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The situation according to Dan Henning

Dan Henning talked to the media during his weekly presser on Thursday. This week, I assume, everyone is more interested in what he has to say based on the fact stuff is happening (and, unfortunately, not happening for the offense in some cases).

So here are the most interesting bits of tid that came out of Henning's exchange with the media:

Q. How would Henning rate his offense at the midpoint of the 2010 season?

A. "We haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have done some pretty good things but we haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have not as many touchdowns as we'd like. We've gotten the ball seven times between our 48 and the goal line and out of those seven times we have a touchdown and six field goals. But we only have gotten it on the plus side of 50 twice and that was the Pittsburgh game and we weren't able to get touchdowns there. We've had a lot of long drives for touchdowns. We've had a lot of long drives for field goals. But we haven't executed the way we'd like when we did have the opportunity. If you look at the stats, our opportunities in the red area are way off from a lot of other teams' opportunities in the red area.

"So, overall, we're not doing as well as we'd like. And if we were doing as well as we'd like maybe we'd have a better record. So we're 4-4 and we have to be better than that, obviously, especially in the division we're in and the conference we're in if we want to get to where we want to be at the end of the year."

Q. Does Chad Pennington have greater freedom to call audibles than Chad Henne and does the list of plays change based on the quarterback change?

A. "Same. Same. The list of plays are based on who we're playing. I don't think we'll have a different scope of things. You obviously know different people see things differently. They read things differently. When it comes down to the quarterback you have judgment that takes place so you might see him do something that you didn't see [Henne] do. You also might see him do something that Chad did do that might not be as good. That's what you live with whenever you make that type of change."

Q. Does the fact you didn't throw deep much with Henne mean the offense is better suited for Chad Pennington?

A. "No, I don't think the reason we've not thrown as deep much with Henne is Henne as much as the defenses we're playing against. They're trying to stack up against Brandon and the few times we have thrown deep, we've only been successful a couple of times. Like last week we hit Brian Hartline on a pump down the sideline for about 35 yards. And we opened up the Vikings game and we got over the top. As soon as we got over the top on the Vikings, they're going to shut that off.

Q. So does that aspect of the offense change? 

A. "There will be times when the shots will be there and when they're there, we expect them to be hit."

Q. How does the QB switch affect Henne's standing in the league and ability to come back?

A. "I think if you go back through history, I saw a graphic on this somewhere. When Elway came out in '83, he didn't win as many games as Henne has and he had a lot more interceptions than touchdowns. Steve Young came into the World Football League and flopped to Tampa. After Tampa he got traded to San Francisco. He didn't really start starting until his ninth year. He was pretty good. This guy has come out of the box and he's done some very good things. He hasn't dropped any balls, missed any blocks or missed any tackles. And he has done some things he'd like to have back, so to speak. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no reason this guy can't be a good quarterback in this league. He's got the tools. He's got the work ethic to the Nth degree and he is a very tough guy. He's a sensitive guy -- doesn't show that very much. But he is a tough guy and he'll come back from this."

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DB, any OC right now is more than capable of defeating Dead henning's gameplan right now.

DB, I don't care if you defend me or not. You're over there SPECULATING and coming up with scenarios to bash HENNING and absolve SPARANO.

in a typical NFL team, is it NOT the HC that decide who plays or not?

Does the head coach have more authority than assistant coaches?

You're reaching here dude, and then saying that "I don't know what (THEORETICALLY probably, but, not likely, based on pure speculation) handcuffs the HEAD COACH might have?

So, because I call a spade a spade and lie blame where it should like I don't have insight?

Good lord...

Futher, whether you defended me in the past is irrelevant. I disagree with MarK all the time. We MOSTLY aren't pricks to each other any more. It's not personal, and I wouldn't care if it was.

