talked to the media during his weekly presser on Thursday. This week, I assume, everyone is more interested in what he has to say based on the fact stuff is happening (and, unfortunately, not happening for the offense in some cases).

So here are the most interesting bits of tid that came out of Henning's exchange with the media:

Q. How would Henning rate his offense at the midpoint of the 2010 season?

A. "We haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have done some pretty good things but we haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have not as many touchdowns as we'd like. We've gotten the ball seven times between our 48 and the goal line and out of those seven times we have a touchdown and six field goals. But we only have gotten it on the plus side of 50 twice and that was the Pittsburgh game and we weren't able to get touchdowns there. We've had a lot of long drives for touchdowns. We've had a lot of long drives for field goals. But we haven't executed the way we'd like when we did have the opportunity. If you look at the stats, our opportunities in the red area are way off from a lot of other teams' opportunities in the red area.

"So, overall, we're not doing as well as we'd like. And if we were doing as well as we'd like maybe we'd have a better record. So we're 4-4 and we have to be better than that, obviously, especially in the division we're in and the conference we're in if we want to get to where we want to be at the end of the year."

Q. Does Chad Pennington have greater freedom to call audibles than Chad Henne and does the list of plays change based on the quarterback change?

A. "Same. Same. The list of plays are based on who we're playing. I don't think we'll have a different scope of things. You obviously know different people see things differently. They read things differently. When it comes down to the quarterback you have judgment that takes place so you might see him do something that you didn't see [Henne] do. You also might see him do something that Chad did do that might not be as good. That's what you live with whenever you make that type of change."

Q. Does the fact you didn't throw deep much with Henne mean the offense is better suited for Chad Pennington?

A. "No, I don't think the reason we've not thrown as deep much with Henne is Henne as much as the defenses we're playing against. They're trying to stack up against Brandon and the few times we have thrown deep, we've only been successful a couple of times. Like last week we hit Brian Hartline on a pump down the sideline for about 35 yards. And we opened up the Vikings game and we got over the top. As soon as we got over the top on the Vikings, they're going to shut that off.

Q. So does that aspect of the offense change? 

A. "There will be times when the shots will be there and when they're there, we expect them to be hit."

Q. How does the QB switch affect Henne's standing in the league and ability to come back?

A. "I think if you go back through history, I saw a graphic on this somewhere. When Elway came out in '83, he didn't win as many games as Henne has and he had a lot more interceptions than touchdowns. Steve Young came into the World Football League and flopped to Tampa. After Tampa he got traded to San Francisco. He didn't really start starting until his ninth year. He was pretty good. This guy has come out of the box and he's done some very good things. He hasn't dropped any balls, missed any blocks or missed any tackles. And he has done some things he'd like to have back, so to speak. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no reason this guy can't be a good quarterback in this league. He's got the tools. He's got the work ethic to the Nth degree and he is a very tough guy. He's a sensitive guy -- doesn't show that very much. But he is a tough guy and he'll come back from this."

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payuengswing, thats old news Parcells thought he would still be there with his next pick, didnt happen oh well

There is a good chance Henne will play against Titans. I mean the noodle arm of penny could go at any moment.

Sadly, I says it is so.

Hey kid you the kid that hit the kid down the block kid huh kid?Say that 3 times really fast.LOL

DC, I'm with you. it's the constant musical chairs of QBs that has me the most upset. Pick a guy and show him some friggin loyatly. Not even the dirty jets caved to fan pressure to replace Sanchez at mid-season last year. But we run our team like it's friggin fantasy football and only this season's win loss record matters like it's in a vacuum. What about the long term viability of the team? What it's fan base deserves.

Ireland and Morono think they have the 85 bears here.

JOE,HMMM I know,but wait till next year!Well wait I am forever the optimist so I guess I'll stick around to see if this train wrecks.

gold is down 40

I think it's extremely telling when this OC says that in the Minnesota game "we got over the top of them right away, and figured they'll shut that off." Wow! Admittedly we gashed the opponents secondary, and right away our OC decided that was enough for the day! He just told us that he packed up the deep game because he expected the defense to shut it down. Isn't the objective of an offense A) control the tempo and B) threaten/confuse the defense in order to score points?!! Holy jeebus, this guy just intoned that all our efforts to bombard any defenders is finished after a singular deep ball attempt, and there'll be no further attempts made afterward. Gotta admit, he's one shrewd chess player. After his 1st move...he quits!

hahha, John, he retires undefeated!!!

Beofore it wrecks? You don't see that it's already wrecked? LOL

Optimism is OK but, I prefer realism. When everything goes south...and it has, you won't be sad about it. I've already moved on & next year doesn't offer much hope.

