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The situation according to Dan Henning

Dan Henning talked to the media during his weekly presser on Thursday. This week, I assume, everyone is more interested in what he has to say based on the fact stuff is happening (and, unfortunately, not happening for the offense in some cases).

So here are the most interesting bits of tid that came out of Henning's exchange with the media:

Q. How would Henning rate his offense at the midpoint of the 2010 season?

A. "We haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have done some pretty good things but we haven't been as efficient as we'd like. We have not as many touchdowns as we'd like. We've gotten the ball seven times between our 48 and the goal line and out of those seven times we have a touchdown and six field goals. But we only have gotten it on the plus side of 50 twice and that was the Pittsburgh game and we weren't able to get touchdowns there. We've had a lot of long drives for touchdowns. We've had a lot of long drives for field goals. But we haven't executed the way we'd like when we did have the opportunity. If you look at the stats, our opportunities in the red area are way off from a lot of other teams' opportunities in the red area.

"So, overall, we're not doing as well as we'd like. And if we were doing as well as we'd like maybe we'd have a better record. So we're 4-4 and we have to be better than that, obviously, especially in the division we're in and the conference we're in if we want to get to where we want to be at the end of the year."

Q. Does Chad Pennington have greater freedom to call audibles than Chad Henne and does the list of plays change based on the quarterback change?

A. "Same. Same. The list of plays are based on who we're playing. I don't think we'll have a different scope of things. You obviously know different people see things differently. They read things differently. When it comes down to the quarterback you have judgment that takes place so you might see him do something that you didn't see [Henne] do. You also might see him do something that Chad did do that might not be as good. That's what you live with whenever you make that type of change."

Q. Does the fact you didn't throw deep much with Henne mean the offense is better suited for Chad Pennington?

A. "No, I don't think the reason we've not thrown as deep much with Henne is Henne as much as the defenses we're playing against. They're trying to stack up against Brandon and the few times we have thrown deep, we've only been successful a couple of times. Like last week we hit Brian Hartline on a pump down the sideline for about 35 yards. And we opened up the Vikings game and we got over the top. As soon as we got over the top on the Vikings, they're going to shut that off.

Q. So does that aspect of the offense change? 

A. "There will be times when the shots will be there and when they're there, we expect them to be hit."

Q. How does the QB switch affect Henne's standing in the league and ability to come back?

A. "I think if you go back through history, I saw a graphic on this somewhere. When Elway came out in '83, he didn't win as many games as Henne has and he had a lot more interceptions than touchdowns. Steve Young came into the World Football League and flopped to Tampa. After Tampa he got traded to San Francisco. He didn't really start starting until his ninth year. He was pretty good. This guy has come out of the box and he's done some very good things. He hasn't dropped any balls, missed any blocks or missed any tackles. And he has done some things he'd like to have back, so to speak. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no reason this guy can't be a good quarterback in this league. He's got the tools. He's got the work ethic to the Nth degree and he is a very tough guy. He's a sensitive guy -- doesn't show that very much. But he is a tough guy and he'll come back from this."

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wolf died. no one fed him.

Fire Dan Henning. The excuses are getting stupid. They said we couldn't run because they were stacking guys in the box. Then they said we couldn't pass because they were double covering Marshall and Bess, and Hartline, is well, Hartline. Mathematically, this is BS. Henne has been hanging onto the ball too long, and Henning has been hanging onto the planet too long. For my part, I think the O-line looks pretty decent most of the time.

First, send Cuban Menace down to Miami with a a pair of handcuffs and a NYPD plunger and let him do what he does with Henning.

Then, FIRE HENNING (right after that)!

Mark, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I still have Cleo Lemon nightmares. Argonauts are out.

Wow...Team didn't look impressed by dancing Chad

how come other OC's can get their receivers one on one coverages against us that go for TD's??? jason allen was always alone on the edge trying to cover their best receivers with no safety help.

If this were England, I'd have to go. But this is America so Dan Henning has to go!.

I'm not sure what that means, but JFK said it too Allen Dulles right after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Henning has to go! Henning has to go!


Fins Score Most Points this week vs Titans.
Pennington to marshall is the answer.
The Spark on Offense will bring out our Great D.

Playcaling will still suck but Pennington is a Vet and he will be Loaded with plenty of Plan Bs.
Henning will start understanding that his playcalling Sucks!

Fins Win a tough one.
38-28 Fins!

I Believe!!!!!

can you actually put someone in jail for not doing their job AT all, most cases you would just fire or lay them off but is the nfl going into reccession where only competent People have the right to be at this level of sports intuition. And dan henning just cant cut it anymore, maybe we should look into hiring A female OC instead??!!!! Hey guys just go real deep okay, really DEEP on that next play!!!!