Try not to be a Chad Henne (SENSITIVE)


stability also would refer to having a STABLE qb, an offense that is balanced both in the run and the pass. An OC who is imaginative or just aggressive, a team that has more passion in beating the opponents rather than yapping it up and playing close. Stability is about having leadership and goals that dont include losing formulas.

dr. roberts,

Of those successful organization you have named did you notice they have stability starting at the ownership and ending with the HC position? Judging from this blueprint we are still very far off. Beginning with possibly Ross and his antics when first coming aboard. We were definitely far off course under Huizenga. The buck starts at the top. Hopefully Ross will step up his game over the offseason and do what really needs to be done to get this once great franchise back on its winning course and ways.

i kinda feel sorry for sparano who's probably a nice man outside of football. he has alot of pressure on him to win and probably isn't up to speed on running an attacking pro-style offense. we really need some 4-5 receiver sets,qb in the shotgun and throw the ball to open things up. we could then dictate the D instead of the other way around. we gotta find a way to get some quick strikes. otherwise its easy to defend a stagnant offense. our offense is archaic! all us fans are losing it because we thought the trifecta had a plan!


We'll just agree to disagree on this one. We're all disappointed fans here and hate to see our dolphins in such disarray. I'm sure thats something evry fan here can agree on.

I just see it now.

Gumbel: The Titans have 9 guys in the box and the Dolphins haven't even broke the huddle.

Dierdorf: Well that's because the Dolphins are going with an unbalanced line with an extra offensive tackle and two tight ends.

Gumbel: The Dolphins don't even have anyone flanked out wide. Brandon Marshall's on the sideline and it looks like he's flippin off the press box.

Dierdorf: Yeah we're in for a real treat today. This looks like MORE than just a new wrinkle to the ole wildcat!

Gumbel: New wrinkle or not, the Titans are playing real close to the line of scrimmage.

Dierdorf: Yeah, just like the good old days, POWER FOOTBALL. That Dan Henning, he's a genius!!!!

It could be a mistake to believe that Sparano has some different idea about how to run an offense than Henning. I suspect he has signed off on this failing/flailing game plan the whole way.

Greg, IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN WITH DEAD HENNING here, the guy hardly likes using 3 wr sets as it is, and is anti-qb driven to make plays down the field.

The fact of the matte is this offense is built to support a QB like Pennington. It has never been adjusted or manipulated to take advantage of Henne's skills. The Falcons run an offense that Henne would thrive in.
I saw Ryan overthrough receivers last nigh, like Henne does now, but at least Ryan gets the opportunity to make those plays more often to learn from his mistake and actually has a tight end who can catch the ball and lay himself out when needed.
Fasono was a Cowboy cast off, do you really think he's that great? It's time to find an OC that can build an offense around our skilled players and not force our players to play in a system meant for another team.

You forgot to add that after three 1 yrd plays, we have to punt the ball - again.

ROTFLMAO@odinseye 03:29 PM Post!!!

Wonder what Parcells is doing?

The question is who can be brought in as an OC or head coach that can install a vertical passing game? Keep in mind, personal has to change for this to happen. The team needs 2 WR's with speed to be a modern passing team.

everytime dierdorf does our game we lose. Its automatic. He needs to keep away from south florida this week

As long as they dont have a last name of either Henning or Cam-moron, i dont care who they bring in, as long as its a AGGRESSIVE new aged of thinking and attacking a defense collectively!!!

While you may have a specific offensive or defensive style as a coordinator, you need to tweak your style slightly to take advantage of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

1. If the Dolphins covet the run, they should let a RB get going and ride him. Make him tired for a game and make the other back the work horse next time.. but let them get momentum. Stop managing snap counts in the game. This is not fantasy football. These boys need to get hit to get going.

2. Create an offensive game plan that allows you to impose your will. Sure, the defense you are playing should be considered in your plan, but don't ignore what you have in the tool box. Pick the things you do well that will work against the defense - or tweak what you do well... but don't ignore what you do well.

3. Treat the fans with respect - and plan for tomorrow. While Penny is a good leader and adds some personality, his physical skills are no where near Henne's. Penny doesn't improve our skill and maybe a shake up gets us a win or two, but can guarantee that Penny's inability to throw outside will lose us a game or two. So it is a wash... why not continue developing your player. Penny is a PROGRESS STOPPER.

Guys Sparano "rebuilt" the offensive line this off season to support the "big-armed" qb. Problem is Henning's decision-making and playcalling may support a Pennington type more, but Im not sure the rebuilt version of this offensive line will.