MarK...I'm just going by what I SAW when I watched Sanchez (particularly in the comeback win last week)

Also, his stats are BETTER:

if by 70-something, you mean a 79 QB rating, you'd be correct

10 TDs/5 INTS

only 200 less Yds

Look, I HATE the Jets as much as anyone, but to say Henne is as good as Sanchez is NOT objective

John G THAT is what it seems like and I just don't understand why they will not keep the pedal to the metal

Forever the optimist......Pa

You shouldn't even be trying to compare Henne to anyone, let alone Flacco and Ryan last night.

If you want to compare something, compare the playcalling from last night to ANY GAME that Henning haqs called since coming to Miami.

Now that the run game has struggled for eight weeks and we've been forced to throw, lets bring in the noodle and dial up the vaunted wildcat-EUREKA!

Ronnie and Ricky haven't got in a groove since dans been alternating him? Well lets try a QB change, Brilliant!

Lets face it, we can't run the ball effectively and Pennington has NEVER carried a team with his arm. Not even in his prime.

F_ck making chicken salad, this recipe spells disaster. I can't stand it when the Dolphins lose, but at least I'll have one conselation. Every loss from here on out will be another nail in that senile piece of shyts coffin!

John G, totally on point with your analysis. Also, take into account what Penne said, "offense is about momentum." How does that square with Henning? Well, when we had the Steelers right where we wanted them, 1st play of the game, fumble recovery on the return, in the red zone, what's Henning call to get the momentum going? 2 runs and a dink pass, great! Watch other teams. They get a turnover, FIRST PLAY, they go for the jugular. Endzone pass. Nope, not Henning. Stay the course, that's his philosophy, why hurry, no rush.

This guy has NO FIRE IN HIS BELLY anymore. Probably doesn't even have any lead in his pencil. And he's the genius they have calling the plays. Doesn't matter what QB is back there, with a complete killjoy like that weighing the offense down, it's hard to imagine any other outcome that what we've been watching this season.

ODIN, your points are very strong.hard to argue w/you .play calling is the key .

Could not have said it better odie.

2 mins to go in Steelers game, down 1. 80 yards to go. Hurry up offense, right? Defense probably playing some sort of prevent defense. WRs should be open. AT HOME! Crowd is in it. Refs just stabbed you in the heart, everyone's mad, ready to take it out on Pitt. Henne's been keeping his team in the game. Defense is tired, too hot out there, all the energy seems to be on Miami's side. 1st and 10, Dan Henning, let's go, what do you call (cheering fans, chaos, excitement).

Oh, Ronnie up the middle for 1 yard. (Sound of balloon letting out air). There goes my hard-on.

Yo Armando, did you just call Reeve, Dan Henning on air today????


ODIN, obviously by your post I can tell you're a very masculine man. Quite "Adonis-like". Do you have 6-pack abs, or 12-pack abs? I envision you wearing a Viking cap, sailing the Arctic Sea in a loincloth made of walrus hair. Very striking indeed!

Miami pass offense improves from 20th in the NFL in 2009 to 14th in 2010 - yep, definitely need to change the quarterback - hahahahaa, F**K ME!

Mark, I'm waiting for one of these idiots to say "bring back Ginn. Marshall doesn't stretch the field. And at least Ginn gives us speed and a return game." When I hear that, I'm definitely getting out the rusty knife and putting it to my throat, THAT will be the last straw!

I think Henning's comments should pretty much answer any questions as to why we don't throw the ball deep.

Even when it works on the first drive, he decides that is it, they'll be too smart for me the rest of the game.

Funny thing, even when the running game with Brown was working on the first drive against the Ravens, that was it.

dan henming is a douche and i dint respect his football knowkedge one bit...its paimfully obvious he needs to go


Mark in Toronto- Your one of the better posters here. Always goog stuff, and I respect your opinions. But come on, those stats are worthless if we can't get in the endzone. If we are going to blame Henning(he deserves a lot of it) for being a three stooge in the red zone, you have to give him credit for designing the plays that got us down there. To put all the blame on Henning is the no different then some that are placing all the blame on Henne. It is a combination of incompetance on both parts.

Have you by any chance lost your kitty? Furry and brown.

My grandmother Rogers taught me how to answer the phone. She was always so polite to the people who called her.

Why does everyone keep comparing Henne to first round draft selections? There's a reason he was a mid 2nd rounder...he's not as good as those guys...but that doesn't mean he can't be a solid QB in the NFL. Personally, I wish we would've taken Ryan...but that's not the way Parcells roles. Parcells and Co. look for a QB who can manage a game...then run the ball and play defense. Outdated sure, but that was the philosophy when they made the pick. If they really wanted an elite..pro-bowl caliber...franchise type of QB, they would have drafted Ryan.