Mando, PLEASE send these posts to Henning! Do it for your country!

Watching Penny dance around and hoot like that to an Eminem song nonetheless, while his teammates just casually stretched, and didn't really get "pumped up"...

It just...I felt, almost embarrassed FOR HIM

DAN henning must go ,we can't smile any more,we can't eat a decent meal any more until he's fired .


BTW, welcome back Odin :)

I'm constipated and cannot go.....PLEASE FIRE HENNING


next time you should ask henning if he is aware of the fact that that no-body thinks he is good coordinator and that he is the reason for the offensive inferiority


You the answer to our prayers has been on the bench all this time?

SEE! I told you the coaches were stupid! Why didn't they put him in sooner?

Just kidding, just wanted another opportunity to say:


Ok Fellas,

NORAD, NASA, and NTS have just informed us. The mysterious unidentified flying object spotted off the California Coast last week was Chad Pennington's ARM! It was attached to a football and left com trails!

Can't Feed The Wolf Cause The Wolf Done Died!

Go PhinS

Sunday's outcome hinges on the D. Henne might well have won this game, if we can tackle, and the db's can stay on their feet. If Penne wins it will be due to Dansby and Bell etc.

Thats becuase they all know what Pennington brings to the table,, a lot of hootin nothin to a Sub-par football team, im sure sparano was fist gaggling on the sidelines and henning was menstrating upstairs at the QB swicthup!!!!

Guys, Give Henning a break, He's been dead for over 46 years, And brain dead for 56 years.....

The thing I like best about Armando's Blog is thay-

"Nothing is Taboo and No Space Crunch"

Can't Feed the Wolf Cause the Wolf Done Died!

My bad That not thay

I tried to read all the post but i'm to late and thet are already 7 pages of DC and others basically stating how this move does not fix anything and how the last time Penne played he got beat and a bad playoff game and blah, blah, blah......

Having said that you guys all have a write to your opinions and I respect them...to a degree.

My issue is why have you fallen so in live with a Henne....what has he done that warrants this allegiance...he has a strong arm (presumably)....is that it. Dan Marino has ruined you guys....he has ruined alot of Dolphin fans and now just because we have a QB with a "big arm", now ALL OF A SUDDEN, we have the next Marino. C'mon Man!

Henne is BENCHED because he can't read a DEFENCE...PLAIN AND SIMPLE...let me say it again...HE CAN'T READ DEFENCE'S

This was never more evident to me then watching the MNF game with Pitt/Bengals....In this game we saw 2 QB's who knew where to go with the ball before it wqas snapped.....they didn't starte down recievers...they knew by the look of the coverage who/what route would most likely be open...and if it wasn't it was a on to option 2 or three if necessary....the ball was almost alays out inside of 4 seconds....3 seconds if option 1 was open.

We ALL have written how great the O-LINE has pass protected, that because Henne has upwards of 6-7 seconds to get rid of the ball....5-6 of those seconds mainly involve him staring down option 1 until he breaks open......that is not NFL quarterbacking folks.

Henne will be fine....he can bounce back....he needs to learn how to read a defense...plain and simple....when that happens he may get to step back on the field in a FINS uniform....better for the experince.

If I recall in our 1st three games last year with Pennington under center we owned the "Time of Possession" clock and ran the ball down the throats of Indy & SD.
Granted we lost, but we lost because our D was inferior and being run by a Pizza guy.
Things are different this year and IF we can get Ronnie to follow his blockers, burn some clock, keep our D on the bench, then maybe we can win this thing...maybe.

Q. Does the fact you didn't throw deep much with Henne mean the offense is better suited for Chad Pennington?

A. "No, I don't think the reason we've not thrown as deep much with Henne is Henne as much as the defenses we're playing against.

Henning needs to stop talking. Everyone knows that the teams offensive failings are all his fault.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/11/the-situation-according-to-dan-henning.html#ixzz156jgLUT7

kris, you actually the person who I disagree with most of the time who I respect the most. Because you have your opinion and state it and stick to it. I can dig that.

But (speaking for myself), I'm not "in lvoe with Henne." I'm in love with the idea of a young QB who might be the answer to the drought we've been having this last decade +. And if not Henne, then Thigpen. And if not Thigpen then something else. I just don't like the idea of Penne coming in, for what. Win now? Win WHAT? We're 3rd in the AFC East. Lost to 2 teams in the North. HOW can we make the Playoffs? We just barely did last time Penne started and that was because we had the easiest schedule in the league. There's no reason to "win now." We need to "Develop now." Develop the defense, the receivers, and yes, the QB.

