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The Tony Sparano Thanksgiving Day update

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day. The Dolphins worked today.

Brandon Marshall missed practiced again today while he continued to get treatment for his hamstring injury. Chad Henne again took limited first-team snaps at quarterback as he pushes for a return to the starting lineup despite his sprained knee.

Cornerback Sean Smith did not practice because he was excused as he became a new daddy.

And, curiously, several of the questions during coach Tony Sparano's press conference were centered around the brand new idea that the Black Hole in Oakland is a strange venue for visiting teams.

(On how he would assess Chad Henne’s mobility) – “I think it’s pretty good, so. It’s getting better. Getting better every day out there, so. He moved around pretty good today we’ll see.” 

(On Sean Smith not being at practice today) –“No, he was excused.” 

(On if Brandon Marshall pretty much the same) – “Yeah, Brandon (Marshall) did not practice.” 

(On if Sean Smith have a child today) – “To be honest with you I really don’t know what it was…I’m not positive what it was but whatever it was decided that it was going to peak it’s head at about 3:30 this morning (laughter).” 

(On if he would say that Cameron Wake deserves consideration for the Pro Bowl this year) – “(I mean) I think that most of the time those outside linebackers that make it (you know) it’s usually a numbers thing (you know) obviously that’s what’s happened recently so I think Cameron’s numbers are going to be pretty good, so. I would say he should get consideration, yes.” 

(On what else Cameron Wake provides the team outside of the obvious meaning other than the numbers) – “Well I mean I think from my perspective when you’re a line coach and you go out there and you’re playing against some of these teams that don’t have that dominant pass rusher—that guy that can rush the passer well enough—I think it makes your job a whole lot easier during the week from a game plan standpoint. So I think with Cameron and he (you know) I don’t want to say this wrong—I mean I think he’s a pretty darn good pass rusher. I think there’s some things that Cameron can get better at and he thinks there’s some things he can get better at. So, that being said, people have to pay attention to him and they are. When you watch the games, sometimes there’s tight ends and tackles at him…there’s backs chipping on him plus tackles—So, I think that they’re trying to pay attention to him which means he’s bringing a little bit more into their meetings than most and I think that helps us (you know) it does when there’s more guys paying attention to him…I think that (Koa) Misi and (Kendall) Langford and some of the guys (you know) Tony McDaniel that have been able to get some pressure as of late have been able to do that because they’re paying a little bit attention to Cameron (Wake).” 

(On if he expects big sack numbers out of Cameron Wake’s position since he puts him there) – “Yeah, it doesn’t always work though. In other words, you put some people over there and you don’t always get the numbers. Sometimes the nature of the position says yes and that’s what you expect from that guy in that position. But you could quickly figure out that you have the wrong there. I think as you go through this if that kind of production doesn’t happen….and I’m starting to feel like we got a pretty good guy there.” 

(On what does he expect to see out of the guys on typical Thanksgiving day practice) – “Well, you would hope that it would be all business and all focus. I mean the guys really focused pretty good today to be honest with you. I mean they had a lot of energy and it was a lot of jawing out there which was good—(you know) that usually tells me they’re in good spirits, so. They put work first today and then worried about (you know) the holiday which sometimes doesn’t always happen.” 

(On the Oakland crowd being rough) – “I mean they’re rough. I remember my first, first couple years in the league went out there, probably shouldn’t say this but I was a young line coach and I’m in the end zone and you’re up against it pretty good there, up against the back line and I had my back turned to the fans here and of course they know you by name. Now I mean they’re getting after you pretty good and I’m coaching the guys and kind of sending them out and I get a tap on the shoulder and I wasn’t sure, why would anybody be touching me? And then I turned around and it was this Darth Vader guy with a sword (laughing).” 

(On his moving away from the fans after he was touched) – “I got away and I’m, I started to look for protection yeah, whether or not these guys were going to protect me and they were gone.” 

(On the environment being hostile) – “Yeah it is and they’re passionate fans; I mean it really is, it’s kind of a neat environment. I really, I really enjoyed playing down there the couple times that I’ve been down there and I mean there’s obviously great tradition there. It’s a hard place to play. Now I mean they’re loud; I mean it gets loud there. One of the louder places that I’ve been.” 

(On Jason Taylor always having to remind himself the fans were all attorneys and accountants) – “(laughing) They’re going through, there’s a heck of a transformation happening.” 

(On whether he sometimes wants to laugh when he sees the fan’s outfits) – “It’s interesting; I mean they get all booted up. They’re behind their team and they support their team and I’ve been down there you know when it hasn’t been going real good for them and you still have that kind of support. Right now they’re really excited about what’s going on there so it’s going to be, it’s going to be loud and you’re on a holiday weekend so I’m sure it will be, it will be a big loud crowd mostly dressed in black and silver.” 