Our first oline was built to suit Pene more, the 2nd rebuilt version suits a more pass oriented style more. Just dont think Penne's arm holds up in a more pass attacking style. Penne also places even more limitations on a deep passing game.

Marshall's always doubled and Hartline was always inconsistent. Now we add a qb very limited in getting the ball deep period to the mix. Also add we have a good not great running game. How does this all look to you?

wow the line now is titans by 2. People are putting money on the Titans after the chad swap

Looks like I am glad I had to cancel my plans to be in Miami for the next two home games.

dying breed, I agree. It seems like we're better at pass protection than running this year. The problem is we still have a run first OC with schizophrenia

I should put money on the Titans. I never bet on sports but I am sure I can have a nice Christmas if I bet against the Dolphins the rest of the year.


Im sure the fact that HENNING is a bum of an OC and Penne has a bum shoulder plays not part at all in the Vegas betting line. Could it be everyone else in America sees the switch to Penne more differently than some of our "blind-folded" fans and front office does?

I regress.

This douche better be gone after the season.

greg, we thought the Trifecta had MORE than a plan. We thought they knew something about football. Talent, schemes, play calling. We thought they were competent. Sure, it would take a few years to amass the talent, but at least we'd NEVER be outcoached (that was our thinking). Cut to today, when Sparano calls all 3 timeouts within 10 min of the start of each half. When the team goes into halftime, and NO ONE expects them to change anything because they haven't yet. When we ALL see a RB being hot, and then getting taken out because the geniuses are sticking to their plan.

It's a vicious circle of mediocrity. Ireland has missed now on MAJOR talent. Sparano doesn't know what to do with them when he gets 'em. He can't even fix the offensive line (the supposed strongest part of our team that wasn't trusted to gain 1 yd. against Baltimore last week, instead we kicked a FG). NO ONE on the team will reel Henning in or sit him in the corner. Nolan is the only guy with any credibility anymore, but a few more games with the tackling I saw last week and he'll lose that too. And then what? It's a nightmare. But I keep pinching myself and realizing I'm awake. Ugh!

I'll tell you how it looks, Blitzes and sacks are the future for the defenses against miami now,penny is not mobile and one hit to the noggin is gonna push him out of the game just like its doing to favre in minny. Also Pennys greatest threat in the passing is off of playaction----------yes thats right kids,PLAYACTION, and having an effective running game is critical and we have neither right now. So expect to see a ton of wide reciever screens and off set motion dinks and dunks sunday. Oh and another favorite of pennys is the TE and another epic fail miami does not have this year!!!!

dying breed, I agree. It seems like we're better at pass protection than running this year. The problem is we still have a run first OC with schizophrenia

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | November 12, 2010 at 03:42 PM

Exactly! This why Im in favor of keeping Sparano at least as a oline coach. He rebuilt the oline to suit a big-armed qb and passing attack right underneath Henning and Ireland's nose without them having so much as a clue.

One last thing Greg, I'd keep quiet next year about taking your son to training camp. Because if the Dolphins end the year the way I think they will, I might call Social Services on you (for child abuse). No 16 year old should be a witness to such losers!


I see this offensive line as one that has been rebuilt by Sparano to move of into the 21st century of passing. They run block well enough to keep defenses a little honest but it is dead set for passing to be the forte. Best thing about is Sparano has done it right underneath Ireland and Henning's noses without them ever having a clue.

If we had more consistency at the #2wr position and a OC other than HENNING Im sure we could be sitting at 6-2 right now instead of 4-4.

so superphin than i guess the dolphins should forfit the rest of the season refund everyones money close down the staduim and training camp and call it unsuccessful year, because we dont have a bunch of nobodys!! LMAO

anybody that wants a good idea of what penny can do for us against a good team shouldnt just watch the ravens game from two years ago, go back last year and watch the COLTS game monday night, penny had no mistakes and we had the ball for 45 minutes and still lost the game. WHY, becuase we couldnt find a BIG play in that whole offense all night, and we ran the football effectively too, except when it came to scoring quickly and often like the colts were doing, we were killing time and settling for three,, so is that the progress were reduced to seeing this year????!!!!!