So that's what I (and I think others) are angry about. We believed in Sparano, the Trifecta, the additions of Dansby and Marshall. But even with all that, we're still the same Miami Dolphins we were last year and the year before and the year before.

Do you really think Penne will address any of those fears we have? And don't you have any of those doubts, fears, disappointments? Or is this all in "the plan" to you? Like it's been thought about all along, and happening just like Sparano/Henning drew it up?

Dear Mr. Salguero

We the people will not tolerate the Tax Dan Henning has placed on our Dolphin nation.

In a personal protest I have....

Taken down my posters of Dan Henning and burned them.

I have givin away my Dan Henning throw back Jersey.

I tossed in the trash my autographed copy of Dan Hennings favorite drive killing plays.

Broken my copy of Dan Henning does duets with David Allen Coe...very offensive....more offensive then his play calling.

Given away my Dan Henning autographed book "How I Killed Carolina"

We the people will not be lead blindly by this or any tyrant.

One simple man

Soiled :)

fire henning!

Have You Seen Him?
Oh yeah Fire Henning!

Dan Henning writes the plays on papyrus and in hieroglyphics!

If Sparano did his Fist Pump with both sides he could play the symbols in the marching band!

DC wrote a book and it took Harper Collins 5 years 24 hours a day to read the intro!

Mark in Toronto isn't really Canadian but it's way hipper to be from that side of the Border!

Aloco has a PHd in Spelling, Literature, and Writing. Oh almost forgot he is also a world renown Chef.

Dying is a Dann Henning's Nephew!

Cuban is really not from Cuba!

That wasn't spit that came out of Maclaine, Mr. Crowder! YUUUUUUUCK! Ewww!

Armando is Really FEZ and Vote for Pedro!

Martin is the future Head Coach of the Miami WTF and you are all on my staff!

In pennigton is what you see and is what you have, he is what he is a limited thrower of intermediate balls , accurate and effecient, no movablity in the pocket, a PLAYACTION master of the art only when your running game is effective. And you have a dangerous TE to throw the ball to(which again we dont).It wont change in this game and it wont change for the rest of his career.

Dan Henning is the old Dead Guy in the 80s Film featuring the late John Candy and Dan Ackroyd. The Film was titled THE GREAT OUTDOORS.

It was the scene in the restaurant where the kids go up to the wheel chair and kiss the old man. Trouble is "he ain't alive"!

John Candy proceeds to eating the 96oz Steak (including the gristle)

good times.... good times

Ive been a dolphin fan for 37 years throught tears and joys, worked for them at the draft in the 80s and was blessed to get inside knowledge of the inner workings and make freinds with staff and players, this team is a passion of mine, and so i tend to be its biggest critic rather than a naive pie in the sky we'll get em next week fan. heres the problems on this team. yes henne throws to high too often and locjks on WRs , but its just as much hennings fault with his settle for what they give us mentality instead of taking chances to take what you want. and that stems from parcells blueprint of not letting your QB beat you, we have no speed on offense still, no breakaway runner teams plan defenses around, our interior OL is still a merry go round of free agents and bad draft choices, and our secondary has no ballhawk opponents try to avoid.takeaways matter. and lastly no explosiveness on kick returns. this regime needs to go, a young offensive mind whos willing to go for the jugular even at the cost of mistakes is what this offense and team needs

Develop now...? Sure...! That is a fantastic Idea.... But explain to 47,345 Season Ticket holders how the team is going to just "Surf the Developmental players"... this season with NO EFFORT towards trying to win now.

I would make certain that you have several Hundred Thousand in cash to give those Club Seat Holders (Like Myself) who spent $3750,00 18 years straight... 37 years total.... and even those who blew a few paychecks on 400 level seats to watch their team play and enjoy it with all their heart.

All this talk about "Development" matters sounds real good to so called "Internet Experts" but when it comes down to reality and loyalty to the fans who slapped down THOUSANDS to watch their team... I am grateful our teams still keeps those of us who pay the bills in mind.

NE just got thrashed by Cleveland... NY squeaked one against the Lions... We still play all three Division Rivals again... and NO ONE has a crystal ball who is not spending Lotto Money in Fiji instead of posting on the MH and being a "Internet Football expert"

Good fans have been called "Idiots" and "Sheep" on our teams very own blog because we realize this is a GAME MAN!!! To be enjoyed... Not to be protested like Dead Whales or cold coffee.