(On whether he has taken any steps to help Chad Henne’s psyche after being benched) – “You know he’s been really, he’s been really good. He was good last week in preparation. He was good against Tennessee in preparation. I think he’s had a couple interesting weeks obviously back to back here. One where he’s A) told he wasn’t going to start and then the next thing you know he’s in the game in four plays. That was, from his end that was a really hard test in that if he mailed in the work week you didn’t get the result and he’s a major factor in why we won that Tennessee game. I mean the guy really did come out and play well for us coming off of the bench there. Then he goes through a week when he’s down and still prepares, I mean prepares and now he’s in a spot this week where he has to juggle his preparation with his treatment, and he has this laptop that just doesn’t leave his side. I mean it’s like it’s got all the film on it and all that stuff and the guy is, is really grinding around the clock. I’ve been impressed with what he’s done and the way he’s handled it and he hasn’t changed to me at all. The good news is when we handled this I was, I was up front with him and we had an open conversation and that was it. The lines of communication have been really good.” 

(On what he is thankful for) – “Oh I mean first of all I’m thankful for my family. My family is, they’re tremendous supporters and love them dearly. I’m thankful for the guys in that locker room, my coaches, our fans, the people in this organization that work as hard as they work, so really thankful to have this opportunity.”


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Great, Wonder who is more hostile, the away crowd at oakland or the home crowd here in miami???? Shouldve asked him Mando!!!!!

This guy is just not the brightest bulb in the socket.

"You know, and these types of things, and I really mean that, I really do."

He says all of that stuff 19 times in every single interview. Not exactly the most coherent thinker.

yes, its becoming a theme with sparano, he just isnt very fluid in speaking to people. On

Sparano on raiders crowd!!!!*lol*classic*

****Um, Are they loud, yea definately their loud, i mean, its loud up there, real loud, loud enough not to hear, and well, you have to really be loud too. Their hostile, definately mean, um, their really like not nice to opposing teams so uh, we will definately have all we can handle in a hostile enviroment****

I'd like to see him just once abandon the politically correct mumbo jumbo and just say what he thinks. He isn't his own man, just follows company line.

Why So Serious?!?!?!??? What Miami needs in its locker room and front office is a little chaos.

darth vader guy classic

The Dolphins franchise is in bad shape again.

Bad owner
No good starting QB
Missing good draft pick next year

The Jet, Cheatriots, Ravens, Steelers, and Chargers are not only better than the Dolphins this year, but they will be for the next 3 or 4 years.

I just saw Tyler Thigpen throw into triple coverage against the wets, and was picked off...........O wait nevermind, that was carson palmer!!!!

Hate to say it, but Sancheez consistently makes clutch throws when he needs to, Henne doesn't.

Suprango is a glorified offensive line coach who was appointed head coach by the puppet master, Parcels. He is a parcel's guy who follows company lines.

He is not a free thinker nor a football mind. Even wondering how good he was with the offensive line since they have wasted so many oicks and FA on the OL which is in disaray.

I would love to see Gruden or someone else as HQ next year!!!! A real Head coach would do wonders for this team. Do I even need to say put hennng to pasture? I think that will be a mute point as he willliekly thanfully retire this tear.

Have you notced all three : Offensive coach: Henning, Deffense coanc (already fired) Pasqualiny and Special teas coach (alreay fired) were appointed by Parcels and all 3 SUCK???? - the Trifecta has been disapointing to say the least. Time ot move on with apretty decent base to work with and a new dynamic core.

The players hated Gruden. Gruden was fired. He won the SB with Dungy's team. I just can't see how so many bloggers are high on Gruden. I'd rather make a play for Jeff Fisher, seems like he is needing a change of environment.

Tampa Bay went straight down for several years after Grudens first year, he lucked out.

henning must get f i r e d

Anyone would be better than Surpingo is my point!!!!!!

Gruden did what Dungy could not do for years...and that was win a SB in Tampa Bay. After he was fired, from the Raiders and the Bucs, both teams went down hill. He obviously brings talent to the table.

As to who's players they were, that is irrelevant since he will not be the personel director.

Regardless, the point is anyone with an actual football mind would be better than Suprasticly supringo. 7-9 in 2010.

another 7-9 season.

Unfprtunately, they will lose to the Raiders regardless of qb. Henning is still calling the plays and Supringo is nothing more than a spectator.

Soprano is a players coach, they rally around him, but he is not a game day coach. He just doesn't have the sharpness, intelligence, imagination of some of the top coaches in the league. Tampa Bay went down hill every year after Grudens first year. I think he'd rather stay in the studio anyway.

well, if a team was ever defined as a losing one, the bungals just proved it yet again tonight, along with the lions, and cowgirls. What do they have in common, They are not very good. What do we have in common with those teams mentioned, Pretty much in the same boat. Do we play for pride or do we play for draft position becomes the question of the year now???!!!!****Phin out!!!

NE 9 - 2
NY 9 - 2
MIA - No chance

You people who want to fire Sparano are morons. You say you want him fired, but have no idea who to replace him with. Cowher is going to Carolina, Chucky is staying in the booth and is no better than Sparano is anyways. Who else? Be careful what you wish for because you could end up with a Herman Edwards, Cam Cameron, Randy Shannon type again. It could be MUCH MUCH worse. And we've had it worse. Think about it.