Why not compare Henne to those guys drafted in similar draft positions....John Beck....Brian Brohm (selected b-4 Henne).....Kevin Kolb. I would say Henne is most on par with Kolb...where are all these other guys? Considering where he was drafted and the overall situation in Miami, I think he's doing a pretty good job. Like Mark in Toronto said....from 20th to 14th....yet somehow that is viewed as regression.

There are..and will be plenty of speed guys available that can catch, speed burn, and whom arent queens when it comes to hits and running out of bounds...other than ginn...ginn is horrible...might as well sign a college track star with brick hands because thats all ginn is. We will get a speedster...it wont be until next year though..

I forgot Drew Stranton.

Also Darryl...I don't think you can say those stats don't matter. I'll give that Henne hasn't gotten it all together...but it's only been 21 games. He may not be the guy..may never be the guy....but I don't really think you find these things out when you have a constantly revolving door at QB.

Odin has returned?

Haven't seen him since before kickoff last week

there is only 1 team out of 32 with less TD's than us for the season. we cant get the ball in the end zone! when we get to the 30 we put the offense on ice. we only want three. those 10 fg's in 2 games was embarassing.

dc dolfan, was it fun torturing us like that? recalling that moment makes want to drink!

And at QB...remember these guys were not good until 4 years in the nfl or more...Breese, Farve, Schaub, ect... So yes henne deserves more time...wouldnt you hate to see some other team get him and in a year or so he turns into one of the best?? Might not happen but there is a chance! Im not a hater or lover of henne right now but history speaks for itself...even Fisher of Tenn said he thinks henne is good...and that coach knows what he is talking about.

Bottom line is that Henning is old and playing old football. He is trying to play towards the opposing team's weakness and ignoring our strengths. Henne is young, and will make mistakes, so it is not all on Henning, but I think any young QB would be doing poorly with Henning and that Henne has shown some improvement.

I wish they would just stick with Henne and stop messing with things. If skinny coach S is being honest and Henne is improving, then why mess with his progress. We are 4-4, we are not winning the superbowl this year... but hey, another draft or two before the following season, maybe we pick up a few more missing pieces and have ourselves an experienced but young QB with a rocket of an arm and the full support of his team.

DD, my problem is with the OC, head coach, and with Ireland. I want them ALL to go and most of it is because of their inability to solve the qb situation and the offense. Like I said many times before, in today's NFL, if you don't have a QB, you don't have anything.

Henning just admitted today that he didn't alter his offense one bit for Henne. How is that coaching? How is that fully utilizing your personnel? There's my problem with Henning.

Sparano i just can't stand. He comes off looking like a buffoon with his inability to speak and routinely gets schooled by the other teams' head coaches.

Ireland made horrible player personnel decisions this year - mainly along the OL and to a minor extent with the draft although overall - I think the draft will be ok - but it could have been much better.

Wolfman- Those numbers are smoke and mirrors. Dallas up to last week had the number 1 offense in the league. If we were number 1 in scoring offense that would hold more water. It has been obvious that we move the ball from 20-20 with the best of them. Once we get into the redzone we stall. A lot of that is the playcalling, but a lot of it is Hennes inability to find one on one recievers, and deliver accurate balls when the field shrinks. It would help if Henne could throw a fade. Also if he could learn to move a little in the pocket, he would be able to prolong plays, so that the checkdown wouldn't be so automatic. This will help him in all parts of the field. He has no feel in the pocket, and usually stands there like a scared dear. This puts a lot of pressure on the line, and doesn't give our recievers enough time to seperate, or plays to fully develop.



WTF was that?!?!

I do have some abs but they don't look very good when I'm hunched over a bar, falling off the stool trying to drink away the Dolphin Blues.

I can just picture Sparano and Henning, late night in the office, everyone else gone, thinking they are gameplanning.

They are actually sitting across a table from each other, taking turns flicking the little paper football thru their finger goal posts.

Yeeeeeesssssss, he scores!!!!!!!!

The thing is, if Penny could allow us to win now and often, then I would be less annoyed, even if it is near sighted and selfish of the coaches to focus on winning now... but I don't see Penny doing any better. While he can read defenses better, he can do less as a QB, so the defense can read him better too.

This is gonna be a mess..

and ya, stop f'in swapping RBs. make one the f'n started and get 25 carries out of him and 10 out of the other guy... and make the primary guy earn it each game. I mean, in some games, Ricky had it on.. others, Ronnie was ready to bust it loose, yet these two downhill running monsters that get better as they get more carries were being handcuffed and stifled.

I am not a religious man but I pray that when I go to sleep tonight, that something happens so I wake up the fan of a football team.. cause the Dolphins are a friggin joke these days.