It is a SAD STATE when this blog gets split PURPOSEFULLY apart by those who are so emotionally overboard they are miserable, OR, just enjoy bouncing whatever they can think to say off the blog wall just to see what happens... OR, just for the sake of ranting on and on and on about the same matters that we have no control over.

Dan Henning is NOT a Good OC... Me/Most have their minds well around that...

Henne will get every opportunity to earn back his job next preseason if he is not placed into the line-up this year... Thigpen I am certain will get a similar shot. Henne was named because we wanted to "See what he was about"... Wanna know what "BAFFLES THE SHYT OUT OF ME????"

Some of you men have it 100% figured out with Henning, and you know what this issue is and that issue... You say you know who will and who will not makes the play-offs (At least concerning our team)...

You say that You "KNOW" where Pennington will/won't take us by seeing him play 18 regular season games...RIGHT?

So I have a question... Henne has already started/played 21 games... 4 MORE then Pennington has started/played in Miami... Why the F**K have you NOT figured HIM out yet?

You know all about how Pennington will play IN MIAMI with Henning (Not NY) after 18 starts.... But you need 28 to wrap your mind around Henne???

I have all the respect in the world for some of you and the very smart posts you make on this blog... But calling folks Idiots because they don't agree with you is only a way to convince YOURSELF you are right... Accusing people...Like me... who enjoy authors who write in a positive light as "Sheep" is an insult... I have a VERY GOOD understanding of this teams short comings... But, Its only a F***ING GAME man! Why in Gods name should I pour mental energy into ANYTHING unless it has a positive effect on my life?

Being "Miserable" and talking about it in such an exhaustive way that you drag others into your Hell spiral DOES NOT place you in some ELITE CLASS who understand everything us dummies don't.... It just means your miserable about something you should be enjoying win or lose. If You don't GET THAT.... I feel sorry for you.

Much respect to all... But mostly to those who keep the faith no matter the circumstances or failure... No regrets... Only fun!

Great To See Fellow Fins Fans Finally Cayching Up To What Our Real Problem Is:


ALoco: I wish Dolfans attending this Sunday's game will hold big "Fire Henning" signs for Mr. Ross to see.


This move is coaches covering their A***S !!
Pennington now gets the soft back end of the schedule to prove them right for making the switch, WHAT A JOKE !!!

Derek, as a Season Ticket Holder, and Club Level Season Ticket Holder i disagree with some of your points. Win now. We havent had a winning franchise in a long time. Am i disappointed, you bet. Buy personally I have no desire to win now this year at the expense of a long term winning franchise. Im smelling desperation here with what is going on. Can this team make the Playoffs? Sure, but for what? So we can save a coaches job? So we can get knocked out in the first round again? You also speak of Henne 21 games and Penny, 18 games. The difference is Penny is 36 and Henne is starting his career. I am very worried that we are sacraficing Henne this year and stopping his development for a couple more wins which to me is not worth it. That arrogant jackass Henning, instead od developing a game plan around Henne's strengths is sticking with a system that is good for QBs like Penny, but has no flexibility for anyone else. Like you I plunk down a god chunk of money for those Club Seats, but I also get to enjoy watching Pro Football 8x a year. I dont mind plunking down that money if i see some light at the end of the tunnel. To me, benching Henne dimmed that light.


Not sure who you're talking about (concerning posters who call others "idiots" and "sheep", but let me speak for the other side.

First, I don't know any "recreational" fan who comes onto a team blog and posts comments on the regular. And, I've seen you here on the regular, so I wouldn't consider you a "recreational" fan. Combining that with the fact that you've spent good hard money on season tickets, you're far from someone who sees this as just "a game." You know yourself more than me, but I'm sure you have better things to do with your money. Since you're still a season ticketholder, that means to me that entertainment (in this respect football) is a very high priority on you list. So you have as much stake in the team as the rest of us, and even though you may show it in different ways, you're extreme in following your team (since many fans don't put good money down every year for tickets). So that's one.

SO, if you're a fan, I'm a fan, everyone here is a fan, we all watch the team week in and out (for years and years), we follow the press conferences, seek out other info on the team, and form opinions. A blog is a place to share those opinions with others. I personally respect all opinions on this blog WHEN IT COMES TO FOOTBALL, OR SOMEONE ELSE'S OPINION ABOUT SOMETHING YOU BROUGHT UP, OR IS IN THE SLIGHTEST LEGITIMATE. BUT, I DO get quite HEATED, when posters don't qualify their opposing argument (like you just did) and attack another poster for something silly or mundane. For example, I came on here the other day, like usual, read Mando's blog, read the posts before me, formed an opinion, and stated it. Instead of agreeing or disagreeing, a poster commented to me that I was stating an opinion already made and that my post was too long. To me, THAT'S an attack on my person and I didn't take it lightly and I lashed out at that poster. I will do that to anyone who ATTACKS me in such a way.