Just because we have "had it worse" does not mean that we do not replace a very lame coach.

Agree with Cinq..."Suprano...but he is not a game day coach. He just doesn't have the sharpness, intelligence, imagination of some of the top coaches in the league"

We keep trying until we get it right. Supringo is obviously not the answer.

Suprango is nothing more than a glorified offensive line coach who was appointed head coach by Parcels. He is a Parcel's guy with little to no imagination nor true skill for the position.

He is not a free thinker nor a football mind. Even wondering how good he was as an offensive line coach since the Dolphins have wasted so many draft picks and FAs on the OL which is now in serious disarray and dismantled last year's interior line which was pretty dominant.

I would love to see someone else as HC next year!!!! A real Head Coach would do wonders for this team! Do I even need to say put Henning to pasture? What is he, like 90 years old? I think that will be a mute point as he will likely and thankfully retire this year.

Have you noticed that all three top coaches: Offensive Coordinator: Henning, Defensive Coordinator, Pasqualiny (fired last year) and Special Teams coach ??? (already fired this year) were appointed by Parcels and all 3 seriously SUCK???? - the Trifecta has been incredibly disappointing to say the least with draft picks, free agents and a lame coaching staff, of which two of the three top assistance (OC and ST) have already been fired in less than a year.

Time to move on with a pretty decent base to work with and a new dynamic core of coaches.

Buffalo 23 Pitts.20 Take it to the bank.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad
Home`s thoughts & prayers go out to u & your family

Your Dad`s spirit is still with us
He is watching u daily from above

U will be reunited one day with your Dad in Heaven
In the meantime
Make good decisions and your Dad looking over u will be proud

Bless Those Who Are Pure In Heart
For They Shall See God

God Bless Bobby12d & His Family


I was shocked when sporano benched Henne i know the guy was having a rough time but he needs to take his lumps and learn damn he hasn't started a whole year yet!To me it looked like a desperation move ! I'm losing faith. I like the idea of John gruden taking over if things contiue to spiral downwards this season ,the man can develope QB's lets face it it's a QB driven game these days

Can't people just once appreciate this team and know we are growing?We are also injured people!!! Ross needs to open the wallet up and get speed, diva like playmakers. Then, Mike Martz as OC. Sparano will be fine. Henne is developing but I say get another QB in draft or go for Vick. And just to think that you same people called for Shula's head, hahahha. Be careful what you ask for- because you got it good! Now, support these guys before money hungry, star struckk Ross moves the team to LA where they will be embraced and you guys can then keep blogging how unfair the move was....Go Fins!

Home, thank you very much for your kindness. i know we dont see eye to eye on alot of things but i really appreciate this one. Thank You

I'm still trying to figure out how 5-5 is "spiraling downhill" for a team that was 7-9 last year. Can anyone help me out with that?

Sorry folks, we were NEVER going to be a 9-2 team at this point in the season this year. This team is in "extreme" transformation, having to undue years of damage and mismanagement. We're still quite young in that process.

We need some more pieces and hopefully will learn to win a few of those "statement" games, then make the Playoffs, then win those games consistently and make the Playoffs consistently and hopefully one day play in a SuperBowl.

If you don't have another 5+ years to wait for that process to take place, then you should probably choose a different team to support. But I don't see a 1 year fix to the situation at hand.

But when it comes to the game, it's all about one thing to me (other than can we score a point, which is the obvious question).

It's all about stopping the run. That's not our defense's strong suit, but Oakland doesn't have good WRs, and a suspect QB. If we can stop the run, make them 1-dimensional, I think we'll have a very good chance to win the game.

Start fast, make them play from behind, stop run early, this would foreshadow a pleasant day for a Dolphins fan (and what I'll be praying for tonight).

One of the biggest,I mean like,well maybe,you know,nobody knows what the hell he's talking about.What a bunch of gibberish,I mean,like,you know?

hope ross cleans house already! get gruden!

I would take Brian Billick over John Gruden or Jeff Fisher any day! Gruden is best suited for the broadcast booth and the guitar store.

I think Fisher got the promotion to head coach prematurely, he should have spent a few more seasons as an assistant learning the trade.

I think Sporano got moved to the top prematurely, he should have stayed down with the assistants another few years too.

Billick is a seasoned head coach, he has an excellent football mind, and he is well organized. His teams always came to play except for that one last game against the 0-15 Phins.

While I love Bill Cowher, I seriously doubt he would even consider Miami as a coaching job. Let's face it, there are some huge potential HC jobs looming on the horizon, with Miami being a middle of the pack wannabe trying to get into the hunt.

If somehow Jason Garret becomes the guy in big D, then that -may- open things up for Cowher to come here, but I thing Dallas is probably the next place you'll see Bill Cowher in the coaches box. And I hope I am wrong as hell.

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