Utdolfan, don't forget the fist pump they do. And I don't mean the cheer.

Mark in Toronto... I do think that Sparano is on the hot seat, and do concede that this move was made in part to save the season, but mostly his job. Sparano knows that if this team ends up under 500 he is a goner. Leaving Henne in their would have made that a reality. So choose the easy way out. Who knows how this ends up. But I understand your frustration with this regime. I still hold out hope that the season isn't lost. I'm also eager to see how Penne plays, and how the whole team responds.

we need to get you gone, Mr. Henning.

Hopefully Henne will recover mentally from all this. I was in the camp that thought the O would be more productive under Penne, but its still the wrong move in terms of future leadership. I think Henne is a FINE QB, just hit a rough patch.

But agree with marshall, we'll seek in with the schedule we have left, assuming Penne can still lead.


Darryl - and also to cowkilla's point; all I'm saying is that often it takes time for a QB to develope. I think that's was Henning was trying to illustrate when he brought up Elway...Steve Yound, etc. I don't think he was necessarily making a comparison of this guy to that guy...he was illustrating that there is a learning curve and that it often takes QBs time to fully devlope and grasp all aspects of the game.

And to that point, I would say this fan base woul've run John Elway out of town on a rail. He didn't have a QB rating of over 80 or higher until 1987....yes, that would be....count 'em....5 years from when he was drafted. There are numerous illustrations of this and is why most people say that you really don't know what you have in a QB for 5 years or so.

They choose the easy way out @ 12:57

redsky, sorry brotha, I was scratching my eyeballs out typing it.

husker du, BECAUSE WE'RE DIEHARD DOLPHINS FANS!!! There's many types of fans. Your recreational fan, your "this is only a game" fan, your "we win some, lose some fan", and then there's the fan that will sell his/her sister into slavery for his/her team. I think it's a serious mental condition that warps people's sense of the team's importance. But if they are like me, there's no other way to be.

guys,its really our system thats flawed. not many if any qb's could flourish being programmed into a game manager. its a philosophy of ball security and no turnovers,taking forever to move the ball downfield. i don't believe we even have a 2 minute offense. and henne wasnt comfortable in the shotgun? wow;we got issues. it'll be a while before it gets better. coach seems ready to lose it. me too.


Just ask my dog, my kids, my girlfriends, the local Sheriff's dept., the State Police.

You might think I'm joking, whatever...........

I got paperwork and probation officers to PROVE IT!

I couldn't even post for the last week because of some unexpected "technical" problems!!!! No police involved this time, thank God.

So yeah, if consumed is the word you want to use, I'm up in FLAMES!!!!

ODIN, it was just a joke playing off of ALoco's post before mine. Don't worry, I won't stalk you or nothing. Plus I'm happily married and love women, so you're good.

I think some of us are so hot and angry and bothered by these moves that I need to lighten the mood sometimes or else I might go postal here at work.

I'm curious. When the schedule was released this spring/summer, what did you say right then our record would be after eight games?
NO B.S., the truth...

Maybe we need a big group hug!!!

i dont think marshall ever thought he'd be stuck in this type of offense with no other weapons. he's being doubled constantly and the qb is late and inaccurate with his passes. i'm suprised he hasnt "lost it" yet. he has said all the right things but it has to be frustrating. penne will work to get him the ball. need to see marlon moore and r.wallace out there too. gotta get playmakers on the field.

Bring in Jim Harbaugh fro Stanford NOW!

This guy is the next great coach. Xs and Os, NFL experience, swagger, good talent evaluator.

We got punked at the G-20! Fist pump!

greg z - actually Marshall is on pace for carreer receptions and yards....just need to find a way to get it in the end zone. RZ playcalling is suspect. Don't get me wrong...I think Henne has quite a bit more work to do...but he is getting the ball to Marshall and putting up some yardage. I just think an already conservative offensive approach becomes ultra-conservative in the RZ and that is impacting our ability to get TDs.

‘He’s a sensitive guy’, Henning. Wow, insult to injury from Henning.
So I’m left wondering when teams take away the deep ball from other offensive coordinators, what do they do?
The way Henning tells it, teams have been taking away the deep ball and that's that.

DC, you're a post office worker?


You were only joking? Damn, I knd of liked that Adonis stuff. You just about had me blushing!

Talk about going postal. I'm generally a pretty reasonable guy. However I wouldn't want to see Henning in person anytime soon. I got nothing but respect and admiration for my elders, but seriously, I'd be hard pressed not to go straight up BERSERK!

011, what's your emergency..................

@Green Bay

I saw this schedule and thought we were good for MAYBE 3 wins, with luck.
Why is everyone sooooo suprised that we sit at 4-4?

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