With that said, call me stupid if you think I am. Call me an idiot if I say something you think is idiotic. I don't take offense to that (IF YOU QUALIFY IT with the reasoning WHY I'm an idiot in your opinion). Kris pretty much disagrees with me daily. I just stated in my last post I respect him immensely, because he states WHY he disagrees with my FOOTBALL analysis and what HE thinks. That's what it's all about.

This other guy this morning says he'd rather have Penne than Mike Vick!!! Now, NO RESPECTED football mind would say that, it's categorically false on its face (doesn't even need to be thought about for 2 seconds). But even if this guy had an argument, I wouldn't have come at him. But his reasoning was because Vick fought DOGS! Please, this is a FOOTBALL blog, not the PETA blog. So, yeah, I called the guy an idiot, BUT, I told him why (in FOOTBALL terms). Maybe it was harsh, but sometimes people say stupid things and should be called out on it.

Sometimes I've been with the crowd, sometimes alone in my thinking, either way, I state what I believe and leave it all on the table so people know exactly where I'm coming from. And so do most of the posters on here I respect.

So, if you feel like you're being attacked for agreeing with this decision, let me be the one to apologize for everyone. We don't mean to make you feel like you're opinion isn't wanted. It is. I read you. I take what you have to say. I don't always agree, but I acknowledge your voice. The fact that you say you're a season ticketholder for so many years boosts you even further in my book (not that you care one way or the other what I think).

As a ticketholder, your point-of-view is you want to see winning football on the field. Thanks for sharing that, because now I know why you would think that, and it makes total sense to me.

My point-of-view is I've been a fan of Miami since I got into football in the 80's. 30+ years. Never been a fan of another NFL team. And in that whole time period, my team never won a SuperBowl. And I'm sick and tired of it. So, I don't want the team to "win now" if it means they'll hurt their future chances to win bigger. And that's what I think will happen putting Penne in. I'm not sure. I don't have a crystal ball. I could very well be wrong. But that's my opinion.

I think we both just want the best for the team. Yes, I get very passionate and emotional sometimes, sue me for that, but it's all because I love this team and want them to succeed for us, the fans (me, you, and the guys I called idiots and sheep on this site). Does it get harsh sometimes, yes. Do I sometimes get overheated and go off, yes, guilty as charged. And I'm sorry for that. But I'm not sorry for stating my opinion for anyone who cares to hear it, and debate anyone on any aspect of the team they want to discuss.

So, I appreciate your post. It got me thinking. I'll try to behave and be more civil to those I disagree with, point taken. I ask you (and others who feel like you) to open up and state your reasons WHY you feel the way you do, and it'll go a long way to getting respect and understanding on this blog.

I know lots of posters HATE my encyclopedia posts, but they read it because they respect my point-of-view. And that's why I come here, to interact and read what others think. I've been swayed almost every day by someone else, because I know I don't have all the answers.

Anyway, I'll stop there, for everyone's sake, but want to encourage you to stick around, keep voicing your opinion, and let's try to diagnose what we ALL can do to make the team better, cause that's probably everyone #1 priority.

Good job bobbyd12.

Let's see what Henne can do by good mix of run and pass, some deep throws, screens, rolling pockets.
I can usually predict 90% of the plays we are going to run before we do.
You can guarantee if the fumble in The Pitt game went our way, we would have taken possession at the 20, run 3 times for about 5 yards and punted so Pitt could come back and get game winning FG anyway.
The play calling is too predictable and wont help Chad P be successful either,

Quote from Henning "He hasn't dropped any balls, missed any blocks or missed any tackles."

Just to show how out of touch he is, does he relize a QB doesnt do these things he throws the ball. What will it take to GET RID OF HENNING?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire Ireland, Sparano and Henning. That's the way to fix things. One more time we've been taken for a ride. After spending millions in Parcell and his crew, we are back to zero. Back to Shula's last years, when he and his coaching staff began taking a lay back attitude and back to all that came after him. How come other coaches can put their teams together in a fraction of he time that it has taken the Dolphins put this organization in the sorry shape it has been for the past thirty years? Chad Henne is a victim of this group of incompetent coaches. They are the ones who have to be fired.

when someone says that a quarterback or player has potential and with experience they will be very good or great, that means nothing. you dont know how a player will develop. if they dont show signs of greatness the second you see them, they will most likely not develop into a great player. potential gets coaches fired.

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