This present offense only needs 3 things:

1. More consistency and speed at the #2 wr

2. A quicker faster rb who can also get to the edge.

3. A new OC. No explanation neccessary.

Dr. roberts, Henning probably wrote that gameplan too.


I've followed this blog almost from day one.

I have never witnessed it so unified on one subject. This is going on 7 straight pages of anti Henning venom.

Don't get in Hennings face with any of this just yet, wait two more weeks and go for the jugular!

Your our guy Armando, all of us shitteragains got your back.

I ain't too proud of my Dolphins right now, but I'm proud to be a part of this blog.


Just Watching ESPN:

Matt Ryan's 18-1 at the Georgia Dome. Maybe They should have drafted Jake Long but seem to be doing just fine without him. But we HAD to have Jake Long. I know you're good but sorry Jake!

DCDolfan,lol at comment at 3:49. i'm really sick about what has happened to our fins. i thought the trifecta had a plan. somehow we lost our way. i knew pasqualoni was bad because we fired him at syracuse but i hoped the others were good. i drank the koolaid during our 11-5 run.. i thought sparano/ireland/henning knew what they were doing. now,2 yrs later i dont have any confidence in all 3 of them. i do like mike nolan alot. he would be even better if he had a say in selecting his players. i cant even think straight.

Dr roberts, you make valid points on fans not running the team and how teams should be run by the managers and coaches, however if fans are seeing the same problems that the media and other coaches around the league seeing in your team then it becomes more of an Unheralded problem that tends to turn into frustration and regressing from being productive. My problem is that the problems that were plunging this team from 2007 1-15 record to this year are starting to crop up again in we have no clue as to what this team is trying to accomplish this season and beyond, and sometimes this team can look as lost as the people who cheer for them.

DB, don't give Sparano so much credit. I think he lucked into it. He probably wanted them to be better at run-blocking. Just so happens their better at passing. I don't see Sparano and being a pass-first coach. Like he says, he's a Northeastern, smash mouth-type coach. Too bad it's not the 1930's (then we'd be great with Sparano and a middle-aged Henning).

ditto everything you said Greg. Sunday can't come soon enough (it's like the test you didn't study for. You just KNOW you're gonna fail, but can't wait for it to come so you can just be done with it already).

Mark, you still around? How are the Argonauts doing? We all need a new team to support, and can't bring ourselves to supporting another NFL team. So CFL might be our last hope!

so superphin than i guess the dolphins should forfit the rest of the season refund everyones money close down the staduim and training camp and call it unsuccessful year, because we dont have a bunch of nobodys!! LMAO

Posted by: ray | November 12, 2010 at 03:55 PM

If that means getting rid of Dead henning sooner rather than later ray, count me in. And we just gave up on henne in terms of going with penny so you tell me, is the season not already as bleak as it can be yet??!!!Or are you happy to be mediocre and still holdout hope that this team is Super Bowl bound??!!*lmao*

DC, don't look at the Argonauts - their QB is Cleo Lemon. Do you really want to bring back those memories?


In what Universe dd Sparano rebuild the offensive line?

Except for Saint Jake the O-line blows.

ok guys, we r going to follow ODIN ADVICE ,LET ALL OF US WRITE ;



Isn't the fins O-line the highest paid line?????

i heard he retireing at end of the year!! Party Time!!!

Highest Paid Yes, Most Productive No

a few things that should never happen: 1. losing 5 straight home games! 2. ranked 31st in scoring TD's! 3. our starting FS has one pass defensed in 2 seasons! 4. giving away a true dolphin who didnt drop a pass in 2009 and kept us from going winless in 2007. greg camarillo

Super, Not much Bang for the buck huh.....

Hey all you fair weather fans(if there's any of you left), this will be your last chance to jump off the wagon before the wheels fall off.

The rest of you better fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.





Aloco, But down that glue tube, Your Hallucinating, get help.... Please..

fire henning NOW

*lol* Cuban, You play what your worth right, and miami's Oline play this season is worth a varsity teams scholarship and hennings degree in offensive behavior in ragards to play calling.




One more thing.

Hennings only saving Grace has been his history.

Here's a trivia question for you:

How many young Quarterbacks EVER developed into studs under a Dan Henning led offense?

PS: Aloco, I think everyone should just sign off every post with:


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